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  1. The only thing that I have found is that When you summon a shard blade you actually are reviving the Dead shard blade a bit. Giving it a kind of mini life from its entrapment. So I would say that it is not painful nor torture to summon them.
  2. Are you kidding me? This exchange proves you are wrong. "IT'S US." Aka its not me. its not the bond. its because of who you are AND the bond. Syl "Nonsense. You Practice Every Day." "The Advantage of Talent." If she was saying that it was her and the bond it would read like this. Syl: "It's the Bond." Kal: "It's cheating. Unearned." Syl: "Its not unearned, you made the bond, that is where it comes from." Kal: "I have an advantage." Syl: "The advantage of a bond."
  3. Where are you getting this? Kal questions Syl if that is the case. but it is never confirmed. In fact It is stated by Teft and Syl that Stormlight can't turn a man into something he is not. AND it is very very clear that after Tien died that Kal nearly killed himself training. He is amazing with a spear - without the bond, and with it a paragon. And to say anything else is blatently ignoring the text.
  4. Do you tell someone your dating up front everything about you. Yeah I used to Smoke 6 joints a day and have a pre-disposition to Alcoholism. I don't think so. Honesty isn't something that you start off a relationship with. Not that you lie. but they aren't telling each other lies - they are avoiding truths (a lie of omission) but that is not the same as a upfront lie and that isn't saying they can't be honest later. You saying this proves they will never work is like saying someone on a first date who doesn't really like bowling but the date takes them bowling, and that person doesn't say "I don't like Bowling" means that that person is dishonest and will never be honest and the relationship will never work.
  5. So, I'm sitting at work listening to The Way of Kings for like the 7th or 8th time. and the thought popped into my head... are Herolds on Roshar are as Returned to Nathlis? Anyone know if that is the case? (Sorry for spelling and stuff... I am just at work, and dont have a copy of Words of Radiance with me.
  6. If healing from a gold metal mind works to heal a person to what they view themselves as, maybe it could be a "perk" of gold that allows him to imitate so well. In Wor Kalidin can't heal his slave brand because of his cognitive view of himself. Maybe when Wayne slips into a roll fully he "heals" himself into thay person physically on some level. This could also explain his obsession with HIS hat. He doesn't quite feel himself without it because quite literally he isnt. Just throwing it out there. Edit: oh, WoB basically say no to this, those weren't posted while I typed. Haha. Oh well.
  7. I don't have much to add. I listened to the book on audio and it is much harder to pick up clues, at least for me, that way. I knew the body that bleeder had taken was going to be lessie's.... but I was still blown away when she WAS lessie. (Sorry if I got her name wrong, don't have either nook in front of me at this moment.)
  8. WoB says that it would require the one who originally made the oath to create the shardblade to revive the shardbalde... this plus 2000+ years at the least.... yeah I don't think you are finding Adolins original shardblade creator... that and if you did I don't think after re-swearing his oaths to revive is spren fully the then renewed Knights Radiant would give his blade and bond over to Adolin (I don't even think that is possible)
  9. Lightweaving is simply the act of using Illumination to change light into a pattern and create images. Truthwatchers use it to see the future somehow, Lightweavers use it to trick people and make illusions. Lightweavers are more adept at using illumination in the present, and do so. Truthwaters use it probably in conjunction with progression to see the future. thats how I see it. Also, A skybreaker using the lashings to fly with the winds, like Kaladin is windrunning. just like a windrunner.
  10. I would say Ren is able to lightweave, just like a skybreaker will be able to do the 1 of the 3 lashings of a windrunner. The one that deals with gravitation, maybe the one that pulls stuff as well, giving an object its own gravitational pull, but part of me feels like that's partially a combination of both those because somewhere atmospheric pressure is also described as "vacuum" so... yeah. Now, the Cryptics maybe just following Elhokar to make plans is interesting. I still don't think they would be scared off by just Syl though, maybe they needed him to be scared though to pressure Dalinar? Causing him to further his bond? Now I'm just grasping at straws...
  11. I don't think she will awaken the spren in her shardblade. I'm pretty sure we wont see ANY of those be awoken. I also don't think the Comet like spren is a highspren. I do think its the type of spren a willshaper bonds. I think Eshonai will have the Stormspren knocked from her because of the fall, then will waken and re-start her bond with the comet spren and become a Willshaper and that will make her immune to the forced everstorm change.
  12. Mmmm. Well thats troubling... Doesn't disprove anything, as you said, but we really don't have ANYONE that I can think of that is near as good of a candidate for being a Lightweaver as Elhokar...Hence why up until I read that I did think he was going to be one. Something still is off for me though, I Can't see the Cryptics being "frightened off" by one Honor Spren if they are looking to bond him. Maybe its someone else, or maybe Elhokar did something to push the Cryptics away from him? However, Elhokar at the end of WoR is making self-exploration attempts, which from Shallans story is how your solidify the bond within the Lightweavers... mmmm.
  13. Beware! Spoilers may follow... I have up to this most recent re-reading of WoR believed Elhokar has been seeing Cryptics in mirrors and the corner of his eye. Alluding to his possibly becoming a Knights Radiant. However, When I read the following I can't give that credence. I now think that what Elhokar was seeing, was not Cryptics but some other Odium spren. That were frightened off by Syl and Kaladin. It is still possible that they were Cryptics as we know that Cryptics and Honor Spren don't see eye to eye. However, if the Cryptics were looking to bond Elhokar, I don't think they would let the appearance of one honor spren dissuade their attempts. This may be weak, but for now, its where I stand. Discuss.
  14. So. I agree with you moogle, at least mostly. I think the first ideal is more a mantra, and a frame for the rest of the oaths, but is viewed differently by each order. For example. for dalinar to live his orders oaths, the first oath is to leave sadeas alive. His orders oath is to unite. To do that in a "journey before destination" type of way is to guide people and provide mercy. Where as Dalinar could kill any who oppose him/offend him. And that way reach unity by having only those who will be united live. But that breaks the first oath. however if it was Kaladin in Dalinars shoes. His oaths would push him to kill sadeas because he isn't willing to change and will thus harm more people. So in order to protect those people Sadeas needs to be stopped, permanently. do you agree with this? I also feel this is part of what lead to Honors mentioning of the KRs inner struggles.
  15. Just another note that I just thought up in the sane vein as this... while the KR came after some desolations happened so it is unlikely they "cause a desolation" as Nalan believes. Its important to remember a few distinctions. 1. Nalan says surge binders bring desolations, not KR. 2. Its important to remember in Dalinars vision, there were surgebinders BEFORE there were KR. 3. The KR are organized Surgebinders and made it more exclusive. so Nalan can be correct. And that could be the secret that the KR learned that led to the Recreance. This all being said. Its also possible that the secret the people of Roshar learned was that Honor and the Heralds where Honorably sacrificing their people in the Oathpact and the Desolation Cycles to keep Odium invested on Roahar. And they KR thought well if we abandon our Oaths, maybe Odium will leave our planet alone if all he cares about is shattering the shards. And that's why they abandon their oaths.