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  1. Just recently noticed that a city was described in detail by Kaladin in Way of Kings, I think it was Akinah because of Oathbringer Interlude and storms movement. What Kaladin describes is so interesting but we are in all certainty years away from an definite answer/explanation.
  2. Caring doesn't come into it mate, Nale no longer feels emotion. Nale only sees the rule of law as Ookla excellently explained, Nale follow status quo until he comes to the decision in Oathbringer. He explains the logic to Szeth of how without Honors ultimate authority the laws revert to the original owners.
  3. As i mentioned there is a order to this thing as per Nale. Oathbringer Chapter 116. Alone answers this. Here's a summary of sorts, Simple man < Citylord < Highlord < Highprince < King < God. I hope that gives context with my earlier message.
  4. @Kon-Tiki, Nale explains that Odium has won the war by the Right of conquest. Without Honor present, law of the land reverts to the Dawnsingers, there is a heirarchy at work here. This is why Nale sought to prevent the Desolation by killing Surgebinders but now He and Skybreakers have no choice as He sees it to follow the law of actual owners.
  5. Nice topic. Rhythm of peace is probably erik satie (Pascal roge version) - gymnopedie
  6. I can't find it in my emails but I actually found the newsletter posted on a website. You'll have to make judgement call on what to do with that (Can i post it here?)
  7. Yes, It's the one where lift visits a new city. Do you have the link to it? I still can't find it!
  8. So I'm pretty sure there was a new Lift chapter from book 3 but despite me searching for an hour now cant find it. Anyone got a link?
  9. More interest to me is the fact that we will have a better and complete description of her, so effectively making it easier to spot her in the future books.
  10. Leras said that Hoid promised to not meddle or something of that sort, but was keen to point out that not keeping a promise was hardly something unexpected of Hoid. Something like that.. @8
  11. Okay, i have skimmed through every topic but no one is really pinpointing where Nazh is like Khriss. There is only some supposition that He is the broadsheet. Does He come anywhere else.