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  1. I'd say 16 at a guess, considering this is Scadrial.
  2. Quick question about requesting books. Does Brandon send you a physical manuscript through the mail? Cause I want to ask for White Sand and Aether of Night, but I live in Australia.
  3. Right here. What PorridgeBrick said, plus the fact that the main character will be a nicrosil misting, are literally all we know about the next trilogy.
  4. Woah woah woah woah woah. That was Spook?
  5. As far as I understand, it retains exactly the same as it would at any other time. There just isn't any new Stormlight because of the lack of highstorms.
  6. We should probably add that to the list of questions: Is every instance of the same name over different books a worldhopper?
  7. Is a Shardgun possible? What would it fire?
  8. They probably just stockpile Stormlight
  9. Nightblood's a Shardblade because he has enough pieces of Endowment (Breaths) to count as a Splinter.
  10. It could be that Chromium is changing something about you, which then affects others; a sort of set level of luckiness in your interaction with everything else, which is amped up or down. Kinda like how brass and zinc are Internal metals, but still allow you to affect others.
  11. But the problem is that they would have their luck going constantly, meaning that they would be lucky enough to avoid getting into that situation. If they turned off their luck, and then you got them into an unwinnable situation, then they could be defeated/killed, but they'd never end up in that situation in the first place.
  12. ...Vivenna? Are we assuming she made the crossover to Roshar as well? For some reason I can't explain, I kinda think she's Jenet, the stablemaster.
  13. I think you're mixing a few things up here: Devotion and Dominion had their bearers killed and their Shards Splintered (not necessarily in that order): the two things are not necessarily directly related. Endowment (and I think, think, Honor) Splintered themselves willingly; Tanavast was killed after Splintering (once again, I think), while Edgli, if that's his name, hasn't been killed.
  14. Doesn't deal with the resurrection thing, but my personal theory is that he was a Lurcher, maybe a Sparker as well to explain how he anticipated the shot. He tapped mental speed to judge when he would fire, then pulled Lessie to the right (towards his chest, if I recall correctly) and Pulled on the bullet to make it hit true.