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  1. So we could all attack Xino. That would be at least 3 attacks, against a maximum of 2 protects (taylor and Forbiddance) so he would die, but he would also get a free kill against a player of his choice. I will flip a coin to decide if i want to attack him or if i want to defend. I recomend every do the same.
  2. Writeup does imply that someone took out Lum. Probably Xini.
  3. Out of curiosity, if we did all live, who would win? I have zero kills. Too paranoid to not defend.
  4. Close, i'm just plotting to survive. I would not mind all 4 of us surviving until after phase 9, i just think that someone would get bored, and start attacking, so my best chance at surviving is to get you three to attack eachother. I have no intention of killing you drought, you agreed at least somewhat to an alliance. Similarly, i don't want to kill Elandera, she agreed to switch sides. Xino is the only one I am comfortable with slaying at this time.
  5. Hurting you greatly is one of the benefits of the plan.
  6. Factions are generally considered to be players who share a win con and know who eachother are. Unfortunately, Seonid and I haven't been as consistent as we should be in our Vocabulary, but in general, you can assume that if there is a Individual who knows of no one else that shares a win con with them, they are an Independant Faction. In most cases, that hypothetical Solo player would count as a faction, in some specific cases, they would not.
  7. I'd be down for convincing you 3 to do that. In what order though?
  8. So we lost Rath and Lum. Drought, Xino, Elandera, and I. Should we attack Xino, or what? And who is We at this point?
  9. We'd fight Sart
  10. Lol, A for effort, B for believability, and F for finishing strong. I started this game with no allies, only mutual kill pacts.
  11. Drought Joe Elandera? I vote we all attack Rathmaskal. He's doing something. It might be trolling. But I don't trust him.
  12. I vote we all attack for now.
  13. Urgent Clarification: an outdated draft of the rules was uploaded. Seonid and I are going through and figuring out which rules are outdated. Further clarifications may or may not be forthcoming, but for now, just know that 5 factions was when we thought there would be 20 players. We are not intending to specify how many factions/alignments/win cons are at play. That is all.