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  1. LG49/AN3: Hour 10 - The Death of a King, Again Writeup will likely come tonight or tomorrow. Elhokar was killed! Venli was killed! The cycle will end at 11pm BST on October 24th.
  2. LG49/AN3: Hour 8.5 - With a Light That Was Black Thara watched Aesudan’s body fall with something like detached horror. There was something... had been something else, there. Wisps of dark smoke rose from the brightlady’s body, and Thara turned away at the sight. *** Yelig-nar felt the tiny mortals begin their preparations. Even a few Heralds - but broken, twisted, like sculptures that had been so worn away by the wind that they were barely recognisable. It waited impatiently to recoalesce. *** Thara brought paper and pencil to Brightlady Jasnah, trembling. Hoping. The fabrial beginning to take shape seemed a small thing to house such a terror - an Unmade. She shivered to even think the words. Unmade were the stuff of nightmares and stories, not of truth - but then, tonight was a nightmare in itself, she supposed. A fitting enough ending. *** The Unmade grinned, if that could be done without body, at their little device. How... quaint. It wasn’t quite ready to reform, but it was happy to play with its food first. So it brought its essence into visible form, a swirling darkness encompassing the entire palace. Let them try to make their precious fabrial in that. *** Thara nearly screamed at the sudden darkness, coming as she helped Brightness Ialai draw the glyphs. Her hands continued to move, fortunately - one did not interrupt glyph-writing, and her hands knew the work well enough that the darkness wasn’t too much of a hindrance. She started murmuring a prayer under her breath, trying to keep herself calm enough not to run screaming. Though, I might get away if I did. Maybe running away screaming is an option after all... But the others weren’t running. And she would get such a dressing down from the Master Servant if she did. Her lips quirked at the thought, out of place in the nightmare. Not much of a reason to hold against an Unmade from legend, true, but she supposed it would have to do. *** The Herald of Kings was walking into the deepest shadow, trying to distract it. But shadow could not be fought, and Yelig-nar only laughed. Almost... Now. *** The darkness disappeared. Thara flinched at the sudden renewal of normality - aside from the glyphs and the enormous fabrial in the centre of the room, it was almost as if the banquet had never stopped. Food still graced the tables, and the nobles decked in all their finery were only slightly out of place. Everyone looked wary, but a few smiles broke out. Was it gone? Was that too much to hope? Then Thara saw the tiny tendril of shadow drop to the floor. Almost unnoticeable, and far too close for her liking. She opened her mouth and started to point. “It-” The tendril darted faster than she could’ve imagined, under her dress, and wrapped around her bare leg. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t move. Thara panicked, struggling to move her lips even a twitch, to give some sign of the thing inside her. And oh Almighty, she could feel it. An oily swirling blackness, dripping through the layers of her mind, curling around her thoughts. Get out get out get out, she thought at it, panicking. It laughed. She fought it, or tried to. But it was too insubstantial - she could not hold it, or defend against it. It was like using a butterfly net to catch smoke. Scared, hardly daring to form the thought, she thought, Fine then. And she gave up. *** Yelig-nar smiled slowly, taking in its surroundings through his new eyes. Who to take out first? “Is it gone?” someone asked hopefully. Yelig-nar dug through its host’s memories to find the name. Liss, it thought, tasting the name on its tongue. She bore a Shardblade - she would be a worthy first death. But no. More fun to draw it out. Not as long as with its previous host - that had been fun for a while, but it’d grown bored of the shadows. A little while longer, however... “No,” came the reply. The King of Heralds, with iron certainty. “It is hidden among us.” “Indeed,” said Wit - interesting, that was a face it knew under different names than its host. “Have fun trying to find the horrifying monster out of children’s tales! Bo-ring. If you’ll excuse me, I need a nap.” He promptly curled up upon the enormous chull he’d somehow managed to bring inside, and for all appearances indeed went to sleep. No one was quite sure how to respond to that, so they ignored him. “Would we know, if we were possessed?” asked Thara/Yelig-nar in a quavering voice. Might as well add a bit of fuel to the fire. The Herald of Justice frowned. “Usually, yes,” he