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  1. These icons were all designed for free use so anybody can have a stylized profile icon to identify themselves. I'll be adding more on occasion so please check back if your personal style isn't represented yet. I'm also open to suggestions for future designs. Knights Radiant Glyphs: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Glyphs Without Borders: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Radiant Gemstones: _________________________________________________________________ Alternate Gemstones: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Voidbinder Glyphs: Glyph One Glyph Two Glyph Three Glyph Four Glyph Five Glyph Six Glyph Seven Glyph Eight Glyph Nine Glyph Ten __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Swag Series 1: Windrunner Skybreaker Releaser Edgedancer Truthwatcher Lightweaver Elsecaller Willshaper Stoneward Bondsmith __________________________________________________________________________ Swag Series 3: Windrunner || Skybreaker || Releaser || Edgedancer || Truthwatcher Lightweaver || Elsecaller || Willshaper || Stoneward || Bondsmith __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Allomancy and Feruchemy Charts: __________________________________________________________________________ || Iron - Steel || Tin - Pewter || Zinc - Brass || __________________________________________________________________________ || Copper - Bronze || Atium - Malatium || Gold - Electrum || __________________________________________________________________________ || Chromium - Nicrosil || Aluminum - Duraluminum || Cadmium - Bendalloy || __________________________________________________________________________ || Lerasium || || || __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ || Iron - Steel || Tin - Pewter || Zinc - Brass || __________________________________________________________________________ || Copper - Bronze || Atium || Gold - Electrum || __________________________________________________________________________ || Chromium - Nicrosil || Aluminum - Duraluminum || Cadmium - Bendalloy || __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Elantris Glowing Aons: There are too many of them to give a preview of all 33 glyphs but the first 15 are displayed below. The links for the entire set are after the preview. The design and meaning for all of them can be found on the coppermind. Aan || Aha || Ala || Ashe || Ata || Daa || Dao || Deo || Dor || Edo || Ela || Ena || Ene || Eon || Eshe || Iad || ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ido || Ien || Iri || Kai || Kii || Mai || Mea || Nae || Omi || Opa || Rao || Rii || Sao || Sea || Seo || Shao || Teo || __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ The Rithmatist Chalklings: This is only a small sample of the full set. All 27 can be found HERE __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ The Many Faces of Pattern: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Roshar Flora & Fauna: Santhid Santhid Eye Chull Axehound Axehound Head Whitespine __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Individual Designs: 17th Shard Soulstamp Bridge Four The Wafflesworn Necago Court Observers Guild Lords of Choas Edit: Per Chaos' suggestion, the tint for the knights radiant glyphs have been brightened Edit 2: Moved all glyphs to this post for ease of access Edit 3: streamlined the layout so its easier to locate the icon you want to download.
  2. Quiver asked me to throw together an emblem for The Herd and this was the first thing that came to mind. I'll think of something else when I have the time if that wasn't exactly what you were looking for (which I would completely understand). Smaller version for sigs
  3. Also, we might as well take a vote tonight on who we all as a group think should die tomorrow. That way we can ensure the dragon fang helps ensure our lynch tomorrow.
