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  1. Sirce Dawnweaver - check out parts two and three, one of where I look at Scadrial having the number 2 associated with preservation, and 8 associated with Ruin, with results similar to the mathematical patterns you also attempt to negotiate through powers. I also note many other associations you brought up - good thinking overall! Sadly in the end I conclude that Shardic numbers aren't a concrete thing. Brandon says that Shards develop colours that aren't necessarily fixed but occur relationally. Ruin is black and Preservation is white not because they are associated with those colours, but because they are diametrically opposed and so their manifestations take on those properties. My internal leading theory right now is that Shardic numbers are the same - not causal, but instead reactionary. The patterns of the numbers occur due to specific circumstances of the planets, Shards, and their interactions, and not because of any particular cosmic specification reliant on magical constant integers. Darkness - I can't recall the exact passage. I greped all Brandon texts, quotes, and annotations for keywords like 'five', 'fifth', 'fifty', 'penta', etc, etc. and then read all the relevant passages to see if they had even a passing significance. If you do the same I'm sure you can locate the specific text but my notes are losts to the mists of my backup harddrive.
  2. I've always held an assumption similar to that, Moggle. It makes no sense for a Breath to be arbitrarily consumed periodically. There must be a reasoning of sorts. The conclusion which I came to is that there must be a threshold of some kind, and that the effect in question accumulates until it passes the threshold. This can be thought of in two ways: 1. A Breath is slowly consumed until it reaches a threshold, and then is rapidly consumed. This could be any particular curve, such as your dividends example, or an exponential function like pH. 2. A Breath is discrete, however there is a threshold for the consumption that builds up. Once whatever force that is exerting pressure on the Breath passes a threshold, the Breath rapidly collapses. This could be viewed as similar to a physics model - exerting force on a material until it snaps, adding pressure to a canister until it explodes, or alpha decay until the half-life of a substance is reached. Adding a new Breath could be seen as venting the pressure, or stabilizing the substance. The first scenario is slightly more likely, given that symptoms are noticed prior to a Breath consumed (or an individual passing).
  3. This thread : > a list of what I was last up to, read through it, and if anything you see there feels like something you'd like to do, hop on board. Give it all a read through and let me know what you think.
  4. I've started a list, you can find it in my sig. Been very busy lately, and I really want to get back to it. It's more 'comprehensive' than 'summarized' at the moment, though I plan on making a summarized one as well. Interested at all?
  5. I'm about halfway through.
  6. Nice review Peter. One thing I noticed during my recent reread is the gigantic bump in foreshadowing the second book brought. The first book has very little foreshadowing at all, and relatively few hints there's a much much deeper world than we suspect. The second book is supercharged by comparison - the world now abounds with people who know secrets but aren't telling, ancient things that most people forgot, hidden powers that are marginalized, secret societies and plots promised, and in general just jam packed. I'm not sure if this is a case of 'Yay, the series has a guaranteed publishing contract now' or just a change in direction, but it was very notable to me. Also, am I the only one who is gradually feeling more and more that major Fantasy authors just need to get together and make their own card game or MTG subset? I've even considered doing one myself as an idle thought. It seems like the major new authors of the last decade or so is correlating with a love of a certain collectible trading card game...
  7. You're wrong, he took two from GreyPilgrim. Right now it should be.... WeiryWriter 8 +1 Fifth of Daybreak 8 LeftVash 14 -2 Tempus 4 Edgedancer 10 Shivertongue 5 Mailliw73 4 The Only Joe 14 PorridgeBrick 13 GreyPilgrim 15 And I'll add my own onto the right.
  8. Kobold King 12 Swimmingly 8 Awesomeness Summoned 9 Aether 8 Quiver 10 Delightful 6 Gamma Fiend 8 WeiryWriter 11 Fifth of Daybreak 8 LeftVash 11 Shardlet 8 Tempus 10 Edgedancer 10 Shivertongue 10 Mailliw73 8 lord Claincy Ffnord 5 Voidus 14 The Only Joe 13 PorridgeBrick 11 GreyPilgrim 14 TwiLyghtSansSparkles 20 Observer 20
  9. You never responded to my calls... *sniff*
  10. Here's my Goodreads friend invite link.
  11. I'm with cem - many things I loved about Blood Song was changed for Tower Lord. It wasn't the same book, and it was a bit of a letdown. There were a bunch of very very promising new authors who all showed up around the same time as Anthony Ryan, and he was originally the one I thought would hold up the best of all of them, but instead he's ended up near the bottom. =(
  12. Lightbringer is such an excellent series, and I'm extremely looking forward to the release in a month. It's one of only a few series that ignites my theory cortex as much as Brandon's do. I spent a good chunk of time myself, Argent, looking up spectrum related information after reading the books! Peter - I'm generally of the mind that a trilogy or series needs to be digested and and evaluated as whole moreso than as individual volumes. I agree with you the Blinding Knife wasn't a revolution over Black Prism, but I'd prefer to think of them both as a huge step forward for Brent, and a really progressive work for Fantasy as a genre as they step out of the 'dark and gritty' phase from last decade.
  13. By WoB, objects/materials have a maximum tolerance for Investment. However, spikes are also known to not be extremely invested, and have been mentioned as being capable of storing both the hemalurgic charge and a feruchemical one at once. That leaves me with two scenarios I believe are likely. A ) The spike and Aon would both function normally, until such time as the maximum Investment threshold of the spike was reached. B ) The secondary Investment in the spike (the Aon, in this case), would lose power corresponding to the existing power of the hemalurgic charge in order to overcome the resistance, similar to pushing on an Invested metal. What would happen if you burnt it? Probably not much. AonDor is genetically keyed so I would suspect you'd have a situation similar to burning someone else's Feruchemical metal at best. Furthermore, burning the metal would destroy the pattern responsible for generating the effect of the Aon, rendering it ineffective.