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  1. Gundam is long running...
  2. Marvel The x-men (specifically the new x-men) Orange lantern corps
  3. What is your favorite and least favorite starter Pokemon of all gens
  4. OOh fun. So what are you having for dinner?
  5. Favorite Superhero: Moon Knight, Batman, and Legion You could have the Defenders (made up of Doc Strange, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage) meet to stop the High Evolutionary from rereleasing Chthon. Man-Thing can be a side experiment of HE that HE is attempting to perfect. I actually haven't read any of them yet. I like to wait for events to end before I read through them. I am looking forward greatly to reading it though. It looks wonderful.
  6. Brandon Mull's "Beyonders" series, aka the darkest YA series I've ever read. It's very well written, and though it is YA. It has a deep and well-written story. Mull is an amazing author and has even appeared on WE. That means he has to be good right?
  7. I haven't had the time to play (nor did I have it before... but that's other than the fact). I keep meaning to rejoin though but will be gone over multiple weeks this summer with no internet. I wont be able to join until probably August at earliest.
  8. I'm a Southern Baptist and have actually, seriously researched other religions/atheism. I'd like to have conversations/debate with others on this topic so... PM me, would you kindly. The largest evidence of belief for me in Christianity comes from historical happenings. Unlike Islam, Hinduism, etc, there were no benefits to being an early christian. The early church had no benefits in upholding a lie if Christ had not at least seemed to have been risen and appeared to many in the church. The evidence being first found by women, an unreliable source at the time, also adds credibility to the story as does the fact that even the Jewish leaders and Romans admitted that Jesus had died and that his body was no longer in his tomb. The early church was persecuted quite heavily-- it was disadvantageous to be a Christian at first thus leaving little reason to live a lie. This creates a reason for the early church to at least believe that Christianity was real and that Jesus the Nazarene was right in what he claimed. Food for thought. I can add more through PM. Just my own thoughts after "Kingdom of Heaven" style revelations.
  9. My AMA. As anything, I'll answer. Marvel, religion, and Star Wars are greatly appreciated. Any questions?
  10. Have any of you watched the Magi: Labyrinth of Magic series? It's based on the 1001 Arabian Nights and has a surprisingly deep story.
  11. So next task: turn all the Sanderson characters into personality types. Who first?
  12. Are you from Elantris because you're Ala I can see.
  13. You could even have some vanillas bluffing at being a low leveled epic in order to gain prestige which could create some interesting dynamics.
  14. Actually I had him looking like this
  15. I always saw Sazed as Morgan Freeman, still do even though I know he's not.