replied slowly, “but... it is not impossible that the host would not know, if Yelig-nar wished it.” That sent shivers through the crowd, as it had been meant to. Yelig-nar had no interest in such a ploy, of course, but it certainly could have hidden if it wished to. Then the Herald looked back at Thara. “Why do you ask, child?” Even more suspicious than I recall, Yelig-nar noted. Well. So be it. It raised Thara’s hand and waved, smiling. “Hi.” Everyone stood shocked for a moment. Before them stood an ordinary servant girl who had served many of them drinks that very evening. Smiling happily, as if she had no cares, and without a trace of madness on her face. And yet... “No, you cannot be an Unmade, child,” blustered Dalinar from the side. “Why would it pick such a poor choice? I mean - no offence meant, you’re very pretty, just - um - you don’t have a Shardblade or anything. Why not pick someone who knows how to fight? Someone like me or Tearim or even Adolin?” “Are you admitting to possession, Dalinar?” asked Navani, voice dangerously calm. “N-no,” he said. “I just think Unmade aren’t supposed to be that dumb!” Others turned toward Dalinar, though. Yelig-nar blinked. It had practically confessed. Humans were strange. The Heralds were still looking at it with suspicious eyes, but they weren’t attacking. Fine. The girl who had once been Thara started to sing, and to change. It was not a song in any human tongue, and was really rather difficult with human vocal chords. It was a song of death, terror, destruction. Eerie and haunting, it floated through the room easily, echoing and adding further layers to the keening. The Desolation comes, it meant. Flee or die. The Heralds stiffened. They had heard it before. Nale was first to react, his already-summoned Blade swinging for Thara’s arms. Not a lethal blow - Nale knew that would be no use. Yelig-nar would just move on. But restraint? Not perfect, but better than nothing. The body, though, had started to change. Yelig-nar had kept the changes internal until it started singing, but it stopped bothering. Amethyst crystals grew all over Thara’s body, forming a protective layer of sorts, and it reached out and batted the Blade aside easily. Jezrien was next, but he had no Blade and no magic. Yelig-nar had to do nothing more than kick him in the stomach, and the old man was on the floor puking. Nale swung again, and this time Thara darted under the blade, amethyst-sharpened nails scratching against the Herald’s throat, and completely past him to the easy prey. The fabrial confronted it, having been brought a bit forward while it sparred with Nale. It grinned, delighted that any such thing could be thought to stop an Unmade. Jasnah stood beside it, armed with living Shardblade. She swept at Thara, trying to get it closer to the fabrial. Instead, Yelig-nar dropped under the blade and up. It had forgotten Nale, though. The Herald’s Blade nearly took it in the back, still scraping off the amethyst at an angle when the Unmade dodged. Fenced in on three sides, the Unmade grinned and dodged around the fabrial until the device was between it and the two Shardbearers. Try having a go at me now, it thought. The keening continued, throughout. And because it was made by an Unmade, it was more than song: it carried terror, and images: a Weeping which never ceased, a tiny city trying to stave off a tide of Voidbringers that had no end, a circle of blades in stone. The Heralds all shivered at that last, of course. Yelig-nar used the opportunity to leap across a corner of the device towards Nale- *** Now, Thara thought, and put all her remaining will into a single, tiny nudge. *** -and its hand brushed the polestone. Yelig-nar screamed, song giving way to horror, as it felt itself sucked into the fabrial. Tendrils of dark smoke emerged, desperately seeking a host, anyone - but inexorably everything was sucked into the perfect gemstone. *** The amethyst-covered body of the servant girl fell to the floor, slowly. It was the only sound in the silence that had fallen when the screaming stopped. “Well,” said Navani. “That was... quite an experience.” Servants carefully moved the fabrial down to the palace vaults, where it was securely locked away. In the coming days, the preeminent scholars of the world would likely come together to study it and learn how to destroy it. But in the meantime, everyone agreed that it was best kept far, far away from anyone. And so all that remained were two amethyst-studded corpses. The Unmade has been destroyed! (Or disposed of, at least. Destroying a millenia-old spren is something I'm not quite sure how to accomplish with a fabrial and a few Shardblades, sorry.) The Turn will last until 11pm BST on Thursday, October 18th.
