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  1. Because I forgot to cross him off. Fixed.
  2. LG64: Night 1 - A Bomb? Elkanah was lynched! He was a Crystal Knight Silimatic Engineer*. Vote Count Elkanah (6): Elandera, Experience, Joe, Kidpen, Sart, Xino Elandera (2): Elkanah, God King Sart (2): Coda, Striker Coda (1): Fifth Night 1 has begun and will end in 24 hours, on the 2nd of April at 6pm PDT. Have fun and don't forget your action! Player List Experience - Shard Straw - Straw Kidpen - Arthur Smedry A Joe in the Bush - Porona Candemic Coda - ? Striker - ? Kynedath - Bartholomew Prescot Elandera - Rainier Zillah - ? xinoehp512 - ? Ironfire - Liability Sart - ? Elkanah - Karen Crystal Knight Silimatic Engineer Fifth Scholar - Sergey Karjakin, Russian ambassador and secret adviser to the Secretary of Defense The God King - ? Shqueeves - ? *no, this is not an April Fools' joke.
  3. Nope! Sorry, we didn't catch that detail. Scans now come before kills and the therapist, so they are no longer blocked by them. Forty minutes for final votes, folks! Oh, and one more clarification: unless your action has a visible result (e.g. you getting a new PM or a scan result), you will not be informed whether it was successful or not. Sorry, but it's your own fault for putting in so many paradoxically-interacting roles.
  4. Nope. It's right there in "Lynch Mechanics". (Note: the OP of the signup thread is still not up to date. Use the doc linked in the OP of this thread.) Also, I've added an order of actions to that doc. Further, complex interactions will probably be handled on a case-by-case basis (i.e. I don't want to translate ~4 pages of spec doc discussion into something reasonable, but we have a general idea of the principles we'll follow if an edge case comes up).
  5. Yes. Prisoners will not be killed for their inability to create PMs. 50% of all lynch votes are required to kill; at least two votes on the leading candidate are required to lynch at all.
  6. Only a successful conversion action will prevent the Knights from converting the next night. This includes the pillars as well as any applicable roleblocks (yes, including the Smedry). ...yes, yes it does. Wilson and I did not in fact think about it, but those are indeed included now that we have.
  7. Ooh, that’s a fair question. Yes, I don’t think the role would make much sense otherwise. Also, minor revision (because we didn’t say what we meant the first time), Gossiper temporary PMs last a cycle, not a turn.
  8. The only alignment specific role is the Smedry, and yes.
  9. No lunch. It’s ten in the morning, for goodness’ sake! Also, I’m about to sleep and can’t be bothered right now, but I’d like to remind everyone that there are rules about encoding messages that can be found in General Rules. Please make sure you’re not breaking them.
  10. *sigh* That’s what I get for updating the rules on mobile. Fixed, thanks.
  11. @EXPERIENCE what format of game would you like to sign up for?
  12. Please note that the rules doc contains footnotes for clarification. If you're on mobile, you'll need to turn on 'Print layout' to see them. 1. It does - the Therapist cannot switch their own role with another's. 2. Yes, the Curator's roleblock works on faction actions. 3. To be clear, conversions are not restricted to odd-numbered nights - the rule is that there cannot be two conversions in a row. So if the Crystal Knights skipped N3, they'd be able to convert N4 and then not again till N6. 4. No. The player targeted by an Airplane Spoon is sent to jail at the end of that Night, and will remain there until the end of the next Night. 5. It will be announced in the writeup that you were caught putting on glasses. Nevermind! I can't read. A random player will receive a PM that you were caught wearing glasses. 6. Inhibitor's glass blocks the Smedry kill and negates the effect of any glass the target is currently using. 7. It degrades two cycles after its first use. If the Engineer wants to use it, they must spend a night action to put it on.
  13. Correct. All GM PMs should be sent out now, please let me know if you didn't get one.