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  1. The times we see people pull out their own spikes, it was not lethal. Spook, Vin, and Yomen all removed their spikes without dying. It depends on where the spike is placed.
  2. So I think there's a couple of things mixed up here. The Oathpact involves the Heralds, not the Radiants. It was meant to bind the Fused to Braize. I don't know that they really anticipated the torture and breaking, since it had never been done before to their knowledge. And I don't think it'd be a good idea to reform it, because that would just start the cycle of Desolations over again. The Radiants abandoned their Oaths some 2000-2500 years after the Heralds broke the Oathpact. And the Radiants weren't binding or holding anything back. Other than, like, their spren and the surges and their personal Oaths, and the like. And also, there's my topic of reasons why it'd be a bad idea anyway
  3. No, but it'd sure be weird if the opposing side were responsible for the other side's champion to show up.
  4. Pretty sure in most contests like this, a time and date are agreed upon, and it's up to each side to make sure their champion appears. And if they don't appear, it's a forfeit.
  5. And honestly, if you have enough control of yourself to try to burn the spike out, you'd have enough control to pull the spike out. Which would be much faster and easier.,
  6. She uses a fabrial for the Regrowth, she doesn't use that surge herself.
  7. I mean, the only reason he could beat up Kelsier was that he wasn't actually hurting Kelsier. Any "pain" that Kelsier experienced was just his mind convinced that it should feel pain. If he'd managed to convince himself that he wasn't getting hurt, he wouldn't have been. So Hoid really didn't do any harm whatsoever to Kelsier.
  8. Kandra, even the First Generation, also aren't Cognitive Shadows. They're normal beings, but with a block between their Physical/Spiritual/Cognitive aspects. The spikes punch through that block so that they can be sapient.
  9. I doubt it. How would you "stamp" an atom, after all? Also, it's not the size of the change, it's the plausibility. Changing the would have to convince it that during its creation, however many billions of years ago, it ended up with a different number of protons, and that everything that had happened since then was different. Don't think that's going to be happening.
  10. I wouldn't count Spanky since we don't know anything about where he came from, and he went Beyond just after that. And yes, TLR and the others could have stuck around as Cognitive Shadows, but they didn't, so they're...not Cognitive Shadows.
  11. I wouldn't say that every planet would always have Cognitive Shadows. All of the ones we've seen have been deliberate (or at least willing) creations by the Shard. So some Shards not creating them and some Shards creating them works out. The only CS we've seen on Scadrial would be Kelsier, and that took some fast talking on his part. We have no idea what the process is for Threnody, other than it seems to involve something from Ambition dying nearby. Elantrians are not Cognitive Shadows, by the way. They never died. They were more in a state of suspended biological animation than anything else.
  12. It's not necessary. You can add your thoughts here or there, it works fine either way
  13. Sorry, I very much disagree. The Oathpact just binds the Fused to Braize. Since the Fused no longer return there after each death, the Oathpact is useless. There are a number of other reasons too, that I detail here:
  14. Cognitive...Anomaly.... *Adds about fifty questions to Starsight Signing list*