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  1. I believe @Jofwu said that it still doesn't work? I've suggested it working like a telescoping rod before.
  2. A bit of a correction: Metal is not invested. It glows to Shardic sight because of the power trying to come through it. It's the key to accessing the investiture, rather than the investiture itself (except for god-metals). Also, I'm thinking the "spears" are the horseshoes being Pushed down as he jumps with them?
  3. Can open, worms everywhere.
  4. No.
  5. I think they could, but that it'd be a very difficult and risky process. There's two Shards mixed together in the Dor, so trying to control that is going to be pretty hard. And trying to would likely leave them open to a strike from any enemies that they have. And it'd likely take quite a while, making it even more risky for the Shard in question. So theoretically possible, practically, very difficult and unlikely.
  6. This is probably the best explanation we have so far.
  7. Jezrien and Ash are confirmed. Nale and Kalak are highly likely. I think anyone else being there is just best guesses, still.
  8. The Mistsnapped are at the lowest level it's possible to be and still be an Allomancer. Technically they were below the threshold and the mists added just enough so that they could be Allomancers. They might keep the power from diluting quite so much, but it's still far more dilute in Era 2 than in Era 1. Citation needed. Also, none of this disputes my point that there would be 39 generations between Wax and the original Mistborn, compared to Vin's 28.
  9. You're calculating it as if Wax was descended from a lerasium Mistborn, which he wasn't. He was descended from Breeze and Allriane, who were already reduced power Mistings. So Wax, if your numbers are correct, would actually be 39 generations removed from the original Mistborn.
  10. I don't believe he's said that all of the Heralds were present in the prologue, but that most of them had been mentioned or made an appearance somewhere in the book.
  11. In BoM, Allik says how long it's been since the Sovereign arrived, and how long that was since the Catacendre.
  12. Vin is actually stronger than Kelsier, because of her father being from a pure noble line. Elend, of course, is power powerful than she is, in terms of raw Allomancy, due to the lerasium.
  13. I don't recall the mists making her permanently stronger until the end of Hero of Ages. Do you have a specific scene or ability in mind? Also, have you finished Era 1?