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  1. I love the interludes, but I do skip some of them (when they are not part of the main story) and come back to read them after finishing the rest of the book They have an interesting effect on the book, and I love how many of them are short stories that are (almost) unrelated the the storyline. On the way home tonight I played the "Lift" interlude for my wife, and now she is planning on reading Way of Kings!
  2. Does tomorrow (or next week) feel like an election night for those of you that work for "Camp Sanderson"? I'm imagining a long night waiting on sales information coming in from different markets to find out if it will hit bestseller, and waiting on reviews and the public reaction. I'm imagining cheering and hugging as reports come in as sales open up in different time zones! Or, is it more like a normal work week planing the next signing and continuing to work on the next books?
  3. I'm so glad It's just 25 hours till release. That makes it much easier to resist temptation.
  4. Use your phone They have an app for that
  5. Quick! Tell them to put it up today! Pretty Please? /evil grin It will be nice to have something to listen to while waiting on midnight Monday
  6. Perhaps I should have said that she is understanding... (she still thinks I'm insane)
  7. The worse part is that people look at you like your crazy for counting down to the day a book is released... I'm lucky, my wife understands and my son is counting down with me. It's just a shame that no one else I know really understands..
  8. Nice catch, I wondered why he thought the dates were different. I just assumed he just didn't know the normal release date - that makes a lot more sense.
  9. It's released on the same date. I've been a member of audible since 2005 and when they show a release date you can download the book once the release date arrives. The only problem I've had is that it's not normally a midnight EST download. I have not checked in a couple years, so I hope they have changed that, but either way I'm not going to start listening until I wake up in the morning. If I start my download at midnight I'll be up all night listening!
  10. That was awesome... Anyway, I wanted to post some comments by Lopen from the chapter 12 excerpt. This could just be from Lopen trying to talk Kaladin into trying to fly again. I could be wrong, but I don't take this as any king of flying proof. Edit: Spoiler tags are currently broken on the site. The prototype javascript file ends in: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 0) (tried to allocate 412096848 bytes) in Unknown on line 0 Edit Again: It's working now...
  11. I didn't realize that was why release dates were so strictly enforced... good to know. I guess I should purchase all three copies I'm buying (audio + hardback for me, and hardback for my son.) release week then
  12. Time to snap a LOT of photos on my cell phone. (I don't have a scanner)
  13. It's soulcasting is considered holy. I don't think they would even consider it.
  14. I was wondering in the back of my mind if it was a warning about something else - for example the assassin in white. This does seem to confirm that the countdown is for the beginning of the final desolation. Szeth could arrive anytime at all, even in chapter 13.
  15. I went back and reread chapter 1 of WoK. That does make how they used the kids more understandable. It's still a stupid way to do things, but he might not have been given a choice. I wonder how much control Amaram has over things like that.