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  1. Haha, so did I!
  2. wayne jokes

  3. Also, a group of Inquisitors is a murder. -- See Mistborn: Secret History. A group of jellyfish is called a Smack. A male donkey is called a Jack, and a female donkey is called a Jenny. A male rabbit can be either a Jack or a Buck, a female rabbit can be either a Jill or a Doe.
  4. Just looked at the Terris prophecies, and indeed it does! Does this refer to before Sazed ascended, or after? I don’t remember anytime he was literally called Discord before his ascension, so perhaps after? Very interesting...
  5. wayne jokes

    These are a few that I've enjoyed.
  6. I tend to agree with this. I don't necessarily think that the Shard will die if the planet gets destroyed.
  7. Cool idea! I’m behind on my Metallurgic Theory. How, exactly, would this allow Ruin to bring them into the cognitive realm?
  8. How'd you become an Arcanist in twenty posts?

    1. Todesengel


      Haha, seems strange, eh? I had just started helping Mestiv to code the Arcanum, then my wife had a baby and things got really crazy so I stopped doing anything Arcanum and 17h Shard related for a while. I’m finally back.

  9. I guess I’m not quite convinced that external pressure can change the Intent of a shard. But I suppose I could see that happening.
  10. @Invocation, I’m certainly not against the idea that he is having discordant tendencies. My mind might be changed, especially after finishing my reread of Era 2 (currently in Alloy of Law). From what I remember, however, I got the impression that his distractions aren’t from being discordant, but from external pressures. Not sure what those external pressures might be, but they are causing him a lot of undue stress. Once I get through my reread, perhaps I’ll have a better idea what those pressures might be. Or perhaps my mind will change, and I’ll agree that he is going more discordant.
  11. Nice WoB, @RShara!
  12. Thanks @Quantus for the WoB! Yeah, I’m not exactly sure how to take that quote. There is obviously Ruin’s influence involved, in more than just a “Ruin’s influence is in everything” sort of way. Got it. I agree that it would seem that Preservation’s influence should be slightly weaker than Ruin’s influence. Perhaps the bit of Atium that Marsh has is enough to counteract that difference? (Going out on a limb...) I think a Jekyll & Hyde deity would be a really cool idea, or even Harmony tending toward Discord, but I’m not getting that vibe from Harmony right now.
  13. Really? I was under the impression that Ruin and Preservation were equally powered before trapping Ruin. Unless you're referring to Preservation giving up some of its power to give Scadrians their humanity/ability to choose? Do you have the WoB for this? I vaguely recall seeing something like this, but I'm not sure if Brandon's WoB was explicitly stating that Nightblood was made out or encased in Atium. Or am I misunderstanding this statement?
  14. I know this has already been answered a lot, but I'd like to give my two cents. During my first read-through of the books, I waited until after BoM to read SH, and I was very glad I waited. There are some BoM moments that would have been utterly spoiled if I had read SH first. I am, however, doing a reread of the Mistborn books right now (SO AMAZING!!), and I finished Era 1 just a couple of days ago. I decided to pick up SH, so things would be fresh in my mind, and I was not disappointed. So, either way works, but I recommend BoM first, then SH. The exact same thing happened to me! Absolutely no recollection whatsoever of this event. It was nice to be surprised, even though the actual event was rather unpleasant for the characters...
  15. I don't know if we have a definite answer for why Kelsier could understand their language, but Kelsier himself has some musing in Secret History during the event. When Kelsier arrives at the Ire fortress, he discovers the conduit attached to the building, energizing the building itself. After experimenting on the fortress wall with his hand, he is immediately given an impression of an unfamiliar, far away, land (with striking green plants). This experience is something similar he has had with his staff, cloak, fire, etc, that he has picked up on his journey. He realizes that these stones aren't actual "stones, but the spirits of stones--like his spirit of a fire. They had been brought here and constructed into a building." He notices that his various items he picked up back in Scadrial have started to fade, or deteriorate, the farther away from Scadrial he went. These stones, though far away, don't show any signs of deteriorating. The more he walks around the fortress, the more comfortable, at home, and normal he feels. He encounters guards soon afterwards, and makes another connection after listening to them speaking to each other. TL;DR: I think it absolutely has to do with Connection. The Ire have somehow permeated Connection throughout their fortress to keep it and its occupants there and alive. This Connection also permeates Kelsier's "soul" and allows him to feel "at home" with the Ire, their planet, their people, their culture.