  4. This is in response to Newan’s post. Be warned, it is a recap of the entire game (mostly) so it is quite long. The only person left alive who has been absolutely unequivocally verified is Aonar. If you think about it, we have only had three cycles to positively identify people with only two viewers and a thief-catcher. Not really much time to get a lot accomplished. The first night, both viewers scanned Aonar and showed regular villager. Malai tracked Kaim on the second day to prove he could identify what someone's target was. Wilson knew what Kaim did the night before so when Malai gave the right answer we knew he was legitimately the Thief-catcher. The second night, I'm still not completely sure who Trimat scanned since his story has been different depending on who he messaged. The other viewer though scanned someone and found them to be a regular villager. Normally I would say that verifies that person since the forsaken also struck that night, but I have no way of being 100% sure the viewer is on our side or a DF and feeding me false intel. Based on behavior I'd say Trimat is the DF viewer but who knows. If you all agree that you trust the other viewer, I will say who was verified that night. That same night, Senna needed to prove she was the wolfsister so we could trust her. We decided the inactive player was the safest choice since we didn't have any extremely strong leads and it wouldn't make a difference if the inactive had a role since they weren't helping anybody with it anyway. On day three, after the forsaken had made a kill, Malai tracked Aonar and showed that he targeted Trimat (as he was supposed to be putting the fang on his door that matches up), which verifies Aonar as clean. Night three, Trimat was told by three different people to scan Shiv, Wilson, and me respectively. Obviously despite attempting to work together there wasn't as much trust in the council as everyone assumes. Instead, he claims to have conveniently scanned Sprell who everyone knew the role for by that point. Shiv finally revealed his role to me earlier that day and it ended up being one someone else had already claimed. Obviously, that didn't guarantee he was a DF but that was why I had the suggestion passed along to Trimat to scan him. I also instructed the other viewer to scan him as well and was hoping by doing so it would verify Khamsi one way or the other and also maybe tell me if one of the viewers was a lier. The viewer claimed though that the scan of Khamsi came back as unsuccessful. That same night, I thought Senna was pretty set on killing Dellan but apparently she was leaning pretty heavily towards Khamsi. It seems she went after Khamsi because there is no other good explanation for why her kill didn't go through and for Khamsi to have been protected from viewing. He had to have had water placed on him. Newan, no one has been killed for not cooperating with the council. Though to be honest we really shouldn't be calling it that since there really wasn't anything decided and acted on in that group. I kept my own council with Wilson, Senna, Malai, and Aonar. I never fully trusted Shiv. I only went along with that plan because people still didn't trust me and I felt following that plan for gathering the roles would get people to lessen those fears. Sprell was the only one you could say in a way say was killed because he didn't send me his role but it wasn't because he didn't send me his role it was the evasive way he went about it. Trimat and Dellan both claimed to have contacted other "council members" with their roles so I didn't pursue the issue with them. If Sprell had simply said I don't trust you so would rather not give you my role, he would still be alive right now. I shared his response to my inquiry with Senna, Malai, and Aonar. They agreed it was shady and gave the go ahead to fireball him. Had he not encouraged our suspicions, I would have used air on Senna last night and we'd still have a wolfsister. Yesterday, though, our suspect list was as follows (thanks to Aonar for the formatting idea. ( )=claimed role [ ]=suspected role): Binnut (Regular [Forsaken?]) - one of two claimed villagers who the dragon fang vote did not corroborate as likely villagers. Grimlar (Regular [Forsaken?]) - one of two claimed villagers who the dragon fang vote did not corroborate as likely villagers. Khamsi (Aiel-Blooded [Channeller?]) - Results of Night Three made us strongly suspect he was the channeler. Trimat (Viewer [DF Viewer]) - His sporadic behavior made it difficult to tell if he was lying or if he was just being super paranoid. Ralv (Dreamwalker [DF dreamwalker]) - This was mostly Wilson’s hunch since she is the one who has been in contact with him. Dellan (Wisdom [DF Wisdom]) - I suspected him for a while but the moment I found out he was a wisdom, he jumped to the top of my list since it was unlikely two wisdom’s would have been placed on team good. The evil side usually has one protective role. The fact that he was the only person in the game who exclusively claimed to only contact Shiv about his role increased my suspicion of both of them. Shiv never once suggested we scan the duplicate wisdom to make sure he was legit despite being in contact with Trimat and knowing I was in contact with another viewer. The decision that had to be made last night though was were we confident enough in Khamsi’s guilt to risk wasting the vote on him. If he was aielblooded, the lynch would be a waste. If he was the channeler, it would have been helpful but not as much as the forsaken. If he was really being framed, though, we would waste the vote and be another person down. With Senna dead, the other roles were largely worthless as well for the DF and they would be happy to let us kill their viewer/dreamwalker/wisdom instead of the channeler or forsaken which is why I think Trimat started acting shady and Dellan revealed his role to us. They wanted to take the fire instead of the key players. It was ultimately decided that the forsaken had to be taken out in order to have a serious chance of winning this thing. I could have gone either way between Binnut and Grimlar but there were more arguments made in favor of Grimlar so that’s where the decision went (I was asleep by this point). When I woke up to see that Dellan had almost immediately jumped on the Grim vote (and he was at the top of my suspect list) I had serious doubts about our decision but by that point Grim already had the majority. I brought up the doubts about Dellan’s vote but it wasn’t a strong enough case to sway anyone with so little time left in the vote and since my vote wasn’t going to make a difference I flipped the coin. And that is how we got to the point we are today. Trying to work behind the DF’s back obviously failed miserably this game, so there is everything out on the table. Maybe the group can pull out a win in the last second but at this point we must lynch the forsaken tomorrow or its pretty much over (unless I can out guess the DF in what they think I will do tonight).
