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  1. So... 2 days turned into 7. Whoops. But I'm here now, and we are officially beginning the Semi-Final Round of the Cosmere Rap Roast Battles Tournament of Champions! First off, thanks to everyone who submitted words for this round. I made sure everybody had at least one word who made it through, and for those who submitted multiple words I made sure at least 3 of their words. A special thanks to @Zath who submitted more words than anybody else (almost more than everybody else combined!), and also to @hoiditthroughthegrapevine, whose themed list of words amused me (I'll let you guys try to figure out what the theme was and which words were his. ;)) For the Semi-finals we have two 1v1 matches, but to keep things moving along we will be running them both at the same time. Each contestant will be randomly assigned 5 words from the required words list. As a reminder, you must not only use each of those 5 words in your roast, you must also rhyme with each of those words. Good luck! Match 1: @Paranoid King representing Gemmel! (Required words: Puppy, Yolish, Herald, Elocution, Cause) vs. @Herowannabe representing Galladon! (Required words: Ideal, Triangle, Thaylen/Thaylenah, Coffee Jelly, Novel) Match 2: @I think I am here. representing Yomen! (Required words: Dim-witted, Sharp, Turkish delight, Avalanche, Bundt cake) vs. @Silva representing Yokska! (Required words: Obfuscate, Allomancy/Allomancer, Fierce, Marshmallow, Sixteen You have 4 days (until end of the day Thursday) to submit your roasts. If you need more time or are unable to compete in this round, then please let us know. Good luck everyone! (EDIT: Also, please highlight your required words in your roast to make it easier to see which words you used and how you used them. Thanks!)
  2. Yeah I know. I wonder what he would have said if they had asked him to write War of the Spark...
  3. I'm going to have to say no, just to keep things neat and clean. Sorry!
  4. Alright everyone, welcome to the Semi-Final round of the Tournament of Champions! Congrats to our semi-finalists, who have proved their mettle in the last round by taking on the role of a character not their own! (Don't worry, for the rest of the Tournament you will be representing the character you signed up to represent) Entering the semi-final rounds we have: @I think I am here. representing Yomen Myself, representing Galladon @Paranoid King, representing Gemmel and @Silva, representing Yokska Thank you to all who have participated in this tournament so far, including: @hoiditthroughthegrapevine, @Zath, @Gray to, @Archer, @Felt, @AonEne, @Toaster Retribution, @Sorana, @Ark1002, @Kidpen, @John203, and @ILuvHats (hopefully I got everyone. If not, I'm sorry!). Before we begin the semi-final round, we have one last task for all of you. The twist for the semi-finals is going to be that each contestant will have a list of words that they are required to use and rhyme with in their roasts. We are calling on you- all of the previous contestants in the tournament- to offer up suggestions for required words. FYI the goal is to encourage and challenge the contestants creativity- not to try to trap them with words that can't be rhymed with. As such, any words deemed too difficult to rhyme with (eg: orange, purple, etc) as well as any inappropriate words will be rejected. You may offer as many suggestions as you'd like, though no guarantees that all of them will be used. We will try to use at least one suggested word from each person though. Here's the link. We'll give you 2 days to submit your suggestions and then we'll begin the semi-final round!
  5. I’m pretty sure you could have done better @Wyrmhero. Anyone else wish that they had simply broken open their piggy bank and hired Brandon to write it for them?
  6. Well to be fair the author had to squeeze in cameos for dozens and dozens of planeswalkers. Many of them, even some fairly major characters, only got brief mentions. And as I think about it, since CotN only came out about 5 months ago, the author probably never got a chance to read it before writing War of the Spark. He probably only got a brief description of Davriel’s powers and was told to give him a cameo. It’s clear he didn’t know anything about Davriel’s personality. Sweet. I’m still waiting for the chance to try mine out.
  7. So I finished reading the War of the Spark novel yesterday. It was... not great (to put it nicely). Especially for those of us who are used to Sanderson standards of writing. No character development, dull and predictable plot, the action scenes were incredibly dry and boring. Davriel does have a couple cameos in it, but you can tell from them that the author never read Children of the Nameless. It does tell you the story of what happens in War of the Spark, so there’s that. Really, it’s like a B-movie except in book-form. If you like B-movies and you’re really into Magic, then you might enjoy the book. If you just want to know what happens with all your favorite MtG characters but don’t want to waste your time and money on this book, send me a PM and I’ll tell you everything that happens.
  8. The results are in: The winner or Round 2, Match 2 is @Silva, representing Frost! The winner of Round 2, Match 3 is @I think I am here., representing Sja-Anat! Congrats to both of you! Also, voting for Round 2, Match 4 is now open! By way of reminder, our contestants are: Hoid, as voiced by @Paranoid King! Gemmel, as voiced by @Archer! and Taan/Aanden, as voiced by @John203! Vote vote vote! The poll will stay open for 48 hours (possibly more, if I can't get to it quickly enough)
  9. #jealous
  10. Nicely done as always @Paranoid King! @Archer and @John203 1 day left! Please let us know whether or not you’re going to make it
  11. So I haven't played magic IRL in over 15 years (I've dabbled with the Magic: Duels app a little, but that's it), but when I heard that Davriel was making it into the game it sparked (pun intended) my interest again, so I just went to a pre-release event last weekend and played a few rounds. I had a lot of fun, and it reminded me how much fun (and expensive) it can be to collect cards and build a deck and pit it against other people. But the main highlight was that a good friend of mine traded me 2 copies of Davriel- one foiled and one regular. I also pulled a Davriel's Shadowfugue in one of my packs. Now I just need to get to another one of Brandon's signings so that I can get my cards signed (I also have a couple Vin promo cards that I still need to get signed).
  12. Hey everyone! Several things in this post: First off, Sorry @ILuvHats, we can't wait for your roast any longer. As such, the voting is now officially open for Round 2: Match 2. Good luck to our contestants, @Silva (Frost), and @Toaster Retribution (Yokska)! Secondly, all 3 submissions are in for Round 2: Match 3, so voting is open for this match as well! Good luck to our contestants, @Zath (Dilaf), @I think I am here. (Sja-Anat), and @Kidpen (Yomen)! Click here to vote! (Note: Since we have 2 matches being voted on simultaneously, both of will be voted on in the same questionnaire. Click "Next" to get to the second page. Please don't click "Submit" until you have voted for each match.) Lastly, let's go ahead and get the final match of Round 2 underway. Our next batch of rappers are: @Paranoid King representing Hoid! @Archer representing Gemmel! @John203 representing Taan/Aanden! You will have 4 days to submit your raps- or in other words, until the end of the day Thursday (5/2). If you need more time or if something comes up and you are unable to participate, please post and let us know. Good luck!
  13. Thanks for the heads up. That’s fine. Nice rap @I think I am here.! Ouch!
  14. *Checks master spreadsheet* *Double-checks @Ark1002's name history* *Re-checks master spreadsheet* *Checks thread* Unfortunately, it looks like you didn't make it past the previous round. Better luck next time!
  15. So much yes. But don't take our word for it, Why not give it a go yourself and watch an episode or two? Or four? Or eight? Or all of them? #SoTasty