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  1. I believe Odium manipulated man into destroying their world so he could leave it. They ended up on Roshar and Odium tried to do it again. Humans were the first voisbringers right. Then the humans had enough realised what was happening and turned to honor for help. Honor helped them keep Odium at bay but then the souls of the first victims from the first desolation were still pissed at the humans and now Odium was able to manipulate them. Dawnsingers became Listeners and parshmen or parshendi. Men over time forgot where they came from and how desolation began. Odium leaked the truth of human arrival on Roshar to the KR after the Heralds had abandoned their oaths and then just sat back and waited. Letting the unmade destroy human warriors that could no longer seek out the knights to control their passion(the thrill). I think new heralds will be made by book 5 and I believe many more parshmen will become KR. Hoping bridge 4s parshman(can't remember how to spell his name) becomes a windrunner.
  2. Ok new thought Stormlight Archive "LEGO MOVIE". And Andale in response to your concern about character inner thoughts. Anime does this perfectly all the time. It's easier with anime than with real people to do that and it seems a natural form of expression.
  3. Search tumbler user squirenonny she has the most and by far the best realistic Stormlight Fan Fic.
  4. Found this on tumbler this helps picture anime avatar style. http://botanicaxu.tumblr.com/post/116217626159/test-anime-kaladin-im-learning-to-use-sai
  5. Ahh yes I see what you mean. Should have posted in question form. I was hasty and walked away without re-reading what I posted. Thx. Admin.
  6. Brandon Sanderson posted he would do a new reading today at 2pm in Spokane at Worldcon. Does anyone have it yet on video or transcript? Or if you know of a site where we can find it please share as soon as possible.
  7. I couldn't see this as an HBO show like Spawn(Overkill and TOO graphic) and I would hate to see it in CG. I do like the way emotions are portrayed in Anime(Japanime) I have a better connection to the characters in anime and I don't maintain personnel bias against a voice like I do a face who has done horrible on previous shows or movies. Given the length of the books Manga or Graphic novel would be a great way to start and test fan base is out there.
  8. Ok so I have read every book in the Cosmere and some not in the Cosmere and now that I have finished all I do is read TWoK and WoR over and over. I ride my bike 150 miles a week all while listening to the audio books over and over. I am also a big fan of Manga and Anime. So naturally I picture everything I read in an anime. After reading the Game of Thrones series and then to my disappointment watching the TV show. I can't help but think they could have done better if it was done as an anime. Most stories I read that end up in anime are word for word identical and much better representations of how I picture a story looking. Today I found myself wondering what would it take to get one of the big anime studios in Japan to adopt The Stormlight Archive into a Manga or Anime series. I never want to see this story with real people because I fear the epic failure of it. But I could see the anime being a huge success and it in my mind would bring more fans into the cosmere. Also it would give those who lack imagination a visual representation of what I love to read. I introduced this book to my Korean friends and they loved it as well and continue to ask when it will be available in Korean. Anyways I am not so good at this but I wonder if someone started an online campaign to fund the production of an anime adaption to the Stormlight Archives how many of you would get behind it and do you think it could work.. Thoughts? Be gentle. Oh and has anyone else named there dog after Kaladin? I did and so far I think he is the only one.
  9. Kaelllok loving the way you debate. ok on one of my points I would like to be more clear. I stated that the KR didn't kill their spren and then abandon there plate. Meant was they didn't abandon there oaths elsewhere(this only refers to feverstone keep and the 2 orders present there) and then the plate. I say this because I believe that if they broke there oaths the spren should have died then. I do believe it is obvious they made up their minds elsewhere to do break the oaths at once and as one they did that by stabbing the Shardblades into the ground and leaving the plate at the designated place(why feverstone keep). In WoK where it talks about this and says the KR walked away resolute after leaving the shards I found that to be a very important link to WoR where it says that one order did not follow the rest and acted with great subterfuge. Then at the end Darkness wants Seth to become a Skybreaker so that order likely is one that survived. My theory is weak for now but I will make a stronger case after a bit more research. Darkness is still the number one culprit. He had a secret and now Mr.T has it and it could destroy the KR again. What is that Secret. I'm off to work. Bye
  10. Ok so let me get this straight. We all know for a FACT that the KR killed there spren. It wasn't voluntary on the sprens behalf because the living spren see them as murdered(also Dalinar felt a great sense of betrayal at feverstone) . We also know that the KR didn't kill their spren and then give up the shardblades and plate. Dalinar watched 2 of the orders drop there plate and stab the blades into the ground while they were still glowing. Only after they walked away slowly and to the faint sound of screaming did the glow fade. The KR walk away as individuals resolute in what had been done. So the question is NOT whether or not they would break there oaths. Fact they did, the question is still why? It is possible for a lie from a Herald to convince them to break there oaths in my opinion. For anyone to suggest that the KR wouldn't break the oaths because of there moral codes is just stupid. Hello the recreance did happen. I keep reading great arguments or theories and then I see a response that says "oh they wouldn't do that because it makes no sense because of some special KR superior intelligence they wouldn't fall for that. It's driving me nuts because regardless the KR betrayed the spren and for me Darkness is the facilitator of that betrayal. V/R Good night.