  5. For shame! using the literary themes from Sanderson's own bearded nemesis? Blasphemy! Oh, and yeah, about what I expected the results of the lynch to be. Why expect a good outcome at this point in the game? Edit: It was a good write up though Gamma despite your poor choice in inspiration.
  6. Looks like George Washington dislikes Grim. Who am I to argue with the first president even though I’ll probably regret it after the writeup.
  7. This game has just been one long train wreck of innocent people (presumedly) doing and saying things that make them look more suspicious than the actual DF. It started with a last minute vote for Gade and just kept going from there. Case in point, Khamsi, why when you just barely convinced us you were being framed and some of us still think you are likely a DF due to all the evidence against you would you then ask to keep the mayoral vote under the weak argument of "but I didn't get to use it"? We think you are a DF! Of course we aren't going to leave that power with you. Please stop doing suspicious things if you aren't one. Then there's Trimat who spent most of the game avoiding revealing his role. When confronted, he goes and tells like 3-4 different people. Then he tells them all slightly different stories. I'll openly admit that I probably didn't help the situation with my aggressive play style this game. A lot of people still suspected me pretty late in the game and If Trimat is innocent, his paranoia after events in game two was only exacerbated by my actions. But, I had decided early on that having knowledge was the only way for the channeler's abilities to be used effectively. After getting attacked night one, that seemed like the only rout left open to me because I was well and truly in the spotlight and getting hit by the DF meant I had the best argument for not being one (and funnily enough the best argument for being one as well). It was my first time attempting to take the lead role in a game and may have laid it on too thick for some people. You live and learn. Whatever the case for why people have drawn suspicion this game though, if Trimat and Shiv turn out to be innocent, then we well and truly shot ourselves in the foot by distracting ourselves and making it too easy for the DF to lay false trails. I've been suspicious of grim for a while but I've been far more sure of Dellan's culpability recently and him voting so quickly for grim after the others makes me wary of that vote as well. For now I'm just leaving my vote how it is and will probably just flip a coin right before the cutoff. Shiv seems to like that method so I'll let his fate be decided the same way. Edit: formatting
  8. Waes had to keep reminding himself he needed to pay attention to what was going on around him. Focussing on the menial squabbles in the village just seemed so meaningless now. Destroying the evil that was infesting Dell’s Crossing consumed his every thought. He wanted to be out searching the streets again that very instant but he knew this confrontation with the Domani woman was key to discovering the dark friends. They were the most important thing to worry about right now weren’t they? Lease was calling out the Domani woman at that moment. There was no other reason why the town viewer --such an interesting ability-- and Senna --an even more amazing gift-- were both unsuccessful last night. Khamsi had some kind of power she was hiding. Was she the only killer though? Waes thought it unlikely. There was more going on in this village than just a rogue black ajah. The Dark One’s eyes attested to that. He looked up into the dark rafters searching for the glowing eyes he knew were up there watching him. They were everywhere he went now. Waes’ fingers twitched, barely holding back the urge to illuminate the ceiling. There were too many people around for that though. No one in the village would trust a man who could touch saidin. People always said rats and ravens were the eyes and ears of the Dark One. Waes always thought that was just backwater superstitions but the rats had started appearing at the same time the killings started. He knew they were connected and as long as they were everywhere spying on Waes’ plans, the dark friends would always be one step ahead. He had to kill them all but they were far craftier than any normal rat had the right to be. They set that trap for him last night after all didn’t they? The mangy rodent knew what it was doing when it scurried out into the open. It as