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  1. Thank you for saying it
  2. I don't think they have forms. There's just not enough singer blood there. Rock can just barely barely hear the Rhythms, which the singers can even in dullform. He might have like, a splinter of a gemheart, but his spiritweb just isn't close enough to singer to form that sort of bond with a spren.
  3. Which is why I said some are genetically closer to their singer ancestry and can see spren, while others who aren't as close, can't. I really don't think that swimming in a perpendicularity would grant any abilities. I mean, people were pretty saturated with investiture at Thaylen City and that didn't do anything to them. Perpendicularities are just high concentrations of investiture, that allow you to transition. I don't think it affects your SDNA just by swimming in it. Also, Rock never says that he swam in it.
  4. It's because Horneaters are human/singer hybrids. Some are genetically closer to singers, and so can see spren like singers can. Rock even mentions almost being able to hear the Rhythms.
  5. Venli said she'd spent time in mateform but no children resulted. Eshonai said her time in mateform was largely a disaster, so it doesn't sound like children were produced there, either.
  6. My SA books from Googleplay add up to around 45MB for all three. Sounds like something weird going on.
  7. Regardless, Ash usually destroys the face or the whole object, not just the eyes. So she doesn't have a propensity for eyes. Also, Shalash doesn't have a Shardblade (she mentions this in the Baxil interlude), and Liss obviously does. In addition, their physical descriptions don't match. Liss: Shalash: So Liss is plump and, given the lack of mention of her eyes, has the typical epicanthic fold. She has dark hair, but it's not stated to be black like an Alethi. Shalash is tall and lean, with Shin eyes. They are clearly different people.
  8. Depends on your definition of god
  9. Depends on what definition of "god" Brandon is referring to here. Returned are considered gods. Patji is considered a god, as are the other islands. So are the Reshi Isles. Honor was a god. So it could mean bodies of Returned, bodies of Vessels, bodies of greatshells...any number of things. Without that definition, it's basically impossible to say how significant this WoB is.
  10. Purelake or one of the non-greatshell Reshi Isles for me, I think. Sounds v ery relaxing. Except for their rules for homosexual relationships
  11. Because occupying a perpendicularity means you can control who can transition in and out of it. Which, from what we've seen in Shadesmar in OB, is important, since he's gotten the spren to report all sorts of things to him.
  12. Shards can lie, and you have to get them to swear a specific Oath if you expect them to be bound by it. Mistborn spoilers
  13. Is a good place to start
  14. They were watching her for various reasons. Probably to see if she would revive Pattern, to see if someone else should take Pattern's place, etc. One of them might have actually been Pattern. Then she starts to revive him, and also starts traveling to the Shattered Plains, so they didn't need to follow her as closely. Yes, They're attracted to people who are holding large deceptions.
  15. She can make observations over a number of things from the Cognitive Realm. Like, she knows that...Stormlight spoilers