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  1. For all we known it could have very well been the boon
  2. Well there is also interbreeding between races and countries, so all the lighteyes in Alethkar are necessarily all 100% Alethi blooded. Adolin has mixed blood, Shallan does too ( both are shown by their hair). Rock has light eyes doesn't he? but they don't measure status by eye colour in the mountains *airsick lowlanders* So it isn't that far-fetched to think that over the hundreds, even thousands of years of Rosharian history the interbreeding has influenced the number of Lighteyes. However, it seems like darkeyes don't have the money or resources or even legal right to travel abroad and therefore would limit darkeyes from breeding abroad much. And most people marry based on eye colour, so the light eyes are kept in the family for the most part.
  3. I feel the same way, I just re-read the Archive and then since the new Mistborn books are coming out I re-read all those. Mistborn was my introduction to Sanderson so I have to say I am way more excited for those to come out, but that still doesn't stop me from exploding over the wait for Oathbringer
  4. In one of the original trilogy mistborn books (WoA or HoA, i think) Hoid appears as the leader of the Terris people. Could this just be that Hoid is super awesome and is able to infiltrate an entire race at their head or could it be that he is familiar with Terrismen? If they were from a different Shardworld naturally, then perhaps Hoid has run across their kinda before... Also, interesting point is somewhere near the end of HoA (when Sazed is speaking with the 1st Gen Kandra) they say something about "by the time something had taken place, the Gods of the world had already withdrawn themselves from their creations" So this could either mean that the Terrismen knew Ruin and Pres because they created them and made themselves known to their creations, OR they came to Scadrial from elsewhere and learned of the shardholders subsequently
  5. EVery time we talk about the limitations of Ferrings (for example steelrunners being able to run, but not being able to think any faster) somebody mentions that the powers of Feruchemy are meant to all go together and therefore compliment each other. So is it really that far-fetched that Tin can complment the other powers and extended senses that Allomancy bring? Remember that Marsh would just be seeing the lines pointing to the plate, but to the minerals in the ground. So does TIn help with the depth perception at all? Also, there would not be metal particles EVERYWHERE there are sure to be gaps, no matter how strong the Inquisitor's steelsight is. Could tin just be a way of illuminating those gaps? If so, then that would explain why the darkness even entered the equation.
  6. In HoA I think, it talks about how Preservation had to trust in his sentient creations to beat Ruin because he could not directly do so. Tanavast tells them that they can't beat him unless they do the whole champion thing. Perhaps Honour realised that he couldn't beat Odium directly, and maybe cultivation told him of things that were to come and so he allowed himself to be killed and in essence, die a hero was he will then give his creations the chance to win rather than save himself... it's a matter of Honor
  7. To me, that in itself shows that Odium is smarter than Ruin. Ruin made the deal with Preservation, but he couldn't seem to fathom why Preservation would make the deal. He thought that everything was in his favor, and he seemed completely surprised when it turned out to be the other way around. I like the idea of Odium being able to see further ahead, but I do agree that Cultivation would hold the upper hand in that regard. But apparently, Ati was a pretty stand up guy before he became Ruin, and I'm thinking kinda along the lines of because he was a good guy, he didn't have as much experience at being bad. Whereas, Odium is bad to the bone, and seems to have always been so. He is afraid of Harmony possessing two Shards, either because of the power of two shards and/or the fact that Harmony is picking things up pretty quick and once he understands exactly what is going on in the Cosmere he will present a formidable opponent. But unlike Ruin, Odium has had experience dealing with other Shardholders of various power levels, if he knows of Harmony, then he probably knows that Preservation betrayed the pact that Preservation and Ruin made all those years ago, and as such is wary of that happening to him. He understands that Cultivation is probably better at seeing the future and won't get sucked into a challenge unless he guages just how much of a plan his opponents have. To him, he knows an opponent will try and trick him and beat him if they can, and he knows that he isn't invincible... only very very hard to beat. And his acknowledgement of this makes him even harder to beat, I think.
