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  1. Hard to say. When Write was figuring out what was wrong with Denise, he said or seemed to imply that at least one of the reasons they have the exoskeleton/nutrient bath shell was because of the harsher sun on their planet, but I can see it being possible they need it to survive generally as well.
  2. My only concern with Doomslug being a Varvax is that in DE Write specifically points out how the Varvax communicate with clicks and clacks and gestures, so I don't know that the sounds Doomslug makes can be made by the Varvax (All this based on the relatively limited info we have from DE).
  3. Slightly off topic, but does anyone know if Brandon plans to eventually write a trilogy of books for White Sand in addition to the graphic novels, or will it just be the graphic novels? The WoB above where he said he wouldn’t get to it for awhile made me think there’s hope he will write an actual trilogy later versus just sticking with the graphic novel. I’ve read White Sand Prose and loved it, I just have a hard time sinking my teeth into a graphic novel.
  4. That was a single Truthwatcher’s account, and he said he “cannot say it out loud,” and “must whisper...that [he] foresaw this,” implying that they did not regularly see the future. Regardless of normal Truthwatcher powers, there is a WoB (maybe Act of Brandon) where he points to the Voidbinding chart when asked to explain why Renarin sees the future. I can not locate the exact quote, but the previously mentioned WoB cited above includes Argent referencing said Act by Brandon (pointing to the Voidbinding chart). Landis got his reply in first haha.
  5. I’m in the camp that believe Shallan already has plate, as evidenced by the two quotes earlier where Radiant has shardplate and is later the “real” Shallan at the conclusion of the battle for Thaylen city. I think that’s a clever way for Brandon to demonstrate it. I also think Jasnah has plate, as evidenced by the scene where Adolin is following the Sadeas troops going to confront Jasnah when he sees soldiers flying through the air as if thrown, and a “nonplussed” Jasnah standing with geometric shapes fading around her. As for the Fourth Oath, abandonment could work as a theme. I think for Kaladin in particular it will be about accepting that he will fail at times, as that seems to be his theme throughout the book. His old flame Tarah said that one day he would “learn to be there for the living instead of just the dead,” or something along those lines, because he focuses on those he’s lost, ie those he’s failed, and lets that hold him back/keep him depressed instead of focusing on being there for the living.
  6. That WoB does not show that Renarin is not Voidbinding, it’s saying that Renarin is Voidbinding to see the future, but powering the Voidbinding with Stormlight, which is not how it usually works. I think it was Argent (the person who asked that question) that had asked Brandon at a different signing what was going on with Renarin and his visions and Brandon pointed at the Voidbinding chart. So it appears that Renarin is Voidbinding, he’s just not doing it in the “normal” way. I’m also curious where you got the info that all Voidspren are corrupted spren and not their own species? Because the only spren we know that had been corrupted are Glys, the Kholinar Oathgate spren, and the emotionspren around Kholinar in Part 3 of OB. Pattern and Syl always refer to the Voidspren as “his” spren (Odium’s), which suggests to me that they are a separate species of spren not just corrupted spren. Last thing, I agree with Calderis that the Fused are not Voidbinding. To me it seems that Voidbinding will provide different abilities than normal Surgebinding (see Renarin’s visions), whereas the Fused simply seem to be accessing the normal Surges used in Surgebinding, but fueled with Voidlight.
  7. Syl said that one of the honorspren observing the budding squires on the Shattered Plains was one of their leaders, thinking her name was Phendorana. Also, Ivory said that he did not believe the Windrunner order would ever rise again because the honorspren had spent the time since the Recreance/their repopulation attempting to "conquer" Shadesmar, and he implied that the other sapient spren had grown to, at the very least, dislike the honorspren for this reason. So us being privy to wars in Shadesmar seems highly possible, if not likely. Shallan and Jasnah (and their spren) also discuss the need to go to/look in Shadesmar to discern things that are "hidden" in the physical realm, specifically thinking of how one of the spren (I think Ivory) suggested searching through Shadesmar for the Heralds, because, although they've "hidden" themselves in the physical realm, their souls would "shine" in the Cognitive. Just before that scene, Pattern also said that the huge gemstone pillar/fabrial room in Urithiru had strong "memories," leading Jasnah to say she would investigate the room in Shadesmar after Shallan informed her of Pattern's thought/feeling/impression. So, I think that we will be getting a lot more information about Shadesmar/excursions in Shadesmar in the coming books.
