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  1. I would be Odium, RIP to the rest of you. I shall not be a benevolent god
  2. Hi!

    Welcome buddy! I hope you have a great experience and be careful of spoilers!
  3. I don't know about being the knew Taln but it was mighty suspicious that the first true Heraldic casualty was Jezrien. I see an opening for a Windrunner
  4. The only Lightweaver we see in any detail is Shallan, over the series she discovered her powers but was warned directly to not experiment with Transformation by Jasnah which would imply she has access to Transformation. I am fairly certain Lightweavers like all Surgebinders gains access to both access to both Surges at once, it is just that transformation was more difficult and dangerous to use. If you exclude her childhood experiences with Lightweaving I believe she soulcasts blood before consciously lightweaving. I think which ever Surge you manifest first is one you just have a natural affinity with, like how Mistborn generally have some metals they are better with. It's irritating because the KR we are familiar with were progressing on their own with no instruction, perhaps it is different from order to order with some wriggle room but I know Lightweavers have access to both.
  5. I think we can be friends. Hahaha welcome to the Shard!
  6. I think we can be friends. Welcome to the 17th Shard
  7. Oh I agree, I don't want Kaladin to die hahaha he is my favourite SA character but I think by the end of book 5 he will die, that's just what I feel will happen. I think the pay off from the mental health arc will end up being that Kaladin will move on from what has been holding him back and he will learn to grow and forgive himself. But the more I think about Stormlight 6-10 I am struggling to see where Kaladin fits into it, he seems to become more and more mythical by the day and he is revered by the end of ROW. I can't see how he'd be sat back letting others be in the limelight or in danger without having a major role. I mean it would be difficult to tell the story of these more minor characters without Kal overshadowing them. I think Kaladins legacy on Roshar will consist of overcoming adversity and being an example to others. My ideal Kaladin ending is him traveling the Cosmere and taking a break Mistborn era 1 spoilers
  8. I'd read this WOB if I were you (If you haven't already): It's probably got the most detail of what's coming until we are able to read what happens. I think Taravangian becoming Odium will change a lot of things for the Listeners, the War and the Cosmere but Odium will still be the big bad at the end of the day. Taravangian is a 'For the greater good' kinda guy but he is essentially holding the Shard of a God's hatred with none of the other balances (sense of Preservation, Honor etc) it will be constrained by Taravangian but he was never a 'good' guy. He will have a vision of what to do going forward and if anybody disagrees with him... well.
  9. The difference is that the Shards power was splintered, broken down in to tiny fragments specifically so it cannot be picked up by another. The reason Odium has splintered other Shards is specifically so that they could not be picked back up and so he cannot be challenged. The death of a Shard can take centuries, when odium splintered Honor if somebody picked it up before he died completely the splintering could have been prevented. If the vessel was killed without the shard being splintered or somebody else picking it up the Shard would eventually gain sentience.
  10. I noticed this and this is what makes me think that Kaladin will die in a blaze of glory and be remembered as a legend or almost like a myth. I feel like he's destined to become a Rosharan patron saint of the downtrodden, soldiers on the battlefield and the mentally ill. We've seen this trend in some of Sandersons other work where characters we love who die become the centre of a religion, or almost mythological. I feel like this is Sandersons way of keeping them alive in the Cosmere for the fans who love the characters so even centuries later they are still involved in the Cosmere long after they are dust. Imagine reading the Mistborn era 4 and a character does something ridiculous and doesn't die and somebody says "By Stormblessed's nuts"
  11. I've never got this impression from Navani to be fair, I really liked her. She was the one who he turned to about the visions and helped him confirm he wasn't going mad and she was very patient with not asking questions. I felt like this was one of the romances Brandon got spot on but everybody is entitled to their opinion. Kaladin is my favourite stormlight character so I can't be to hard on her for the self pity party haha but she seems far better at getting over it and doing something productive. ---- My biggest complaint about Brandon is that his humour doesn't always land for me. There are generally funny moments in his books but particularly Shallans puns and the whole boots scenario, But I can't abide Lift. She gets on my nerves something fierce and I know she is only going to get more prominent. I found Wayne irritating at first but the character really grew on me and the solid development of the character really balanced it out.
  12. I think Cultivation took out Odium because she sensed a weakness and he was a threat. I mean he was literally trying to annihilate all the shards so that was the primary motivation. There may have been an element of revenge to it for what he did to honor but I think she has held the shard so long her personality has been shaped to that of the Shard now. I think the reason she is offering to help Taravangian learn to use his powers as a shard is to prepare for the war of the gods that is building. I do not think Cultivation sees Hoid as an enemy or as an immediate threat, as for Taravangian I almost got the impression that MR.T would kill Cultivation in order to take up her Shard as soon as he can scheme how to do it.
  13. I'd honestly prefer if Kaladin was the Champion and it would be very satisfying, I don't think the contest of champions would be Ishar vs Dalinar. It would be great to watch but I don't think it's the route the story will go. When Ishar came to his senses briefly he seemed completely aware of what was happening to him and he was horrified, Maybe while he's insane he does damage to Dalinar's side but I don't think his arc ends with him being hoodwinked by Odium. Narratively we know we have 5 Stormlight Archive books to act as a sequel immediately in the aftermath (around a Decade) after the first 5 books are finished and that they take place so it sounds like the only thing they 'win' is breathing room. Taravangian Ascended to replace a failing Rayse in order to inject a newer threat into the Cosmere which makes me think that it's going to get messy. Almost like the end of Marvel Endgame where they survive but Odium is released into the Cosmere but they are left alone to pick up the pieces on Roshar or the Oathpact keeps him Roshar bound for another year. I just don't think Taravangian will be sat on his hands, he can see further than Rayse did and a little clearer. I said it is just a feeling I have that the contest won't be as simple as everybody thinks, Sanderson has subverted the climax in nearly every book he has done. We are all sat here waiting for over a decade for this slugging match between champions and I am expecting some major twist. The language used in the agreement around 'Contest' makes me feel the opposite to confident. It is rather vague, it could range from a pie eating contest, a race, a fight or a spelling bee. I mean all I have is a gut feeling, I'd prefer a straight up fight to be honest.
  14. Since the inception of 'The Champion' idea I've been considering it more and more unlikely it will be some gladiatorial slugging contest and be something more obscure, I feel like that is too simple of walking out onto the sand and having a slugging match while the crowd waits with baited breath. I feel there will be some subversion of trope or loophole exploited here. This is Sanderson we are talking about and he's been on a trolling roll recently. Since day 1 the fandom has thought it will be Kaladin because he's been the Radiant frontman or Dalinar because he seems to be the head honcho who has been dealing Odium but I don't think either of them will be the champion. I have no idea who it will be but I am leaning less and less towards Adolin, Dalinar and Kaladin.
  15. If you changed your name to "AerionBFII's PR Manager" I would be a merciful god and I'll pay you twice what that sneaky Terrisman pays you!