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  1. So now the question is, can we build ChayShan, Dakhor, or Forgery catalyst cities that do something similar? Although, a Dakhor catalyst city might require an entire city of death; the walls would probably have to be bone themselves. Gosh that's frightening. Now that I think about it, I don't know that you can do that for Forgery. It's less of an end-positive Investiture and more of an End-Neutral. Also, it's something that is learned only, not channeled like the others.
  2. Man. I knew I was missing something. And here I was getting all excited that we might find a whole other Aon alphabet. In other words, we can put another "Elantris" in Teod, but not much else. The good news is that we don't need to base it off of that city's geography.
  3. Ok. Then, doing that, could you theoretically expand the area where AonDor functions, and then create another embassy, and so on? The thought that I'm having right now is, "How was Elantris created in the first place?" Given the way the city powers the Elantrians, I'm vaguely certain that it had to come before any Elantrians existed; thus we might be able to mimic the conditions of its creation in other cities, thus expending AonDor's influence. I think the key key here is that it would have to be an Arelonite *embassy,* meaning the culture is more prevalent there and the Connection to Arelon is spread, and a proper Rao Aon based on the city that the Embassy is near and the surrounding landscape. Thinking about it that way, I think we are then creating a whole new form on AonDor, not expanding the old one, so we don't need to be close to the original Elantris. If you're right, however, my first question still stands. This is a HUGE question for Brandon, to be sure! One that I don't think is spoiler-y and is unlikely to be RAFO'd. Unless Arelon wants to expand its borders in the future.
  4. Huh. This is an interesting quandary. Given the WoB on the different investiture types being due to Connection, I feel like if a group of Arelonite/Teoish Elantrians set up an embassy outside a given city in the shape of a Rao Aon based on that city and the surrounding area, it might end up acting like a cell tower for AonDor, allowing Elantrians to use the new base for Aons when within range of the embassy. I have no real proof for this, just a hunch. This would also require Elantrian AonDor research to dive into the "Why?" behind every Aon, allowing them to create/discover the new alphabet.
  5. Thanks a bunch for your feedback and your patience with my reply; life happens lol. I would love to make a Cosmere 5e supplement, and would be glad to have help! I peruse the Unearthed Arcana subreddit quite often, where I found a Mistborn class someone made, so we're not alone. I haven't checked it out thoroughly, but it looked pretty decent to me. Well, rereading TES led me to find that the final Soul stamp feature should call them Essence Marks, so that shall be edited. Thanks for your reply! I've been thinking about an Elantrian class and came up with a rough idea for a ChayShan Monk path. I'll be sure to post those when I'm done with them. With thankfulness, AKASketch
  6. I made this using Hombrewery, and you can find it here! The Prestige class requires a lot of DM input and is very power-gamey, but could be fun in the right play group. Thought you guys might appreciate it. Cheers, AKASketch
  7. I just entered the EVIL 8 Amazon Fire HD10 Tablet giveaway! https://t.co/FyW2RlgQkR

  8. Darn! Accidental down vote; meant to up vote. ... Can... Can someone fix that? Please? I like this line of thinking.
  9. Yes. Do not forget WalDo.
  10. The Rending happens as a result of being initially consumed by Calamity's darkness.
  11. The #multiverse #theory is just a fancy way of saying you aren't responsible for your actions.

  12. I think that the Scadrian mentioned qbove would have a good chance of being/becoming a metalborn Elantrian. Upvoted for astounding logic and possibly figuring out the spiritual realm.
  13. HillCrest train ride! @ HillCrest Pumpkin Patch http://t.co/S3JKKL0d1e