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  1. Ha! Now we can do some analysis! Which I will do once I'm not busy at home. Hopefully before the end of the night.
  2. Well now I'm even more suspicious of Elkanah. You're voting for someone who added a second vote to you, with actual reasoning, rather than someone who added a third or later vote to someone else. You're accusing Elandera of Bandwagoning (She's not) while ignoring the actual bandwagoners.
  3. apologies, I based it off of Kidpen's, who apparently also missed it.
  4. Elandera(1): The_God_KingKynedath(1): FifthSart(3): xino, Kidpen, StrikerCoda(2): Sart, Experience Xino(1);Elkanah Elkanah(1):Joe Bush At this point, there's been enough discussion that we don't need any more RNG votes, so I'm voting for Elkanah. Also, if you are posting a Vote count, and make or change a vote in the same post, please have your vote included in that vote count.
  5. Yeah, I started with a PM with Coda. I haven't really been bothering with codes though.
  6. I literally never said it was a good idea. I asked people what they thought about it, because i was trying to generate discussion. For instance, i now have a good reason to trust that Fifth Scholar is a crystal knight. What reason is that? He reads the strongest as village to me, and is active, so he'll probably get converted pretty dang soon. Which is sad. But i trust him until we know a conversion has probably happened.
  7. The knowing won't actually help, the discussion about whether or not to reveal might It will at least make people publically say why they want or don't want a reveal, and that might help people make opinions. I'm just trying to find something other than pure RNG.
  8. If we don't have a good reason to vote, I'm likely to vote on one of the people posting codes, as they're just making the game harder. I would prefer us to have some sort of discussion about the game that would lead to reasons for votes to be cast rather than just RNG voting. Hence why I brought up the PM reveal thingy as a good source of discussion. Does anyone have any thoughts on everyone revealing who they started PM's with? Or how active their PM's are?
  9. What about the Anonymous contact? Can they contact people they don't have a PM with?
  10. Do you folks think that revealing who we all started PM's with would be more beneficial for the Eliminators or for the Village? I've put some thought into it, and can't quite decide. It wouldn't allow us to track the Smedry kills, but it could help us out a bit if we managed to find a Knight Silimatic Engineer, as they would want a PM with another knight so they could use Protector's Glass on them. But I think it would also go pretty far in revealing who a Jail-breaker is, and I'm not sure non village aligments will have one of them. What do you guys think would be a benefit or hindrance to such a plan?
  11. Porona Candemic smiled ruefully as he watched the guards turn away the group behind him. He was glad he wasn't out there, away from where things were happening. It would be terrible to not be in the room where things were happening. But it would probably be better to know what was happening, and he hadn't the faintest clue. He should probably strike up a conversation with one of the other important looking people here, or maybe all of them as quickly as he possibly could? That certianly couldn't lead to bad consequences.
  12. Fairly certain the GM's won't allow this until we have 21 players.
  13. For Role 1, I'd go with Transporter's Glass operator, or just Transporter. For Role 2, we'd have to make something up I think. Maybe a Lens that causes insanity it the target? Madness Lenses probably.