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  1. Excuse me while I go whip myself up into a Koloss blood frenzy really quick...
  2. Talk is for sissies, Human prefers to just SMACK!
  3. game

    Yeah, turns are supposed to be 48 hours, so it is the other team’s turn. Sorry I’ve been AWOL lately. I’m trying to get back in the swing of things but don’t hold up the game(s) for my sake.
  4. Thanks, and right back at you! Well fought!
  5. Bar the windows and lock the door Human the Koloss is back for more. Stormlight Spoilers:
  6. Oh wow, this snuck up on me! I haven’t even read any of the raps from last round. Okay, how long do we have to submit our raps?
  7. game

    Thanks for taking the initiative and getting this started while I've been occupied with other things. @Everyone, you should be showering @Scion of the Mists with upvotes right now. go to https://pending.me.uk/create-anonymous-countdown and make sure you fill out each option, and hit "create countdown" when you're done, then copy and paste the URL or BBCode into your post. Note that the website uses military format, so for "10:00pm" you would have to type "22:00:00" While I'm at it, here is a countdown timer for you for the current turn: If we waited for a unanimous vote we would never get any turns completed, especially with teams this large. So I'll go ahead an make The picture of the chasmfiend sketch an official vote, since we all seem pretty agreed on that. As for our 2nd guess, I'm inclined to vote for the Horneater peaks, since that is actually a picture of some ravine-like landscape. But it could be one of the other options like people have suggested.
  8. @Captains Domon This would probably fit better in this thread: Cosmere! The Musical And the song is clearly based on Radio Goo Goo by Queen. Nicely done!
  9. It seems useful to anyone who ends up stuck in the middle of the scoring game. Usually that person has no choice but to throw their lot in with whoever has the highest or lowest score and try to help them win, but with this card it gives them a chance at winning the game. The more I think about it the more I like it. I'll probably order a print of it and add it to my game, along with the other winning cards. Speaking of which, if anyone is curious and isn't a Kickstarter backer, here are the winners (Actually, I'll just quote Crafty's post so you can see their comments on the cards):
  10. The Card creator contest ended, and there is one unofficial/official prize winner unaccounted for. The Neutral Agent card was created before the contest began and wasn't ever officially submitted to the contest via the kickstarter comment page, but somehow slipped through the cracks and won a prize anyway. Now Crafty is trying to track down who made the card so that they can reward them, but Drive-Thru cards doesn't publish any info about who created it. @Pagerunner @Kurkistan @RippleGylf @Faceless Mist-Wraith @kaduzy was it perhaps one of you? Or does anyone happen to know who made it? If so, contact Crafty at [email protected] and let them know!
  11. Shallan would say it’s ethical, but not moral. Vasher vs Nightblood? It’s like watching a Cosmere soap opera!
  12. game

    Thanks for getting everyone started on this @Scion of the Mists! I've started fiddling with the grid and immediately ran into problems getting the images to embed properly, and it appears I'm not the only one because many of the pictures are just floating on top of the grid instead of embedded inside. After some fiddling I figured out that if the image you are linking to is too big then it won't show up. So when browsing through the galleries make sure you click on the "other sizes" button and select one of the smaller sizes. Around 250x250 pixels, give or take some, seems to be working well for me. I'll try to populate a few more of the cells with images but It's late so I have to go to bed soon so I'm sure I won't finish all of them tonight.
  13. Nicely done @Sorana! Here's Human's rap, complete with custom Koloss smilies! Major Mistborn spoilers:
  14. Quick question/suggestion: With 15 players, I'm assuming 3 rounds with 4 contestants and 1 round with 3 contestants. Wouldn't it be better to save the grouping of 3 players until the last round? That way if you have any latecomers you can round it out to an even 4 players/round. Or are you planning 5 rounds of 3 players each? Regardless, I suppose I better get started on my raps...