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  1. speculation

    I was wondering the same thing. i know Kandra aren't supposed to be able to use Allomancy, yet we see Bleeder do so via Hemlergy I'm not sure about Ferecumey, but MeLaan was able to use the medallions so. . . .? I have so often wished I could store story ideas and cool dreams this way. If I lived in the mistborn world I want this job. make coin movies.
  2. We have the first four in one book, I think it's the one published in England. The problem with that is they weren't as careful with the type setting so some of the jokes don't work. I can't wait to buy the new copies and see the inside artwork.
  3. I'm a Sanderson fan but I'm also a nice person. I'm a slower reader than my husband, so I let him read Calamity first. I'm a nice person. Hubby won't stop gasping and using the word 'epic'. I'm never being nice again.
  4. Oh my gosh yes, I've been suffering from this for years now. We should probably start a support group for some of these things. . . Oh wait, it's called 17th Shard.
  5. TBRTED (Too busy reading to eat dinner) and it's sister condition TBRTMD which is 'too busy reading to MAKE dinner' fatal cases of this condition can affect entire families. RSBB-T (Read Sanderson before bedtime) most common symptom; insomnia.
  6. Thank you. I have tissues of my own, but I am not rich. I would like to trade my toothbrush. I have very good teeth.
  7. What I would love to see is an allomancer who is addicted to gold or something, and because of that they are messed up emotionally sure, but they have also figured out surprising things they can do with it.
  8. And the best part about that is you can be satisfied that you figured something out, Yet still experience shock and awe when you realized that it wasn't the thing you were supposed to be figuring out.
  9. I agree, intimate and emotional, as he has also taken his mask off in respect to his dead comrades, and when dealing with is fellow captive crew members. It seems to me that revealing one's face isn't as much forbidden as simply very reserved. It seems a great sign of trust and respect since revealing your face lets the outside world see what you are really feeling.
  10. Don't forget bombs since it explodes when wet. Which begs the question, where can this stuff be mined? because if it can't get wet, you'd have to be careful with it.
  11. Hahha, MeLaan and Wayne were hilarious, but they're cute together. I was just glad that we got Wax and Steris. Trust Brandon Sanderson to solve a love triangle WITHOUT killing one of them off. I was like 'Thank you, thank you, thank you!' No lazy writing here!
  12. Based on the fact that David got a cookie message from him in the very end, I'm assuming he's alive. But I'm honestly not sure for how long. I mean, someone has to take care of him, and while all those people who pray to him might be wiling if the situation were explained to them, I don't think they'd manage to keep him safe from a determined rebellion or another epic. I'm rather worried about him personally.
  13. I had a horrifying several chapters where I suspected Steris. Especially since we saw her open up so much more when they go to the governor's party. Thus, I was relieved that we finally got a viewpoint from her, albeit a brief one. I figured that meant she was safe up until my husband had to ruin it for me by reminding me that the whole point of the Kandra is that they act and think like the person they are impersonating, so I was worried about Steris until Wayne finds out who it is and then it dawned on me.
  14. I recently read some psychology related materiel and there was a section about shadows' or 'shadow selves'. The idea being that everyone has a shadow -- a darker (though not necessarily evil) side of themselves that they keep masked or hidden from others. Your shadow might be the person you are when no one else is around, the person you are that isn't just the show you put on for other people. I thought this was especially appropriate for a book about Kandra. (No one jump on the spoiler train, it says it's about Kandra on the inside flaps of the book.)
  15. When I first started reading this post I was like 'No silly it says right in the book. . .. Oh. . . That actually makes sense.' I mean, we know the Cognitive Relm shows the things around the Soulcaster becuse Shallen goes to find her stick. You're theory makes a lot of sense.