  8. When Vin does this, she speaks of how it hurts, obviously because the two powers are exact opposites. So for this specific incident she was only able to kill Ati if she killed herself in the process. But I have a question, why didn't Ati just run? just try to get away, obviously Vin could have just followed him but why did he feel it his only option to push back? There are manifestations of the Shard's investiture that I assume are out of the person holding the power's influence (the formation of atium and the filling of the Well) But does it come down to will power? the Shardholder's ability to choose how much power exactly they put into their action? In HoA it talks about how Marsh's willpower was strong enough to resist Ruin's power, even for a brief moment. Could Odium use a similar tactic to what Vin did to Ati? The only reasons as to why he doesn't die when he does it are: 1) his will and desire to destroy is stronger than the other shard's ability to live or defend themselves 2) They are not exact opposites, which allows him to kill the Shardholder and not die as it isn't a perfect rebuff. Also, the other shards are invested into their worlds. But wasn't it said that killing other Shards leaves Odium weakened for a time, or at least he needs time to recover? that would be explained by the fact that the touching of the Shards still hurts him, but his will to destroy gives him the edge he needs. Also, it is said that he was a bad guy before he had the Shard, which would explain why he has such a strong will to destroy. Strong enough to overpower other Shardholders' will to live
  9. Does tin give one the ability to see the allomantic lines better? I don't see how that would be the case seeing how it's based off the size/density of the piece of metal in question. However... Inquisitors see the outline of things by seeing the smallest particles of metal, right? So it might be pretty hard to read as it would require picking out the individual lines pointing to the words. ahh, but doesn't Spook always say "Burning tin is not about what you hear, it's about what you can ignore" Perhaps tin doesn't enhance Marsh's ability to see in the dark, but seeing how there are probably a lot of lines pointing to this piece of metal, tin allows him to ignore the irrelevant lines in order to focus on those that point to the words. It does specifically mention it being dark though... But I don't think light has anything to do with it. Same thing happens in the first book when Kel attacks Keep Venture for Atium, he burns steel and pulls on the safe. That is one that has always bugged me. But it shows that a typo is a possible explanation for your question
  10. I had a thought over the weekend, thought I should ask, In the original trilogy, Vin does a few Duralumin powered soothing hits on people which leave them completely dull minded. If one was a bloodmaker, would tapping their metalminds do anything to help them if this happened? or would it not affect their mental state? Also, could one flare Tin to counter the effects somewhat? And just thinking about it now, would you be able to get the same dull-minded result from a tin savant? or would their senses be too acute to cause it?
  11. There is a moment in HoA where Harmony says "The Lord Ruler claimed to be both of Preservation and Ruin; which was inaccurate because he only touched one of the powers" Bands of Mourning speculation
  12. Hang on, the question was raised about why exactly Ruin couldn't use an Inquisitor to free him from his captivation. And the answer was obviously because someone with a Hemalurgic spike can't take the power of Preservation. Vin's earring is small enough that it doesn't kill her when it is taken out, but Ruin knew that Leras's mind was spent enough (from his trapping of Ruin) that he could more freely manipulate the minds of men. I don't think it was his Hemalurgy that allowed people to sense the well. In HoA, So I think it is Preservation's power/ influence (allomancy) that allows someone to sense the well, but a common factor in both Alendi and Vin was that Ruin manipulated them into thinking that they should give up the power... Whereas, Rashek, who I assume wasn't spiked at the time knew that it was imperative that they use the power rather than give it up. In which case, Preservation thought it more important to not release Ruin and was willing to let Alendi die... The first time, Ruin manipulated Alendi into releasing him, and Preservation managed to get Rashek to kill him and stop him from releasing Ruin. The second time, Ruin manipulated Vin, and Preservation got through to Sazed. However Ruin had Marsh at his disposal and was able to stop Sazed from stopping Vin. I think the Hemalurgy doesn't give them the ability to sense the Well, Preservation wanted someone to take the power so they could then take intake the Mists... But Ruin used his spikes to manipulate the 'chosen' people into setting him free in the process
  13. Indeed that's probably most likely to have happened. But like you said, any number of things could have happened. Perhaps because noblemen are supposed to kill their Skaa mistresses to prevent half-breeds and such, maybe her mother was beaten near death (and was assumed dead) following the conception, and she didn't fully recover and thus didn't have sufficient strength or had some sort of impediment preventing her from a smooth labour EDIT: It's often mentioned that unstable people are easier for Ruin to influence, perhaps a severe beating would have left her less mentally stable and helped Ruin influence her into killing Vin's sister.
  14. But wouldn't you still classify Odium as being the most prominent Evil that we know of in the Cosmere? Excluding the opposing force of Adonalsium (there is something like that isn't there?) WoR spoiler (just in case) just a thought
  15. Personally, I would really just like to see the reactions of the Kelsier's crew as they walk into the Elendel at this time. Obviously they're all dead (except Sazed of course) but it would be interesting how things would go down if they were all brought back to life somehow and they waltzed into Elendel. As historic and religious figures would the people of this time period accept their influence and rule? or would they expect them to mold to the modern society? Would people obey them? or would they find some way to denounce them once they saw them as people, not historic, legendary figures? Would people fight against them? I dunno