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  1. Oye! Go sign up for MR37! It's your last chance to screw with Steeldancer before he leaves for good!

  2. Fynn Seidel sat at the window, peering out through the old curtains. There was lots of movement in the street below. None of it seemed suspicious, but then, if anyone experienced was after him, they wouldn't. He didn't know who would be coming after him, but he had no shortage of enemies now. Elend would be after him, and Zane would probably kill him if he found him. Even Cett might decide to close loose ends. He had only a few contacts left, and fewer allies. A boy rounded the corner, and began to weave through the crowd, heading towards his house. Fynn's hand drifted to the crossbow on the table next to him as he watched. No one seemed to be watching the boy, so it might just be a message. He stood, and slowly made his way downstairs, crossbow in hand. One of his swords leaned unsheathed next to the door, and he grasped it, aiming it at where the boy would be. Just in case. Footsteps on the other door, and then a rapid knock. "Message for the Red House, Canal Street! Anyone home?" Fynn put the sword down, and cracked open the door. "What's the massage?" The boy proffered forth a folded piece of paper, as well as an open empty hand. Fynn opened the door further, and dropped 3 boxings into one, amd grabbed the message. "Stay for a moment. I may need to send a reply." "Of course sir." Fynm closed the door and opened the paper. Interesting. He did have more weapons then he could use at the moment, and less money then he needed. And Snip had proven trustworthy last time they had worked together. He carefully wrote out an affirmative, and a list of possible time the man could come. Things were looking up indeed.
  3. I'll sign up as Knowstoo Much, with the call sign; Spec Doc
  4. Also makes a lot more sense then my time travel game. As a bare bones mechanic, i like this. It's a good way to do it, though i'd worry about most of the players not having anything to do every other turn.
  5. I literally roped Rand based on nothing but a hunch, because he seemed too village.
  6. So, anyone want to play a game of Craps to pass the time?
  7. Nah, I roped Bard to prevent him from accessing the Spreadsheet, so he couldn't see who the elims killed. What. You didn't know you could target the GM's?
  8. Has anyone actually read the writeup? I've been thinking about it for a while, and it's fascinating. This Stanza in particular. Let's look at the 4 'Ones' it names. This could be either the last Eliminator or myself. The night before, I had a hunch and acted with certainty, roleblocking Randuir. Last night, I had another hunch, but was a lot less certain in my PM with bard, and roleblocked Bard. I'm not certain who this could be. Either Kidpen or Mailliw? It doesn't fit me, and Cadcom is probably the next one. I feel like this one is CadCom. He's been close to being lynched a lot. Again, this one is probably either me or the last Eliminator. So, it's either Mailliw or[Kidpen]. I'd rather vote in a manner that doesn't allow for a Tie to form, but I would like your guy's thoughts on the matter.
  9. I roleblocked randuir. This time i roleblocked Mailliw. I wouldn't go as far as to say he is the last Shadow, since he did hunt down Randuir, but, i'm going to try to look at everyone alive.
  10. Uh, sorry, Randuir. Honestly, pretty worried it's not him. Just like last time, been no one defending him.
  11. That sounds good to me. If we have enough items, we can also rolebock mailliw and cadcom. Xinoehp