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  1. This theory is pretty common, but it has some major problems with it. Hoid was at the Shattering, and it doesn't sound like he objected to it. He kind of thought it was necessary. He has a remnant of the weapon used to kill Adonalsium as part of him, keeping him immortal. He turned down a Shard. It'd be much easier to get pieces with the amount of power that a Shard has, than to go around sneaking trying to get little pieces. The amount of investiture he's getting from the different powers he's managed to get is minuscule compared to even one Shard, let along all 16. Him wanting to rebuild Adonalsium or even a mini-version just doesn't make any sense to me. It would be really weird for someone who wanted the Shattering to happen, and has part of what killed Adonalsium helping to keep him immortal, to want to bring back the thing that he wanted to kill, while he holds part of the thing that killed it. And reuniting all the Shards would be much easier if he had a Shard of his own, but he doesn't.
  2. You can hide the double posts or Report them to the mods, and they'll merge them for you (I already did that for you this time ) Also, if it seems like your post hasn't gone through, it's a good idea to refresh the page and see if the post went through anyway. A lot of times, it does! (Can you tell I have this problem often too?) Also, let me introduce you to our wiki, Most of what we know about the Cosmere is there, and a lot of the questions you're asking can be found there too The coppermind editors are really thorough and amazing!
  3. Here's everything we know about Hoid.
  4. Shardplate isn't indestructible like Shardblades are. They can be damaged with regular weapons, it just takes a lot more. So an Aon that creates a destructive or blasting force would be able to damage it. For Shardblades, it depends on your definition of Shardblade. An Invested sword? Sure, AonDor should be able to make one. An Invested sword that can cut on all three Realms, severs the soul and so forth? Maaayyybbeeeee. We don't know enough about it yet. It's also possible that seons could manifest as a type of Shardblade, but no idea what their powers would be, either.
  5. Yeah, I'd say so. It's just like losing your arm normally.
  6. Oh that scene. Later on in chapter 15, it says So to me, it's clear that he was placed there by either those ropes or different ones, earlier.
  7. Which scene are you referring to? The first time Siri sees the God-King, he's sitting in a chair by the fire. The first time he interacts with her, she was lying in the bed with her eyes closed.
  8. I want to pitch to Brandon a short story about Hoid, but to avoid spoilers for Dragonsteel, have it be from his new spren's perspective. As the spren gains sapience and acuity, its observations on Hoid's antics and comments and Truths would be amazing.
  9. Well, Brandon does, for one.
  10. I'm pretty sure that Nightblood would explode into bits before he managed to absorb all of the investiture of a Shard. There's just so much that it'd overwhelm him.
  11. We see the Pits in SoS, don't we? And they're completely clear of any crystals or geodes or any deposits whatsoever. Just empty cracks.
  12. The Heralds went to Honor and proposed the Oathpact, Cultivation and Odium weren't a part of it. The Honorblades are basically Splinters of Honor, given to the Heralds to help in their fight against the Fused. They only proposed the Oathpact because they couldn't fight the Fused, so the Fused existing (and Odium's arrival) has to predate the formation of the Oathpact. The Oathpact was also based on the binding of Odium, so it had to post-date that binding. Which makes sense, since Odium doesn't Invest. He wouldn't have created the Fused and all if he hadn't already been bound. Also, Honor and Cultivation came to Roshar together, because they were a couple. Cultivation wasn't on Braize. Odium also wasn't "on" Ashyn. He arrived there long enough to get them to destroy themselves, and then moved on to Roshar.
  13. I think that Turthwatchers had some ability to see things from far away. Distance viewing, basically, clairvoyance. So they could see what was really happening at various events and be able to tell the truth of it. They might have been able to see into the past as well. For instance, Shallan was able to see Yalb and the rest of the Wind's Pleasure crew making it to land, and able to see Shalash breaking a statue of herself.
  14. What about Sel and Threnody, then?
  15. Yeah that seems a bit unnecessarily complicated. A small spike, then swallow duralumin as usual. Having bits of metal injected into whichever body part, even for a short time, sounds like a really bad idea.