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  1. Been a year or two since I was last here but my understanding from way back when was that hemalurgic spikes could steal multiple attributes from a person (assuming they had more than one attribute relevant to that spike's metal) but the restriction was that the spike will only grant whichever attribute was relevant to the bind point it is placed in. So if you used a bronze spike on a mistborn you would steal all their mental allomantic abilities (rioting, soothing, smoking and seeking) but you could only use that spike to grant one of them to someone else depending on where it was placed (the 4 mental powers having separate bind points). If this is so then using a lerasium spike would have the same restriction, it can steal all the abilities but only grant whichever one is relevant to the bind point it is placed it. Making it a colossus waste of potential (like nuking Scrooge McDuck's money bin to hide that you stole $5 from it). As no-one seems to have mentioned this I assume I've misunderstood somewhere or the rules changed when I wasn't paying attention?
  2. What I appreciate is that he believes he is in One Piece (or the like) but he's found himself in the Game of Thrones. He is woefully unprepared for everything he faces and it is taking a very realistic toll on his sanity. While I'm also getting annoyed by his attitude I find it very realistic of someone whose mind is hanging from a thread. He's denying to himself and the world how out of his depth he is, he has a very heavily overpowered advantage but it has an equally overpowered price. The things that he has endured and seen could break any person, he is literally unable to speak with anyone about what is happening and he doesn't even have the option of suicide to escape. His handwavey grip strength isn't really anything, it was mostly surprise that gave him a brief advantage over the three thugs and lifting the club barely did anything either, all the real threats his faces are well over his threshold. Recently Emilia has been questioning who he is and what is going on but he's unable to tell her and so she is suspicious of the situation I can ignore a lot of the generic traits that are found in anime, I just expect to see them there, it would be nice without them but nothing is perfect.
  3. Is anyone watching Re:ZERO Starting life in another world? Holy Crem! That show can be intense. It starts out ordinarily enough; a teen is out getting groceries when he suddenly finds himself in an alternate fantasy world, you know, the usual stuff. At first he acts like he's in a videogame/anime and tries to find out what his superpower must be and where the beautiful girl that must have summoned him may be, he quickly gets himself in trouble. However it turns out he does have a power which (as Firefight would agree) really sucks despite its advantages. Whenever he gets killed he mentally time travels back to a previous checkpoint. He has no power over where and when he returns to, he experiences the full agony of his death, everyone forgets everything about him as he keeps meeting people for the first time over and over again and he is literally unable to tell anyone what he can do. His inherent goofiness is played off against an increasingly brutal world and the story pulls no punches as to his mental state as he works through his ordeals. He's died some hideously brutal deaths and seen his friends go through the same (eg his first few deaths are because of a character known as The Bowel Hunter). One of the best Anime's I've seen in ages, real nail-biting stuff at times (some comedy too).
  4. The best two I read are Girl Genius and Namesake. Girl Genius (updates every mon, wed, fri) is set in a madcap alternate Europe where mad scientists (Sparks) run the world (badly). The story begins when a clumsy inept student called Agatha Clay is mugged by some soldiers and has her locket stolen, what she does not know (at first) is that she is the lost heir to the Heterodyne family of Sparks, the most terrifying of all Sparks, and that her locket was designed to dampen her brain down to keep her hidden and safe. The authors coined the term Gaslamp fantasy to describe a world part steampunk and part supernatural. There are monsters, robots (clanks), undead, minions, monstrous robot undead minions and just about anything else you might expect to find in a world where Mad Scientists can truly warp the laws of physics. Namesake (updates tue, thur, sat) is based on the idea that the titular Namesakes get pulled into other worlds when they are young adults/children, have an adventure and return to find their Writer who tells their story, in this way stories keep spreading and strengthening magic/reality in all worlds. They are called Namesakes because children of particular names will always be pulled into the same world – a Dorothy will always go to Oz, a Wendy to Neverland, an Alice to Wonderland etc. Any child of the appropriate name could have their world turned upside down in this way. The story starts when a girl called Emma goes to pick up her sister, Elaine, from the library and ends up being pulled through a portal. Emma ends up in Oz and Elaine is picked up by an organization called Calliope comprised of former namesakes and Writers who are very confused that an Emma has disappeared when there is no record of Emma being a Namesake name and so they don’t know where she has gone. Emma is confused herself as everyone keeps referring to her as ‘The Dorothy’ (as well as the fact that she is in Oz and a purple witch immediately tries to turn her into a handbag). It has great humour too (eg when one character learns about magical, reality warping Writers he asks ” Is Terry Pratchett one of you guys too?”) Both are excellent full-page comics, I'll also recommend - Freefall, Fey Winds and Gaia.
