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  1. That sounds exactly like exponential decay to me. The charge would drop very quickly at first, but then lose charge less and less with time. Stormlight seems to work similarly- Kal can hold in a small amount for a very long time, but larger amounts dissipate quickly.
  2. I'd rather that the color dictated the physical properties of the Imprinted objects, rather than what kinds of Imprinting can be done with it (green ink with the physical properties of wood, blue brittle like ice, etc). Of course, that is awfully close to luxin.
  3. It probably would take considerably more of his stored health than a normal bullet wound, however. If you managed to pull this off several times, he might not have enough to heal with, and you'll be in possession of several free spikes.
  4. Judging by Lightsong, I'd say yes.
  5. There are diminishing returns, however: the more you tap at once, the more of that energy is actually lost. Eventually, I imagine, there could be a point where you plateau, with very minimal gains in expressed charge no matter how much you tap. Still, you could circumvent that by compounding in conjunction with Duralumin or a Nicroburst to use it all at once without the threat of diminishing returns. As to the OP's main question, I have no idea. Good question for Brandon.
  6. [lifts up floorboard] I give this theory a 10/10. No, that has nothing to do with the fact I helped develop it. Nope. I'm not convinced the Old Magic is actually a magic system at all. All we've heard about it has been related to Nightwatcher's curses/boons (enlighten me if I'm way off base, my memory is very fuzzy here), and nothing about it actually being practiced by humans or any other physical being. So I don't think the Nightwatcher should be a concern for the theory. Still, that leaves us no closer to the actual third magic. Fabrials, because they seem like a HCO system and we've seen a ton of them? Old style fabrials (or their creation)? Horneater lagers? Magic fish? I agree that it's hard to predict systems with this theory except in the most clear-cut of cases. In general, all intent-based speculation tends to be very subject to interpretation. To me, it seems very natural for Cultivation to meld with both, and for Honor to be opposed with Odium. But I could also see Honor being compatible with Odium as a sort of "Hate those who are dishonourable/evildoers". What we've seen so far of the KR's general mentality doesn't really back that up, but just using the theory of Intent-Meshing alone could very easily go either way. Porridge out. Back to lurking. [/drops floorboard]
  7. Just don't feed any to your livestock/pets, or they might acquire dangerous tastes...
  8. I like this quite a lot. Don't have much to say about it yet, however, so I'll just be a jerk and correct spelling. It's Feruchemy, Hemalurgy, and AonDor, not Ferrochemmy, Hemelurgy, and Anon Dor.
  9. I was thinking more the... Westerosi style of Wedding. With cake. Lots of cake. And tropical fruits. Shoot, he's on to me! What are you talking about? The cake's right here.
  10. Hmm. So the Young Horse has won some battles. Perhaps you would like to come to a Wedding? There will be cake.Mwahaha, my schemes are finally coming together. They shall never suspect this trap!
  11. I imagine artists and musicians would benefit heavily from perfect pitch/color sight. So many artists will have a good amount of breaths, since those without can't really compete.
  12. Crimson Campaign is great. Better than the first, IMO. And wait, Tower Lord is out? What use is having a list of book release dates if you never remember to check them. Gah. Just tore through Skin Game in about two hours. NEED. NEXT. DRESDEN. BOOK.
  13. I don't think he means that at all. If Life Sense is one of the primary ways AOs sense everything (which is very likely IMO) then that's the exact opposite of "mundane human senses". I really like this idea. With all the talk about Spiritwebs, Spiritual connections (which are as varied as that of gravity and that of friendship), as well as Investiture rhythms/wavelengths, I've started to picture the Spiritual Realm as one giant spiderweb. You have all the essential Forms floating around in space, connected by strings all vibrating at their own frequencies. As connections change, the strings detach and reattach, constantly changing the web.
  14. Queen Elsa Steelheart, Featherblades, ladies and gentlemen of the Newcago Court: I adress you all on the gravest of matters. War. The Knave dares to command even the neutral party of the Observer's Guild. He thought we were weak: he was wrong. Let it not be said that the Observers shirked their duty in battle. We stand 10,000 strong, legions of pandas armed to the teeth and hungry for fle- FRESH fruit. We would stand beside you, as you fight to free your lands. Will you stand beside us?
  15. It seems the vote is for war. With three in favor, and one against (or not, hard to tell), it is time to march for battle. We march to slay our equestrian enemies! We march for justice! We march to slay the foul, traitorous Knave! We march for our own amusement! We march for waffles! We march for assorted tropical fruits (Please? I'd really like some)! We march, FOR FAME AND GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNLEASH THE PANDA ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!