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  1. Before Stormlight Archive it was my favorite fantasy series, despite some of it's flaws I absolutely love it and it has a very big place in my heart. It also fits your prefereces (good versus evil with shades of gray, the characters get more than just some development, and large scale battles, especially in the last book.
  2. My father and sister both started Mistborn before me, and both stopped around midway through the first one. I almost did too, but I don't leave books unfinished unless they're really horribad, and came to love it. Maybe I'll bait them back into Sandersons's works with WoK, since I thought it a really enjoyable read, despite it's length. I'll definitely buy my cousin the Mistborn books, since I know she loves these sorts of books. Maybe WoK too, but it's so long and she's pretty young... But who knows, she also plowed through ASoIaF with no problems.
  3. Thanks! Probably since I just finished WoK, I don't feel very desperate yet I definitely plan to read them down the line somewhere
  4. Thanks I've read 2 chapters, then I decided to hold out. Maybe I'll give in as the month progresses, but for now I've still got the olympics to distract me
  5. So I finally finished The Wheel of TIme in December, and became interested in Brandon Sanderson, since I liked his writing style and I thought he managed to give WoT a very nice finish... Bought myself the Mistborn Trilogy, blew through it and moved on to Way of Kings. Just finished it last week and and began roaming the internet for theories, which is how I got here Someone already blew my mind by telling me that Shallan has a shardblade, lol. Anyway, excited for the next book! Just hopes it comes soon enough, because I have to import it