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  1. Who and how??? What are my tells? How do i play this game? Where are my parents? Thanks! I may or may not bring them back
  2. Hahahaha, Everyone is Joe! Those are all quite amusing to read. Thanks!
  3. I was. I thought you were Mailliw
  4. People keep saying that anonyminity wasn't maintained, but i legit have no idea who anyone (save orlok) was. Does anyone know who i was?
  5. You already have a game in mind? Excellent! Is it publicly available to persue?
  6. I am happy to co-GM for anyone who is afraid to run a game by themself.
  7. I don't see how 'hanged' is any different than lynched?
  8. I vote for Exe. (Short for execute.) "They got Exe'd, we need to Exe them. That was a Misexe. We're at Exlo." Also, what is 'mylo'? Is that supposed to be 'Misslynch or lose?' Never seen that used, but we could use 'Mxlo.'
  9. I'm voting for the Paradoxical Archer @Ookla the Paradoxical It's both a gut feeling and some inconsistencies in their position. In this post, they advocate for a wide spread of votes, to force lots of people to defend themselves. While that is a good strategy, it does also ensure that there will be plenty of ways for the elims to dodge the lynch. Especially as there is no way to defend one's self this early on. Later on they mention that everyone having one vote is ideal, as pure randomness is the fairest way to do a lynch. This is the post that really made my gut hurt though: (It won't let me quote for some reason. IDK) It feels like he's covering for Illwei, by imagining a plan she could have done if she and quinn were both elims, and declaring her innocent because she didn't follow the plan. It's a weird way to find someone innocent.There's more about their posts this cycle that are setting my gut off, but I haven't figured out why yet. I'll take another look later, if I'm still awake.
  10. Mistakes like this make me even angrier! Fixed in the list. I'm not going to keep that poat up to date though, so if people could periodically post their own vote counts, that'd be nice.
  11. Haha, this is going it be fun to play, knowing so few of you. RP will be in italics. You're making me pretty angry there Max, accusing me for no good reason. Thanks! The angrier I get, the easier it will be to crush you! I'd love to accuse tyou back, but i've got someone else I'm even angrier at! Ignoring you math, your point is still good! We need to get everyone riled up so they yell a lot and let their secrets slip! And everyone needs to do their part! Which is Why I'm so angry at Mori and Hypnolia! They're talking the talk, but they're not walking the walk! You two need to vote! Liranil for posting but not voting. I'd vote for gears, but they already have a vote on them. _-_-_-_-_- Vote Count -_-_-_-_-_ Quinn0928 (1): Ooklil' the Wei A Joe in the Bush (1): Ookla the Araris Valerian Ooklil' the Wei (1): Quinn0928 Gears (1): Ookla the Paradoxical Ookla the Araris Valerian (1): Elandera Liranil (1): A Joe in the Bush People who have yet to post: (edited as Condensation apparently posted before this) 06. @Ookla the Shadowed (Experience) 10. @Lord_Silberfarben 12. @Somebody from Sel - Sal Cómin 13. @The Windrunner Supreme 14. @TJ Shade 15. @Vapor - Vanessa
  12. I would very much like to sign up. I'm very surprised that this filled up so quickly, so I'll pinch hit if I have to. If I can sign up, I'll sign up as Endless Wrath an Epic who gets stronger and more durable the angrier he is.
  13. You're welcome, and I'm glad to hear it! I spent way too long working on that advice for it to be wasted by Araris lynching Vapor. I hope it helps you win a game! (Unless you're facing me.)
  14. That was really fun! Thanks for running the game Straw! Thanks to Gears for letting me live. I didn't turn out well for you, but I enjoyed the game.
  15. Well i still think Silberfarben is a more likely candiadate for elim-hood then Xino. I don't think they're both elims though, so one of you are lying really well. Maybe both? I really hope it's not both of you.