good as asked Waes to incinerate it with his cleansing flames. How could he have known dark friends would lure Sprell right into the path of his fireball? There was nothing he could do about it. Sprell’s death was their doing not Waes’. Tonight that would all change. No more holding back. The town would burn to the ground before he would let those goat-spawned vermin get the last laugh. His attention was suddenly pulled back to the Inn when he heard his own name thrown out. What was Aonar doing? Waes couldn’t be mayor. He had too much to do tonight. He already spent too much time trying to organize the hunt, he couldn’t worry about the daily problems of the entire town as well. Furthermore, being mayor would draw the focus of the dark friends even more than he already had. He could not risk protecting himself with the one power again. One time was dangerous enough. Fortunately, there were no signs of the taint yet. His sanity was still intact. That would not last forever though. If he kept using saidin, he would go insane eventually. “I appreciate the confidence you have in me Lease but I have not proven myself worthy of the honor. My attempts to organize an investigation have all ended in failure so far. Why don’t you take up the position yourself? It was you, and amazingly Witless, who figured out Khamsi’s little game.” Hopefully no one else would take up Aonar’s suggestion. He really did have too much to do. Waes looked up at the rafters again. There was nothing to be seen but he knew they weren’t empty. Tonight they wouldn’t be able to hide from him. Edit:Red Edit 2:Also, the part about denying the mayor position was more RP for my poor tainted character than anything.
  9. This was unfortunately a really crazy weekend for me at probably the worst juncture in the game for it. Had a 14 work day yesterday with only my phone to occasionally check on what was going on in the game. Today, I've mainly been attempting to get caught up on everything after the disaster that was last night. I'm waiting on a few replies from people before I make some outright accusations but while last night made things really bleak for us, I think we have a very good chance of lynching a DF today. I'll get something written up and posted after the World Cup match is finished. In response to some of the comments above, the fireball last night was mine. Sprell was the only person who was still hiding their role before the last night cycle. When I confronted him about it his response was evasive and made me more suspicious of him than if he had just said I don't trust you. Senna and Malai agreed and both gave the go ahead to take the chance at eliminating a DF by using fire on him. In retrospect, wish I'd used air on Senna but at the time we still thought the DF hadn't worked out her role and we wanted to save that for when we knew she had been revealed. It should be pretty obvious now that I'm not a DF. If I was going to reveal myself by taking out Senna and Malai, I wouldn't have wasted my fireball on an unknown. The viewer would have been part of last night's death toll instead Edit:spelling
  10. Trimat has allayed my suspicions sufficiently enough for now so I will retract my vote for him. I back the current trend but there are enough votes to do the job at this point and I don't like to bandwagon so I will just choose to abstain from the lynch vote today (plus it just feels wrong voting to lynch a horse). Khamsi doesn't need anymore votes either but hey I'll toss in my support anyway. Edit: remembered the green and orange but not the blue
  11. I will be voting for Trimat at this point as well. I attempted to message him and draw him into a conversation since I have had little direct communication with him up to this point. He ignored my message and instead made a post in the thread about not wanting to work with people who haven't made any attempts to reach out to him. I responded to his claim and explained that we had actually reached out to him but am still just getting the cold shoulder. Other people have mentioned that Trimat has seemed rather defensive when they've tried to draw him out and throughout the game his comments in the thread have seemed suspicious to me. If you are innocent and the things I'm seeing as suspicious are just a result of you being unsure of the game, my apologies. Since we have not managed to directly identify a DF though, I still have to rely on suspicious behavior for my vote and at the moment you top the list.
