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  1. Orr the person who put in the kill hit someone with Abrasion. Or someone hit the target with Tension. Not to mention that kill type won’t be distinguished, so if someone uses Division that night and one of the kills is blocked, no one except the elims and the kill role would even know. Both situations create plenty of false positives, is my point, and I don’t think Transportation is worse than Adhesion in that respect. If you prewrote a post and found out you were evil, would you change it? Do you think there were any bad strategies in Gears’ analysis? Why would it be a better idea to bring up bad strategies than to try to seem village and helpful - ie if there were bad ideas in there wouldn’t they be caught anyway, and all Gears would get is a lot more suspicion? Re: pokevotes: (feel free to ignore this; Mage is entirely correct that it’s a pretty NAI topic but I’m going to voice my opinions anyway because apparently that’s just how I am ) It’s not a particularly new debate, it’s just that it used to be subsumed into the “do we have a d1 lynch” debate, and after that it was basically Araris arguing against them and no one else. Which made it less a debate and more a “what the heck is Araris doing and is it suspicious?” thing, which was very sad. It’s interesting to know that votes actually motivate you to post! I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that yet. Is that true for poke votes before you’ve even posted at all, too? Because I can see it later in the game, certainly, but I still struggle to see someone look at the thread for the first time and then just decide not to post, whether or not they have a vote on them. (And I’m not going to go on more about this but I also very much think that poke votes of that kind are way less useful and give the elims the ability to hide behind not having opinions or doing anything risky like being suspicious. Will expand on that only if asked.) So you like role analysis when it’s directed at how the village can use them, but not general role analysis. Which would you say Gears’ falls into? I like this. Feels extremely village. I don’t necessarily agree - there are times when an elim might be more likely to ask about something in their doc but I don’t think this was one of those times - but it’s a really natural progression of thought. @Kynedath what’s your conclusion on Matrim, then? You were suspicious of him and then trusted him - did those equal out into a neutral read? Are you leaning village on him? My vote is staying where it is for the moment, since Matrim’s explanation wasn’t especially convincing to me. There isn’t any further information I can get there, but... @Matrim's Dice what do you think of Gears being the top lynch candidate right now? What’s your own read on him?
  2. @Araris Valerian what do you think of Ventyl’s claim? Excellent. I don’t know. I would definitely recommend telling someone through PMs, because that information could be extremely useful later, and probably confronting the person to see what they have to say. Whether to do it in thread I think is trickier, and ideally you’d have the redirecter in contact with a scanner to tie things up nicely without the possibility of revealing a village kill role. But mostly I think it depends on how much people end up using their roleblocks and redirects. If they’re relatively rare (which I’d... probably recommend? Chaos is bad for the village, generally) (would appreciate further thoughts on that), then it’s absolutely worth bringing up in thread - there’s still chance for it to be wrong, but a high enough chance to catch an elim that I think it’s worth it. But if redirects and roleblocks are flying around like confetti, the information is much less useful (depending on the game state, too - eg if there are six players left, definitely claim and mechanically you may well be able to work out what happened; that’s a lot harder with 24). Wait, what? Why? @Frozen Mint get in here
  3. not clear to almost everyone in this thread at least no one is arguing about whether to lynch at all very very very overexcited villager - haven't been village in six months and i have missed this even more than expected (!!!). expect this level of activity / enthusiasm to continue for.... a while. also is not the whole thing about prewritten posts that they give no indication towards alignment? like sure analysis written after is more useful to the village but that is a meta argument against prewritten posts and not really indicative of gears either way. unless you think he would have chosen whether or not to post it based on his alignment? also, what do you think about matrim atm? Nothing will happen if you just wait and see though. Vote me! See what people say about it! Discussion is your friend, if you're village, and votes cause so much more discussion and so much more productive discussion than just sitting around waiting for things to happen. You say it so much better in so many fewer words.
  4. Straw put my role breakdown in the quicklinks! I’m honored. Hm. Not sure what I think about that yet. Do you think that post made him more likely to be village or evil?
  5. 1. No. 2. Are you sure there’s a good reason for them? Or is it just that it’s much easier to vote on someone who’s not here yet than someone who’s already around and might argue back? 3. So what you’re saying then is that poke votes aren’t really about whether someone’s posted, they’re just “vote a person basically at random and don’t take your vote off until you’re satisfied” which is, notably, exactly what I do. I just do it within the pool of people already here because that makes way more discussion because the person is already around to respond and talk! 4. Only sort of agreed here - I think it’s more likely than Gears might think, but I will note that like 7/10 surges are roleblocks or redirects of some sort. Which. Is a lot. So there’s more uncertainty this game than usual.
  6. *squints* I mean. I said people shouldn’t claim but oookay. I... struggle to see this from an elim perspective at the moment, anyone else have thoughts there? Ventyl. Matrim for that latest post - not because it’s wrong, Ventyl could be doing a very clever elim play right now, but. It seems much more likely to be village, and that warning feels a bit like damage control from an elim trying to prevent a trust circle from happening / keep Ventyl from looking quite as good as he does now.
