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  1. Thank you! I like limiters and they're great for forcing creativity out. OMG I haven't been on here in 2 weeks I think. Been terribly busy - new company launch + training season for teachers.
  2. Swordtip dancing was a complete fail as the tip kept getting stuck in the ground.
  3. Where he happily piled toilet paper in the shopping cart.
  4. Ooooooooooh so grim. Wasteland types.
  5. And struck Butt Venture, who was strolling past on his midday break.
  6. Nope. This avatar is only used in three places - the Shard, an Instagram account for my lingerie and poetry addiction, and for a Tumblr account that does the same.
  7. Slow Death How I wish to lose the ability to smell. Because I scent your sweetness in the air and it makes me hate my aching bones, my old age, my inability to run after that intoxicating aroma of you. You have left me and all I do is wait for death.
  8. Or powers of induction by seduction? What a novel idea! ----- Witch Zyanya smiled to herself as she traversed the maze gardens with ease. For 450 years, she watched as the gardens blossomed and grew, matching her development. The maze became surer in creating new passages as she shed the incertitude of her youth. A maze as beautifully dark as she is.
  9. Dried Blackbane Leaves He tried to tell her how sorry he was that he couldn’t continue, that it was the end of the line for him. He tried to tell her how tired he was of trying to save people, and failing. His hand fell through the cage slats, eyes lifeless. He tried.
  10. Affair We held each other tightly, bathed in the glow of the afternoon sun, and love, made and remade. I smiled into your stormy eyes and saw my entire future swirling there. Until you say, “ I can’t leave her.” And I become a grain of sand in the dry desolate desert.
  11. Butt Venture didn't care because that meant he gets the picnic basket to himself - more sandwiches for him.
  12. #EmbraceTheCreepy Oh Rusts! Für Elise started playing. "Hey Google, skip this song." It's beautiful, but it's so depressing for me. ---- Like a Thief in the Night It’s been a long day. Rishi knew she shouldn’t have drunk that last cup of coffee. Now she couldn’t sleep. She did her nightly ablutions. Grabbing the moisturizer to apply it to her aging face, she thought, I could use more sleep. T’was to be her last good night’s sleep.
  13. More poppies - black as night, potent as death.
  14. You're welcome. It's raining here right now - 12:55 AM. My office desk is near the glass balcony doors, and when the lights are off, and my imagination is on overdrive, I can almost see things reflected on the dark glass. I'm actually not scared TBH. I've been living alone for too long, that any non-human entity that decides to occupy the same space as me will find themselves biting off more than they can chew. I am merciless to things that cramp my lifestyle. Let me continue the Invisible Girl thread. ----- Hollow - part 3 Warm sunlight filtered through the white curtains as Mary woke up, turned around, and wrapped her arms around him. His eyes were closed. He learned his lesson weeks ago not to open his eyes and find nobody there with him. Thankfully he didn’t see the hurt in her eyes then.