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  1. Hi there, I'm a big fan of Brandon's literature and have been for the last year out of the loop. I am back on this website reading discussion ever since hearing that Oathbringer is almost ready. That got tons of good memories back in my mind and got me thinking of the cosmere. I was wondering what has happened lately with Brandon? It sounds like he's released some new stuff since Calamity, what books have I missed?
  2. Yeah for me I find Warbreaker most underrated. I find a decent amount of fans saying its dull and unimportant, while criticizing the magic system. Elantris on the other hand is hyped even though it is quite dull next to most of Brandon's stories. Gary Stu Raoden, Mary Sue Sarene, Hrathen was the only strong character. Boring politics, boring magic system, very basic shardworld. It gets all this hype, to be fair Brandon wrote this when he was less experienced, and I'm sure the elantris sequel will be much better due to his improvements in writing. I don't get why Elantris is so popular, despite almost every Cosmere book being better than it.
  3. Self explanatory title, which do you think deserves more credit, and which book do you think is considered better than it is?
  4. That's a shame to hear, I feel like Nalthis is very unexplored, with a lot of things that can be done. It seems like a trilogy would be a good amount for it. I can't see things just wrapped up for good in the sequel (Presuming that nightblood is like 500 pages long). There's not a ton more to do with the magic, but it seems like there are other countries, lands, and more lore to be uncovered. I would like to see a larger storyline built up and concluded, to set vasher on his path to worldhopping.
  5. When I read Warbreaker, I really enjoyed the book and its characters, since then I have been eagerly awaiting the sequel, Nightblood. I have been hearing that after Brandon writes Nightblood, he won't be doing much else with the world of Nalthis. I find that a lot of this world feels unexplored, and there is plenty of cool stuff that can be done. I am really hoping we will at least end up with one trilogy on this shardworld, or maybe more. Does anyone know for a fact, if Nightblood is the last Nalthis book, and that there will never be many books on this shardworld? I really hope its not the case though.
  6. Plot armour? Nah, I'm kidding, but I don't have a clue. I guess we have to read and find out.
  7. So basically if you can compound tin, you are Daredevil?
  8. Didn't Wayne or Marasi talk to a merchant selling apples for an expensive price, and they asked if the merchant laced the apples with atium,which would justify the expensive pricing?
  9. So basically you could essentially sap anyone because somehow your luck would allow it. A coinshot is flying up in the sky, lands on a building, looks down on you. Suddenly a hurricane whips up and tosses him to the ground, he then pulls out two guns and fires away, but somehow as you calmly walk towards him, about to wipe his metals from him, his bullets keep missing, and his guns get jammed. Would double chromium be that stupidly overpowered?
  10. Isn't the trilogy following wax and wayne about a mistborn serial killer? I also heard hoid will be a major protagonist of the space opera mistborn trilogy.
  11. Exactly! All the stuff he could do, that guy had way too much time on his hands. He really procrastinated a ton didn't he? Although thinking about it, are you able to store and use more than one feruchemic attribute at a time? If he removed the metalminds keeping him immortal, he's obviously dead. He would then never be able to try other stuff because removing the metalminds would destroy him. Do you know if you can use more than one set of metalminds at once?
  12. I love how the Lord Ruler held all allomantic powers as a mistborn, and he could compound everything and anything. All the different stuff he could do when he felt like it.
  13. There have probably been dozens of these threads, unfortunately I have not found any recently, and with the release of the long awaited mistborn sequel, I think this is more relevant than ever.
  14. Mat Cauthon is a chromium compounder who worldhopped to Randland.