  3. Here you go. It's also in the General Rules thread, I believe. Nevermind. Since it's not officially endorsed, it isn't there.
  4. For anyone who isn't in Discord at the moment: The Anonymous Art Project Wilson has decided to call on the community to make new avatars for the anonymous accounts, drawn by anyone who cares to. This spreadsheet contains signups - if you want to make something that already has someone making it, go ahead, and we'll rotate it in eventually (probably on a yearly basis), though ideally we'd have at least one of every animal first. When you're done, PM them to Wilson and she'll make sure they get put in.
  5. I apologise to everyone for going inactive this game. It was a couple of factors - I was insanely stressed and busy for a couple of weeks, which started the inactivity off, and I really disliked my win condition in the end. It would've slowed the game down (particularly with the Princess dying so early, but I'd point out that there's absolutely no guarantee that that kill would've happened every cycle - vig kills often don't - so even then it could've been a major problem) and made the inactivity even worse. I intended to keep playing regardless and ignore my win condition, but it got to the point where this game was stressful instead of fun and I couldn't afford that. Hopefully that won't happen again, and I did enjoy the bit of the game when I was playing, so thank you to everyone for that.
  6. Posting mostly to say I'll be significantly more active this weekend, and that it's been a difficult week. I'll also, unfortunately, have to start raising people from the dead if I want to keep my win condition up. Which isn't terribly helpful for a game that already appears to be having inactivity problems. :/ I'll do my very best to drive discussion as well, to mitigate the effect I have on the game, and do apologise for the absence these past few days.
  7. Currently in Yosemite with very little internet, so likely won't post for another 24 hours or so. I have more to say, but as I don't have much time I'll just go with: elims, I'd love an explanation, because I'm somewhat irritated and rather confused about your actions.
  8. My vote on you, and the further discussion, is what I was referring to. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
  9. @Elenion, Short answer is that I haven't been looking closely at HH and his reasoning. Longer answer is that I'm rather sceptical of bandwagon-positioning reasoning as a rule, and really wish that getting data on every vote ever cast wouldn't take hundreds of hours. I'll go back and look at his reasoning, as I didn't look carefully at that, but my vote is staying on Eternum for now (also partly because even if I find HH suspicious, Eternum should answer as well). @Cadmium Compounder, I'm female, by the way.