  12. That's not a completely accurate assessment. I can't speak for why Wilson didn't get a response to your suspicions but you most definitely had discussions with our group. You were part of one with Kaim that, from what I can tell from his reports on them, were not minimal. Yes, he turned out to be Fain but that doesn't change the fact that we were communicating with you through him. You were not being ignored.
  13. There would not be an adequate way to prove someone's trustworthiness in the open thread like this without also giving the DF vital information that would help them identify people they would like to eliminate. I can assure you though we are not sitting idly by accusing people without also making strides to positively confirm the members of our own group. There is an example of someone proving themselves to not be a DF in the writeup from last night. That is not the only person who has proven to be without a doubt on the good side. For those that we have not yet been able to fully confirm as villager or DF, our decision to trust them at least partially is based on quite a bit of discourse and mutual strategizing (one of my pm groups has nearly 400 replies at this point). We have a great deal of information to base our decisions to either trust someone or distrust someone on. Obviously, that is not full proof but as I said we are working to positively confirm all members. It will take a cycle or two for that though. For those people who are, as you say, on the fringes, we have next to no real information to test their loyalty against other than the few posts in the main thread. So, yes, we are going to be far more suspicious of people who have provided us with no information to base decisions on compared to people who have participated in many discussion and have offered up many strategies and tips that are counterproductive to the DF's goals.
  14. Just a random thought Erik but if you want people to be a little more trusting of you, you might want to change your icon for the time being. No matter how helpful your words are, I have troubles ignoring the brooding face peering out at me from beneath a dark hood.
  15. Waes stood over the burned body deep in thought. He had liked Kaim, thought they were friends. He even thought they had been working towards the same goal and, perhaps, in a way they had been but Waes saw that living fog with his own eyes. He had no idea what it was but he knew without question it was evil and had been been moving around Kaim like it was an extension of his very soul. Whatever evil had been inside Kaim was dead now but Waes couldn't help but feel overwhelmed again. He thought things were starting to look up with the villagers now focussing on a common goal but learning there had been a snake in their midst left him shaken. It was times like these he wished his cousin Androl were around. He'd know what to do. He would probably even know what that fog had been. Waes and Androl had always been two sides of the same coin. Both had a strange love for leather and a burning need to be working with their hands whenever possible but where Waes usually enjoyed a quiet existence working his shop in a small village, Androl loved adventure. Androl rarely managed to visit Dell's Crossing but when he came by he always had the most interesting stories about the places he been and the things he had seen. It was nearly enough to convince Waes to set out on an adventure himself sometime. Almost. Now it seemed that adventure had come right to Waes' doorstep without him even asking for it. when all was said and done, he thought his story might top anything Androl had in his repertoire. That is, if he lived to tell his cousin about it. A sudden noise from behind brought Waes out of his musings and sent him sprawling into a defensive posture ready for an attack. When he got ahold of his bearings though he realized there was nothing sneaking up on him. Instead, he traced the sound back to yet another rat scurrying through a nearby trash heap. Those things are starting to become a real problem. He had heard people say rats and ravens were the Dark Ones eyes but he always thought it silly superstitions. With all the recent craziness, especially what he had just seen with Kaim, his certainty was waning. He gave the rat a piercing look. It stared right back unfazed. Before Waes could make a move towards it though, the rat shot off the refuse and through a hole in the side of the closest building. Another time then. Waes would deal with the eyes and ears of the Dark One when he had the time but for now he needed to get to the morning gathering and see how successful their plans for that evening had been.
