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  1. That is what I was thinking myself. In Avatar it is possible to enter the spirit world completely just not easily. I think that it is possible to enter Shadesmar fully even though we have not seen anyone do it. I think this because of Jasnah repremanding Shallan, "Idiot girl!" Jasnah repeated. "You have no idea how dangerous that was. Visiting Shadesmar with only a single dim sphere? Idiot!"
  2. The WoT introduced me to Brandon Sanderson and after that I have not been able to get enough. I have read most of his work multiple times through and have enjoyed it every time. I look forward to kicking around ideas and theories with y'all.
  3. The Shardbearer could have just jumped to that area. There are plenty of other references where Dalinar would make a Sharplate enhanced jump and land cracking the stone. That sound could be mistaken as thunder by a scared young soldier close to death.