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  1. I thought Blushweaver genuine in her belief in protecting Halledren. Hawks are convinced of correctness as much ad Doves. Oddly I found here outburst at Siri endearing as it was the first instance i felt that she playing politics out of a sense of altruism.
  2. Certainly the cloak was the silhouette of a man. Vi figures that out when she grabs his spare I think. "Vague shape of a man" ... Or four long ribbons From when he gears up: "the sleeves of this one cut into long ribbons near his wrists" "tattered cloak, which was ripped in place " I'm not saying he would wear a mistcloak but rather suggest he may have inspired the mistcloak. As Kal says, we know he hops worlds and there is likely a big number of years to fill. That said, I'm just noodling on theories and certainly not married to it. Would be nice to know if and when he's visited Scadrial. TheTerriswoman (nurse?) suggests the two worlds are connected too. I was just struck by the similarities given the mist cloak described "Large and enveloping, the cloak wasn't constructed from a single piece of cloth--rather, it was made up of hundreds of long, ribbonlike strips. They were sewn together at across the chest, but mostly they hung separate from one another, like overlapping streamers. Kelsier threw on the garment, its strips of cloth twisting and curling, almost like the mists themselves." Now... If there were colored kerchief jammed in mist cloaks we would know for sure :-)
  3. Was anyone else struck by the similarities of Vasher's (purposely) tattered rags and the tassels of the mistcloak? Has this been discuss before? I'm late to the warbreaker party, so Vasher's descriptions of investiture is my first exposure to such detail (beyond Pattern) and it is fascinating. We already know he's a world hopper - is it known if he's been to scadrial? Could one "uniform" have influenced the other?
  4. So.... Uhhh obviously missed the link to the copper mind above. Glad I did as I only just finished. Extremely enjoyable read.
  5. Lifeblesser, god of healing Weatherlove, god of storms Truth call, god of nature More as I come across them
  6. Well met Quiver! I enjoy banter and good natured mocking. However, one can't go around prepared to be a punching bag :-) See.... now if my moniker was GoodwillKindess, it be game over, right? Edit: spelling
  7. Cheers Shardlet. And please, call me Spite. There were a few things that convinced me to come out of lurk mode: a) I noticed you welcoming all new posters in this thread. What a way to build a sense of community b ) The detailed introductions from Will re: the team behind building 17th shard. Again, very cool and impressive outreach program to build a community. Thanks again and see you in the forums! Edit: meant "b )"and not
  8. Well, at least not malicious. I was lurking and someone called out the lurker and voila, here I be. I enjoy the theorizing and am very impressed with the coppermimd wiki. Thanks to all contributors and editors. I'll have to reread all the titles with a new attention to detail and enjoy as the larger story of the cosmere unfolds. First BS book: Elantris Favorite BS book: WoK (for now) Favorite BS character: Kaladin Favorite BS title: Well of Ascension BS character I want to grow up to be: Breeze Favorite Magic System: AonDor runes Favorite Scene: the second ideal (for now) Favorite Character who most resembles Thom Merrilin: Teft Favorite WoK potential metaphor: Sezth/Wandersail Ok. Enough silliness. :-)
  9. I hope Kaladin duels Amaram for his shards, unarmoured, with Renarin's set as a stake (to tweak Adolin's nose), wins, gives them back to Amaram since he's backing Dalinar and says something badass in a whisper like "you didnt have to murder my friends, you could have just asked".
  10. New poster and one of the 54 lurkers. Consider me called out :-). I'm willing to give Amaram a chance. At the end of WoK51:Sas Nahn, he appears to feel guilty and references "weights" he carries that a spearman can't begin to understand. I also suspect that his devotary applied pressure to take the shards "for his men".