  11. I disagree with your reasoning. The point is the fact that the KR in order to save must kill there Spren. See if they were told that there existence causes allows desolation a to begin resulting in the death of 9 out of every 10 people wouldn't they feel obligated to end that cycle at all costs. The only way to do this would be to abandon your Spren like in Dalinars vision at fever stone keep. He heard screaming in that vision and the look of the KR as described would lead me to believe there decision was painful, gut wrenching and not one made easy. Also notice how they all walked off on there own wandering in different directions like they couldn't stand to even be around each other anymore. If I was a KR and my whole order self included just commuted mass murder I wouldn't want to be around anyone either. I think the only way they could bring themselves to make this happen is knowing that it wasn't truly murder. Maybe there Spren were ok with it even though it was gonna hurt. Spren can't die. Syl states that they only loose there consciousness and essentially become dumb. They are as dead as the oaths but still exist and come back a little each time a shard blade is summoned. I have more on this that I will post in the new stones in-hallowed forum when it kicks off. But for now this is all. Typing on my phone sucks and I can't access this site at work. Tear tear sniff. Oh well
  12. I know we still have 18 months--2 years before Book 3 of Stormlight Archive Stones Un-Hallowed is released but can't we go ahead and start the Forum. I would really like to start posting my theories(or simply start reading theories there)in that forum and not in the WoR forum. I'm sure many think it may be a bit premature but I would have to disagree. With both WoK and WoR there is now more than enough info out to start the official forum for Book 3.
  13. I agree with this and if you look at WoR ch 38 listed above by Glyph Rambleman and Artisan of Entropy. as one said they would not abandon their arms and flee, but instead entertained great subterfuge at the expense of the other nine. Subterfuge means deceit. So what if Darkeness/Nalan of the skybreakers deceived the rest he lied to them and convinced them that unless they abandoned there oaths another desolation would come and maybe he made them believe this is why the Heralds quit. It would be the greatest lie ever and would destroy the KR because they would be obligated to quit to save mankind from the desolations. This would only work if they didn't have a deep understanding of why the desolations occurred in the first place. If none of the heralds were present to oppose this train of thought and with no way to commune with Honor, it is believable that this would have been the lie that lead to the KR willingly and painfully leaving the orders. The skybreakers stayed because they are the police force that needs to make sure no future KR were ever created again in ignorance. I'm tired and that's all I have for now please forgive my sloppiness just had to post this before I crash.
  14. It is highly unlikely that Navani will become a radiant. It should be expected at this point that of the remaining blood kholins all have strong potential to become a KR of one order or another(this has many topics of its own with a substantial amount of evidence to back it up). I would expect Adolin to become a KR and probably die off but not before marrying Shallan. Elhokar is a fruit case in my opinion and also could become a KR and probably die as well. We already know there were many of the bridge 4 soldiers in WOR that started to glow during the battle at the SP so it would seem to me that in the next few books we will see a dramatic increase in the number of KR. With the order of the KR official re-established I bet the stormfather resends his ban on Honor Spren from coming to the physical realm. I will eventually post in detail why I feel this way but not until we get closer to Stones Un-Hallowed being released.
  15. Cynispren, Your comment is without any grounds. You need to re-read both WoK and WoR. In both books it stated what the purpose was for the Knights to exist and they did not fight human wars once they were officially formed and organized. The Recreance happened after they had existed for a 1 or more Desolations so they were past the point in time where the Dustbringers used to cause trouble. As far as being used or forced by humans kings or not to commit crimes against there oaths thereby forcing an end to the there oaths. It is impossible based on the facts that has already been presented. Most likely what happened was after the Heralds quit. Odium somehow now had the upper hand and killed Honor. This was likely felt by the spren who in turn passed on the change to the Knights. Knowing that the Heralds leaders of there own great orders had given up and caused the death of there God, the Knights probably became overwhelmed with grief and anger allowing them the opportunity to quit. Shamed by there leaders they no longer wanted to be knights. Also the Heralds themselves could have personally instigated the knights to quit. We don't know where they went after the last desolation. We know that all the Honor blades are in Shin and the Skybreakers never really disbanded because Kalak(darkness) is leading them still. I have more to say but my point is the Knights were not corrupted like the Heralds or forced to betray there oaths. Instead they quit willingly.