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  1. I seriously wonder when we're going to see a Hoid battle. I guess it'll either be very epic or a instant kill, one liner fight.
  2. I think it just means what it means. Desolation as in it's just a term which they use to describe the past horrors that happened on Roshar. A cool theory, but I think it's unlikely!
  3. So sorry to bother everyone, the questions I have asked have probably been answered quite a few times, but I just can't seem to find it! So here are a few questions have always wondered about, and hopefully you guys can be awesome enough to answer it 1) How do the immortal words work? Does speaking them = Powerup? I remember distinctly that Kaladin seemed to have a powerup moment after speaking the second ideal of the knights radiant, and it seems that he has a few more forgotten words which would be revealed in later in the series. 2) Can splintered Shards such as Honor be restored? Or is it splintered forever? And what happens when a Shard is splintered? Do splintered Shards work like Preservation's Body in the Mistborn Trilogy, whereby fragments of the power are released around the world where the Shards reside? Or is it simply the fact that the overall power of the Shard remains but split around the numerous denizens of the world itself, and can never be restored into an entire Shard again? 3) Is it possible to gain more than one type of power? Could a Worldhopper could gain both Allomancy and Surgebinding, or are they stuck with only one type of power due to limitations of their physical self?
  4. Hello everyone! Well, my name's Daniel and I have to admit that I have been lurking around the forums for quite a period of time now, firstly to read up on who is this strange Hoid character and more recently on theories about Words Of Radiance. Absolutely excited about the new book! I wouldn't be able to contribute much, I just lack the ability to catch on some of the finer points and hints in the books! But I finally decided to sign up to the forums just to thank everyone for your great insight and posts which allowed me to understand more about the crazy cosmere that B.S wrote