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  1. We do see it with Lopen. We don't see it with Teft because we cut away just as he says them.
  2. Because TenSoon has his original two spikes, adding more to them doesn't harm him. If he were to remove one of his main spikes and try to use one OreSeur's, then he would have the same problems that ReLuur did, if you ask me.
  3. I personally think it's just because the Skybreakers are very regimented and don't allow their Squires to use Division until they have their own spren. For your second question: It's hard to say if Dalinar did or not, since he united the Realms right then
  4. I would say it's mostly a Physical change, with some Cognitive effects. The person is still who they are and can control themselves (like the one of the Five that is in mateform), but because of the physical shift (and different hormones/neurotransmitters) the personality changes as well.
  5. Wayne time travels in that he can make speed bubbles where he lives in an accelerated time compared to the rest of the universe. There is definitely not going to be time travel into the past.
  6. As you should be! We know you were just trying to get all the WoBs for yourself!
  7. Here's a great place to start, though he hasn't be able to update it recently
  8. GUYS! That IS the event page for the Oathbringer Signing! The event for TONIGHT is not changed! THIS is for tonight, November 16, for SKYWARD THIS was for November 21, for OATHBRINGER @Kurkistan @Volratho
  9. There are also individual signing threads in the Events and Signings forum, where you can post questions that you'd like answered, for people who are going and looking for questions.
  10. We don't, but I wouldn't read too much into t hat answer. Technically, for instance, Dominion and Devotion aren't held by their original Vessels, because they're Splintered, and no one is holding them.
  11. It sounds like Brandon confirmed that the Unmade were Odium's collective equivalent to the Stormfather and the Nightwatcher.
  12. Roshar definitely existed before the Shattering, so that wouldn't be possible, sorry. No clue on what the compasses mean, though
  13. I'm not sure how that would work with the timeline, though. SfS is pretty far ahead in the cosmere timeline, iirc, and Ambition was killed before Odium got trapped on Roshar, so at least 6000-10,000 years ago. And Silence's grandmother was one of the first in the Forests, wasn't she? The Evil took over the Homeland just a few generations ago.
  14. Nah, from WoBs on Arcanum.