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  1. Because we need a Video Game thread too. Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. Loved it back in the day and decided to give it another run-through. Loved it again and decided to purchase Baten Kaitos: Origins, which is sitting and waiting for me to finish EWatLO.
  2. I guess I'll go first! I'm a student at BYU and a regular lurker on TWG where I go by almost the same name. (The username box here wasn't big enough to accommodate my Roman Numerals.) I don't post much, unless I really believe I have something to say. I've been on TWG for several months now, and have just cracked 150 posts, but I visit and read the new posts almost every day. So, even if you don't hear from me a lot, know that I'm here. I will most definitely be attending the release party for TWoK at the BYU bookstore, so maybe I'll actually meet some of you in person. *Gasp Shock* And, uh, I've never done this before but... FIRST POST!
  3. I was playing Hyrule Warriors for several days in a row, until I realized that what the game was really doing was make me want to replay Twilight Princess, so I am.
  4. I like to pretend SAO ended after episode 14, because the second half of the first season was kinda meh. Especially because of the character who spends the first half of the season being awesome and the second half sitting around waiting to be rescued. This doesn't stop me from watching each new episode of season two, but golly, I wish they had just kept telling more stories inside of Aincraid.
  5. I have a roommate whom I have convinced to read most of Brandon's books. He is actually an aspiring writer himself. He's written 3 novels, with plans for more, and has had a story published in BYU's Leading Edge Magazine. So, he has a different way of reading stories than I do. A common comment that I see, and an observation that I've made myself, is that Brandon's prose is more or less invisible. You really don't pay attention to the words he's using. You simply use them as a vehicle to experience the story. However, and I come to my point, he claims that there are a couple of things that force him out of the experience. Specific mannerisms that he finds unlikely. He says that if one character had one of these behaviors, it would be fine, but everyone seems to have these same mannerisms despite cultural or planetary differences. The compiled list: "X raised an eyebrow." A speaker referring to anyone younger than themselves as "Child." Blushing. Snorting. Now, I've never bothered to notice these things, and likely wouldn't care if I did, but it drives him nuts. Anyone else notice things like this? I'd like to know if he's just over-reacting, or if this is something that other's have noticed and care about. Thoughts? I don't want to bash, just curious.
  6. Thanks Peter. That's basically been my argument as well. I don't think he believes that people actually do these things. Whenever I try to say that people actually DO raise their eyebrows, blush, etc, he looks at me like I'm crazy.
  7. Every time I think about this again, I get a big stupid grin and start squeeing all over again.
  8. As to whether Nightblood can operate on Stormlight, at the midnight release on Monday I asked Brandon what I thought was a purely academic question. ME: Suppose you have a man full of stormlight, and he draws Nightblood. What happens? Brandon: Nightblood would feed off their investiture. I was surprised that he answered it so willingly. Now I guess I know why.
  9. I was browsing facebook, and saw this, quoted from one of my acquaintance's posts. I just about died. The post: So, lucky whoever, I hope you're happy. BOOOOOO.
  10. It's not even Young Adult actually. It's technically classified as "Middle Grade." That said, it is absolutely worth reading. It has everything you love about Brandon's adult novels, and has the bonus of being absolutely hilarious. Read it and rejoice in the reading, and then despair because we're still waiting on that last book.
  11. So. Taravangian. When we meet him he appears to be a well-meaning, if somewhat slow-minded, King. He shows nothing but courtesy to Shallan and Jasnah, but has some trouble following the subtext of their conversation. At the end, however, he is revealed to be considerably cleverer than he first appears, and is the one responsible for Szeth's assassinating world leaders. He has killed innocent people with his own hands. He is planning to kill our favorite High-Prince. These all seem to be small parts of a larger plan. The reader may conclude, not unreasonably, that he has, in fact, been using (and nourishing) his reputation for stupidity to prevent people from investigating him if any of his plans go awry. I'm not sure this is true though. What I have noticed is on the very last page of the book. The Endnote. The Ketek was recorded from the lips of one who Taravangian ordered killed for that purpose. The writer of the endnote takes notice of the fact that while the poem is well written, its contents are somewhat cryptic. Then he says, (Paraphrasing) "We leave it to the King's mind on a strong day to determine the significance of silence both above and below the storms." (Emphasis mine) Could it be, that Taravangian is not merely acting slow-witted, but on some days actually is slow-witted? That on some days he is the brilliant monster with big plans for the world, and on others merely a slower than average person? I his motives and methods change with his intelligence?
  12. So, this new annotation came out today. Let's briefly discuss what we learned. 1) We now have a second example of someone who Returned for a specific purpose. This might give us insight into how Endowment's powers work. 2) We have learned that Returned often regain their memories when confronted directly with the reason for their return. 3) We have learned that Yesteel knows how to create sentient weaponry, and is not above giving this information away. 4) We learn that Lifeless have enough cognitive power and sense of self to potentially be view-point characters, and that keeping them in the dark is not a good thing. Discuss.
  13. I would like to announce that when one makes to decision to read one chapter of their book before going to sleep, it is important to make sure that the selected chapter is not Chapter 37 of A Memory of Light.
  14. The problem is that I'm getting way too invested in who hooks up with whom, rather than, you know, making sure they fight properly.
  15. So, after beating Arkham City three times in the past month, it's back to Xenoblade, with some Chrono Trigger thrown in for good measure.
  16. I just played the demo for the new 3DS Fire Emblem. Now I must buy it.
  17. Arkham City on my shiny Wii U.
  18. I've spent the last three days doing almost nothing but playing Escape Velocity Nova.
  19. I would like to announce that Slenderman + Weeping Angel is quite possibly the most terrifying thing that has ever occurred to me.
  20. The Orders of Magnitude bit comes from me, who got it from my cousin, who once asked that question when he ran into Brandon at a bookstore. So, unfortunately, I cannot link you to a documented report of that fact. My cousin is a big enough Branderson Nerd that he would not misreport information of this magnitude. I cannot for the life of me remember where I originally posted that info. So, yeah, the info is on the forums, and I believe it, but you won't find it in the interview database.
  21. Just wrapped up The Last Story, which I quite enjoyed. So, back to Kingdom Hearts II.
  22. Greetings, writers of 17th Shard! Leading Edge Magazine, BYU's Science Fiction/Fantasy Short Fiction magazine, is currently hosting a Best First Chapter Contest. For those not in the know, Brandon himself was once the Head Editor of this magazine when he attended BYU. The winner of the contest will have the first chapter of their work published in the next issue of the magazine. Awesome. For anyone interested, submission guidelines can be found here. You will notice that the page also includes submission guidelines for short stories and poetry, so if you've got any of those, feel free to submit those as well. Short story and poetry can be submitted at any time, but the first chapter contest only goes until the end of this month. Since I'm writing this post from the magazine's editing room, they want me to let you know that any questions can be sent to the submission email address, or to the magazine's page on Facebook. Yay Writing!
  23. There he is! Man, I'm so glad The Cheat is not dead.
  24. I'm about twentyish chapters into The Last Story, and I am really enjoying it so far. Though my discovery that it is possible to miss entire chapters if you don't explore enough has me running all over the city, checking every nook and cranny for sidequests, etc.
  25. Get out.