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  1. I saw you got your copy of Aether of Night. Happy reading. I'll leave you alone now. Harharhar
  2. And decided to pingpong inside Truthless' belly.
  3. The Ultimate Cheesecake with cotton candy topping.
  4. Somewhere in the riverbend, near the Alleyharbor… -- An old fisherman huffed at the weight of the day’s haul. It had been a good night, it always was when the moon is absent and the highwinds don’t make an appearance. He adjusted the heavy bamboo on his shoulder for balance, the two ends laden with nets full of fish. This more than makes up for the scarcity of the last few days. His family would feed well in the coming winter. As he traversed the shoreline towards the Alleyharbor, he looked towards the horizon. The sun was finally coming out and sunrise always brought his heart joy. He looked at it for a few seconds before continuing his walk. As the sun rose, it caught a glint of gold a few meters ahead. The fisherman squinted at the sudden flare and started to walk faster. His heavy load forgotten, he walked quickly to the shining source and as he drew nearer, found that it was something he hadn’t seen before anywhere in AlleyCity. There, lying by the shore, is a woman in a dirty white shift, with rings of gold binding parts of her body - her neck, ankles, wrists, and waist, with gold studs embedded in a row down both of her arms. She was petite, and though she was unconscious, she didn’t look like she was dead. The rings binding her body didn’t look ornamental. They were fashioned as if they were used for imprisonment, with holes and little D-rings that would allow for her to be hung or bound somewhere, he wasn’t sure. They didn’t look very comfortable. She looked like a beautiful prisoner and if she was, he didn’t want to have anything to do with her. He looked around to see if there was anyone else there. There was no one. So the old fisherman, with fear in his heart, sped up walking, away from the woman and towards home. He will let a street urchin know about the discovery, and let these kids do what they want with the information. She might get robbed. She might get killed. But that’s not his problem. That is not the sort of trouble you invite in your life. -- Quitty was having the best dream. Or the worst. It was all a jumble of images in her mind. Torture, pain and oddly, the sound of her maniacal laughter even as she was chained to the wall of a forgotten dungeon. She was used to the pain now, and it was like a drug. “More!!!!”, she was screaming to a faceless man, “Is that all you’ve got????” She felt Rivoli, her puppy, licking her leg. The wet feeling brought her warmth and comfort, and...confusion. Rivoli had been dead for years. Quitty opened her eyes, and squinted at the bright light. Her left leg was right where the waves were hitting it periodically, and it gave her a measure of lucidity. She didn’t move but instead, took stock of her person, moving her extremities one by one. She felt whole, but weak. She tried to remember recent events, and all that came to mind was an auction, and she was caged while a man kept cutting her exposed arm to show the audience how fast she can heal. She knew someone won. She was blindfolded and led to a ship. And that’s all she can remember. For now. She tried to sit up. So weak. She needed sustenance. Voices rang in the distance. A group of four ragtag boys and two small girls were walking towards her. One boy had his chest puffed out, a knife in his one hand. The leader. A small girl was caressing a tiny black kitten. Kitty. Quitty. That’s her name. They got closer and the leader of the pack said, “Oy lady! Who are you and what are you doing on our shore?” He had gaunt cheeks, and eyes that have seen too much at a young age. She replied in the softest voice she can manage, “Why, hello there young man. I am looking for you, of course. You look like the kind that can help me. I’m wondering what the fees are for staying on your shore. I would like to pay, but first, I need some information, some dry clothes, warm soup and a place to stay. What’s your name? Can you help me?” The boy was taken aback at her kind demeanor. Most nobles either treated them as dung, or tried to take advantage of them. This woman was a lady, that much is obvious. Her skin is smooth, unmarred by poverty, hunger or hard work. He doesn’t know why, but he wants to get near her, to help her, to hear her say his name. He shook himself. “I’m Georgey and this is my crew.” He waved his knife hand for good effect. “Come here Georgey. Help me up. You look like a strong young man.”, Quitty crooned. She may not remember much, but this skill around people is something ingrained in her. Georgey beckoned to his crew to help the woman who was small in stature, and quite a vision in her white dress and gold bindings. As they started to walk towards the harbor, she asked where they were. Upon hearing the word Alley, it triggered a memory of cookies, blood, spikes, and waffles. It triggered an image of her in a pristine white dress, ordering her Novices around to prepare for the coming Syrup Storm. She stumbled. Georgey immediately caught her and was treated to a touch of her soft skin and her thankful smile. Quitty smiled kindly, and she laughed wildly in her mind. These kids were so easy. “I would like to go into the city, Georgey and perhaps we can all sit down to eat together?” She had jewels on a garter around her thigh. Surely someone can exchange that for what amounts to currency around here. She also had something far more valuable hidden in some of her gold. And if her suspicions were right, she had a stash of valuable items hidden in that Alley. Yes, The Dark Alley, it was called. Does it still exist? As they walked closer to the walled city, she thought of any recollection of seeing this city before. Nothing came up. However, everything looked like The Dark Alley everywhere. She surreptitiously grabbed an emerald jewel woven on her garter and pressed this on Georgey’s palm. “Find an inn for me, with a tavern, so we can eat supper. And get me some white clothes and a pair of shoes.” As Georgey ran, Quitty’s mind raced. She will need to be careful if she is to survive. There will be enemies here. And in enemies, she always finds friends.
  5. When I was 7, my puppy died. My little sister put him in the fridge. He was found in the crisper, with the vegetables. It made me not want to eat vegetables for weeks.
  6. Scenes are now running in my head with Emily's eye-rolling and head shaking, while reading Brandon's extensive descriptions. She writes the brand name of that milk he wanted. Of course she knows what it is.
  7. I have schooled my friends on the Cosmere. My employees. Anybody who cares to listen. I don't want to lose my IRL friends, but I just want to help them, see? Thankfully, I do have an IRL friend here in @skaa. We will party soon, my friend. --- If you would recommend a Sanderson book to someone who has never read his work, what would it be and why?
  8. You're assuming Brandon is in charge of it. You have no idea how many men I saw in the grocery store during quarantine taking pictures of mundane canned goods like peas, while talking on the phone with their partner (i suppose), and say "I cannot find that brand! This is all they have. Will this do?" Oh poor boys. Retail Unbounded! Nyahahahahahahahahaha! Isaac would have supermarket lanes all mapped out, down to shelf intelligence.
  9. Someone should start a thread that asks, "what would Brandon's shopping lists contain?" Also, you're welcome!
  10. Just post that you want it here. The admins will delete your post and include you in a PM with the copy of the book.
  11. I think that the people here are the coolest ones on the planet, and that my life was missing a very integral piece the last 6 years. I may have graduated with honors in the school of life, but I love learning and seeing how creativity just takes a life of its own in a place like this, where commonality and diversity exists side by side. It's frikkin fascinating. On fangirling, I once asked someone that I admired, "how to be you?", and she said, "If you will be me, then who will be you?"
  12. In my lifetime, I've built, run and sometimes sold a total of 12 businesses. Currently, one business works with schools to establish better engagement with students through the use of technology, primarily Google technologies and the other web apps that play well with it. The other one is an online art gallery which aims to help artists sell their art - both original work and limited edition prints - to a wider market that is not reached by traditional galleries. It's fun. Right???
  13. Rated this before as a 9 because of phoenixes. Lowering to an 8.5 because it's starting to look like a green Rorschach inkblot.