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  1. Because we've seen the other Heralds and they haven't aged. Aging means dying, and dying means being returned to Damnation, which we know none of the Heralds other than Taln have done. Hoid drew accurate pictures of each of them, from memory. If they aged, those pictures wouldn't be accurate. As far as we've seen, Cognitive Shadows stapled to bodies don't age.
  2. But that's more ruthlessness, not paranoia. I mean, he lost a freaking leg to a whitespine. I don't think Kalak would go on a whitespine hunt in the first place (too paranoid) and wouldn't lose a leg permanently to it in the second place. And again, he's aged since Kaladin has seen him, which a Herald wouldn't do. Edit: Oh, I see we've discussed this before. We're probably not going to change each others minds this time either, so I'll just stop now We'll find out eventually!
  3. Sounds like it could be fun
  4. What makes you think that? Roshone has aged, has a son, has almost died, since he arrived at Hearthstone. He also doesn't exhibit paranoia or hypochondria, as Weltall mentions.
  5. I don't know that Nightblood would actually be able to devour them. There's the problem of actually hitting them in the first place, and in the second place, we don't know exactly how much investiture they contain, and whether they would overwhelm Nightblood before he could eat them. I would guess that Nightblood could probably chomp the Nightwatcher, but maybe not. The Stormfather, I don't think he'd be able to consume.
  6. seons

    Yes, the seons would be considered a type of spren. Spren is just a term for living investiture that wasn't incarnated (kinda-born), so seons, Cognitive Shadows, and the like, would be a type of spren. Also, FYI, instead of posting twice, what you want to do is hit the Edit link under the text of your post, if you have more thoughts to add
  7. From the prologue of WoR, I think it's clear that Jasnah saw Ivory for the first time at Gavilar's feast. Yes, it makes it easier. That's been RAFO'd alas.
  8. Nah, I don't think Hoid would have been interested in receiving the visions. He probably already knows (or could easily find out) what happened in them, if he wasn't already there in the first place! And receiving the visions would mean he was on the Bondsmith path, which would probably be an awkward situation for him. No one really knows what Hoid wants to accomplish. We haven't been given enough information. My personal guess is that he's trying to bring someone back from the Beyond, but given that's based on a couple lines of non-canon text, it's loose speculation at best.
  9. If he could hit them physically, he could annihilate them, certainly. He's far more powerful than a regular sprenBlade, and one of those killed a spren in OB.
  10. On Roshar, the light/dark eye thing isn't entirely natural. Darkeyes are unusually dark, and lighteyes are unusually light. That being said, there are real people with really dark blue eyes
  11. Yeah but he couldn't really use the power in that case. I suppose I meant, bad for everyone else
  12. Really, Kelsier and any Shard would be such a bad mix.
  13. Without being able to see it, it's hard to say. But Brandon's eyes are hazel and he says he'd be a darkeye.
  14. There're a couple other threads about it floating around, too