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  1. haha that would be amazing.... but somehow it doesnt seem likely. Would be very interesting though. And we might have some really cool Sazed/Jasnah conversations.
  2. It just represents the Stormlight Archive series. It's at the start of some chapters in Words of Radiance.
  3. So.... I thought the Tor article said The Dark Talent was coming in june, but all of the vendors say it will be released september 6th.... Which one is correct?? Im SUPER HYPED Thanks, - Blad3mast3r
  4. MOAR IS NEEDED Did anyone else do all of the sound effects? the private ryan ones tho.... LOLOLOLOLOOOOL
  5. Stick needs a flag. In fact, Roshar's flag should be a blue stick on a green field. With the glyphs for "I am a stick"
  6. Good. Now I am closer to understanding the nature of lies. And chocolate. I trade in a slightly used pistachio opener ( Yes that is a real thing --> )
  7. Why stop there? Its probably more like... 16 shards -> Adonalsium Adonalsium + Others -> Bigger thing Bigger thing + others -> even bigger until we get to HUGE things + HUGE things -> Melted Gouda cheese Cheesmere confirmed.
  8. So Miles had gold in his stomach while he healed? I thought it just made his armbands shrink.
  9. Like, the pattern of dividing things into 16. adonalsium->16 shards preservation->16 types of magic (metals) so each metal is 1/256th of Adonalsium, sort of.
  10. I literally saw one of these at BYU, and thought it was real. Weirded some random girl out by leaving her a Chewbacca roar message, found out it was a prank. took down the poster when I saw it next.
  11. Yeah the 3rd would probably be good for me. Any activity ideas?
  12. He does kinda look like how I imagine Marsh.....
  13. Hi! this is probably already a topic somewhere but i had this great meme idea and...... well, lets get started.
  14. I can see microwaves or ultraviolet being a thing. my only concern would be the power output.... illusions don't take that much stormlight, but the more lethal wave uses you suggested might require so much it would be easier just to use the blade/extra strength.......