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  1. If I was a mistborn I would be a jack-of-all-trades mercenary/hitman. You would send me the fee of acceptance (money just to look at the job), a picture of a person, and a metal to represent what you want to have happened to that person. Steel means assassination, iron means protection, copper means I need to hide them and bronze means I need to find them. Zinc means to publicly shame them, brass means to blackmail them. Tin means to observe them, pewter means give them a beating. (All of this is in jest considering my personality would hinder me in so many ways)
  2. We have seen that forgery can change a person physically, mentally, and spiritually. I was wondering if you could use forgery to create a Nahel Bond, sever a Nahel Bond, heal someone who survived a Spiking, or even create or (?)uncreate(?) an Elantrian.
  3. I was think more long term. Will the "dragon head" parts be pushed towards the middle of the continent effectively closing off areas like the purelake?
  4. I'm still curious how the ever storm is going to affect the geography in the long run if they can't find a way to stop it.
  5. I just had a thought. If you were a mistborn, rioter, or soother, you could hire out as "special affects" and help produce the desired emotions for actors in their tv/movie scenes.
  6. I just started reading Witch Hunt by SM Reine and the name Brandon Sanderson popped up in reference to the main character's book collection. Made me laugh a little.
  7. I will look through this and we shall see what happens (though it will mostly be me going " i wanna do that"). I like to know what i am getting into and make sure i can contribute properly with the way i play.
  8. What if the highstorm didn't always go east to west?
  9. I believe there is a topic that talks about what an aluminum savant could do, but has anyone asked Brandon what a Duralumin Savant could do? I believe that it would be easier for a duralumin gnat to become a savant because it does not disappear by using it in and of itself. there must be another metal being burned for the duralumin reserves to be expended. Am I wrong in my assumption?
  10. I got this from "Words of Brandon (compiled) x2" Q: Szeth a lot of the time throughout Words of Radiance is referring to the fact that he's hearing his victims scream in his head. Is that actually his conscience screaming at him or has he possibly already bonded to a spren in some way, that is displeased with- A: That is not the spren. Good question. It is not...the spren is not a spren that is a...for one of the orders. Q: But it is related to-- A: I didn't say that. I just said it is not a--it is not a blade. It is not one of those. And I got this from the coppermind in the Way of Kings/Epigraphs “Yelig-nar, called Blightwind, was one that could speak like a man, though often his voice was accompanied by the wails of those he consumed.” What if Yelig-nar has been following Szeth around and consuming the souls of those that he (Szeth) has killed, and then somehow projecting the wails of those souls into Szeth's mind? Edit: I just found one other mention of Yelig-Nar, and that is in Chapter 60 of a The Way of Kings. Nohadon says that Yelig-Nar broke into his chancery and slaughtered all his wordsmen. This begs the question: What is Yelig-Nar? If it is a Spren, then it must be very powerful to "slaughter" people because Spren have a hard time affecting the physical realm. Any thoughts?
  11. Only power: the ability to copy the power or ability of fictional characters from both literature and non literature (video games, movies, anime, etc.). Also a gifter of sorts Weakness: Books on Law (they are very boring) Brand of Evil: use humans as guinea pigs for his gifting of powers from new books and having them use those powers on each other to see how well they work.
  12. I loved it but was horrified about what the ending truly meant about the actions within the story. On a "slightly" funny note, makes me think about what is truly happening in the world.
  13. Mine would be sleeping and it will be a form time travel, but sadly only into the future.
  14. Now I just need to find a group that plays in my area, then get a work schedule that doesn't change.
  15. If Roshar is being "rebuilt" extremely slow due to the highstorms, what's going to happen now with the everstorm (if it isn't stopped somehow)?
  16. I am not good at explaining my reasons for recommendations, but I would recommend continuing Skip Beats. After a while, the whole "gaining points" thing moves to the background.
  17. How many points does it need to be accepted?
  18. Finally beat this thing with a final score of 21064
  19. It would have to depend on the book. the current character that makes me laugh is Oberon from The Iron Druid Chronicles.
  20. Took me 45 minutes but I got 17244
  21. I am going to wait on this subject until the second mistborn trilogy is out. It will depend on how easy the access to the magic is. Or could I just say, I would live on this or that world with this or that power?
  22. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the passive ability of the skybreakers is "debate". A little corny if you ask me but if you look at the in-world Words of Radiance chapter 28 page 3, it kind of flows this way if you see them as two paragraphs, one after the other.
  23. I'm not actually going to be playing, I'm just putting this post in to keep tabs on the game.
  24. I would suggest these books (warning: some of these books are adult books) The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne The Circle of Magic by Tamora Pierce Young Wizards series by Diane Duane Dark Heavens trilogy by Kylie Chan The Rangers Apprentice by John Flanagan The Otherworld novels by Yasmine Galenorn Precinct 13 by Tate Hathaway A Mindspace Investigation novel by Alex Hughes The Darkhunter, Werehunter, and Dreamhunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon The League series and BAD series also by Kenyon The Tapestry series by Henry H. Neff The Gaslight Chronicles by Cindy Spencer Pape Urban Arcana also by Cindy Spencer Pape Bannon & Clare by Lilith Saintcrow I probably have more but can't remember them. And most are adult novels, or become adult novels halfway through.