  16. From what I can tell, that ship has likely sadly already sailed. I would be extremely surprised if Fain does not have a pretty decent list of the regular villagers since they have been much less reluctant to share that information amongst themselves than the people with roles have been. The argument isn't on whether or not I would have valuable information for Fain. The question is if that information is valuable enough to waste one of his corruptions on someone that would like die as a result. Fain and the corrupted can't make night kills. All they can do is influence the vote to eliminate the other sides. He needs to ensure those he corrupts stay alive. You can believe whatever you want, but I don't believe I would survive very long corrupted. The benefits to corrupting me do not outweigh the risk of losing one of his number. And how is that any different than what I said about the uncertainty of the viewer? The Viewer would have to rescan everyone of their confirmed members every time Fain struck as well if they wanted to be sure everyone is clean. If the viewer themselves was struck, we'd never know.This gets to the heart of this whole issue. Fain is by far the less dangerous of the two evils since he can't make night kills and the corrupted cannot have roles of their own. We are allowing our paranoia of a smaller threat to cripple our ability to make a concerted effort to identify and eliminate the real threat. Edit: formatting
  17. Sprell has done nothing to show he is not Fain as such all normal players announcing their role to him is like feeding him a buffet if he should turn out to be Fain. But if you will kindly reread that post, I said it's fine if people want to take the risk and contact him. That's their right. I just suggested making a large group with all the claimed normal villagers was a bad idea.Now, in my situation, it has been pretty uniformly accepted that I survived last night because I am either Aielblooded or a Channeler. Both exclude me from being Fain so it is a completely different situation as sending Sprell that information. My argument against Sprell's request does not apply here. Please show me examples from previous games that back up your vast knowledge of what I would and would not do. What you'll find instead is that I have made it to nearly the end of three full eliminations games and not once gotten voted out (barely recieving any votes at all for that matter) because I take special care not to take needless risks. Wasting an Aiel life or earth weaves for a gambit to gain trust is a needless risk in my opinion. If you don't believe that, reread the comment Kaim made about me advising him against a wounded gazelle gambit in game 5. You think I'd warn someone else against that kind of move than go and take the same risk myself in the very next game? Again, if you think I would do that, you haven't been paying attention. Game 5 made it clear to everyone that, as you said, I'm good at manipulation. I know people come into games suspicious of me now so there is no way if I was a DF I would suddenly attempt a tactic that I thought was too risky back when people trusted me. First, corrupting the roles is not really Fain's goal (I personally would avoid them if I were Fain) since they are the easiest to identify once turned. He would prefer to corrupt one DF and the rest indiscreet villagers. He wants to hide in the shadows and let the rest of us kill each other, not waste his corruption on players that could be identified and eliminated.Secondly and more importantly, I was not lying when I said I'd be a bad choice for Fain. If I'm the channeler, he absolutely would not want to turn me because it would be apparent to people pretty quickly if I was claiming to have weaves but suddenly wouldn't use them. If I'm Aiel it's less of a risk but there are still a number of people I've been working very closely with who know my current plans and strategies and would likely be able to tell a difference after turned. Yes, I'm pretty good at convincing people I'm their friend but, As I said, finding out specific roles is not Fain's biggest goal so corrupting me would be a very big risk for not all that much gain. There are far safer targets out there. Want one more assurance? As soon as Fain corrupts someone in the writeup, the Viewer scans me the next day. One more reason for Fain to avoid me. Yes, the Viewer can build a trusted group but will take an extremely long time with only being able to identify one person a cycle. Plus, as soon as someone is corrupted, they are back to square one and have to rescan all their trusted members. Finally, the DF likely have a viewer as well. Who's to say that viewer you rally behind is even one of us? A better person to rally behind is the thief-catcher or wolfbrother since they can't be DF. I have a far better chance of getting those two positively identified if people send me their roles than the Viewer does by randomly scanning people.Ralv if you want to be afraid of me, fine don't work with me but please stop trying to sabotage my efforts to get something productive accomplished. Edit: grammatical stuff
  18. Waes spent most of the day recovering but as the day waned he decided the killers wouldn't be resting tonight so he couldn't either. He hobbled into the town square right when the debates were most heated. He listened carefully to all the arguments and ultimately decided the traveler he had called out the previous day was still the most suspicious. Apparently, many others felt the same way. Standing there watching the limp body sway in the breeze, Waes decided this pointless name calling needed to stop. They needed some form of coordination otherwise they were going to do the killer's job for them. "Can I have everyone's attention please!" Most eyes turned his way and a few of the villagers who had started to wander away turned to listen. Waes coughed a few times and took a minute to regathering his strength. Just raising his voice seemed to take more out of him than he cared to admit. "We need to stop killing ourselves with paranoia and blind accusations. We need to start a real, coordinated investigation. I am going back home to rest for the night but if you feel that you have some talent or skill that would be useful in searching out these killers, please come visit me so we can start devising some real strategies." "Some of you still don't seem to trust me so I'll just say this. If you think I'm the kind of person to risk my own neck just to worm my way into people's good graces, you never really knew me. I could have saved Jain if I had known about him. If you are lynched later on because you were too paranoid to speak openly with me, I'm not going to feel bad about it" With that, Waes turned and hobbled back towards his house. I might be laying it on a bit thick but I don't feel like dancing around the issue anymore. Pretty much every game the villagers have won it has been because one or two people had enough knowledge to organize the villager strategies effectively. If you have a role, please contact me so I can coordinate our assets tonight. I will not divulge your role to anyone else or even let anyone know you contact me if you would like.
