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  1. Not much to say here other than that I agree with Wilson. Bela. The outcome of the mayorial elections seems to be fixed, so my vote won't help much: Newan
  2. Good point, though that's just as much a reason to do this as it is a deterrent. At this stage in the game the difference in ease of identification is negligible exactly because none of us knows each other's roles. I agree. That's the last thing I would ever do. EDIT: I keep on forgetting to put it in blue.
  3. I want to request that all plain villagers contact me either through a PM or by replying to me here (though I think a PM would probably be best). I'm hoping that that we'll be able to coordinate ourselves rather than have it become a game controlled by the few people with information and power roles. I obviously can't stop someone from pretending to be a normal villager, but at-least there are means of counteracting that.
  4. What, do you think, is the likelihood that either Witless or Weas is a Darkfriend? Surely the Darkfriends would rather not want to draw attention by entering the mayorial election in the first place. Yet if they did then they'd do whatever they could to get their candidate elected. I don't see how else there could be so many votes for a Mayor this early on in the game.
  5. I wouldn't mind being Mayor if there is no-one else that wants to offer to take the position. I think it'd be better if we got this over with sooner rather than later. And so, I vote for myself, Sprell, as mayor.
  6. If you're still accepting sign-ups: Indeed I am Sprell Hanaar, the village carpenter. It is said that I know how to make sturdy table, If you know what I mean. Indeed it seems the village will be in need of my tables very soon. Especially so considering that there are probably some in the village that have been affected by the lis-- err the Dark One. Indeed it could be said that only I, among all those in the village, am truly experienced in fighting the forces of instability and chaos. Why I fight the dark forces on a daily basis. Could you even imagine what would happen if people everywhere suddenly found their chairs to be wonky and their tables to be unlevel? Utter chaos, that's what. Indeed you could say that only brave souls, like myself, are what keeps Dark One's forces at bay.
  7. My task was to make Awes pause But me being a novice made it a difficult thing to cause I was nearly un-armed Only through shear luck unharmed So I'll not be accepting any more dangerous chores Admittedly the last word didn't rhyme perfectly.
  8. Well, I missed quite a bit. Anyway, I got an item to use tonight. If you know what I should do with it, contact me.
  9. I don't think I said publically that I have no items. But yes, I don't have any items or a role. In any case, I'm going to vote for a change. Awes.
  10. That's about seven votes for Grellin. With little or no resistance. I doubt that Grellin is a GB.
  11. I thought Jain declared Jost to be his heir?
  12. My actions have been consistently erratic, thank you very much.
  13. Apologies for being absent. I've been quit busy this week. I could have posted earlier on, a few hours after the write up was posted, but obviously decided against it. While I wonder why there are so many who voted for me and then retracted their votes when I hadn't even responded, I am most suspicious of those who expressed suspicion of me and yet gave little reason as to why they decided not to vote for me, or at all. This is, in my opinion, exactly how a GB would play. Rather than doing the voting themselves, they prefer to have others do the voting, so as to distance themselves when the lynchee inevitably proves to be innocent. EDIT: And I'll be voting for Tion, for multiple reasons which I have that are many in number and not singular. Even though, ,as Fnorf said, it's too late for Tion to declare a duel.
  14. I'm not too sure that I should defend myself. yet.
  15. I wonder what the rope trailing behind the Ghostblood is all about. An allusion to the previous game? In any case, we now can be fairly sure that the GB don't have a Grandbow. The possibility that they knew exactly what item their target had is unlikely. It would be a good idea for anyone who has a Painrail to consider protecting the Shardbearer, if they know who that person is. If you do decide to protect them or not, obviously it may be a good idea to avoid announcing which actions you intend to take. To whoever has the Shardplate: If you are in contact with a Spanreed holder and their PM group you could consider the fact that the GB likely didn't know what item you had as evidence that none of the people in your PM group are GB (but that's only if you are in a Spanreed holder's PM group and did tell them that you have Shardplate).