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  1. So Stormlight plus Lifelight = Towerlight. Stormlight+Voidlight=Warlight. What would Lifelight+Voidlight create? We were throwing this around on Discord, and my thought was that it could be Passionlight. Wouldn't it be beautiful and ironic if Odium's biggest enemy on Roshar was exactly what was needed to finally and truly become Passion?
  2. Okay, was the Shard that Hoid was offered and turned down the Whimsy Shard? It sounds very like something that the other Vessels would think would fit him. But Hoid with the power and Intent of Whimsy would be so horrible for the Cosmere...
  3. Hey, Joy! FYI, Brandon has confirmed that Shallan's parents as presented are her biological parents.
  4. Even if Hoid was willing, I don't think Rayse would be. Rayse is willing to destroy the planet for a chance to kill Hoid, I don't think he'd cut a deal instead.
  5. I'd go with 3 and 4. I don't see Hoid being interested in anyone under 5000.
  6. Brandon's not ready to make it canon, but is leaning toward them snapping back to their full age, similar to atium.
  7. I admit, I had to do a triple take on the topic title.
  8. No, I'm saying that Ico transports humans often enough that he has a device to make water for them. Caravans don't have to be only land-vehicles. They can involve land vehicles and ships, on the same route!
  9. We saw several offworlders in Oathbringer, including Riino from Elantris, Vivenna (who even says she took a caravan, I think?). Plus the mist like spren, that are sapient, but aren't Radiant spren. Ico transports them often enough that he has a device that condenses water for them. We also only saw a very small part of Shadesmar--one city and a couple of ships. It would make more sense for the trade routes and caravans (and humans) to begin/end near Cultivation's perpendicularity, since that's where most of the transitions would happen.
  10. There are actually routes and caravans between Roshar and Nalthis.
  11. Brandon has consistently said Asian/Polynesian.
  12. I wasn't arguing against that? I was asking the OP if they meant Roshar instead of Scadrial, since Vasher has never been to the PR of Scadrial.
  13. Just a reminder that Alethi are dark tan with black hair and epicanthic folds. Ethnically, they would be something like a mix of Asian/Polynesian. We should try to find actors that fit their physical descriptions whenever possible (and it is very possible). For example Ken Watanabe or Donnie Yen or Manu Bennet or Salman Khan for Dalinar Alex Landi for Kaladin Sammo Hung for Sadeas Park Hye Min or Mirei Kiritani as Shallan Maggie Q as Jasnah David Bautista as Rock Jimmy Yang as Renarin Michelle Yeoh as Navani Nyle DiMarco as Adolin Tom Hiddleston or David Tennant as Hoid
  14. Do you mean Roshar? Because Brandon has said that Vasher has only been to the Physical Realm of Roshar and Nalthis. Nightblood would have been made less than 1000 years ago, so definitely after the Recreance. (WB takes place between SA and Mistborn Era 1, so within that 350 year period. In WB, the Manywar was about 300 years ago, and Nightblood was made a little bit before that. Assuming the maximum amount of time between Warbreaker and SA, it'd be somewhere around 750 or 800 years since Nightblood was created.)
  15. Investiture resists investiture, even if the investiture belongs to the same person. Honor+Cultivation's investiture would interfere with trying to store Preservation+Ruin's investiture. And living Plate is certainly going to be, well, living. It'd be like trying to store in something already alive.