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  1. Honestly. The moment there was a talking rat I instant said it was the prince. Everything he did only confirmed it in my head. But the only reason I knew was from reading to many books and seeing to many movies. It just jumped out.
  2. I've always seen investiture as unkey to start with. To use a soda fountain as an analogy, you can get different flavors of soda using different syrup but all using the same carbonated water. Investiture is the carbonated water and the syrup is the shard. The drink is keyed investiture. Mistborn gets coca cola, the dor is Dr. Pepper. When it's used it's broken back down into pure investiture and returned to the pool of carbonated water. Harmony just has access to 2 nozzles/flavors and that's what makes him stronger due to investiture being infinite.
  3. Is it me or did the guy with the spikes sound like he was giving a death rattle?
  4. I feel like that word of brandon was taken out of context. When burning aluminium your getting rid of the metals/investiture inside you. When a shade touches you and the withering starts, burning aluminium would destroy the investiture thats causing the withering stopping it in its tracks.
  5. Thats true but there was an off world trade route through the pits of hathsin. TLR could of lead the ghostbloods and when he died the leadership role was gone. Our boy Kel may have seen this and when he got his body back took up the mantle. It wouldnt be the first time he was mistaken for the Lord ruler. I honestly dont think the Lord ruler was thaidakar. But if he was his death just left an opening for Kel to take over.
  6. Keep in mind there is off world trade. The heralds were far more cosmere aware and we see plenty world hoppers on roshar. The atium mines used to have a trade route through them before they were destroyed. All it takes is one example given to someone able to soul cast aluminium then for them to pass the knowledge through the lightweavers and elsecallers. With the destruction of the orders the knowledge was lost but they could have made a lot and whats around is reused. A smart world hopper could swing by Scadrail and grab some aluminium then travel to shadesmar and make a nice profit im sure.
  7. I would just like to point out that we have barley scratched the surface on what awakening can do. Just think of susebron when he gained his tongue back. With no training he became a one man army instantly. Even with vashers power levels in warbreaker I feel like we have only seen the equivalent of a misting where the godking is more like a fullborn in comparison. I also feel this way about surgebinding. We have barley seen whats possible with the few orders we have seen. I will agree that awakeners are underestimated.
  8. Im having a hard time comparing the two. Spook on one hand didnt become a savant from using just using tin but from flaring it nonstop. But a mistborn compared to a surgebinder is using far less investiure. Surgebinders have extra protection against becoming a savant. So to make a comparison between the 2 is gonna be tuff. I think the fairest way to try would be to compare what they are using to the standard of their own magic systems. So in spooks case hes flaring nonstop for over a year which is far above a normal tin users daily use. As for kaladin I don't think hes using his power that much more then the standard windrunner. Hes not walking around full to the brim with stormlight all the time. Hes not using every excuse to use his powers.(let me float this cup to my hand instead of walking over to grab it). If this is the case I would see the lopen becoming a savant before kaladin. Being a savant comes from excessive use of the powers. Widening the cracks to allow more power to flow into them. And its not suppose to be easy to achieve. In this case I just feel like its increased skill from practice. Your not going to jump out of an airplane with a wing suit and instantly be good at it if you've never even been on an airplane before. Do it everyday for a few hours after a year you'll be doing stunts. Being a savant is taking that to a whole nother level.
  9. We know in the past the heralds and others are cosmiclly aware and there was even a trade through the pits of hathsin before kelsier destroyed it. Vasher learned about shardblades from roshar and thats where the idea of an awakened blade came from. So to have aluminium show up on roshar through normal trade means isnt farfetched
  10. I've gotten it into my head that we've seen inventions magic system. That fabrials and medallion are a part of it. They are inventions that allow normal people to tap into the magic systems. In the same way hemalurgy can be used anywhere with the right knowledge. Inventions magic can be used anywhere with the proper knowledge. Thats why the metals in fabrials and medallions have a common theme. The external is Inventions magic and the internal hemalurgy to follow the push pull theme.
  11. theory

    I have alot of thoughts on thus, I've been on the same line of thought. Theres one question that has been bothering me. Can odium have a pure odium bondsmith spren. One of the main surges of a bondsmith is adhesion, which in RoW the singer's said adhesion is a false surge created by honor. It could simply be rayes didn't trust the fused enough with that surge or for some reason he can't grant it. And if he cant/refuses to grant it. Could a pure odium bondsmith be possible? Or would there have to be hybrids with honor or cultivation to create on. I personally feel that sja what will become a bondsmith spren for C&O and BAM of odium or H&O if odium can't grant adhesion.
  12. I feel like cultivation had issues with Rayse. It was his choice to kill/shatter shards. It's been a theme in stormlight that honor isnt inherently good nor is odium evil. It's whos at the wheel that makes the choices. The shards may influence the holder but they still are in charge. So by taking out Rayse and giving odium to mr T her issue has been removed. I see it as a king killing the enemy king and putting one of their own on the throne. With a king that's on her side the "war" could end. So far her plan is working. But like they pointed out she can see the future but not whats inside a person. Her plan could still backfire if Mr. T takes the lessons just to turn on her.
  13. When I saw the renarlain came to mind.
  14. The catalyst spren/metals, fuel stormlight/stored investiture, and intent from the devices user are supplied from various planets. The device, how someone hacks into the magic system is what I'm trying to say is a part of Inventions magic. Also along the same in the same way you don't need ruins investiture to use hemalurgy, invention wouldn't need to leave investiture all over to fuel it. Its co-oped from the magics that they steal powers from.
  15. A random thought just occured to me and I wanted to run the idea across other people to see if it might have some merit. Fabrials, medallions and any other "tech" based magic system comes from the Invention shard. These are inventions that allows people access to powers they don't have. I'm looking at hemalurgy as an example. It doesn't matter what planet you are born on as long as you have the right knowledge and intent. It spikes out an ability of one person and grants it to another. Working with the same sort of mechanics but vastly different methods. Could Inventions magic system be the reason why different planets are able to create items that recreate powers. Or am I reading to much into this line of thought?