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  1. I have posted this before, but would I've made several changes to factions and roles, and would love as much feedback on this ruleset as possible. It will be the next MR/QF that I run.
  2. Yeah, we actually need to make a new GM PM. There are a lot of inactive GM's in there, and Alv isn't there, and we're past maximum capacity.
  3. Why do we make a new thread for each new turn? Is there any benefits to it? It often breaks links that players post to previous posts in the thread once it gets merged.
  4. Is there anything stopping us from just going down the list of ships and assigning 1 or 2 to each Krell? Also, is there a way we could get half the players to light lance eachother in a circle while the other half kill krell? Also, I am free tomorrow, so i'll be able to actually start analyzing tomorrow morning. Work is terrible right now for some reason.
  5. The honorable 5th scholar wants me to tell you the turn is over.
  6. One of these signups i'm going to ask everyone to post their pronouns. Fura said here that she destroyed krell 2B Also, remember that that link will die once the thread gets merged.
  7. Drake Marshall, I find your post suspicious. For one, you're casting suspicion on 2 of gut village reads, and two, mostly what Furamirionind said in response to your vote on her makes a lot more sense than what you said. also, speicofalically, the line about keping his hands clean in the last court martial makes no sense. I don't remember too many people are voting on the same person. I remember lots of random one of votes. There hasn't been much information to go off of, so lots of.people.are afraid to commit to a lynch. I don't think I've even voted yet.
  8. Sounds like a plan. I feel like I should say something else, but i haven't had time to do analysis. Sorry
  9. So do we want to assign people to repair specific ships, or just talk about it? Also, i destroyed Krell 1F. Can we get a rolecall of what all was destroyed?
  10. So, uh, lorewise i don't think M-Bot rising means it has to be an SK. It could mean that the traitor fixed the ship early somehow. Maybe a certain ship.had to get shot down for them to get a piece they needed? I think it could be that M-bot is on our side until.we lynch the pilot, then they will become defected.
  11. I haven't had enough time to do a decent analysis. So I won't be voting.
  12. Krell 1J and 1H were destroyed. Do we get a post of how many krell were destroyed and which survived? 1E and 1F are still alive.
  13. Knowstoo Much looked at the list and tried to sound it out himself. "Ffthirtyfar? Is that correct?"
  14. Hey! I object! I should be player number 4 on the list!