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  1. The Fused could also heal, like the Radiants can, which makes killing them much harder. Warbreaker and SFS spoilers: A regular Shardblade would hurt them, but it seems like only a direct strike to the gemheart/Fused soul actually kills them, with a regular Shardblade. There's a theory that some of them are so crazy because they've been wounded by Shardblades so often that their spiritwebs are all messed up. Also, an entire army of battle hardened, experienced soldiers that learn from every mistake isn't something to laugh off, either.
  2. I think that'd be hilarious, but highly unlikely and not particularly useful.
  3. Brandon's confirmed that the section of the Diagram dealing with Renarin is blackened because of the interference from Renarin's visions, similar to how two atium burners will cancel each other out (or an atium and electrum burner)
  4. I think that second WoB is referring to the time dilation, myself.
  5. As others have said, we honestly don't know much about the Spiritual Realm. We know it exists, that it's time and location independent, that you can see possible futures and the past in it, that it's where (most) investiture dwells, so to speak, but that's about it. The Coppermind isn't really a place where people put speculation, unless it's pretty firm speculation and even then, it's marked. It's meant to be an encyclopedia of sorts, so it mostly only has concrete information.
  6. Well one of the theories about it has to be correct, so someone on this forum is correct. We just don't know which one.
  7. If he's in full control of the Shard, or even moderate control of the Shard, he can certainly present any face or form that he chooses. I mean, if you look at Endowment's letter to Hoid, she wasn't particularly interested in "Endowing" him with anything, either.
  8. People have figured out how to get some sort of time dilation effect to occur in the Cognitive Realm, and a lot of the non-immortal worldhoppers take advantage of it to skip over periods of time where they're not useful or interested in living through. We don't know exactly how or where it's done right now, though.
  9. I’m sure it’s theoretically possible, but I really really doubt that the spren would be willing to share. It’s effect would be essentially the same as bonding with an Honorblade and a windspren...some compounded strength maybe. But since that mostly depends on the strength of the bond, not a lot of difference.
  10. Devotion is meant to be a synonym for Love/Compassion. As in, the Shard is Love/Compassion but Brandon decided Devotion fit the feel/naming convention better.
  11. Sorry, I must have gotten confused. I thought you were saying that because Rayse believes he's Passion, he's managing to manifest that in his powers.
  12. It's a good theory, but Odium is actually hatred. This is confirmed by Frost, Syl, the Stormfather, and Brandon. We never see him manifest anything that would be passionate, only hatred and consuming void. Rayse is lying--to himself and to others--when he claims that he's Passion.
  13. Even if Rayse in-world believes it, doesn't mean he's right, and doesn't mean that his Shard is actually Passion while he holds it, though. Nothing he manifests has been passionate. It's all been hate or void.
  14. Nah, the Cryptic is the one that was trying to bond with Elhokar before he was killed.