  8. Going back through Oathbringer for a re-read, and I noticed something I missed on my initial read: Jasnah mentions in her chapter a period in her life that taught her that "people she loved could hurt her too" or something along those lines, and she remembered being locked in a room and screaming and/or crying. Just a few chapters later, in Dalinar's flashback chapter where Adolin is born, when he and Gavilar are discussing problems with Rathalas/The Rift Dalinar initially thought that the problem Gavilar wanted to discuss was Jasnah's "lunacy," but Gavilar said she was recovering fine. I haven't seen this discussed yet here, so I just wanted to see whether people thought this "lunacy" spell was significant for Jasnah's personal development, such as whether this episode was what formed the cracks in her soul enabling her to form a Nahel bond*, or whether it was just a passing illness that does not have much significance. *I'm not suggesting she began to form her bond with Ivory at this time, just that this may have been what "broke" her as a person, allowing for her to later form the Nahel bond with Ivory.
  9. IIRC, there is no indication that he is siding with the Fused, he only mentions siding with the Singers in general. I took this to mean he could side with the non-Fused/non-Odium-influenced Parshendi.
  10. I believe there have been discussions on this, but I could be wrong. I think there is a belief that the shard focused on survival may be Wisdom, because of a quote by Hoid in OB where he says OB spoiler:
  11. I agree with what else has been said above, I would also like to point out that Elhokar’s Shardblade appearing next to him after Moash finishes stabbing him is pretty concrete proof that he is dead. If he was not dead, the Blade would not have appeared.
  12. Part of what you’re describing is, I think, one of the main themes we are supposed to take out of OB: that, even though the everstorm has come and has restored the Parshmen’s Connection and Identity, they are not instantly turned into evil Voidbringers. Most of the Parshmen are restored as what would be akin to a normal human; they don’t want to be enslaved, but they’re not mindless killing machines hellbent on destroying mankind. As for the army, the significance of the Everstorm is that the Fused, once killed, can simply return and take over a new host body. In previous desolations, it is suggested that the Fused came over at once or in waves, but once a Fused was killed, they returned to Braize and could not return in that desolation cycle. In current times, the Fused can be killed over and over and still return with the next passing of the Everstorm. Furthermore, in the last Venli scene from OB, the Fused are “excitedly” discussing why the Thaylenah battle went so poorly: namely that not all the Fused have “awakened,” and that some of those that have been awakened are so old/newly awakened that they’re more mindless than they had been before. Finally, for Odium’s army, even with the imprisonment of the Thrill, at least 7 Unmade remain at large (assuming Sja-Anat is now working to oppose Odium), and a few of these are considered to be sapient/intelligent. I think that it is premature to suggest that all of mankind on Roshar is united. Dalinar’s coalition, while impressive, is in a tenuous position at best. There are still factions within the coalition working against Dalinar, and Taravangian is now working alongside Odium (whether this will actually help Odium is another story, as I’m partial to the idea that the Diagram was a “plant” by Cultivation to throw Odium off or mislead him). We we will continue to learn more about the state of the Parsh people in book four given that it will focus on Eshonai for flashbacks and likely Venli in the present. It will be interesting to see if she will be able to bring together the factions of Parshmen uninterested in warring with the humans/working for Odium. TL;DR: Odium’s forces still have a lot left in the tank, and I do not believe the human coalition is not as rock solid as you seem to imply.
  13. Something perhaps worth considering in conjunction with items 2 and 3 from OP’s list of possibilities, is that all investiture/powers in the Cosmere were “assigned” to a different shard upon the splintering if Adonalsium. Relating to points 2 and 3 from OP concerning the Shard who “powers”/ was “assigned” Fortune, I think it’s entirely possible, if not likely, that said Shard can influence what is seen of the future or what is NOT seen of the future. I think this has far-reaching implications, and I view it similarly to the Chthaeh (sp?) from The Kingkiller Chronicles by Pat Rothfuss. I’d go into more detail about what that means in The Kingkiller Chronicles, but I’m at work and can’t type a long post on my phone. Suffice it to say that a being with power over seeing the future/granting that power to others could, potentially, really influence what is seen and cause whatever outcome they so desire.
  14. Just a quick question: after reading SotS (State of the Sanderson), Brandon mentioned that era 3 of Mistborn will be a 1980s “spy thriller;” does this mean we will have four different series on scadrial? I understand that the Wax and Wayne stuff caused a lot of confusion with what to call it and he now calls it era 2. As far as I know, which is why I’m asking here, the final era of Scadrial/Mistborn stories is going to take place in the distant future and incorporate more SciFi elements/be more of a space opera with futuristic technology, but he had originally mentioned (I thought) only three different eras on a Scadrial. So, tl;dr: is the plan, now that Wax and Wayne stories are Era 2 on Scadrial, to have four different eras/series on Scadrial? Thanks in advance for the help!
  15. Thanks, I then assume the info regarding the civilization cultivating the bacteria comes from Silence Divine, which I did not know was set on Ashyn.