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  1. After trying to slog through ‘The Silmarillion’ years ago, I am perfectly happy to skip companion books to large series. Personally, I am glad that he isn’t interested in writing any.
  2. He was also on screen in the beginning of Way of Kings. ’Have you seen me?’ And then the old man began babbling in gibberish. or something to that effect.
  3. Could they be the adult form of a Larkin? As much investiture as Chiri-Chiri absorbs, it kind of makes sense to me.
  4. @Dalakaar Since Tarah was prior to the SA, I would not be against something developing with her.
  5. Am I the only one hoping that Kaladin makes it through the whole series with absolutely no romantic attachments?
  6. Balat... Aside from being completely useless, he is a complete Crem Container to animals... Also, I would really like it to happen without fanfare or notoriety. A chicken bone at dinner or an unfortunate landing after a stumble. Everyone else I can think of still has an interesting story to progress through.
  7. I am going to find more of your posts... Just so I can give you more upvotes for this.
  8. Everything. Bondsmith... Unite... All of the things.
  9. I guess I CAN imagine things worse than going completely flat emotionally... But most of those things have a Permanence associated with them. To live in an unfeeling haze just to be manipulated into an emotional overcharge seems a Cremmy way to live. Either bury him in his guilt and self loathing or make him feel Nothing consistently. No matter what else he has done, I can’t agree with the upheaval he seems to be experiencing.
  10. Given the last 50 years of Earth’s history, I have zero trouble believing that war can happen inside of a Generation, much less and entire lifetime.
  11. The black spheres are the Ultimate Bouncy Balls... I thought everyone knew that.
  12. With all of the attention that has been given specifically to various strata in rocks and entire cities, The Sibling has to be the Spren of the rocks. I know that ‘The Neverending Story’ heavily implied that Rocks have genders... BUT.... Stone is non-specific.
  13. @animalia As with many things I have posited here, I am likely mistaken, but here it is anyway.. I suppose I am not prepared to speculate on the nature of Glys’ corruption and the difference between Renarin’s Bond and an uncorrupted Truthwatcher Bond. I just feel like he isn’t what a genuine Truthwatcher should be. And, Alas... If his Ideals were reversed, he would already have Shardplate.
  14. Renarin.... Isn’t specifically a Truthwatcher... I am basing that solely on Glys being a Spren corrupted by Sja Anat. He is something different than a Truthwatcher. I do feel, however, based on what we have seen of him, that Truthwatchers are almost compelled to be starkly honest. Lightweavers and Crypitcs, though... Heheheheh... Cryptics are attracted to the Truth, but in an odd way. They seem, to me, to already know the Truth. What draws them is how people skew or Veil (haha) the truth. Pattern: “Mmm, A good lie.” Shallan: “What makes it a good lie?” Pattern: “Truuuth.” *Disclaimer* I haven’t got a reference handy for that conversation, so i may have misquoted.
  15. I used to think that as well, but more and more I feel like Hoid is trying to remove or redirect the influence of specific Shards in the event that someone does Reforge Adonalsium.