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  1. 1 hour and 6 minutes left.
  2. It's true. I would be very cautious about signing up for a solo xxGaea game.
  3. Lord Tekiel is our IM, our contact among the moderators. Do you see him helping?
  4. I just noticed that this game is GM'd by an Apostle of Alvron and a Disciple of Wilson. Interesting.
  5. Same.
  6. Huh, Okay. . . That's not Good. Roadwalker was Banned! He was Temptation! Jondesu was Banned! He was Herowannabe's Disciple! Walin has joined the Game! PM'S ARE NOW PERMANENTLY CLOSED! (See Player list for details.) Also, a number of small scale changes have been effected across several roles. We apologize for any disasters this causes. Turn ends in 48 hours.
  7. Joel yelped and darted forward to unsuccessfully catch the falling. . . Larry? Lamon? It was L something, he hadn't talked to the man much. He fell to his knees, almost falling on top of the dead man and the man under him. "Who there--be careful, soldiers." A women laughed and heaved Lenny? Leric? up to his feet. Together, the three of them managed to lift the body. Joel looked at the two of them. "Uh, either of you know where we should take this?"
  8. Joel Tawson looked around at the other soldiers. Only five were even looking this way. And they weren't even coming over. "Uh, a little help over here? I'm neither a medic, nor strong enough to move his body by myself." Anyone want to Roleplay?
  9. Oh, oh my, Walin I am sorry I missed you. Hmm, i will PM you about options.
  10. That is not a mistake.
  11. Guest103492 was lynched! They were a Roleless Spammer! Player List (3) reklawdaoR: Elandera, Metabardnition, Crimsn (1) High Priest of Lord Tekiel: Furamirionind, (1) Gammalv Fiend: Araris Valerian, (1) ITIAH: Cadmium Compounder, (1) NotASteelClone: Seventh Saint, (1) Aranduensis: Mailliw772, (5) Guest103492: HPoLT, tiny wilson, NotASteelClone, Gammalv. Jon
  12. "Oye! I found the watchman's body!" Joel Tawson waved the others towards him. "Chalklings didn't kill him, unless they've learned to snap all of our necks." He crouched down and surveyed the body. He hadn't been a man that Joel knew, but it was still bad news. Who would.have murdered him?
  13. I record votes backwards. I go from the most recent post and work my way back to the start of the thread, that way I only end up recording each player's latest vote. So you do not need to worry about retracting your vote, unless you don't want to vote at all. Your most recent vote will always be counted.