  7. Nah, I’d still want you to be helpful. Helpful is good! That is the theory behind poke votes, yes. I happen to be of the opinion that poke votes aren’t in fact useful whatsoever, as briefly laid out by the questions to Striker in my previous post. If I decided to vote you before you posted, would that make you any more likely or unlikely to post? Would you feel pressure from a single vote that I’d probably take off as soon as you posted? Also, voting on people who are around to discuss and talk is way more useful and interesting and discussion is my primary win condition. I agree there’s uncertainty in both cases, but I still think a redirect is much more informative. @Straw you probably clarified this but I’m lazy, if you redirect someone who took no action are you told that it’s a success or a failure or? Inexperience is fine! I like new opinions! And I agree completely - voting someone for no purpose is meaningless, because there’s nothing for the person in question to respond to nor do they feel particularly pressured by a vote that isn’t out there with intent to lynch. (does someone want to pull up Kas’ LG12 post that’s vaguely relevant here) (I should just rewrite a nicer version of that shouldn’t I) And just as importantly, it doesn’t create any discussion! Because you’re right, talking is exactly how we get suspicions, but we need some way to create that discussion and make it alignment-indicative (like roles discussion generally isn’t). Which is why my votes do have intent to lynch, and are as non-random as possible. Ventyl now has two votes on him! What do people think about that? Do people start a counterwagon? Do they frown disapprovingly at me and Araris? Regardless of what happens, he’s now actually under pressure and that is what creates alignment indicative discussion! EDIT: and @Ventyl, it’s a nice acronym but why do you care what roles other people have. What makes you think that none of the role discussion isn’t indicative, and why is that something you’re thinking about?
  8. I’m still on mobile but multiquotes here I cooome @Ashbringer To be honest I would probably use Illumination over Progression most times, because village protection roles very rarely make a difference. Over alignment scans...... ehhhh. I personally would probably use illumination at least half the time, but that’s mainly because of my personal dislike of alignment scans (I would go for Surges more though probably?) (and also if I were a whichever-has-scans in this particular game, I would do absolutely no alignment scans because I’m village and ridiculously excited about it and I’m determined to solve this game the old fashioned way ). What about the value of catching an eliminator? A roleblocker can be much less certain about such things. 1. I’m assuming RI stands for role indicative? In which case, why do you care? 2. Could you explain why you think Abrasion should be used at that particular time? No one should need a reason to get on and say something beyond “oh look the game started!” - would you have posted any faster if you saw you had a vote on you? How many people read the thread and then just don’t bother to post unless they have a vote in them? Also, Straw already tagged everyone in his opening post. Don’t need a vote in order to tag people. How will we get mild suspicions if not by voting? Also, I’ve got one mild suspicion already! TJ Shade. Ventyl. wheeeeeeeeeeeeee this is fun
  9. @Gears why do you think redirecting the kill is less useful than blocking it? @Gears part 2 (I’m not multiquoting because mobile is a pain y’all) I’m doing it because for instance your response makes me think you’re more likely to be good. @StrikerEZ no group PMs, Radiants can’t be squired (both of those are in the clarifications doc I think). And yes, it’s entirely possible that people with Illumination are all in the top or bottom half of the player list but I don’t have anything better sorry. Also yeah there are almost definitely - hm does Progression have any limits on it in terms of not twice in a row or whatever? I guess the charges thing makes up for that... anyway there are almost definitely not enough protects to cover if you claim so Please Do Not. @Ashbringer what would be the point of voting on someone who hasn’t shown up yet?
  10. Hello!!! Was expecting this game to start in three hours but oh well. Rushing around doing stuff atm but I have things to say anyway! Contributing to discussion: 1. TJ Shade 2. I’ve thought about how to coordinate Illumination but best I can come up with is top / bottom half of the player list use it N1/2 and N2/3, but once there’s a squire they’ll be able to coordinate with their radiant and get PMs all the time 3. BE CAREFUL ABOUT CLAIMING. Including if you’re completely vanilla There are probably fewer people with roles in this game than usual, because of how ridiculously powerful the roles are, and so the elims will very much want to kill all the village roles as soon as possible I’m not going to say you should never claim but please be extremely careful. 4. I feel like people should squire maybe cycles 2-3? Depending on how likely you think you are to die and all that, but remember that if you hit a KR you might fail to squire and have to try again. And hitting an elim (I will be spelling them as Diagrammist btw I don’t care what Aonar and whoever said) is obviously not ideal, but it’s still useful to see what they do with it and you’ll be able to know their actions and perhaps get some alignment information about them from that. Bloop!
  11. Thank you for that clarification I was indeed going to say something until I read it Signing up as uhhh ...actually y'know what, I'm just going to sign up as El in honor of Kassien's apprentice in AG2, and I'll take the Apothecary role.
  12. So, here's a thing for the convenience of everyone involved because I can already tell this is going to be a pain: It's also here, if you prefer a spreadsheet format. I don't know about anyone else but I certainly expect to use this ~every 3 minutes for most of this game so I figured I might as well share.
  13. Yeah, fixing General Rules is a work in progress. There will definitely be a thread (General Rules or separate) titled/subtitled START HERE, because we definitely need it.
  14. Yes and yes; I'm guessing 48/24 but Straw will have to confirm. On a similar housekeeping note, is there a vote minimum? What happens on ties? EDIT: @Kynedath we've had literal panda and stick characters, and much weirder names. Topaz does way less to break immersion than having to write a horse-shaped robot named UNIT 002. You're good.
  15. Signing up as Elle!