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  1. I dont think the mink is a traitor. I think hes a general who chose the best tactic with the information given. But the fact that Mr. T agreed with the assault is to get the bondsmith and elsecaller out of the tower so they have a chance to mount their attack.
  2. I really like this idea. Its simple and makes alot of sense.
  3. Would hoid be able to bypass this on roshar with soulcast meats the same way the shin will use soulcast metals since no stones were harmed in the making of it?
  4. I don't really think this is what kaladin wants. He seems reluctant to join the surgeon and is just falling back on the familiar. Also it's what his father wants, and we've seen hes afraid of disappointing him. Hes gonna go on "auto-pilot" existing but not really being there. If he could truly allow the windrunners to fight without him, he could swear the 4th oath.I think its along the lines of I cant protect everyone, or I have to let people defend themselves. In the end I think kaladin will learn what he needs to from lirin and working with the surgeons to swear the 4th oath. He'll have to leave his father or someone he cares about to defend the greater good, most likely the attack on the tower.
  5. Do the same for lift. Also toss her a steel runners unsealed metalmind and we have the cosmere flash with unlimited awesomeness n healing.
  6. Functionally immortal means they won't die of old age, but can still be killed.
  7. Could the sibling be trapped within this black stone. Maybe just not alone? Possibly BAM and the sibling were trapped at the same time the clashing between the 2 inside is what's causing the warping? The sibling is of odium but on the radiants side causing his voidlight emissions to be different? Its probably a long shot but I didn't see anything like this mentioned so far.
  8. I feel like the future cosmere spaceships, at least the best one will use specialized tech from various places. I feel the best engines capable of ftl will come from Scadrail using an unknown trick with allmoancy most like tied to cadmium and or bendalloy. Sel will probably produce the best computers. Alot of thier magic is like writing code. Imagine a computer made with aon dor, or even some type of soul stamp that could "awaken" an AI. Roshar seems the best to build the ships. With a bond Smith around to power a group of soul casters and they could create either full ships or large section to be assembled later. Windrunners would make the ultimate astronaughts, using adhesion (atmospheric pressure) to create their own breathable atmosphere around themselves and using lashing to move around. But these are just some ideas, theres so many options to do so many things. Fabrials, if they learn how to move spren off world could take care of alot of things such as heat, food , possibly an AI if the create a proper housing for the sibling. Medallions could do alot of the same things as fabrials. What will other planets version of fabrials look like? From elantris it seemed like they made plates anyone could touch to activate some aon, such as light control. Alot of this will also depend on power sources to fuel these. Medallions would need metalborn for recharging but with compounding I could see bring way more then you need for your trips and having them exchanged or recharged at a refueling port.
  9. I've always said, urithiru is like a smart home. The sibling is the CPU controlling it. Stormlight is the power. Though dalinar could in theory power the tower, the reason a bond Smith always stayed in urithiru. But without the CPU to control the tower, the stormlight is pointless.
  10. With the new info on mraise and the ghostbloods, it reminded me of an offhand comment by hoid to our old friend Kel. That by destroying the pits he upended a whole mercantile system. With all of mraises trophies we know hes been all over the cosmere. It looks like the ghostbloods could be the power behind that. Import and export from not just roshar, but from many shardworlds. That just leaves me to question is that their end goal or is there more to it. Mraise seems like hoid and is collecting his own magic systems and power. Im gonna guess he has a number of breaths the way shallan said no matter how hard she tries she can never sneak up on him and the life sense from breath...or even his aviar would be the reason.
  11. I don't remember where, but wasn't it said that to gain soulcaster ect people visited aimia in the past?
  12. He wont die until Maya is revived. Hes showing alot of edgedancer traits, this last chapter really shows this imo. They was he refuses to drop Maya to have a better chance at becoming a radiant. So unless he revives Maya in this book then goes on to die I really think adolin is safe in this book.
  13. I posted a while back on reddit with an idea ive since mostly abandoned. It was the Dawnshard were aethers (Which im still on the fence about). That theory I was thinking along the lines of the old fabrials, soulcasters, healing fabrials ect were created using dawnshards, but in a much different way. I was thinking each dawnshard granted one surge and all the old fabrials had a piece of one hidden inside which granted a surge. Then I went on that it was possible 2 pieces were added to the honor blades on thier creation. With the new chapters talking about meditating spren being connected to the device that tossed out the idea each contained a piece of aether/Dawnshard. But with a dawnshard being found in aimia and that being the place to go get soulcaster in the past I think this idea is on point. I doubt my post was the one that sparked your idea but I figured id throw a recap of what I said just in case.
  14. I would take the bet he survives. Removing him from command is going to let him grow into saying the 4th oath.
  15. I've been reading the cosmere nearly from the begining, I guess the only surprise I was spoiled on was kelsier was still alive because Brandon made it clear to the fans that kelsiers story wasnt finished. So the instant the story of the lord ruler going south to help them learn the medallions I made the instant connection. The reveal that made me loose my mind was Seth getting nightblood, then having to wait for oathbringer to see what he did with it. I mean the storming assassin in white got his hands on nightblood what good would come from that. Though I did always see him as the most honorable person on roshar, even if he wasn't ethical.