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  1. It just occurred to me though: why did Testament never appear next to Shallan when she entered Shadesmar, like Mayalaran did for Adolin? We must assume that Shallan is no longer bonded to Testament's Blade.
  2. I was just wondering if there was a way to enable notifications without the Shard sending my an email as well? So I would still get notifications arriving in the bell whenever I log on to the site, but not receive any emails for it. It seems very simple, so I'm sure it's staring me in the face but maybe I'm just having a Taravangian bad day..
  3. As @Rhapsody points out, Brandon will always be effected by his Mormon, Christian faith. Mormonism is a kind of Christianity. There has always been subtext in his books, though to his credit Brandon has tried to make them stand out and away from real life religions, but the scene in Oathbringer where has been the most overt comparison. The same scene has been repeated throughout the history Christian-influenced fiction – a Priest standing up to an evil entity with nothing but their faith, and the book that codifies it. There are inarguable influences. However, yes, I still think that they can stand apart from the rest religions, and be read in isolation, because they are influences not necessarily references.
  4. I don't think Shardblades can change their composition. It's been noted that Shardblades and Shardplate are made of the same material – probably some kind of Invested aluminium.
  5. If anything, Sanderson made Hearthstone to tribute the game, rather than the other way round.
  6. Problem is, we've generally understood her ability to touch Wyndle as a consequence of her being partially in the Cognitive Realm – due to the Old Magic granted by the Nightwatcher. Oathbringer spoilers Additionally, even if she did make Abrasion super high (raising the friction coefficient or something), that would just mean a greater percentage of kinetic energy would be converted to heat. She'd probably burn her hands of if this were the case, and Brandon likes to keep watch to make sure things like that are consistent.
  7. Thanks for clarification.
  8. If Kaladin ever gets around to swearing the Fourth Ideal, then that's where he'll curbstomp Percy. As it is, Kaladin is very strong, but he'd have to struggle to beat Percy.
  9. True. If anything would pose a threat to a Shardblade, it would be Nightblood. Originally my thoughts were that it would be to do with the the Oaths being broken or subverted (a la Norgami), but we've seen that the Nahel bond being damaged doesn't damage the Spren, only the connection to Spren has to the Radiant.
  10. A good point, especially given that we have a WoB that the Skybreakers (and High Spren) wouldn't like Adolin's actions.
  11. Just to clarify before I drop it, I definitely understand Kaladin cares about Syl. I just wish he would care more, reflecting how Syl has grown to care for Kaladin more. Yeah, I think it's definitely just some small talk about spren and whom they represent (maybe even a bit of Cryptic / Honorspren rivalry). I would like to see them become friends, or at least friendly, but I doubt Syl/Pattern will ever be a thing, even in fandom. I like the ring of Kalphrena.
  12. ketek

    The death rattle ones are so good. The last one is my favourite because in the reversal contextualises the narrator's grief to be something personal, not just than just witnessing death. And you've made it feel so natural the whole way through, despite the reversal. Absolutely well done.
  13. Whilst I see your point, you have to admit the extreme circumstances lend themselves to being a bit unique. I was more referring to the everyday instances of Syl wanting to talk on something, questioning or remarking, and Kaladin giving a short answer, or even no answer at all. He just seems really curt. I realise I'm being pedantic, but Kaladin's shown that he can make good conversation around Shallan. There are a number of factors to consider, of course. People have pointed out his Seasonal Depression Disorder. The quote I just gave was when he was dealing with the fact his entire town (supposedly) died. But then again, this girl / Honorspren, died for him, and it'd be nice for him to have been affected by that in some way. Also, him going beserk just has less of a shock factor for me, considering how physical of a character he is. It feels almost expected, and it'd definitely be surprising if he didn't and just left her. Though the impression is also artificially lessened by the fact we're only told about his outburts, not shown them. EDIT: added citation for quote
  14. I actually liked how small scale the avalanche was in Way of Kings. Every other Avalanche was of world-shattering importance and influence, and whilst the same could be said here, it was pretty much completely confined to the Tower, with a small detour to Sadeas' warcamp. Just remembering Dalinar giving up his Shardblade gives me chills.
  15. Whilst I'm happily a self-proclaimed shipper of all things adorable, and have even shipped Kaladin and Syl in the past, I don't think that it will happen. Not because it can't mind you. Simply because neither of them seem to have any interest in each other beyond beings friends. (Even as friends, I feel like Kaladin could warm up to Syl a bit more. She tries so hard and does so much for you, man! Let up a little!) I can definitely imagine a Romeo and Juliet style romance of spren and humans. But I really like Kaladin and Syl as friends, and at least at this point in the story, there's no reason for them to even consider the inter-species complications -- which will always be relevant, because love each other or not, people will be practical about their choices, and will make sacrifices. In other words, I just broship Syladin too hard to want them to become romantic.