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  1. Which meeting are you talking about?
  2. This is something that has been bugging me for a while. I just re-read the chapter where Kaladin and Shallan fall into the chasm, and it is very unclear to me whether Kaladin saved Shallan or vice versa. On the one hand, Kaladin has all but lost his powers at this stage. On the other, nothing we know of Shallan's powers suggest that she could have saved him. The only explanation I can think of, is that Stormlight healed them both individually after they fell. Is that it, or am I missing something?
  3. Quote from Words of Radiance - So it seems Wit/Hoid is capable of being splintered (like Adonalsium, or a Shard). What does that say about him?
  4. Well Vin was an Allomancer, and her sister's death snapped her. People only have the "potential" to be Allomancers prior to snapping. I think Allomancy is pretty well described, it's Feruchemy that I'm more curious about. I like WeiryWriter's theory a lot! It makes sense. But then, that would also mean that the Lord Ruler's "breeding" program should have been successful in eliminating these abilities over the course of a thousand years, right?
  5. I just finished the first Mistborn trilogy (after discovering that being "Cosmere-aware" is quite necessary to fully appreciate WoR ). I had a question about how feruchemical powers are gained. We are told that to become a KR or to become an Allomancer, some kind of "snapping" is required. Something about the soul needing cracks which investiture can fill. Is that the case with Feruchemy as well? If this is addressed in Alloy of Law please don't tell me. I'm okay with WoB spoilers though.
  6. Yeah, Shallash was alluded to a lot in this book, but I don't think we ever saw her at work. I knew Hoid was old, but I didn't know that he was present at the shattering , I should really read all the other Cosmere books. Still only midway through Mistborn, other than Stormlight.
  7. This "Rotation" stinks of a Caesar cipher to me. For example, the Caesar cipher where you replace A->N etc. is called ROT13. Since we have numbers here instead of alphabets, it obviously has another layer of encryption on it, but keeping a shift of 15 in mind when looking at string frequencies etc. might prove useful.
  8. So, it is not implausible that WoR too had lots of instances of hidden heralds, just like WoK. Darkness/Nalan was pretty much out in the open, so let's not count him. The only blatant hint of a hidden herald I found was something Wit says about their being "only one woman his age" in the camps. Unless this is another world-hopper, I would put my money on it being a herald. And among the characters we are introduced to, Sebarial's mistress ( I forgot her name) seems to be the most suspicious.
  9. Peter, can you confirm that we have all the information required to crack this code? That it is actually solvable?
  10. theory

    My first thoughts when I read about the order which held their oaths was that it belonged to Taln. All the others basically got instructions from their Heralds to walk away, while the order of Taln still believed in the old Oaths, and hence continued to fight.
  11. How do we know the Alethibet?
  12. I wonder if he meant "secret" secret societies, or just factions that are vying for power in a game centered around the Desolation. If it is the second, then I guess two more would be Dalinar's radiants, and the Sadeas gang. Maybe the Worldsingers are the last? (If they're not in fact just an offshoot of the 17th shard.
  13. Next you know they'll be adapting Lion King in medieval Denmark...
  14. I think it's almost definitely not the size of the sun. That piece of info is unreliable because it is way too dependent on what kind of naval technology they have, what route they took (they could've been crisscrossing all over the map for all we know) and how frequently storms occur . If I remember correctly England to Aus was also pretty much a 2 stop journey - somewhere in Africa and then somewhere in India, while we have an indefinite number of halts here.
  15. Major spoilers guys, I got this chapter from Brandons own computer while he was out buying eggs. Read on at your own risk. ************************ "What is this man doing here?" Amaram asked, his voice trembling, his face red with emotion. "Kaladin? You are looking at the captain of my personal guard." Dalinar looked from one man to the other as they stood silently, regarding each other. One shaking like a tree in a high storm, the other unmoving as the Horneater peaks. "Captain? A _dark eyes_?" Yelped Amaram. Dalinar walked towards Kaladin, placing a hand on his shoulder. "I owe him a life debt. Of all the people in the world I would have expected at least you to be able to look beyond the color of his eyes. And if you must know, this man is worth 10, nay a 100 light eyed soldiers in combat." "I do, oh god, I do. "Amaram said, his head bowed, as he walked towards Kaladin. "How dare you?" Kaldin hissed, his face livid with rage. The whole room seemed to grow darker as Kaladin spoke, his eyes blazing. Amaram approached. "Kaladin, I cannot begin to express how sorry I am for everything I've done to you. " "Sorry? You think a storming sorry will do the trick? After what you did to me? After you killed my friends? My brother?" "Captain! You overreach your station!" Dalinar exclaimed. "Brightlord Amaram is an honorable man and a guest. How dare you speak to him like that?" "No Dalinar, let him speak. He has every right. Not a day goes by when I do not regret my actions. If only I had not been blinded thus." Aramam took a step towards Kaladin now barely standing an arm's length away. " If only I had been as courageous as you, to see beyond the color of his eyes." Amaram leaned forward, "To follow my heart instead of my eyes" and kissed him. Syl zipped around them as they locked lips. "The words! The words, Kaladin, you must say them!" Kaladin looked shell shocked as they broke apart and yet the words leapt unbidden into his mouth. "Amaram," he said, "Will you be my waifu?" ********************** Sorry for the terrible formatting. Took me half an hour to type on my phone.