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  1. Have you read Secret History? It's part of AU, but you didn't mention it.
  2. I have to say, that question is almost certainly going to be a RAFO.
  3. I hadn't heard the theory before, myself. But please remember that RAFO can mean anything from "Oh that's a juicy secret" to "I want to see what happens when the fanbase gets ahold of this RAFO."
  4. I would say that they should stay in mateform during gestation and nursing, for the best effects. Mateform is specifically designed to make childbearing easier, it sounds like. The physiology and added fat of the female form makes for healthier offspring. Also, the physiological changes involved in changing forms would probably not be good for the fetus.
  5. As Cal said. Ico's father is a deadeye, and he says his daughter ran off chasing impossible dreams. And Timbre says that her grandfather was killed in the Recreance.
  6. It's because there doesn't really seem to be a pattern to the few lines that they know, so a line could be pretty much any shape. So you have to get the shape and the intent right at the same time. With an almost infinite number of shapes and an almost infinite number of intents, striking the right one is...well, almost infinitely hard
  7. Parlin and the events of Warbreaker take place before SA, and as Karger said, he was a contemporary of Vivenna. And we saw him very messily dead. Breath and Biochroma don't allow for self-healing at all. Sorry.
  8. They walked away from their Oaths, like the Radiants did. The Oathpact itself wasn't technically completely broken, but their individual Oath, the spirit of it, so to speak, certainly was.
  9. I said prelude, not prologue.
  10. The other 9 haven't been tortured in 4.5k years. They were fairly normal in the prelude. It's been since then that they went wacko.
  11. Here's one that talks about it a bit. Go to the link so that you can see the attached images:
  12. Do you mean they would heal to a stronger physical state? No, it's not desire for change, it's self-perception. If you truly believed, down to your soul, in a specific self-image, that's what you would heal to. Just wanting it, or seeing it as a goal, wouldn't be enough.
  13. The Coppermind is great for this stuff:
  14. All the Heralds are mad, yeah, and we shouldn't trust them very much. But, getting their stories and information from them, then mining it for useful data and taking all of it with a reasoned eye should still yield helpful information. They could be used to fill in gaps in knowledge for instance. I'm sure someone like Jasnah would be able to sort through information and judge its accuracy fairly well.