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  1. The black spheres are the Ultimate Bouncy Balls... I thought everyone knew that.
  2. With all of the attention that has been given specifically to various strata in rocks and entire cities, The Sibling has to be the Spren of the rocks. I know that ‘The Neverending Story’ heavily implied that Rocks have genders... BUT.... Stone is non-specific.
  3. @animalia As with many things I have posited here, I am likely mistaken, but here it is anyway.. I suppose I am not prepared to speculate on the nature of Glys’ corruption and the difference between Renarin’s Bond and an uncorrupted Truthwatcher Bond. I just feel like he isn’t what a genuine Truthwatcher should be. And, Alas... If his Ideals were reversed, he would already have Shardplate.
  4. Renarin.... Isn’t specifically a Truthwatcher... I am basing that solely on Glys being a Spren corrupted by Sja Anat. He is something different than a Truthwatcher. I do feel, however, based on what we have seen of him, that Truthwatchers are almost compelled to be starkly honest. Lightweavers and Crypitcs, though... Heheheheh... Cryptics are attracted to the Truth, but in an odd way. They seem, to me, to already know the Truth. What draws them is how people skew or Veil (haha) the truth. Pattern: “Mmm, A good lie.” Shallan: “What makes it a good lie?” Pattern: “Truuuth.” *Disclaimer* I haven’t got a reference handy for that conversation, so i may have misquoted.
  5. I used to think that as well, but more and more I feel like Hoid is trying to remove or redirect the influence of specific Shards in the event that someone does Reforge Adonalsium.
  6. Dalinar walking calmly into the Thrill. ’Hello Old Friend.’
  7. @Diomedes I feel like Kadash would be an exception, though I can’t really qualify it. But with the ‘Golden Light’ that Odium seems to exude when he is interacting with someone seems like a mechanism to inspire Zealotry in people who have devoted their lives to following and teaching Divine Mandates. It is warm, comforting and welcoming... and will be more than enough to convince people. @Oltux72 I see House Sadeas being firmly in the Odium Camp. With the Ardentia being the Classical Vorinism camp, and with them, the majority of the Vorin Kingdoms. Dalinar and his beliefs are still a VERY small minority.
  8. Dalinar does admit his ineffectiveness in the political arena several times. Both in conversation and in internal monologues. However... Zealots will always be Zealots, and it seems as though the Ardentia as a whole is taking the information passed on by Dalinar VERY personally. And, well, Hierocracy... Perhaps it is more subtle now, but the Ardents do have an incredible amount of influence over the Ruling Class of Roshar. I don’t have much trouble believing that a large part of the Ardentia would, in all good Faith, divert their efforts to helping and supporting Taravangian and by extension, Odium.
  9. I have the audiobooks, but when Kaladin and Shallan are trekking through the Chasms her inner monologue talks about the oddity of needing to cut the vines twice, once to sever the soul and a second to sever the vine. It was after Kaladin killed the Chasmfiend with Pattern.
  10. I’m on a re-listen of OB now. I am definitely going to pay a lot more attention to that scene this time through.
  11. Hoid will always look like Michio Kaku in my brain. As for the rest of the characters, regardless of their descriptions, I make visualizations based on their personalities. Rock looks more like a Viking than a Polynesian Teft looks like a Sergeant I worked for when i was in the USAF. I think Szeth is the only character that I picture having the Asian complexion. Perception is a funny thing.
  12. /cast Bandage Wounded Theory.
  13. Crazy Conspiracy Theory.... What if Dalinar is both Odium AND Honor’s Champion. What if THAT conflict is completely internal for Dalinar. KR (et al) vs Fused and Listeners and Dalinar vs Himself.
  14. @Calderis I am not unwilling to defer to your wisdom. However, Odium did state very plainly that he would adhere to both the ‘Spirit and Word’ of any agreement made. And he Chose Dalinar explicitly in word. Perhaps coming from Odium that isn’t worth even the length of time it took him to say it, but I think that will be important.
  15. I think Jasnah is perfect as the Monarch (Regent?) of Alethkar. She isn’t cold or dispassionate, but she has an impressive level of mastery over her emotions. She considers her decisions through a heavy filter of logic. No Monarch rules Sovereign, so she will have advisors to temper whatever ‘Cold’ logic she applies to her decisions. Whether or not she is happy about the appointment is another question entirely. I have trouble picturing her accepting the position, simply because she has her own priorities and I feel like she would place the value of her own work above that of Ruling. Historically, if not outright stated at least implied, is that Urithiru was the Center of Alethela. Suggesting that the Monarchy is a relatively new structure. I contend that she will use that argument against her appointment as Queen. She may accept Regency, in lieu of Gavinor’s age of majority, but I don’t think she will accept Queenship.