  5. Well I just bought the kindle version but almost immediately returned it for a refund. I was only around a quarter of the way in when I realised the formatting was a complete failure. I imagine it works well enough on kindle fire (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong there) but on kindle for PC or paperwhite/regular it does not work. The problem is double pages, the formatting shrinks down large landscape images to fit into a portrait size, rendering pictures blurry and writing illegibly pixelated. I suspected beforehand that this may be a problem with my regular kindle so I downloaded kindle for PC before even trying to read this book, unfortunately the PC version is just as bad, there is no zoom option at all. I used the computer's magnify function but that just gave me a larger blurry, illegible image. Double pages are supposed to be where the best art is, not the worst. I don't really want this book in hardback so I guess I'll just have to wait for paperback instead. Feel free to rant with me on this subject (restrict fire to amazon though, it's not Brandon's fault).
  6. Erased is easily the best anime I've watched this season (probably the best I've seen in the last year or two). Some of those cliffhangers are heartrending. I really hope the quality runs through to the end, I'd hate it if it suddenly went X-MenLastStand/Spider-Man3 on me.
  7. Ok so I've never played Halo but I've watched enough Red vs Blue to realise that with the output level that Brandon has managed to reach in the last few months he is clearly starting to enter the Rampancy stage. His output level will continue to grow increasingly haywire in size and imagination at a faster and faster rate until he self destructs, long before actually completing the Stormlight Archive. We can only hope that he somehow manages to break through into the theoretical, stable 'Meta' stage. Our (slim) hopes are with you Brandon.
  8. 1. Marasi or MeLaan left the cube for Irich to find because they figured he would immediately put it somewhere safe, that somewhere being wherever they were keeping ReLuur's spike. Basically they did not know where to look so they tricked him into going wherever the important stuff is kept so that they could follow him and pinch it all (getting the cube back in the process). 2/3/4. A Kelsier did it. It is implied that after the world was remade Kelsier managed to get a body back somehow and with a better understanding of the metallic arts he went south to save the people there, then finally made the Bands of Mourning and let everyone believe that they were the Lord Ruler's Bracers. 5. Who on Earth (or Scadrial) can ever guess what Kelsier is up to? Though Hoid obviously just wanted Wax to know that Kel is still about The Bandits threw Irich and themselves off the train as part of their escape (they threw him because he is too feeble to make the jump himself). Can't remember what they landed in or on though.
  9. I'm a big fan of RWBY, I have both volumes and their soundtracks. A quick look on my Ipod tells me that Red Like Roses part II and I Burn are in my top 25 most played tracks (previously it was the trailer versions of both). I also really like Caffeine and Die from vol 2. Really enjoying volume 3 (on crunchyroll) the latest episode (6) was really different to any of the previous ones in that it actually explained a lot more about the over arcing plot and world building. Before this one it was all very teen heroes going to school genericness (but with awesome choreography and weaponry) but this one episode made the world more unique. It is better to look at the first three volumes as one series (as they were imagined) and having reached the middle of the third we are entering what would be the Sanderson Avalanche. One thing I am addicted to is TV tropes and whenever I read or watch anything new I always look them up there to see what I missed. Lots of useful extras to be found there (I altered the RWBY character page during vol 1 to have the weapons treated like characters). The wizard of OZ allusions for the characters mentioned above are on the nose (and not spoilers as they have been discussed since the start). Most of the characters in the show are allusions to stories in our world, often grouped into similar themes. The most obvious being Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang as Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Beauty & the Beast and Goldilocks (fairy tales). Team JNPR has an interesting theme that is far less obvious - they are each gender flips of ancient heroes who disguised themselves by cross-dressing. Jaun Arc is obviously Joan of Arc Nora is based on Thor (disguised himself as the goddess Freya) Pyrrha is based on Achilles (pretended to be a woman named Pyrrha to avoid the trojan war) Lie Ren is based on Mulan. Other random ones: Cinder Fall = Cinderella, Cardin Winchester = the Cardinal of Winchester (oversaw the trial and execution of Joan of Arc), Penny = Pinochio, Roman Torchwick = Alex from A Clockwork Orange, Velvet Scarletina = the Velveteen Rabbit (ps Team CFVY are all named after cakes). Another thing you can get from TVtropes (or the RWBY wiki) are the names of the weapons, in the series only Ruby's scythe has been named (Crescent Rose, a High Velocity Sniper-Scythe) but most do have interesting names and descriptions. Weiss - Myrtenaster, Multi Action Dust Rapier. Blake - Gambol Shroud, Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe. Yang - Ember Celica, Dual-Ranged Shot Gauntlets. Jaun - Crocea Mors. (Yellow Death, supposedly the weapon of Julius Caesar). Nora - Magnhild. (translates from Norse as Mighty battle). Pyrrha - Milo and Akouo (Speak [the sword] and Listen [the shield]) Ren - Stormflower. Sun - Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang (the weapons of the original Sun Wukong) Adam - Wilt (the sword) and Blush (the sheath) The geek world lost quite a few big names this year (Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Lee, Sir Pterry) but Monty Oum's was the saddest for me as he was only just starting his career and his best was certainly still to come. Volume 3 is still excellent but I can't help but wonder how it would be different if Monty were still with us.
  10. Enough about Dalinar the Awful, how about the description of the Thrill sounding just like a Parshendi rhythm. Do the Listeners have their own name for the Thrill? The Rhythm of Fury/Conquest/Slaughter?
  11. Point 1 - When Wax first hears Bleeder's voice the governor is talking with Steris. Doesn't this mean that he/she is having a mental conversation at the same time as a normal one without missing a beat? Either that is incredible mental discipline or the voice is coming from whichever Shard is interfering, not Bleeder herself. Point 2 - There seems to be a fair bit of discussion about how sane Bleeder is (or isn't) and using it as evidence for her having one normal and one whateverium spike. I'll just point out that sanity is more than just the ability to make clever plans and follow them out, horribly murdering people and nailing them to walls could easily be evidence of insanity even if there is some logical chain of thought behind the act. Sanity is not cleverness.
  12. It seems to me that Harmony had put himself in a position where he had something that Wax needed to know but he knew the damage it would do, so he kept putting it off until it was too late. Harmony should have let Wax know that Lessie was a Kandra a long time ago but when is a good time to find that out? We don't know enough about the Bloody Tan incident to know who was manipulating whom at that point but by the time of this book things have suddenly snowballed in completely unpredictable ways. Harmony knows that the truth would utterly wreck Wax at this point, it is way beyond a reasonable time for Wax to find out how he has been manipulated. If Wax knows that the enemy is Lessie he would not be able to function enough to stop her so Harmony cannot risk telling him. It is similar to Dumbledore, he always had information about Voldemort that Harry absolutely needed to know but he kept putting it off for a better time to tell him, too late does he realise that the time has already been and gone. So in answer to the survey, Harmony does the best he could during the two day period that the book covers but only because he should have done more at the earlier end of the last seventeen years. That's how I see it most likely being.
  13. Whether they are for breeding a full mistborn or mistings for harvesting (somehow even creepier) those women really need to be found (or at the absolute least - remembered).
  14. Anyone else wanting to know what happened to the missing women from Alloy of Law? Whether they are dead, rescued or still missing I would expect some kind of reference to them, or having fulfilled their purpose of showing how evil The Set are do they no longer matter? If Harmony started talking to me their location would have been my first question. Considering Marasi's hypothesis of why they were taken the passing of months would not make their chances of still being alive any less but their situation would be increasingly desperate. There is reference to Wax causing The Set plenty of trouble but mostly from a financial and personnel perspective, no reference to rescues. Assuming the location of Wax's sister comes up in the next book maybe the other women will at least get a mention but from all the attention they get in SoS they may as well not exist. Is this an example of the disposable woman trope or will it be followed up later? (PS. For those confused, the phrase 'what happened to the mouse' is a trope about smaller plots that are just forgotten once bigger things start happening. Brave TVTropes at your peril.)
  15. Mac really is just the worst at his new job of keeping artifacts secure. Gemma gets sucked into the thing but has security on it improved since... Nope! Shotgun skeleton key and no guards, monitors or alarms.