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  1. Hi all, it's been great being in 17th this year, but sadly, I have to leave it for good. Cheers all and good luck to your writing, theorizing, and general Sanderfanism!
  2. Don't mistake me. I like MLP and I like Quiver, but seeing MLP memes all over the place put me off going back to the Social Guilds section.
  3. Unfortunately, such ambitions can't be helped, Scholar. Real life has a way of making guild ambitions seem small, though, so if claiming this guild is what makes you and the Child happy, by all means, take it. You're already paying the rent anyway.
  4. We are here. The Lord Chaos is maintaining this site so we don't make demands on his time to visit the guild. But he is here. Claimed by Newcago? Ha! We are just busy, Child.
  5. I'm just dropping by here for a few to say that it's my rotten luck that the game started in the middle of my trip. I will be back home in 2 days and hopefully I will still be alive then. Vanilla players are generally sacrificial anyway, but still.
  6. Seriously people, if you know Filipinos, then you should offer pork. Welcome Reticents! There are two active Filipinos here so far, as evidenced by this map - me and skaa. Any form of food offered to you will be spiked one way or another, but as a fellow Pinoy, you are welcome to my kitchens. We have waffles. But for you, I'll serve whatever Pinoy dish you like. I cannot of course promise that it will not make you want to stay in my kitchens forever and ever and serve me.
  7. It was the most gullible heartfelt thing we've ever seen.
  8. At the end of the day, all roads lead to Chaos.
  9. I just realized that you sounded almost jealous. And have achieved it!
  10. "He's brooding, Fatebreaker. Better not rouse him for now. You might find yourself unable to leave the alley for a long time." Madness spren flitted around the man, and the Mistress stepped back. Darkness comes in different forms. "While waiting for the Raven King to acknowledge you, perhaps, you'd like a waffle sandwich?"
  11. Lol, that wasn't flirting. I wanted to post something about gullible children sitting on thrones, but I didn't want to rouse you and hear you yapping about your loyalties etc. Agreeing with Voidus was the best way to express my amusement.
  12. Oh, Voidus. That grin is precious.
  13. Might as well RP while I have some time. The warm humid air struck the young woman in the balcony, and she breathed it in, wrinkling her nose at the smell of oil and horse and sweaty workers right below where she was standing. It wasn't even noon yet, and she already wanted to leave the summer manor near the bay and go back to the city. Adjusting her one shouldered fitted lavender dress, she turned around to see her suitor staring at her, a nervous smile on his pale face. The right side of her face was smooth, unmarked and beautiful, but as she turned to face him, the sunlight fell on the other half of her face. An ugly scar ran from below her left eye, going down the side of her neck to her left shoulder covered by the sleeve, and the scar went on to the middle of her arm. "You shouldn't have bothered coming over, Raim. I told my aunt that I was leaving for the city tonight.", she said, facing him fully, aware of how uncomfortable her scar made him. He leaned forward and looked at her, or at least tried, and then decided to talk to her unmarred shoulder. "You are almost never around. I don't know what you find so fascinating in the city. My father told me that riots have begun to happen, and I worry about your safety, Quitty." She hissed, narrowing her eyes angrily, "I told you never to call me that. My name is Quitania. And you really should be leaving. I'm pretty sure your father is looking for you by now." She huffed and left him staring after her, and went to the next room, her haven in the manor, her dear departed father's office. She sat on the large leather chair and looked out the window, tapping her finger to her pursed lips. She must find a way to get out of this arrangement. Marriage was not for her, especially not with that weakling! How she missed the city, and her pretty glass knives. She opened a drawer and took out a revolver, her father’s, and fingered it lovingly. She held the grip tightly and considered shooting the fop by the balcony. An easy way out. No, she thought. She must bide her time and find another solution. There were many surprises waiting for her in the city, and just thinking about the danger that awaited her there made her pulse race with excitement.
  14. "Aah...the smell of donuts in the air. The Scholar must be here." The Mistress sipped from a glass of wine as deep red as her dress. Being in the Raven Throne in the middle of the desert has its pleasures. The cold never really agreed with her. Looking around, she saw the throne fill up. The Dark Alley's advertiser was there, and so was the Scholar. Her palm was itching to stab the scholar again, but she stopped herself. He looked to be on official business, and not from that Child Queen.
  15. @bart, thanks. @Wyrm, the calculations are impressive, but you based it on how Word stores data. Google doesn't store Google docs data the same way. They store it text-compressed. And as far as storage goes, it doesn't even count against your Drive storage at all. (But that long explanation makes me nod and say, "Oh so that's how fast they can fill out the page!") With the expectation that this spec doc will be massive, you should just create a Google Doc with links to each cycle's spec doc. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have a problem with space then. I don't want to bolster additions to the spectators, but Google Docs allows 50 people to edit at the same time, so if there are any more that's planning to join you, it will be a party!