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  1. Does your name have anything to do with an indie band?
  2. So this is a fun little thing. Do any of you have some head canon that you know is absolutely wrong, or not canon, that you REFUSE to budge on? My biggest one is the pronunciation of Moash's name. It's Moe-sh to me. Mo Ash is way too clumsy for me.
  3. Right, we're biased to think of men as just the hu kind, but it's like a generic term here I strongly believe. Also on a tangent I mean we know that Stormfather won't form blade for Dalinar but I always kind of took that as sort of just a persnickety part of his deal in bonding Dalinar. I'm your god, I won't lower myself to be a simple tool for you, if we're anything, we're brothers in this. I don't think it's stated anywhere solidly that a Bondsmith couldn't summon their spren as a blade. But then thinking, Sibling doesn't really manifest in the physical world, unless you count her physical form as the tower. Then they'd be living in a blunt giant shardblade. I'm not sure what breaking a bond will do to Stormfather though, but I sorta think we're definitely going to find out in the next book. Unless Dalinar is allowed to dip out of the bond prior to the Contest. I can't see the contract holding Odium in the back 5 if whats left of honor was killed by a broken oath. WHICH is why I think Mishram will be set free and retain enough of Honor's investiture in her.
  4. I really like this idea, but I want to go a little further. Melishi was -likely- the only bondsmith during the time of Mishram's capture. That's not definite, but I think it's both true and not true. I'm working on a big theory for this, but here's a spoiler, for a small part at least. So we have WoB's saying it's possible to be more than one order at a time, but not like, a cool easy thing that everyone does. Looking at that more simply, I think it sort of means a person could form two Nahel bonds. We know that when Mishram was trapped, everything fell apart. IIRC it's not ever clearly stated when Honor was splintered, just that it was shortly following the Recreance. I think that Honor's last Bondsmith may have also bonded the Mishram spren. There's a bunch of lines of text that I am not prepared currently to quote (like I said, I'm working on writing this up, and all of the relevant info is on my Kindle) It has to do with the literary mechanic "hearts of men" - humor me for a second, I'm sure a bunch of you guys are Kingkiller Chronicles Fans, and there's a very specific literary mechanic used in that series as well, the word "folly" - used way more frequently than it should. Such it is with this phrase about the hearts of men. Honor isn't dead, he lives on in the hearts of men. - Navani said something to this extent, as did Notum. You'll find god in the same place you find salvation from this mess, in the hearts of men - Jasnah and Wit. but then, there's the opposite of this, just to make things fun. Voidbringers are rumored to enter the hearts of men as an excuse for them doing terrible things, per folklore. Mishram was trying to play god so bad during the false desolation I think she succeeded, her capture in the gemstone splintered off a chunk of honor, and sealed it away with the Unmade source of Voidlight, leaving us with like a Warlight spren. I think uniting the hearts of man, the people of Roshar, both human, spren, and singer against Odium could restore Honor.
  5. On a tangent, are Kelsier and Hoid the only currently living Mistborn in the Cosmere?
  6. Yup, hide the women and the children too
  7. That was very well written, thanks Brandon!
  8. It's crazy to think in a relatively similarish timeframe, two Shardworlds develop very similar means of aviation. Or no. I mean. Investiture driven airships with propeller stabilzers, and escape pods. It's probably not at all possible that Mraize or Iyatil might have snuck Thaidakar the plans that he might have given to the people who worshipped him for saving them. Those plans then being adapted for a different system of investiture.
  9. I mean, I'm all for it. I love dark crap so lets do this. BUT. So. Like. It's definitely in line with Stormdaddy's views on things, and how Honor with a capital h perceives honor with a wee little h for Dalinar to just yeet the thing over the edge. Would Dalinar do it? I suspect he would, much to everyone's disbelief. Especially with all of that stuff about a King's duty, with the guilty. I then see him using his final act as Bondsmith to release his bond to Stormdaddy, and accept judgement for his crime.
  10. Knowing one's worth. I like it, but I don't feel like it fits with the others.
  11. Shallan is probably actually my favorite character, probably because I suffer from avoidant personality disorder, and it's similar in a lot of ways to what she's going through. I do get how most of you find her frustrating, and I imagine she was frustrating to write. And I think that's somewhat intentional. The world is slowly working on acceptance, for example go check out the Jasnah and Rlain sexuality posts, so much love on those posts. But people are like "I just hate that version of her" bro she hates all of the versions of her. Especially towards the end, where she's having a full blown meltdown, and her trying to rationalize with herself - I love it. I think people are more sympathetic towards Kal because everyone has fought some amount of depression. I mean shots fired, we're here obsessing over a book. It's an escape, it's our escape, if you're reading this, you probably suffer from depression. Shallan suffers from something a little more rare, and difficult to understand. But so example. Be me, physically handicapped (though not as much as many) terrified of people, certain loud noises, paranoid, just want to sleep and hide. I work a job where that won't do. I had to create an aspect of myself that was confident, self assured, bold. I do this because helping people is a core ideal for me I guess. But most times, when my weekend rolls around after a week of 12 hour shifts listening to, reacting to, and fighting the horrors that are reality in our world, I'm exhausted more than just physically. It's a heavy mask to wear. Friends moved on, I frustrated them too much by wanting to be around them but not wanting to do anything. Relationships don't work, I'm a burden. Everything Shallan has going on in her head is real. The personas don't help her cope, they help her survive. Anyways, tldr, you're absolutely allowed to not care for Shallan as a character, that's your right as a reader. Just maybe cut her some slack, she's trying. (Also this isn't meant to be a pity-party-post, just thought maybe a realistic example would help) Cheers guys
  12. I can't help but really enjoy whatever form of chemistry that exists between Jasnah and Hoid. From the moment she poofed back in WoR's epilogue, they've fascinated me. Now I can't say that I believe it's going to go much if any further than it has, but he's kind of her person. He is an interesting puzzle for her, and he can talk to her like as close to an equal as he's going to find on Roshar (without wanting to kill him, ya know, as basically every other cosmere-aware person does)