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  1. You're welcome, and I'm glad to hear it! I spent way too long working on that advice for it to be wasted by Araris lynching Vapor. I hope it helps you win a game! (Unless you're facing me.)
  2. That was really fun! Thanks for running the game Straw! Thanks to Gears for letting me live. I didn't turn out well for you, but I enjoyed the game.
  3. Well i still think Silberfarben is a more likely candiadate for elim-hood then Xino. I don't think they're both elims though, so one of you are lying really well. Maybe both? I really hope it's not both of you.
  4. Well, at the very least, we can now feel certain that there are exactly 2 elims. Currently living players include Araris and Sorana, who voted to lynch Vapor, the only known elim, and Silber and Xino, who specifically did not. Ugh, i'm too fuzzy right now to figure out who to votw on. We'll be in Lylo for the rest of thw game though, so thia lynch needs to be on an eliminator. I'll have to assume it's Silber and Xino. Sorana and Araris literally lynched Vapor between them, so if they're the elins GG. Silberfarben.
  5. Here are the Day 1 Votes: So Gears, Sorana, and Araris all caused the vote to be tied, (So did Matrim, but I don't think a 1-1 vote is really a tie.) and Stink and Illwei broke the tie. Of the original Gears six, Illwei and Xino didn't vote for Gears again last turn, and Sorana switched to vote for Gears. Honestly? I'm a bit more suspicious of Vapor now. three villagers voted for them ( @Vapor, what are you pronouns?) and every time they got in danger of a lynch, the tie was broken in their favor. Xino, the last person to vote on Gears, is currently voting on Araris, the last person to vote on Vapor. That could imply that the Elim team includes Vapor, Stink, and Xino, but that theory is hurt by Illwei also breaking a tie. I also don't think that Stink or Xino are elims, which would imply that Vapor isn't, as otherwise, they weren't helped by anyone on their team. Who does that leave? 2. Araris 4. Elknah 7. Silber 10. Sart 11. Sorana Right, I'm going to ignore @Lord_Silberfarben until he has time to say something analyzable. Which leaves Araris, Elknah, Sart, and Sorana. I'm feeling good about Sorana, no alarm bells in her posts, so that leaves Araris, Elknah, or Sart as my suspects from this very shoddy, gut based analysis. None of them have a vote on them. kay. Araris and Elknah were both semi-responsible for the tie. Araris said he was expecting Elknah to break the tie, and Elknah said he forgot the time zone. This could be them working together to force a tie to prevent any village information. Araris and Elknah, you've both already given defenses for your cases. Either of you have anything else to add? But I just realized that Araris voted on Elknah last turn. Checking back, he did that before any of the Gears voters, so it seems legit as a vote. maybe distancing, maybe legit? I guess I'll stick with [ Elkanah ] as my vote. Vote Count: Xino (1): Elkanah STINK (2): Araris, Sorana Elkanah (1): Joe
  6. Time to revisit it. Gears. Vote count: Araris (1): Xino Illwei (1): Matrim Elkanah (1): Araris Gears (4): Sart, Stink, Vapor, Joe Vapor (1): Illwei I'm on the fence about whether or not gears could be an elim, but at this point, seeing the wide vote spread, I don't care. We need a much more certain target, rather than another tie. If Gears is an elim, we can look back at the first day with much clearer vision, and find teammates among the players who pushed for Vapor. If he's a villager, we can look for elims among the people who tried to get mpre people to focus on Gears or Vapor to the exclusion of everyone else, and might even be able to clear some of the people who started off with votes elsewhere.
  7. Iilwei, elkanah, and araris have votes on them. Vapor and gears don't. I fond it sightly interested that none of us want to pursue either of those lynchs anymore. I can't tell of that'a because everyone thinks they're both village (i'm in that camp), or if people think it's too muddled to get any more info out of now. (I disagree) I don't know who i'll vote for. I'm not really feeling any of the 5. All 3 of today's votes had fairly good reasoning, but also faily village explanations. Illwei is probably the most suspicious of the three, so i'll toss my vote there if another reread later tonight doesn't yield better suspicions. EDIT: Lol, ninja'd by Sart.
  8. We're just waiting on Stink, Sorana and Xino now. You should definitely post while sleep deprived, it makes for the best posts.
  9. It was just for emphasis. I've blacked it out for now to avoid confusion amongst others. As for your defense, I have not played the past few games, and must judge you based on only what I know.
  10. Ouch my Skull. Gears. Edit: Blacked out the name Gears to avoid confusion.
  11. Sart took the words out of my mouth. Gears.
  12. I look forward to killing you all. Good luck!
  13. I'm in, signing up as Various Divide.
  14. Blegh, i need sleep. You've convinced me. [ Gears ] i'll vote some time tonight.
  15. Can people please discuss this? Everyone seems to be ignoring this. @Araris Valerian, @Orlok Tsubodai, @Devotary of Spontaneity, @Elbereth, @Matrim's Dice, what are you opinions on this? And please try to view this from my point of view, because for me, I can't come to any conclusion other than elim!Ventyl. It's taken me like three reads to parse this. Are the bolded and underlined people all Striker? There are too many pronouns for me to follow. If it is striker, I think it's just a sibling thing rather than a teammate thing.