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  1. MR38: Cycle 2 - A God’s Fall When all stories were told, Elrond asked, “Who should take the Ring, then? If this must be done - if the Ring must be destroyed - then only the strongest and bravest might hope to withstand it long enough to bring it to the Fire.” At first, the council members began nominating themselves, telling why they were of course the perfect person to bear the Ring, until Elrond shook his head. “Choose others,” he said. “If all only talk of themselves, then we shall get nowhere. Who of your fellows do you feel deserves this honor?” The discussion grew more interesting and more heated, then. Tinuial brought up Phellom - Elrond privately thought that the Elf would have difficulty holding onto the Ring should he be given it, but he would not go against the will of the Council should that be their choice. Aranmir and Yuriel were put forward as well, and each for their part seemed happy to take the burden. They seemed better choices than Phellom to Elrond, but still he hesitated to grant them that honor. Then the man in the black hat put forward Ulmo. Elrond had... been trying to ignore the presence of the Valar and his strange presence. If the god wished to speak, he would listen, but thus far he had seemed content to merely sit and watch. Within moments, Aranmir concurred, and even Phellom said he would put his support behind Ulmo rather than himself. The god himself said nothing, but the council agreed quickly: if any could bring the Ring to the Fire, a god more powerful even than Sauron would be the perfect choice. As the day grew into late afternoon, Elrond nodded. “Ulmo, then, shall be the first of the Fellowship. It is done.” But what they did not remember is that resistance to the Ring does not reside in power. For good reason had Elrond not volunteered himself - despite Astranwir’s suggestion - and if a mere Elf lord could wreak havoc with the Ring, a Valar... Elrond instructed Gwendolyn to keep the Ring for now, which was a pity, in Ulmo’s eyes. But soon enough he would be alone with the Fellowship, and when he took the Ring for himself and absorbed Sauron’s power with it, he would be greater than even Manwe and Varda’s might. For now, though, he had no further interest in who was selected. Stepping into a nearby fountain, Ulmo vanished from sight, content to merely listen until the Fellowship was complete. Stink was elected to the Fellowship! He was Corrupted! Vote Count Stink (3): Bard, Kas, Wibble Kas (2): Coda, Wonko Elbereth (1): Straw Aman (2): Rath, Striker Burnt (1): Fifth Cycle 2 has begun. It will end in 47 hours at 7am Eastern Time. Player List
  2. As a reminder, the cycle will end in one hour.
  3. Yes, and I believe it’s currently tied. EDIT: and I can’t tell you how much I want to do a last minute vote switch but I don’t actually want to break the tie
  4. Okay, but why vote randomly? What do you think of Venture or Elandera? Or me, or anyone who’s talked?
  5. @Butt Ad Venture Who would you vote for were you not up for the lynch? You never finished your question. I also might vote on you had you not just tied the vote, which I’m happy with - I think it highly unlikely that I would draw such attention to myself with that vote on Elandera were I evil. I fully expect to be lynched at some point, and am fine with that / am just trying to make it so that it’s a useful lynch informationally. Not exactly an elim line of thinking.
  6. I agree that's a good thing to do; the only way for me to do that is to act as I normally do, which requires more time than I'm willing to put in. So instead, I'm causing as much alignment-indicative discussion as possible, and trusting others to analyze it. (I was also trying to make my own lynch alignment-indicative, but I think I haven't done so well at that.) I agree with everything Araris said about stab votes, btw. Part of the reason I voted as I did is because I think they shouldn't be restricted to just 'Araris' thing', they're a useful tool in general. I'm trying to achieve discussion. And I have, in my opinion. Vote might change, might not. Elandera's lynch would be informative enough for D1 that I'm okay with it; not sure what I think of the Venture lynch. Aaand turning off normal!El now. Let's kill someone!
  7. Fura’s right, I’m not trying to get lynched. But I don’t really care if I am. Aman, I would argue that my behavior is reasonably village efficient.
  8. The writeup is edited in! Also, enclosed below in a spoiler in case you’re lazy enough not to scroll up six posts.
  9. I mean, Jester roles (who win by being lynched) do exist occasionally, but I doubt I'd be quite this blatant about it.
  10. You don’t want to vote on me anymore? Give me one good reason Drake is more suspicious than me! (Or more.)
  11. I feel somewhat compelled to point out that I’m guessing Venture was trying to vote on me and got the two names mixed up in his head, given they both start with El. Thus why I said earlier he didn’t do it for a reason - it was just an accident.
  12. So, what do you think of Striker? How about Elandera?