  10. I've got a lot of thoughts on this post! It seems on balance village, somewhat flip-floppy, and in general an excellent post for a first-game player. (bolded numbers are mine, clearly) 1. Why do you say that Araris wasn't worth the lynch? Clearly his role is unfortunate, but with only the evidence from Cycle 1, why was his lynch not worth it? 2. First flip flop! You imply Len was illogical because Bugsy wasn't suspicious (which I disagree with, because Len clearly found him suspicious at that point even if you didn't), then give Len's point for him and end up saying Len's vote 'does seem to be based on some logic'. 3. As has been noted, Len is always aggressive. I will agree that last cycle has me reading very slightly village on him, though. 4. This isn't exactly a flip flop, but it's close. It feels like you're casting suspicion on Len without appearing to - you implicate him in something, and then go 'but that couldn't possibly be true'. Why bring it up in the first place, then? It doesn't help your point, and it makes me think you're looking for reasons Len could be suspicious rather listing out the reasons you have. 5. I don't think Len was taking a side just because he preferred Araris - I'm fairly sure that Bugsy was in fact his biggest suspicion. It being Day 1, 'biggest suspicion' is still pretty small, but it got discussion going, and that's what matters. 5a. By the way, lamenting the loss of a good player overmuch is actually one of the traditional elim tells. 5b. Also, yesterday wasn't heated at all, in my opinion - it was a few people debating, all of whom enjoy debate (speaking of which, @Bugsy, I could really hear the MUN in your voice). I was never worried about it escalating further. Overall, I'm not sure I see a single place where you actually lay out the reasoning for your claim that Len is the most suspicious of the active players. Your first and second paragraph mildly defend him, the third outright says you can't see elim!Len being so careless, the fourth paragraph doesn't really give much opinion either way, and the fifth provides a perfectly reasonable explanation for him switching back to being "regular" (though, as I mentioned above, that's just a pretty normal thing). Why is he actually suspicioius? I'm going to split this post up so it's not quite so hard to read... 1. I think this unlikely - it doesn't feel like bait at all, and isn't something I would normally comment on. It honestly felt exactly normal for anyone D1, regardless of alignment, to me. 2. As you note, this is highly unlikely. I'm confused about the negative light bit, though - why does the spiralling out of control imply he's evil, in any way? He wasn't the one spiralling it, and I don't think it benefits elim!Bugsy in any way for that spiralling to occur. 3. I'm confused again. Maybe you're assuming the elims knew Araris' role and were specifically trying to drag him down? Because without that assumption, they have no particular reason to want him dead over anyone else, nor to escalate. Yes. Not everyone, but I used to do so a lot, singificantly more neutrally than Doc currently is. Doesn't mean it's helpful to the village, though. It's good for individual players to make them harder to catch when evil, but isn't so great for other villagers trying to figure out who's evil. 1. No, not in general. Rand provided a fine explanation for why he didn't get too involved last cycle, but generally there's no point in sitting back during the first cycle - we need to generate discussion, and just letting a lynch happen because it has to is exactly the opposite of what generates discussion. 1a. And we did get a lot out of arguing it, I'll note. People are already starting to use that information this cycle. It's unfortunate that Buttercup was the one to die, sure, but we actually created discussion and that's a very good thing. 2. This is a good point! I meant to bring this up regardless, because it's important to remember: just because Rand (or any other player, but particularly Rand) is very good, that does not mean everything he says is automatically NAI, nor should he be assumed village. Both of those are potentially wrong and definitely dangerous assumptions. I caught myself reading him as village, as well, and have forced it back to a firm neutral because I don't think anything he's said merits the village read I had. (this is the response to my vote on Eternum, for context) 1. I disagree - if an active player tried to cast suspicion on all three of the main players last cycle, I'd be just as suspicious as of Eternum doing it, and I'm not sure why you think otherwise. 