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  1. On a side note, going off of the Do you think this is as a result of him knowing all of the Shards? Or is this because he is Yolish? Do Yolish people have sDNA for all magic systems, since they are, after all, all splintered from the Yolish people?
  2. Hmm, perhaps, since he is from the same time/place as Endowment's Shardholder, he might have gotten into some trouble on the world of Warbreaker, (Nalthis?) and somehow, mysteriously died. From there, he then called in a favor from Endowment and was Returned, but with memories. Just one way it -could- have happened. However, looking over all of your comments, I think we can agree that it probably never happened in the first place. On a side note, this brought an interesting thought to mind. Does Hoid ever contact any of the Shardholders? Can he call in favors from "god" when things get too tough? Because, "Remember that time I dragged your unconscious body from that bar? No? Well I do. Give me Breath." sounds very Hoid-like to me.
  3. So, we know hoid has some hundreds of Breaths. We also know that his hair is sometimes white, sometimes not. Perhaps this is the result of dye, but perhaps not. Perhaps Hoid is Returned, and can change his appearance with this. Being Returned would explain, but is not limited to; The white hair Immortality Breath The foresight he has. Returned dreams are thought to be prophetic? Combine those with some mental speed and fortune feruchemy, and you know exactly where and when you need to Worldhop to. Also, even if he didn't have too much Breath, he could still use other magic systems to fuel his Returned breath consumption. He can probably use feruchemy to store investiture to fuel this somehow. Who knows? So many options. Please, feel free to discuss, add, or rip this theory apart.
  4. Yeah, I agree with that. What we know is that spren are cognitive aspects of things brought out because of the latent investiture on the planet. We also know they cannot be touched. Lift, however, can touch them. She lives partially in the cognitive realm, allowing her to do this. However, perhaps we're missing something. Spren exist because of the strange investiture they have on Roshar. Perhaps Lift has to survive off of the same investiture? That may very well be her curse for all we know, though I think its just a way of Nightwatcher to not force Lift to die suddenly. Lift is, in essence, a realy big, dynamic spren. The best Nahel bond we know of so far, since she is both her own spren and human, and then gets ANOTHER SPREN. Wyndle is the poor Voidbringer third wheel. As for her curse, I don't think its the 10 thing. 10 is a holy number on Roshar, so it kind of makes sense, but I think its part of her boon. I think her boon is her curse. As a spren, she is defined how people view her. Someone calls her 10 and believes it, and suddenly, she's ten. Someone calls her awesome when they see her Surgebinding, and suddenly she thinks of herself as awesome. Its actually very lucky she didn't become the ruler of that kingdom herself, since if so many people viewed her, think of how crazy the perceptions would become.
  5. Hmm, maybe this relates in a way to the Thrill? I imagine it isn't as powerful from behind a cannon as it is with a parshendi on the end of your spear. We've got to consider that not only has this planet been dealing with powerful storms and extinction events, but also a daily interference with superstitions and magic. This is a planet where people have been told it is possible to have incredible magical powers, but at the same time told those powers are evil. They have to deal with the Unmade, dark spirits of immense power which cause things like the Thrill, a bloody thirst for war that leaves logic in the dust. They have the Old Magic, where people get seemingly magical boons in exchange for a curse, which usually outweighs the benifits. And then they've been suppressed by their church, their currently exististing books that survived altered and changed. These are people who are afraid to predict the future. And if you don't predict the future, you don't realy look to the future either. One could call Dalinar's forethought and planning heretical. All of these things seem small at first. But they stack up pretty heavily to weigh these people down. On such a harsh planet, Its very surprising that these people have any existing culture at all, not factoring the Desolations in.
  6. Not sure exactly what they are, apparently Moelach and the other one (the name escapes me) are considered to be giant evil spirits known as the Unmade. Moelach is responsible for the Thrill, and considered evil and vile, which is why I believe he is one of Odium's bigger spren, essentially. The other one is responsible for the death rattles.
  7. I heard speak of fezzes. Hmm, I like 10,000, so i'm going to start there. Its nice and... 10. No further explanation needed. Take 10,000-4,500=6500. 6500/9=722.222... 6500/99=65.6565... We know the desolations lasted 11 years max. I'll assume they were all around 10 years. 722.22-10=732.22 years between desolations 65.65-10=55.65 years between desolations Now, the woman in Starfall was 30 years old (ish) 732.22-30=702.22 55.65-30=25.65 At minimum, the desolation would have taken place 25 years before her lifetime. That means both of these are plausible, as she wouldn't have lived through either of those numbers. I personally am not going to pick a side in the argument. Just giving some numbers. Do with them as you wish.
  8. Hey, not the best pic, just done with the computer paint program. This Kaladin, lashed to a wall, and looky there, its the TARDIS, driven by the Doctor, aka, Hoid, aka Wit. I guess that explains how he travels through the time and space of the Cosmere.
  9. Naturespren? You mean lifespren? Also, there are Riverspren, which can supposedly talk, then possibly Cusicesh. Just another quick thing, would Odium have Moelach and that other thing Taravangian mentioned as his spren? Pattern is a Cryptic, lovingly dubbed a liespren.
  10. Hmm, we know he has the last bead of Lerasium. Is there anything to say he didn't manage to get two? One to consume, and one for its feruchemical purpose, which I believe has something to do with him knowing where to be and what to do. We know that Hoid always knows where and when to be, so maybe something about Feruchemical Lerasium allows you to see potential futures anywhere, and he uses this to scan the universe for where he needs to be.
  11. Yeah, so Szeth is becoming a Skybreaker now according to Nan? If thats the case, why does he need Nightblood. Maybe Nan can pull some strings, get a spren to hook up with Szeth? I honestly don't know, this tidbit has been confusing, but I think you're right about it not dissapearing. All I know is Nightblood is essentially the same as a KR's Shardblade. However, his blade is much more powerful than the average Shardblade. Normal Shardblades can change shape, right? Well Nightblood is stuck in its form, sadly. However, Nightblood can turn everything it touches into black smoke, essentially destroying its cognizant aspect or some such thing. What I do know is that Nightblood has much much more investment in it than a Shardblade, so when one crosses blades with nightblood, would Nightblood simply turn it to smoke? I don't know, but I feel like Nightblood has some sort of advantage against Shardblades.
  12. But... But what about rocks? Who is a rock? Am I a rock? Are you? How do I know?
  13. Crazy theory, most definitely wrong (hopefully) Roshar is a giant Thunderclast. The planet is doomed. Odium has already won.
  14. Hmm... Dream cover ideas? A picture of Jasnah, one with her doing her ranged soulcasting against a mob of Parshendi. Hand extended, lightning arcing from her fingertips to a group of Parshendi, several of which are already piles of dust floating to the ground. The Parshendi, meanwhile, are shooting back their tempests of red lightning, little storm clouds intermingling with red sparks surround them as tendrils of lightning creep towards Jasnah, glowing with her own Stormlight. To stick with the storm on the cover theme, behind Jasnah would be the Highstorm, and behind the Parshendi would be the Everstorm, the two storms once again about to collide, bringing with them imminent destruction.