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  1. Welcome and walk in the light. I swear I have spent more time reading the WOB's than I have the actual books. I have spent a lot of time reading those. No idea if you have dabbled in yet but it is a rabbit hole full of tidbits and extra info on behind the scenes and characters you should definitely check it out. Be careful of spoilers. Hail Shaitan.
  2. I've been tempted to check this out but Diskworld is... well.... Huge.
  3. Deadhouse Gates (Malazan Book of the Fallen) by Steven Erikson I haven't been so blown away since Way of Kings.
  4. I've lurked upon this site for years and KalNah is still being debated and not changed XD It goes a little something like this..
  5. Outside the cosmere: The phrase "carrot and stick" is a metaphor for the use of a combination of reward and punishment to induce a desired behaviour. -Wiki Inside the cosmere: The phrase "Stick and The Stick" is a metaphor for the use of a combination of reward and/or divine blessing from a godlike being to induce a desired behaviour. -Church of The Stick
  6. Well I can't turn down such a polite and flattering invitation First chance I get I will take a look
  7. I think Kaladin definitely betrayed Dalinars trust when he was plotting to kill the king but in the end he bailed and recommitted to his oaths and saved him in the end, I can’t really see Dalinar holding it against him tbh. It would be hypocritical considering what he wanted to do to Gav Moash just doubles down on his betrayals and they seem to be compounding. I had a little sympathy for him after book 2 but it was pretty much squandered after Oathbringer. The guys a douche canoe.
  8. Me too. Soooo bad XD
  9. Might be a typo... Might be a pun. Whose to say...
  10. I cry often. And I cry well.
  11. What does a one handed herdazian teenage boy do alone in his bedroom?
  12. **Radiating welcoming vibes** have an upvote and welcome to the brotherhood cookie
  13. It is pronounced Zeth. I know now this has been answered already but I suffer from the desperate need to be included. My psychiatrist believes it stems from my stern and decidedly sand offish father figure.
  14. Plausibly it makes thaylens look consistently unsurprised
  15. The way i read this was Moash killing Elhokar - Moash thought he was right getting his revenge and Kaladin thought he was in the right protecting Elhokar. But that salute!! That hurt. It was like Moash saying "Hope we can still be friends" but in reality is was the worst thing he could have done.