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  1. Yeah, at 57k words (or a mite shorter with revisions), we're talking full-on (short) novel length. For context: Stephen King's The Dark Tower: Gunslinger is 56,583 Faulkner's As I Lay Dying: 56,695 Fahrenheit 451 is a full 10-11k fewer at: 46,118 Heck, of the various Narnia books, only "The Magician's Nephew" was longer. While I'm eagerly refreshing my inbox far too often... the wait is well worth it.
  2. Word!
  3. If this means I'm allowed to break off my hoardlings to manage my too-many to-dos so the rest of me can read unceasingly until Dawnshard is done (until the 17th, anyhow), I'm in!
  4. Glad you made it
  5. From Brandon's FB Post (emphasis mine): "Dawnshard Update: Peter is just finishing the last proofreading and editing changes. After that, he has to format it and create the ebook. Right now, he's saying it should be sent out to kickstarter backers on Thursday. Once we confirm that has happened, we'll work on getting it into ebook stores, which might take another couple of days. (For those who will ask: There should be an audio sometime in the future, but not for a year at least. Same for print books in bookstores, though kickstarter backers should get their print copies early next year. I have no specific news on translations, though many of my foreign publishers are planning to do editions.)" So it sounds like it shouldn't be more than a few days for e-book folks if I'm reading this correctly.
  6. "Peter and the team need to do copyedits and proofreads." Brandon posted on this Facebook this morning.
  7. Dawnshard Novella Final Draft is now at 100%! Here's hoping we get the book soon...
  8. Indeed. Definitely eager, yet also in awe and grateful to have such a work so soon as it is!
  9. Why don't Lavis and Prickletac ever fight? Because they're rockBuds! What happened to the Herdazian who overdid it on the spicy Chouta? They fell into a food-kuma! What did the father of sheep respond when Dalinar asked why he'd turned to Odium? "It's because I Am-A-Ram" Why couldn't Dalinar's first wife get on board with the joy of Alethi bloodlust around the holidays? She was such an Evinezer Scrooge
  10. How do we support kids to engage in school when school is entirely remote due to high case counts in our county and when students are responsible to care for younger siblings during the day?
  11. @Scarletfox - want a BIG/serious one?
  12. I don’t believe I’ve “won” yet, though when it happens I’m ready!
  13. Number 1
  14. Same! Ironically during my audition to be on the show, there was a kid who led all the candidates through several renditions of the Spongebob themesong... it was... surreal
  15. Yep, Chris Hanson was also pretty nice - though getting shoved into a custodial closet during the lunch break for the production team was odd...