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  1. Oh, yeah. I forgot about this. A bunch of stuff I didn't expect has come up recently, and I'm much more busy than I thought I was. I'd love a spectator doc, though.
  2. Puppers are cute.
  3. 3.141592653589
  4. A bit late, but: That shows Kidpen's last spoiler box.
  5. I would assume that the bird has to be from First of the Sun, as per this WoB: It's lucky enough that a bird from a totally different environment, totally different place, would have similar enough gut flora for Sak to work- the birds on the mainland and the ones on Patji must of had common ancestors at some point. I would find it incredibly unlikely that a bird from any other planet (even a bird from somewhere distant on First of the Sun may not be able to become Aviar, I'd think) would have compatible gut flora to this incredibly specific, unique, isolated, magical system by happenstance. Which would also mean a no to the Aviar axehound, unfortunately. Hope this helps!
  6. That's nothing. You should see the spoiler pyramids we've created in the TUBA PM.
  7. Old. Cytonics extend one's lifespan to an unknown- but obviously significant -degree.
  8. Mine would be 'Scud'. Fits with my name, too! I mean, c'mon. It's just too scudding perfect of a callsign to pass up.
  9. It's posts like this that tempt me to create alt accounts for maximum upvoting power.
  10. That's... not healthy. You need to sleep, Bit. Otherwise your generic emoji will be depicting tears of sadness and confusion instead of tears of joy and... Inklingsprensuffering?
  11. You know you're a Sanderfan when you make a deal with someone who really likes The Hunger Games to reread the first book if they read Mistborn: FE.
  12. She's back. And she's brought the ponies.
  13. Nothing in the spoiler tag? Nothing in the spoiler tag?!?! She was giving us a mysterious insight into the delightfully intellectual and hilarious Book of Endless Pages. Word to the wise, however. Ishar was right to put it into spoilers. That second paragraph practically spoils the whole book!
  14. I hate you. I hate you IhateyouIhateyouIhateyou. Take my upvote.