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  1. @twenty second of the sun Very much the wrong forum to ask that. You'll probably want to hide or report it with a request to delete and repost in the Mistborn forum.
  2. It might be. My point was, we don't actually know what she prefers.
  3. Yeah she just doesn't like jam, not necessarily sweets in general.
  4. Yes, that's why Jasnah had to soulcast Shallan's blood multiple times, and why Shallan woke up in a hospital room. Shallan had eaten the bread (where the poison was) and hadn't eaten the antidote since it was gone. So she got poisoned and Jasnah had to fix her blood to save her.
  5. Jasnah thought the poison was in the jam, so she tried to Soulcast it away. Instead, she accidentally soulcast away the antidote, so eating it had no effect.
  6. Nightwatcher is a Splinter. It's highly doubtful that she'd be limited to the surge of Transformation when granting boons. She can straight up rewrite people and object's spiritwebs without intermediaries.
  7. Putting this here as a source Apple Ravioli: What would happen if you threw Nightblood into a perpendicularity? Brandon Sanderson: Bad things. Nightblood could collapse a perpendicularity. And separately: Brandon Sanderson: See, I like science, because you can be wrong with science. In SA4, you will have a character...a scientist..who appeared in the book we're talking about, talk about some of the things he got wrong.
  8. Remember that she gives what she thinks you should get, not what you asked for. But given that she's a Splinter, and apparently a very powerful one, I imagine she can mostly create things on the spot if she wants to.
  9. That might just mean that Cultivation could get it, not that she has it lying around. Like, I don't think the NIghtwatcher has a pile of cloth sitting in a cave somewhere in case someone else asks for some.
  10. I don't think so. We know where Nale, Ishar, Taln and Jezrien are/were. Kalak's the only one missing, and his insanity doesn't fit the beggar's version of insanity.
  11. Do you mean summon a dead Shardblade or form a Nahel bond with a spren? And I assume you mean the singers, not the humans?
  12. Honestly, if he were unopposed and wanted to, Honor could vaporize the planet all by himself, no Battar needed. Fueling Battar to do it would likely weaken him in the same way, so he either can do it and face the consequences without her, or he can't do it with or without her because he would be too weakened by it.
  13. the lord ruler

    Hmm, do you mean invisible or invincible?
  14. Fabrials work by stimulating spren, currently. I don't know that nicrosil-bursting would affect them at all.
  15. It would need someone who could burn it, which fabrials don't do. So probably not in that way.