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  1. Not sure which side this WoB helps, but it's an interesting and relevant one, I think.
  2. The power of a Shard can permeate a planetary system, so the magic on Ashyn could be H&C without them being bound there. They went to Roshar together and stayed there together, more or less. Odium came later, meddled enough to get humans to destroy Ashyn, then moved on to Roshar. Also, the planet they were first on is called Ashyn. Braize is the 3rd planet and was never inhabited by humans.
  3. Sorry to necro but I need to say two things. 1. Please make sure that you can receive emails at whatever email address you request access from. For example, I get a LOT of requests from a .k12 address. Those addresses do not allow responses from addresses outside of their domain, so I can't do anything with the request. 2. The coppermind has a better and more updated list, so that would be a better place to go anyway, at this point. Thanks!
  4. I can go with that. Also lmao
  5. Depends on what your goals are. Also, Harmony has access to future sight. He might have been able to see that Taravangian would be really important in the future. Also why am I being thanked in your signature?
  6. But it's the home of the biggest library on the planet, and scholars far and wide go there.
  7. Or he could have been Mrall for a long time, simply getting near to a ruler on Roshar.
  8. Not necessarily. There were still the honorspren that Honor had created, and the descendents of both them and the ones the SF created.
  9. We actually don't know how many he created originally, though my guess would be five (half of ten). All of them except for Syl died in the Recreance. The ten group was the second set that the SF created, and they're the ones that all the other honorspren are descended from.
  10. Because we're the 17th Shard, on Discord, we just worked it out--of Mentioned but Unnamed Mothers, we have 13 Cosmoms that are mentioned, but unnamed, to 1 Cosdad that is mentioned but unnamed. So yeah, Shallan's mother not having a name probably isn't significant. Living but nameless: 1) Sarene's mom Non Cosmere: Dead and nameless: 1) Shallan's mom 2) Raoden's mom 3) Vin's mom 4) Elend's mom 5) Siri and Vivenna's mom 6) [non-Cosmere] David's mom Unknown status and unnamed: 1) Steris's mom 2) Marasi's mom 3) Edwarn's wife 4) Lift's mom (her father is also unnamed, but also completely unmentioned) 5) Eshonai's mom 6) Spook's mom Thanks to some punny username for keeping track as we figured it out hahaha
  11. Because a lot of authors like to do the nameless dead mother thing, sadly. You can't name even 10 mothers of main characters in all of the Cosmere, even when you know the father's name, and can't name even 20 mothers, period. Sarene and Raoden both had nameless mothers, although Sarene's was alive. We don't get Vin and Reen's mother, or Wax, Steris, Marasi, Siri or Vivenna's, or the name of the mother of Ham's children. It was 3 books before we got Adolin and Renarin's mother's name. Main character mothers: Navani, Aesudan, Evi, Hesina, uhh... Mothers in general: Silence, Allriane (eventually), Beldre (eventually), Tindwyl, Daora...
  12. And this WoB confirms that the mother that Shallan killed was indeed her birth mother. So Shallan's parents were both human, thus, Shallan is also human.
  13. Iirc it was mentioned a little while back and the answer was that the personas sometimes bleed through each other.
  14. Pssst, this thread is three years old. Also, Steel is currently on his mission