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  1. Gotcha thanks. I'm actually putting togther the idea its tanavast ill post in a bit
  2. Thanks. Edit. I'm not sure this is what I was looking for. It mentions make him choose a champion. But it doesnt have the vex him part make him think he can loose. Maybe I'm remebering it wrong or i missed it gonna read it again
  3. I'm looking for the part where honor tells dalinar to vex Odium make him think he can loose. But I dont remember if it was the first or 2nd book. Anyone able to help out
  4. I always felt truthwatchers had some ability to see the future without the corruption. They were always described as secretative keeping to themselves ECT. If everyone thought seeing the future is evil you'd keep it to yourself. I've just felt the difference was normal truthwatchers get cultivations future sight. Renerin on the other hand is seeing odiums. Not to much to support this thought but its just my personal impression after reading the books
  5. Im sure Brandon has said it takes some hacking to make things like vasher surviving off stormlight to work. He wasnt born with an ability to draw in stormlight. He might be able to survive off it....once he learned how to take it in. At least that's how I've always felt about it.
  6. I always wondered if she got nightblood granting zahel the ability to survive off stormlight. Boon he could draw stormlight to feed his need for breaths. Cost nightblood. (I know she doesn't like "people not from roshar" but mayby getting nightblood she made an accpetion)
  7. Will bond smiths all have the same oaths? Are they all about uniting? Other kr spren are similar. Pattern and syl are all a race of spren and have similar oaths or truths in patterns case. But the nightwatcher sibling and stormfather are nothing alike. I feel the sibling belongs to the bondsmith that always stayed in urithuru to be a "battery" to power it. The nightwatcher I have no idea on. I dont know how much they could differ if they do at all. Mostly a question i thought of and figured I'd toss it out to smarter people then me.
  8. Just a really random thought. I might have the name wrong but when wax and wayne were talking strategies they talked about 1 where wax would fling Wayne into the middle of everyone then he would splat and heal think that was called rotten tomato. Well if we replaced wax with kaladin and wayne with lift how far could she make it. Slick her self and kaladin just lashes her like crazy....lets say kaladin stays behind so he cant keep lashing her.
  9. I think he meant that the teleportation myth start as being a super charged gravity surge to move so fast it seemed instant. I doubt thats the case. The oathgates prove its possible with the magic system but no idea if radiants can do it alone. The myth might just be them being able to teleport to a city then move to the danger area.
  10. I thought something was wrong with his illumination surge. He had never been able to make it work with tips from shallan. I haven't been able to make up my mind if its because it works differently like dalinars adhesion surge and kaladins. Or if it was glyses corruption and replaced by the void surge of illumination which made the planes of glass he got his predictions from. My mind leans to corruption so I didnt even think it could be his illumination.
  11. Progression can be offensive. Oathbring spoilers
  12. Szeth is a tortured soul but I to give that title to man my Taln. Szeth had a spanking in comparison.
  13. A bead of lerasium a little bit of trellium and you have someone who can burn the God metal. Easier said then done but another way to be able to burn it. No Mistborn needed...just have to figure out how to make lerasium again
  14. Andolin has always given Maya respect. His rituals. Speaking to her even in his mind even when he didnt understand she was a dead spren. She's also an edgedancers blade which I feel Andolin is starting to live up to their oaths. Hes loved by the people even listens to darkeyes and protects whores. He's remebering the forgotten with Maya. I feel her minds gone but still fuctions on instinct. Maybe his ideals he needs to choose will be slightly differnt then we've seen. Like how Tefts differed from Kaladins but was in the same ball park. Andolin will need to hit a homerun to bring her back.
  15. Ive never made this connection but I like it. Makes alot of sense with the timing. Can't wait to see if this is something andolin can replicate or if it was a one time thing. Kind of how afterwards taln went back to his mantra again. I feel like whats happening with taln is similar to the Elantris people during the shoad.? Been a while since I've read that. Feel like it has to do with bondsmith powers and connection. In this instance while Dalinar was "ascended" it was an unconscious use. Maybe a more direct hand could make these connection stronger. But Andolin and Maya have a deeper connection already without that even Dalinar couldn't strengthen the bond.