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  1. We don't, but I wouldn't read too much into t hat answer. Technically, for instance, Dominion and Devotion aren't held by their original Vessels, because they're Splintered, and no one is holding them.
  2. It sounds like Brandon confirmed that the Unmade were Odium's collective equivalent to the Stormfather and the Nightwatcher.
  3. Roshar definitely existed before the Shattering, so that wouldn't be possible, sorry. No clue on what the compasses mean, though
  4. I'm not sure how that would work with the timeline, though. SfS is pretty far ahead in the cosmere timeline, iirc, and Ambition was killed before Odium got trapped on Roshar, so at least 6000-10,000 years ago. And Silence's grandmother was one of the first in the Forests, wasn't she? The Evil took over the Homeland just a few generations ago.
  5. Ahh I didn't catch those. I'm too stuck on the similarities to Hyperion and freecasting Being able to understand and hear the Krell communications was like learning the language of the living. And of course, seeing/hearing the call of the stars was like hearing the music of the spheres. And cytonic teleportation is so much like freecasting. And someone caught this on reading Hyperion today Both Krell and Grendel (the Beowulf story) mentioned in that line!
  6. Because they have some singer blood, so the fingernails are like carapace. Horneaters also have singer blood, and have extra mouth parts (teeth? teeth ridges?) to help them chew and eat shells. They might have some extra enzymes to help them digest too.
  7. Well we've known that Taln and Ash will get flashback books in the back five. Even so, just because they will have PoVs doesn't mean they'll survive to that point.
  8. I would guess that Frost can access the Spiritual Realm to a degree, or has informants. Have you read the Traveler exerpt?
  9. Or he has a Connection medallion.
  10. I think we went through that a little in SA by now, with people not sure what Taln was? Just that at this point in SA, we do know for sure that he is a Herald, as do the residents of Roshar.
  11. We don't know what the kandra's mission is, let alone Felt's mission. Saying he's there to observe Shards is speculation at best.
  12. Almost certainly.
  13. Agreeing with the others. "So-and-so is good people" is a pretty common slang.