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  1. I’m afraid I’m going to have to respectfully decline. Real Life is too busy for me at the moment for me to engage in another roast battle tournament. Best of luck to everyone though!
  2. Season 3 wraps up the current story arc pretty well, but leaves several things open for future seasons. As was mentioned above, the plan is to have it go 7 seasons, one for each arcanum + dark magic.
  3. This is a separate thing from the Call to Adventure expansion. Do you have a better source on that? Look at the date of your quote- that was 2016. Brandon started taking about the Stormlight game around the end of 2017, which is also when the BGG page went up for it. The BGG listing gave the game a 2018 release date. ... oh actually, while searching through the Arcanum I found This, which doesn’t sound anything like the Stormlight war game, so you’re probably right: Anyway, back to this game, I also found this: Also, I got a reply to the email I sent to Mayday games: Not very informative, but at least we have official confirmation that the game is off the table.
  4. It’s my understanding that the WoK VR isn’t a game per se, but rather just a VR experience, mainly for showing off the world to potential movie/TV producers. But even then, I doubt that’s why Mayday would have cancelled the board game. The VR would have only increased board game sales and vice versa.
  5. I just searched through the site and couldn’t find any other threads talking about this game, so I don’t know how many people even know about it. So if you don’t know about it, a couple years ago Brandon mentioned that they were developing a board game based on and around the war on the Shattered Plains. He even gave out a bunch of promotional Szeth cards/standees with some cryptic game stats on the back alongside the release of Words of Radiance. Supposedly the game was supposed to go to kickstarter sometime in 2018, but that got bumped back. Then today, this troubling news was posted on boardgamegeek.com: I went ahead and sent an email to [email protected] to ask about this. We’ll see what they say. To anyone else interested in this game, I’d encourage you to send them a polite email as well- who knows, maybe if we show them enough support they might revive the game!
  6. Good choice. I look forward to the inevitable Stephen Leeds vs Tobias match-up.
  7. NON-Cosmere this time around, so Jasnah is a no-go. Sorry! You’ll have to save her for a future tournament.
  8. Ha ha no worries @Sorana! But just to be clear for anyone else who may be wondering- yes, we’re limiting it to Brandon Sanderson characters. I already worry that we’re going to run into an issue with people not knowing who another character is because they haven’t read that particular Sanderson story yet.
  9. Thanks! Oh and I forgot to mention, the link in my post grants editing privileges, so anyone who wants to help can just click on the link and start editing away.
  10. Alright everyone, the votes have been cast and counted, and the time has come to announce the winner of the Cosmere Character Roast Battle Tournament of Champions! And without further ado, the greatest Roaster in all the Cosmere is- *Drumroll please! ... And now, with that done, you might be wondering, what's next? Well first off, a small announcement to make. @Paranoid King offered to be a Co-Moderator, and @John203 agreed to let him take his place. So a big thank you to @John203 for the work you've done over the past couple months helping me run this! And @Paranoid King, I look forward to working with you on the next tournament. And yes, a new tournament is in the works. We'll give it a few days for the dust to settle from the Championship tournament, and then we'll announce and open up sign-ups for the next one (That will also give me a chance to coordinate with my new co-GM). Lastly, I could use one or more volunteers to help out a bit. In the very first post of this thread, @Ashspren has a link to an Archive with links to all of the roasts that have been submitted throughout all the tournaments. However, it hasn't been updated in a while. I've been wanting to get it up to date but I haven't had time and don't know if/when I'll ever get around to it. So if someone wanted to go through the thread and fill out the doc with the last couple of tournaments (including links to the roasts) that would be fantastic, and I'll be sure you get showered with lots of upvotes for your efforts. Thanks in advance!
  11. You said it perfectly. @Paranoid King, @I think I am here.: Why thank you! But don't forget, if anyone deserves applause it's @Ashspren for kicking this whole thing off in the first place. Seriously, thank you @Ashspren! This really is the greatest thread on the Shard. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We still have one thing left to do... (I couldn't resist) VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! I'll keep the poll open until Sunday, so go cast your vote, get your friends and coworkers to vote, bribe homeless people off the street to create an account and vote, whatever it takes!
  12. Yeah, the new “cover art” (with Vin, Elend, and Straff) is now the new wallpaper for my phone. I’m very excited to see what they’ve done with this expansion.
  13. @Paranoid King you literally had me laughing out loud. nicely done! @I think I am here. In case you missed it, you're up now.
  14. Something tells me that it would take Hemalurgy to make Scadrian-shardblades (and can we all pause for a second and agree that Scadrian-shardblades should be called Mistblades?). I mean, people have filled metalminds to full with Feruchemy before, but as far as we know none of them have become Sentient and started manifesting other-worldly powers (Unless of course, that's what Khriss and Nazh's ad about talking tools in the New Ascendancy broadsheet is talking about and Brandon is just being coy with us...)
  15. Alright everyone, the votes are in, which means it's time to begin The Final round of the Cosmere Roast Battle Tournament of Champions!!! In the left corner, we have a guy whose rapping skill is the only thing madder than he is, the crazy Skaa that leaves you in awe, the only mistborn who is more excelsior than Kelsier, GEMMEL!!!!! (as represented by @Paranoid King) And over in the right corner, wearing the sharpest of Ministry robes and boasting even sharper frontal lobes, And by that I mean he's got a cranium so quick he doesn't even need the Atium, the showman who sees every omen, YOMEN!!!!! (as represented by @I think I am here.) Congratulations you two for making it to the finals! You are both very deserving and should feel honored to be here. (And with Gemmel and Yomen in the finals, it means that the Tournament of Champions, like all of the past tournaments, has once again proven that Scadrians still rap better than anyone else out there. ) Of course, with it being the Tournament of Champions, we have made the final round a bit more challenging and thrown in a couple twists for you. First off, the format will be a little different. You will each be coming up with not one, but TWO raps, posted one at a time, alternating between the two of you, like so: First rapper's roast Second rapper's roast/rebuttal First rapper's second roast//rebuttal/finale Second rapper's second roast/rebuttal/finale I just flipped a coin and the gods of fate have decreed that @Paranoid King will go first. @I think I am here., you should wait until @Paranoid King has posted his first rap before you post your response, and then so on. In addition, each of your raps will be done as a parody of a well known song. You are free to choose your own songs, and they can be from any genre (in other words, they don't need to be rap songs. They could be Pop songs or Rock songs or Classical songs or Disney songs or you could even do it to the tune of Baby Shark, it's up to you). That being said, I highly recommend picking songs that most everyone will be familiar with, rather than an obscure song that many people haven't heard before. Also, when you post your rap, please link to the original song on Youtube so that we can follow along. Also note that you should be coming up with your own lyrics for the songs, not just re-using the lyrics from the original, even if they would be applicable. So @Paranoid King, you are up first! Since this is the finals, we are not going to be strict about time limits. We want you to take the time you need to create roasts that you are happy with, rather than rushing something out. However, please don’t keep us waiting long! We are all eager to see how this round will play out. Let the final round the the Cosmere Roast Battle Tournament of Champions begin!