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  1. To be perfectly honest, I only expect Lift, Renarin, Jasnah and perhaps a handful of ancillary characters to survive into the Back Five. The ancillary Characters will become Main, but I don’t think that many of the Main Contingent can survive.
  2. Hoid has always and will always be Dr. Kaku in my head.
  3. I like it. Have a cookie.
  4. I think the goals of The Diagram are illogical. Especially from 3rd Person Removed. Unless you you consider Dalinar and Cultivation and how She ‘Gave’ him his curse and his boon. Cultivation actually said ‘This may give him a weapon’ when she granted Dalinar his boon/curse. I think Something very similar happened with Taravangian and that however his Epiphany happened, it could very easily be a double edged sword. I am not great at Theorycrafting, but the group called ‘The Diagram’ is following’The Diagram’ based on interpretation and that is a very fluid thing that actually runs counter to what they think they are doing. Does any of that make any sense at all?
  5. I like the fact that BS handled Kaladin’s most recent romantic interest off screen. Personally, I would prefer to see neither Kaladin or Jasnah in ANY kind of romantic relationship for the duration of the books.
  6. I am reading them every Tuesday. little snippets of a story that is still 2 months away? I will happily take all of the teaser chapters. However, I am also perfectly fine with Spoilers. Give me the punchline before the Joke and the end of the story before I’ve read the book. I will still enjoy the Joke, and the Story loses absolutely nothing for me.
  7. After several conversations about this in various threads... I really think it is a Bondsmith thing, perhaps particular to Dalinar, and from Roshar itself. We know that Roshar was constructed specifically by Adonalsium, but as far as I am aware, not WHY. At first I thought it was referring to the Alethi Princedoms, but that seemed too small to me. I suppose it may be a reference to the Shards of Adonalsium, but I FEEL like it is more about the disparate people living on Roshar. The Parsh, Humans, Iri, etc. Either against Odium or something larger in the Cosmere yet to be revealed.
  8. I don’t think literacy will change how the Listeners and Singers pass their stories. Even if they do write them down, Oral will still be their preferred medium.
  9. So, the Stormfather is Honor’s Bondsmith Spren, I think is is certain that the 2nd Bondsmith Spren is the Nightwatcher. If we assume that, then the Sibling has to be Odiums Spren. This suggests to me that someone connected to Odium will be the one to wake the Sibling and become the 3rd Bondsmith. Navani doesn’t really make much sense as the Nightwatchers Bondsmith if that is the case. Rock seems much more likely to me.
  10. BUT!!! More buttons is better better buttons!! On topic, however. I would ask him if the Singers shattered the plains and if that was Their part of breaking the Oathpact.
  11. Also, I have experienced music so beautiful that it demanded my attention. So ‘Demanding’ doesn’t necessarily mean that it was loud or obnoxious. I immediately thought of Tien when I read that.
  12. Ignoring everything else we have seen and heard from Kaladin and focusing solely on his knowledge of Medicine and Surgery... Kaladin is absolutely intelligent. He also has the more subtle, but equally impressive, ability to address people and situations in relatively short order and and USUALLY have the right plan to organize them. Yes, without question, Kaladin is brilliant.
  13. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 or 2° Kelvin would be my guess.
  14. I ‘Read’ most books in Audio format these days. Thanks to real life necessities, I can’t devote hours to devouring books in print any more. But since I spend a lot of time driving, I can listen for hours. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading are definitely far from the worst narrators you will listen to.
  15. Nope. Their appearance varies depending on your interpretation of Ideal Facial Hair. Perhaps a Goatee, Fu Manchu or completely untamed Face Mane... Observation does have an observable effect, after all.