2. Fifth already said this succinctly, but I strongly disagree here. Progression of thought is one of the more difficult things for elims to fake because it's something they don't have. Villagers will reevaluate (hopefully) and move on to different suspicions because they don't know who's evil. Eliminators do, and so don't care so much who they cast suspicion on, so don't have reason to change. Someone is far more likely to be changing their opinion than 'calculatedly revealing pieces of a plan over time' - people who try to do things like that tend to end up overcomplicating things and dying, in my experience. If you're consciously thinking 'time to manipulate someone to follow my master plan', balance of probability is that you will not succeed. 3. Ooh, another flip flop! You say progression of thought condemns him more and then immediately say you don't think he's evil. Because he would back away after wavering like that, you say - could you provide evidence that he hasn't done so? I don't really understand why you think he's not evil given what you've said. 4. Disagreed. I probably would have taken as solid a stance as any of the others on D1 had I been around. That doesn't mean I'd have actually been certain, but it's a lot less useful to put on an uncertain vote that you drop as soon as the other says anything, which an elim won't feel any pressure about. Being certain gets a lot more reactions. (See: Meta, in earlier games. He would do this a lot, and was very good at aggressively pushing on someone for the smallest thing, just to see what people would do.) 5. I have problems with that on two points. First, you say that galvanising discussion with votes didn't do us much good last time, with which I strongly disagree. We got discussion, which we're already analysing. You may not have seen other games with bad D1s, but some games have a D1 that was like ours was before that discussion got started - a few random poke votes, none with any intent to kill behind them, and nothing really... happens. And then someone dies, basically at random. That's not what we got here, and that's worth an awful lot. So galvanising discussion definitely turned out well, in my opinion. Secondly, as I mentioned above, voting puts pressure on people. If you politely discuss who you'll vote for for most of the cycle without actually voting, elims won't feel in any danger of being lynched, and we'll get less information out of them. It's also a lot easier for them to hide if everyone is only voicing soft suspicions and not actually putting down votes to back them up. Waiting on voting creates less discussion and just makes things easier for the elims (and were this not your first game I might vote on you for that suggestion). That was my intention, yes. Though for all I know the elims will kill me anyway, given that they killed Roadwalker. I'm not sure why they'd do either, given in my opinion Max help the eliminators more (which is partly why I'm still acting as a villager), but... their choice, not mine. Well, ish. That's only six games, as I haven't been playing much recently, and of those, one was village-but-inactive, one was evil, one faction, and two neutral. So I haven't really been evil a lot, just not-good. (And greatly enjoyed that, except for the fact that I didn't know how to act village in LG43 and got caught immediately by Orlok. Oops.) I mostly covered this earlier, but will reiterate a bit: Yes, we're going to have more mislynches. That's an unfortunate fact of SE. But the price of being willing to vote to kill is worth it, because that what really helps. I fully intend to lynch Eternum this cycle, unless he convinces me he's village or I find someone more suspicious. Without him having a reason to care about my suspicion - a vote with intent to kill - I won't get nearly as much information from him or anyone else. (this is from the next post down, but my multiquote got messed up so it's in a blank quotebox anyway) One more thing on this, and then moving on. There's now actual evidence - yes, exactly. And people are using it. If there's actual evidence, why do you think we shouldn't be voting anymore? Good question. I don't know. Maybe, if I make a deal with one side or another. Maybe, if I want to try to keep the game as balanced as possible so it comes down to the wire, because that sort of game is fun. Maybe I'll start giving pills to people? But alternatively, maybe not, if the game feels like it's been dragging on forever. Basically, I'll use my judgement when we get there, but don't know yet. The only time I would lie is if a) I was evil, b. my team was already in contact with Max who had agreed not to claim, and c) I was a better player than I currently am. It's the sort of gambit I might have tried under those specific circumstances a couple years ago, but not now, and I'm not sure even then it'd be worth it. (I guess I could also claim as a villager to cover for the reasl Max if I were in contact with them, which I won't confirm or deny.) That took too long. >> I'll be back in several hours once work is done. Elenta wandered through the castle gates, And hoped that she would not be too much late.
