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  1. Does anyone know of anywhere in Miami that will have it in. I called Books & Books and they don't have it. I called B&N, they prob have it but said they couldn't sell it early. I have it pre-ordered on iBooks, but they never come early! This sucks!
  2. I use iBooks for most of my books and I get them at midnight for the most part
  3. My money has to be on Kaladin and Shallan (despite us knowing she is currently bethrothed to Adolin). I see a love triangle taking place. Adolins not a bad guy and both Kaladin and Adolin have a ton of stuff going for them, so I think Shallan is going to have a little trouble with them both.
  4. Moogle you are a fountain of knowledge!
  5. Looking at some of the reviews, many people are saying that their frustration with the book ddervices from kaladin not speaking his mind or voicing his concerns, so I doubt the Amaram vs kaladin thing will come to any fruition anytime soon in the book. More likely, Kaladin ends up avoiding Amaram, contemplating killing him, forgiving him, whether to tell Dalinar or anyone else etc.. I would imagine there is some end brought to this but my guess is, the big reveal of "hey im kaladin you son of a gun" won`t happen right off the bat.
  6. Thanks for this. Hmm well that does make things interesting. I`m guessing from some of the reviews that are out that Sadeas or Amaram dies in this book. The reviews mention someone going out as a soldier and the readers feeling emotionally attaxched, so I am assuming just before they die we are reminded of their humanity and they do something that somewhat redeems them as much as possible, (whoever it it). These two seem both to be decent prospects.
  7. Obviously I missed it, but where does it mention Amaram being a vassal of Saddeas?
  8. Good point. I am really hoping for some unity between seth and kaladin to face some of these things together. Seth is obviously the most capable (in terms of surgebinding) characters we know of so theres no better way for Kaladin to learn and learn quickly than to have Seth teach him. I am thinking that Seth thinks of himself as unique and in his culture having these abilities seems like a curse rather than being a good thing. My guess is the moment he notices Kaladin has a similar ability then he will change his mind set and eventually they become allies of sorts.
  9. If the Parshendi bond with these corrupted spren, this still may not account for the various other forms of bad guys like the Thunderclasts or the shadow spawn. These seem far too different from one another to simply be a different type of transformation for the parshendi. I agree with you, the Alethi are the biggest villains it would seem, although given that half our character roster derives from this race we really have no choice but to invest in them more so than anyone else at this point. I think Shallan/Jasnah/Kaladin/Dalinar and a few choice characters will certainly do their part to justify this investment we make in the Alethi by positively influencing everyone, whether it be by breaking gender barriers, breaking cast barriers etc.. For me, I would like a good explanation as to how these monsters come in to play other than Odium just having the ability to conjure them. After all odium is one of a few "gods" (shards, or whatever we wish to call them), what is stopping any of the others influencing things so heavily?
  10. Before anyone mentions it, I am aware that the Parshmen and Parshendi are probably the same race
  11. So, I know a lot of us are hoping for a big show down, preferably Kaladin vs Seth (something I do not think will go down as most of us think it will), and as we have been led to believe with the WoR teasers the Parshendi are obviously becoming a bigger threat so who knows what's in store there. However....having seen from the view point of Seth and the Parshendi, it is quite obvious that non of these are justifiably "evil", or rather evil enough for us to genuinely dislike them or fear them. "is anyone evil?" I hear you ask.....good point, i guess everyone has there own motives that make sense to them, however I think for this side of the story to hit home we need a bigger threat that is more difficult to understand (at least at this stage). Brandon has given us too much info on Seth and the Parshendi to simply route for the good guys completely with no remorse. We know that the Everstorm is coming, which is potentially the doing of Odium's evil chull. So in order to really get our threat levels up to some serious heights we are inevitably going to see some bad guys (in whatever form) threatening our characters safety that originate from the Everstorm. My question is....(and no doubt this will be answered, and answered very well by Brandon)...where will these bad guys come from? A rift in the fabric of the universe? The previous domain humans were purged from?(i forget the name apologies), simply willed into existence by Odium? I would be interested in hearing everyone's thoughts on where you think this large threat is going to originate from. So far to my knowledge nothing has been hinted at yet as to where each desolation originates from. yes, we have the notion that maybe the parshmen (or now that they are experimenting the Parshendi) may be these said "voidbringers" but assuming its a lot more complicated than this and things aren't so cut and dry where else? We know that during Dalinars visions we are privy to sights of much more dangerous creatures, are they simply hiding for all this time and waiting for the trigger to join the fight?
  12. Ahh, apologies for the double topic post. Now you mention it, I doubt it too, but it would make for a good twist if unexpected.
  13. This may seem outrageous, and apologies if it has already been brought up. But Teft obviously has a very guarded past that he is ashamed of and thus far we know nothing about. What if......he is actually a Herald? He may have aged ever so slowly due to whatever reasons (maybe breaking his oath diminished his everlasting youth and vigor). There may be reasons why this would simply not be an option that I have overlooked, but I think this would be interesting. Thoughts?
  14. I know this may seem unfeasible, but it's a possibility. Seth is somehow convinced that there are bigger problems to face from the everstorm than adhering to his truthless label and helps train Kaladin and members of bridge four (Hopefully after an awesome fight scene). Side note: members of bridge four like moash and teft seem to have there own demons. I think brandon may be setting them up to overcome these demons for honorable reasons and therefor attract spren of their own. Thoughts?
  15. I think the Kaladin vs Seth fight may not happen. Or at least the way we think it will. I think eshonai getting involved if feasible, although from the journal entries by mrs Kholin one would assume that peace is pretty much off the table, so coming to the aid of the alethi would not be in eshonais plan regardless of her personal feelings.