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  1. If I committed a crime so heinous that Capital Punishment wasn’t punishment enough and I had to choose between watching the 1st 4 episodes of Wheel of Time or watching Legend of the Seeker on repeat for 168 hours.. I am choosing Legend of the Seeker… This adaptation is THAT STORMING BAD. Edit: I am not even going to apologize for the double post.
  2. Hoid has already said on screen that he would ‘Watch Roshar Burn’ if it served his purpose.
  3. After watching episode 4, I am absolutely certain that RJ was right. NO ONE should have ever touched this in an attempt to adapt it… Fecal Monstrosity nearly as good as ‘Legend of the Seeker’… NEARLY.
  4. If I could max out my upvotes on this I would.
  5. Nope. Lirin gets absolutely ZERO latitude from me. A man who can look at his son and say the things that he did from a position of simple ideology is simply a terrible person. Irredeemable. Lirin is a terrible person trying to masquerade as a Pacifist.
  6. I remember having to sew my pockets closed on my uniforms for inspection... If Adolin has a major flaw, that is it. Storm the fashion, give me functional pockets.
  7. This reminds me eerily of the Shopkeeper in Needful Things. **SHUDDER**
  8. I agree that listening to the Audio first was not a great idea. They just didn’t capture my attention. Through OB, I had read the Print or E-Book version first and then got the audio afterwards just because I have never been a fan of their narration. I could not make it through ‘The Great Hunt’ when I got the Wheel of Time audiobooks and I think I bought and returned them all within 30 days. Definitely skipping the SA audiobooks after RoW.
  9. But the SF was never summoned as a Blade. The instances where we see Spren being summoned to operate an Oathgate, the form Shifts into whatever the mechanism needs to be in order for it to function. Lift does this with Wyndle and the closest thing to a weapon he has ever been was a Fork. Yes Dalinar summoned the SF’s physical manifestation, but not as any kind of a weapon and not for combat.
  10. I really like Jasnah, mostly because she ISN’T perfect. She has turned ‘Striving for Competence’ into an art form and perfected it. She is absolutely brilliant and from the outside it is difficult to see any of the Humanity behind it. I can’t quote any of the relevant pieces, but there are a few from Shallan that vaguely come to mind where Jasnah’s calm, perfectly self assured demeanor shows cracks or breaks down visibly. Trauma in her past or simply her personality are things that I won’t even try to comment on, but She is sort of the Ideal that appeals to me the most in the SA. Be so Storming competent and self assured outwardly that all of your internal struggles are either yours alone or only shared with a VERY few, very close people.
  11. Dalinar has NEVER summoned the Stormfather as a blade. Perception matters. The Stormfather was only ever summoned by Dalinar to operate an Oathgate. Never as a weapon.
  12. Anywhere. I think that Dalinar being bonded to the Stormfather and not being bound to the High Storm is suggestive. I don’t think she will be physically bound to Urithiru. For Scholarship and Discovery? With the Sibling helping her, the more ‘Modern’ Fabrial Science, where spren are trapped will become a thing of the past. She will redevelop the Fabrials that are built around Spren cooperation. She is in no way limited and probably far more liberated with her Bond to the Sibling.
  13. Without giving any spoilers, this is fairly well answered in RoW in the Venli/Eshonai flashbacks.
  14. Happy Birthday!

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  15. Moash is definitely not on my list of favorite people. As a Villain, though, you are absolutely right. He does seem to be the most effective and efficient Bad Guy on Roshar. No one ese seems to measure up.