  19. Just getting off a 13hr day and my brain is fried so apologies if my logic isn't on par tonight. I'll better explain myself tomorrow after I've gotten some sleep if this doesn't make sense. My thoughts on the current potential noose fillers. Bella - Having one of their members add the deciding lynch vote late in the day seems like a reckless move for the DF's on the very first day. They had to know what kind of suspicion that would cause. Taking out someone that early isn't worth risking the exposure of one of their members. Granted, Bela could have acted on her own or the DF's thought the risk was worth it but for now I'm willing to accept Bela's reasoning for why she voted. Lam - The "Forsaken/Fain didn't act last night so one of the inactive players must be that role" argument seems a bit thin to me. It's possible, but not strong enough for me to vote someone out based on it. If I were Fain, I wouldn't have converted anyone last night either. He/she only has so many conversations so needs to be very carful with who they choose. Fain can afford to sit back and let the villagers/DF's pick each other off for a little while he/she gathers intel on ideal targets. Jim - I won't mind if Jim gets lynched. I haven't hidden the fact that I'm not a fan of inactive players. If you aren't posting, voting, and discussing the game, you are a detriment to the villagers because that's our primary means of identifying the DF's. I'd rather kill an inactive villager than risk the possibility of a DF skating by just because we ignored them in the background. Jain - Your vote for Lam created a few red flags since to me the logic seemed a bit faulty. I was willing to let it slide though because my experience in the past is that the two of us follow the beat of different drummers in how we approach this game. Your switch to help bandwagon Jim, however, I can't ignore since essentially your argument for bandwagoning was that you wanted to join a bandwagon which is never a good thing. What I see in the pattern (no pun intended) is you voting for lam to sway votes from Bela. When that didn't amount to anything and it looked like Jim was going to overtake Bela, you jumped on that one instead. I could be jumping at shadows but that's what makes the most sense to me for why you voted how you did (as stated above, I have difficulties predicting your actions normally so it's entirely possible I am completely off on that but gotta trust my own instincts). As such, I'm voting for you today even though it's likely Jim will be leaving us instead. If you do turn out to be a DF, I will be reassessing my suspicions of Bela.
  20. I never once claimed to be saved by the wisdom. It's a possibility (in which case I wouldn't be claiming to not be Fain) but as has been pointed out by others already, having Aiel-blood or protection form earth weaves would explain my survival just as well and having either of those two roles would preclude me from being Fain. Game 5 is the only game I have been on team evil. While I would like your law to help me out, I do not believe it would apply. I actually found the sudden wave of votes for Lam to be rather odd as well. For the moment I'm going to hold off on voting though. I will be working a 12 hour day tomorrow with no computer access so might not be able to keep track of the game. I don't like making votes when I'm not sure I'll be able to change it before the deadline if need be.
