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  1. Thank you for all you've done @Ashspren, and we hope all goes well with your RL commitments! We also hope you'll be back soon as a contestant. To everyone else, please give @John203 and me a day or two to get our ducks in a row, and then we'll get the next round started.
  2. @Kidpen? @Arky-boi? We’re all waiting on you!
  3. @Ashspren No worries, it happens to the best of us- it’s happened to me numerous times (see Cosmere Codenames, Sanderson Elimination, and numerous online MAG games)! Good luck with the real life stuff! And hopefully we’ll see you back here soon- maybe as a contestant! Also, I’ll volunteer to take over running the Cosmere Rap Battles if you can’t find anyone else.
  4. Good man (reptile?)! Upvotes for you!
  5. Nice roast @I think I am here.! Bravo! Quick Question: who made the Cosmere Roast Battle banner? I would like permission to steal it for my signature.
  6. Very nice @Archer! Also, this would totally count as a 4th pun:
  7. In the Graphic Audio version (the only version I’ve ever felt the need to partake of) they pronounce it “Ho-eed,” so that’s how I’ve always pronounced it. Which is why I rhymed it with “no heed.” *shrug*
  8. Thanks! My goal with the Hoed choir was to come up with lines that would work as individual Hoed mantras, but which would also reflect Galladon’s (ridiculously melodramatic) grief. Well, except for the “beautiful once” mantra, which was more of an homage to the book. EDIT: Congrats on hitting 1,000 posts a few posts ago, by the way!
  9. Okay, finally done with this. I decided to go with a Shakespearian Tragedy spin on things, and I'm afraid into turned into more of Galladon moping than spending time roasting his opponents, but I guess that fits Galladon. Edit: thanks to @Paranoid King for helping me with the fonts!
  10. About 2/3rds done with my entry. I’m going to church now, and then I’ll finish up this afternoon
  11. Quick update on me: my week has been busy, crazy, and exhausting. Its 11:52pm local time, and I need to get in the shower. Then tomorrow I need to get up early and go to an event I’m hosting which will last all day and into the evening. I haven’t had a chance to start my rap yet- I haven’t even read my partner @Paranoid King‘s rap yet. If I’m allowed a short extension I’ll do everything within my power to get something written tomorrow night after my all-day event is done. Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll have to forfeit this round. Either way, I apologize everyone!
  12. Also I showed this to my wife and she laughed and said that you are her new best friend
  13. Lol I didn’t actually intend for that one to be connected to that picture, and never noticed any connection between the two, but now that you’ve pointed it out...
  14. This one isn’t specific to Sanderson books, but it’s all too accurate. (apologies if someone has posted this before. I don’t follow this thread as religiously as some others do )
  15. How much would it cost to get Ashspren Inc to change their policy on bribery?