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  1. I'm pretty sure on Reddit Peter said most of these aren't in the book, and apparently come from copying/pasting from a PDF onto which is the cause of the formatting errors. For example - I think this is actually a formatting error, and what Navani said was supposed to be on the next line.
  2. Good catch! I didn't notice that.
  3. @Elena @Idealistic Oh my lord that would be amazing.
  4. Someone on the Reddit thread also pointed out that last week the there was a line about how the book shouldn't exist, which lends credence to the author being male. I really like the Renarin idea!
  5. I was feeling what everyone else said about the first few chapters feeling off - but these one pulled me right back in. They felt like Stomrlight Archive again <3 Such great reads.
  6. Gavilar's feast, maybe? Navani asks if he can't remember because of the wine. Interesting tidbit on where Dalinar met his wife! Edit: damnation but that was a good fourth chapter! I didn't expect that to happen.
  7. Here we go!
  8. It's also been noted throughout this thread that in the original release of the prologue he said something along the lines of "Here, take this, I have another" to Eshonai but that piece was removed in the final version.
  9. Thanks! I half figured it was mentioned and I had just forgotten.
  10. Just caught up on everything. SO excited to be back reading this series I hadn't read the prologue yet, so this was my first read through of it. I noticed discussion a while back on if Gavilar could talk in rhythms or not, and thought I'd drop this quote in (didn't seem mentioned yet) Just earlier in that scene Eshonai talked about how humming Consolation wouldn't work because it didn't mean anything to humans, yet three paragraphs later she seems to expect rhythms out of Gavilar. Also - do we know how Szeth got his Oathstone back? Would he have needed to talk to the five before he left? Edit: Mandatory first comment Intro: Oh hai, long time lurker, since the lead up to WoR figuring it was about time I said something *waves