  21. For the hundredth time Waes asked himself why going out at night alone had seemed like a good idea. -scratch- -scratch- -scratch- He was alive but a part of him wished he hadn’t survived. The pain was excruciating. The wisdom had done a fine job keeping him alive despite the serious injuries but not even the best herbs could completely numb wounds like the ones he’d sustained. At least they’d helped him sleep a dreamless sleep. -scratch- -scratch- -scratch- That was until the incessant scratching had started. Waes didn’t want to even open his eyes to determine where the noise was coming from but no matter how strongly he willed it to go away, the sound was still there invading his attempts to continue sleeping. It seemed to take all the strength left in his body but he managed to flutter one eye open and look in the direction the sound was coming from. He regretted it immediately. Sitting on the desk next to his bed, chomping happily away on the meal left by the wisdom, was the biggest rat Waes had ever seen. -scratch- -scratch- -scratch- “Great. As if my day wasn’t bad enough already.” Dark friends trying to kill me. A fool in charge of the town. Rats stealing my lunch. All we need now is a Forsaken to stroll into town and life will be perfect. “Shew! Get off there!” The rat just stared back and continued eating. Despite his body's protest, Waes slipped his belt off and slapped it across the table. Again, he regretted the decision. It scared the mangy rodent away but it felt like he’d been stabbed all over again. He decided defeating the rat was enough of an accomplishment for now. He closed his eyes again, tried to ignore the pain, and attempted to drift back to sleep. At the moment, I’m still deciding who I feel strongest about voting to lynch so I’ll hold off on that for now. As for the events of last night, you can either believe I’m playing the lame duck as has been suggested or you can believe I was legitimately attacked last night which would mean I am not team evil or Fain. I’d really like to get some effective strategizing going so if you think last night proves me a villager and would like to strategize with me, feel free to message me. Edit: really wish copying color text from a text editor worked
  22. Well that went quite well. To answer your questions from yesterday @Grimlar and @Ralv, I may have slightly exaggerated the certainty that someone would be able to identify me as corrupted (though enough people know things about me that it is still probable I'd be identified eventually). I did however draw enough attention to myself for the DF's to waste a kill last night so you're welcome It's rather interesting that a dreamwalker is claiming to be the only one but the writeup clearly shows that is not the case. I'm not too happy about the fact that first dreamwalker pretty much announced they were a female character as well. That narrows down the field considerable and makes it easier for the DF to eliminate one of our lines of communication. Yes, they could be lying about that to throw off the DF but seems like an unnecessary bit of information to include in the message. @Aspren, while I can understand the urge for the regular villager to band together, that would be giving the DF/Fain a huge amount of information. Knowing who the regular villagers are narrows down the list of people with roles and the regular villagers are the ones Fain is most likely to go after since they are the lowest risk of being identified after being corrupted. You'd essentially be gathering all his prime targets together. If the villagers do decide to go through with this, please do not make a large pm group with all of you in it because I guarantee at least one DF or Fain will be among them.
  23. As the sound faded and the house stopped rattling, Waes glanced out the window to see that The Voice was right. It was getting quite late. Time to fix some dinner. Waes often got so caught up in his work that he'd go entire days without remembering to eat but The Voice was making it much easier for him to manage his diet. It had been disconcerting at first but now that he knew everyone else seemed to hear the great timekeeper as well, a disembodied voice wasn't any stranger than everything else that was happening in the world. It seemed to be more helpful than anything so why worry about it?
  24. You can speculate all you want but you'd probably never come up with the exact scenario unless you stumbled into it like i did.
  25. Obviously I'm not going to explain all the circumstances surrounding that claim. I will say this though, If you think the Viewer would be the ONLY way to tell if someone had been corrupted, you aren't thinking creatively enough. But lets just assume a Viewer is involved in my claim (and again not confirming that one way or another). There are quite a few pm discussions going on so the information they gain would not likely stay with just the Viewer. All it would take is one scanning me for a few players to be able to identify if I got corrupted. A viewer scan later on would be the most effective way of identifying the change but once a group of people know someone's role, its pretty difficult for that person to bluff for very long after they are corrupted.