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  1. If things went differently, he could of become a good king. If he had the chance to finish his life become a radiant, and realize his truths...which a WoB says his first truth would of been I am a bad king....I think he could of become a great king.
  2. I've been kicking around a crazy idea and about to start my reread before RoW. When I do im gonna be watching for every clue. But the idea is noahadon is tanavast. If I remeber correctly noahadon isn't his original name. It was given to him later to get the symmetry or something to that effect. Tanavasts CS merged with the stormfather when honor was shattered, I've had the idea at least a part of him survived and is still there hiding within the stormfather. It could tie other loose ends also. If tanavast is there it would explain Odium we killed you statement. If tanavast in the past pulled a zues took a mortal form and had children kaladin being his x20 great grandchild could explain the child of tanavast comment. I just feel this could explain alot of things. Who better to write a book for a future bondsmith about how to be a bondsmith. As I'm writing this its tickling a memory. Didn't they say nohadan isn't a surgebinder?
  3. My own opinion of whats going on with that glow/voice is its tanavast since his cognitive shadow merged with the stormfather, like theres still a part of tanavast that's not fully merged. When Odium said we killed you. Since all 3 realms were together I think Odium saw tanavast in that moment helping dalinar. Again this is my opinion I'm not sure how popular it is
  4. We don't really know what the parshmen know about fabrials. But we do know they fought for gemhearts on the shattered plains. In book they wondered of they had their own soulcasters to create food for their army. Then we have the fact the fused are very old and lived in times where powerful ancient fabrials were used and made....healing fabrials soulcasters and im sure theres plenty of other types lost to time. I feel that's plenty of foreshadowing on how the parshiendi will give them a run for their money.
  5. I think its both. T is cultivations plant. Also the diagram is working as intended. Manipulate people to do what he wants without writing down the real plan. If its going to work even dumb T can't know the real plan so Odium can't get it from him.
  6. @urrutiap think of the cosmere as something like star trek or star wars. You have different people on different planets. The mistborn books take place on scadrial one of many planets in the Cosmere universe. People assumed this wasn't your first Cosmere book, the stormlight archives, elantris, warbreaker, many other books/series are set in the same universe. Right now its just eastereggs to connect the books but towards the end they will start to cross over.
  7. I'm not sold on your why but I do think then end of arc 5 will end with Odium shattered with nobody holding it.
  8. horror

    I want to say at his core hes good. His actions are not. Hes to "the end justifies the means". But we are still at the start of a long journey for our immortal friend. I could see him popping up in the differnt eras because he's needed. At one point the 3rd era was going to be about a mistborn serial killer. I felt it would be kelsier doing his thing killing the enemy as a hidden assassin but doing it for a good cause. A way to show how he is perceived in different times. Storm light spoilers In the end I think he'll fight for freedom and life so to me that makes him a good guy. I don't agree with his methods but if Hitler was about to learn how to make more bands of mourning and kelseir has to intervene with his kill them all and let sazed sort them out mentally to stop a world war and death of billions who and I to complain about his brutal effectiveness.
  9. horror

    I guess it would depend on what the earrings are made of. Inquisitors had lots of spikes that granted lots of abilities. Do peirced ears count as contact with blood? I agree with they decay wob states it. But at what rate. Vin wore hers most of the time but there were times she didn't have it in for a while. So I'm sure she got alot less from it then an inquisitors spike but it was enough to pierce copper clouds by boosting her bronze. If being in a peirced ear counts after they were made if people wore them and passed them down like holy relics it some could possibly have a enough of a charge to grant something, Assuming there was enough to start with after melting down the spike. I guess it would be like the coins or bands of mourning. You have to have the intent to use it. If you don't know this earing will allow you to burn bronze why try.
  10. Ingenuity?
  11. He saw it in her eyes. The anguish, the frustration. The terrible nothing that clawed inside and sought to smother her. She knew. It was there, inside. She had been broken.Then she smiled. Oh, storms. She smiled anyway.It was the single most beautiful thing he’d seen in his entire life.
  12. Could this be the secret to corrupting true spren. I think it was said in the past san-jnat could only corrupt lesser spren, but now we have glys. I'm not suggesting in the past dead blades did not exist I'm sure some knights broke their oaths but no where near the numbers the recreance had. Now the idea is san-jnat isn't reviving the blade. But adding something to replace what was lost in their minds and birthing something new if based on the old personality. An unmade spren if you will. That's why it grants 1 radiant surge and 1 void surge.
  13. Tanavasts cognitive shadow has been hiding inside the stormfather. Its the unite them voice, the light dalinar sees at the end of oathbringer. It was a plan he and cultivation cooked up. He told Dalinar to make him agree to a contest of champions...that was the signal the time is right. The unite them moment happened. Odium glimpses tanavasts while the realms are merged...says we killed you. .....Dalinar reforms the shard of honor tanavasts uses the same method as the heralds and retakes his shard and s tormlight 5 ends with odium being shattered. The next 5 books will be about worldhopping to braise to deal with the fall out of odiums shattering after finding out taln wasn't alone. Radiants who died went to the tranquine? Halls which is located on braise to help the heralds fight there and it was the army of surgebinders that allow taln to last so long without the other 9 heralds.