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  1. karaokeang, any chance we can get the audio uploaded? Don't worry about transcribing; I'm sure we can get volunteers.
  2. Sweet kindly asked a question for me at her signing: Q: Were Ryshadium artificially created or enhanced: A: RAFO. So we're probably onto *something* here.
  3. I believe we have WoB that Renarin is on the autism spectrum. I disagree with categorizing ASD as "mental illness", though. Many consider it to be an unusual but not unhealthy neurotype, and you may want to rephrase. There's a lot of stigma attached to "mental illness" that could upset some people, and detract from the point you're making.
  4. I seem to recall that ardents usually use the same soulcasters, and that soulcasters are generally aligned to an essence. Which makes me wonder - the statue-ardents we saw were soulcasting into stone. Would ardents who habitually used soulcasters aligned to, say, Pulp turn woody? Would a soulcaster aligned to Crystal make them sparkly?
  5. The Parshendi epigraphs as a whole were chilling, ever so gradually. However, "I stand against the one who saved my life. I protect the one who killed my promises. I raise my hand. The storm responds." has to be my favorite line. It gives me the shivers every time.
  6. Reminds me of Allomantic savants; I think that comparison has come up a few times as well. I for one wouldn't want to be a tin savant, and who knows how massive amounts of Stormlight can affect you?
  7. According to Brandon at the Seattle signing, Kaladin's name is derived from the herald Kalak. Sorry
  8. So I desperately want to know when this gets translated, but this thread is getting long enough that I'd rather not have to follow it to find out. I don't suppose one of you guys would be interested in starting a new thread for the non-cryptographers once you get it solved, would you?
  9. "(why would you bother with a horse when you can fly? Unless the house can fly too...)" A horse can be a good partner on the battlefield. You get height and they can stomp things for you. My pet theory is a spren bond like skyeels, chasmfiends, Purelake fish, etc., which I think is more plausible... but I've always liked the idea of biological engineering by the Radiants. Here's the thread I initially started about these ideas: http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/6068-what-makes-ryshadium-special/
  10. Not necessarily. I don't have the exact WoB on hand, but he's said pretty clearly that the flashback character doesn't have to still be alive for their book.
  11. I think the Tumblr crowd got this information independently at the Portland signing - but if not, I'm sure she'll find it out soon!
  12. http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/6534-oregon-signing-march-2014/?p=107507 "Seventh - By the end of the Stormlight Archive will you look into the minds of everyone who will develop powers? no. Lists flashback characters; the next three are, in order: Szeth, Eshonai, and Dalinar."
  13. Oh, you're right, I mixed up Jez and Taln's blades. Thanks!