  11. Thoughts as I read through: @Araris Valerian, I know you’re dead now, but that first piece of RP you did probably made me laugh hardest out of anything that turn. Thanks for that. @Steeldancer, questions on win conditions. So, say the Spaniard kills the Six Fingered Man mostly dead and then he’s revived. You say this counts towards his win condition but he won’t win until he actually dies - what happens at that point, once the Spaniard does win? Is he removed? Does the game end? Does he just sort of sit around? I’ve got no read on Len and a mild village read on Bugsy, because I can see the argument for initial suspicion, but think his defence is very villagery (though I do disagree that elims always want to avoid casting the first suspicion, because IKYKs and differing playstlyles). It’s clear responding to exact points. Agreed with Fifth, basically. Given Araris’ explanatory post referenced intent to kill, obligatory LG12 Post Reference (which sometime should probably written up somewhere more useful, at this point...). Anyone who hasn’t read that yet should. Vague suspicion on Eternum for this post and this one. Ish. Reading them over again, they're not so bad as I initally thought (as they do show progression of thought), but within the three he places suspicion on all three major suspects of yesterday. It reads as trying to cast suspicion, realising that suspicion is infeasible, and reaching for a different easy target. Eternum. Also, by the way, I'm Miracle Max. I didn't claim yesterday, because that was the only Day I could be lynched and guaranteed dead, which some people would definitely be in favour of for not prolonging the game and/or making the village's job harder and/or D1 I'd be a relatively easy lynch. But now I have to be killed three times, which is really not worth it for either team in my opinion (and if you disagree, then... fine? I guess?). (Also, I wrote a poem and couldn't not share it.) So, I will be resurrecting each cycle after this one (keeping a Pill so that I do have that guarantee of protection). I have to, if I want to fulfill my win condition in any realistic amount of time - I won't use a Pill till Cycle 3, and then need to resurrect 6 people. I can't really afford to skip cycles. I don't think it's fair to the eliminators to only resurrect their kills, nor to the village to only resurrect lynchees (particularly as that'd kill discussion, which would be awful), so I've decided to flip a coin each cycle and resurrect based on that. I will not tell anyone ahead of time what I've flipped. On the subject of elims contacting me, I would have preferred to be village this game (the last time I was village for more than a day, and active, was literally over a year ago >>), so will be trying to find you through analysis just like a normal villager. So please don't contact me, or at most one of you, and ideally when someone's going to die. That said, I will not reveal any eliminator who has contacted me to the thread. @Sart, sorry for delaying the game; hopefully it will be fun enough for people that they don't mind. Oh! Also! Do not let this claim run the day cycle. Please discuss other things. Discussion is important, and if I accidentally kill it I will be displeased. Elenta was a maiden fair and bright A truly inconceivable good soul, She healed the sore and dying through the night, Uncaring of elim or village role. They called her Max - wherefore, she did not know, In truth, they thought Elenta was too lame Whilst Max had no more Miracles to show, At least with Max alliteration came. The day they stormed the palace she did dwell, With pills to make from crayon art she'd drawn. And had she named herself would she have fell So draw she did and waited for the dawn. But when it came the time for her to lie, She smiled and said she cared not if she died. I apologise for the quality, but it's late and iambic pentameter is hard. So Elenta is apparently a 7 year old who goes around healing people? With... crayon art?
  12. I exist! Sorry for not doing so for a while. I'll be at work until rollover (probably. If I'm lucky, I might have time beforehand), but will then read through everything and post something. @Doc12, lovely to see you in a game as well. @Mr Doctor, Elenta is currently an undecided character as yet, since I haven't sat down and thought out what I want. I'll probably decide based on what RP there's already been. Beyond that, PMs would be nice if anyone wants to spare one. Talk to you all in the next Day!
  13. Will probably not be around tonight, as I'm exhausted, but will likely be active a great deal tomorrow and the next day. Anyone interested in being RP partners?
  14. A few questions: 1. "Submissions for iocaine powder are required" - what happens if someone fails to submit an order? (Guessing death, but I'd like to make sure) 2. On a similar note, what's the timing on iocaine? If there's a tie at the end of the cycle, by what point are lynches required to have their powder action submitted? Is that revealed at the end of the Night, or? 3. What does someone being inactive for two cycles mean? Must they post in the thread? Does a doc count, or a PM, or the GM PM? Will exceptions be granted for people who inform you ahead of time that they'll be gone? 4. Are fashions only during Days, as the rules imply? 5. Does Buttercup block both of her target's actions, or only one?
  15. Hmm. I've finally decided that I should sign up. I don't promise to be all that active past the first couple days, but I'll be around, and it's been too long since I've played. Sorry for the late signup, Steel. I'll be Elenta.