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  1. Great add!
  2. After reading everyone's comments, I could totally see Navani becoming a Bond Smith and at some point bonding with the Sibling. That would totally make sense and it would be as if a new power was being added to the mix. This theory is probably more probable than her becoming a dustbringer. I don't think she will become a truth watcher.
  3. After reading all the comments and considering all the different arguments, I think I will revise my theory: I theorize that Adolin will become both an edgedancer (bonding with Maya) and also become a Stoneward at some point over the two arcs. He may bond 1 in the first arc (books 1-5) and may bond a 2nd one in the 2nd arc (books 6-10). I do believe we will see more mixing of magic systems such as my proposed theory here.
  4. I have been thinking that very thing for the past week. Sanderson does like to mix magic systems. Adolin is a perfect one to do this with.
  5. Wow, thanks for the words of Brandon additions! They seem to actually support my suggested theory here. Love it.
  6. Love it!
  7. Love it!
  8. Thanks for the fantastic addition to my post. Since Renarin is already a Truthwatcher and he is being set up to play a big role in the book, and we already have Dalinar as a bond smith, I imagine that Navanii will be a Dustbringer. She fits the description. It is my assumption that each of Sanderson's books will feature someone from a different order of Knights Radiance. 10 books,10 main characters (who are featured), 10 Orders of knights explored. But we will see.
  9. As I have not keep up with the forums, I apologize if another has already suggested this theory. Theory: If Adolin becomes an order of Knights Radiance I believe he will become a Stoneward. Read the description. He absolutely fits the description. Thoughts? Countertheories?
  10. Quote Chapter 13: When Mraze is talking to "the Three":
  11. Ok, good to know.
  12. I have not been monitoring the threads in Oathbringer, so I don't know if anyone else already proposed this theory, but I hope not. I have been looking more into what order of Knights Radiance Navani would become if she bonded a spren. She constantly says, "I will bring order from chaos" in Oathbringer, and she loves taking things apart. These are both key indicators that Navani will become a Dustbringer. Thoughts? Countertheories?
  13. Another thing I just picked up is that Shallan might have been adopted by house Davar. In book three, when she put her hand on the heart of the revel, she was an urchin when she was hunger meaning that one of her personalities holds that she was a street urchin at some point in her life.
  14. I love what you have added to this theory. Thanks for jumping in.
  15. Her father would have had to have been a king and his whole family would have the royal locks as heirs of the throne. So potentially it could work. A bit of a stretch though.