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  1. Doorknob. Or, perhaps... Folly.
  2. Slightly less tongue in cheek... Stick is an In-World introduction to the Cognitive Realm and an example of how Self-Perception isn’t strictly limited to Fauna. When an ‘insert and item here’ has been identified or has identified itself as a certain Self for a sufficient amount of time, that Identity is far deeper than the superficial and not easily superceded.
  3. 1: Shal-Lan 2: Sad-E-as.s 3: Rock... is always Rock, a very beautiful one.
  4. @Truthwatcher_17.5 I am making assumptions. Since we haven’t seen the Shattering In Cosmere, yet... Rayse, I believe? Is currently holding Odium. The Shards are what they are, unequivocally. Without a transcription of the Shattering, I am going to assume that everyone present was forced to simply take what they were given. There is a WoB, but I am not very good at finding and linking them... semi-from memory-WoB- The holder of a Shard will eventually take on the Characteristics of the Shard they hold. Regardless of who initially picked up the Shard, its influence has had plenty more than enough time to insinuate and corrupt his everystuff.
  5. Have a cookie!! Aimian’s are evidently the perspective we are hearing the story from... I like it!!
  6. Oxford: General or widespread hatred or disgust incurred by someone as a RESULT of THEIR ACTIONS. Scapegoats are being punished for someone else’s misdeeds, I believe.. Odium is contriving the circumstances for his own punishment.
  7. immortal words

    @Pathfinder I promise to not derail this thread any further after this post. I am not a fan of either Jasnah or Kaladin being married... To anyone... especially each other. I was just speculating on where the potential benefit might be, and who might benefit most. Back on topic, a running theme for Kaladin has been his inability to forgive himself for the people that he can’t save. The Gem Archive has already given us enough information to guess part of the Oath. am on mobile and can’t provide a quote, but it was something to the effect of ‘How am I not supposed to want to save people?’
  8. Brazing... Well, I feel sheepish. I am obviously not a welder...
  9. Hmmm... PHENOMENAL COSMERIC POWERS... itty bitty living space. I actually prefer your idea of binding Odium to other shards. If Dalinar is somehow able to reforge Honor with Odium and Cultivation in close proximity, binding Odium to Cultivation with the splinters of Honor. I’m not sure what the fallout would be for all of the KR bonded to Honorspren... That might be be a fun discussion.
  10. Paint I can just suspend disbelief on. It’s paint, cool. The Welded Ornamentation, however, is something that bugs me. With our modern technology, welders can work their mojo on any kind of metal you set in front of them... Provided the pieces are the same type and of reasonably similar composition. How in the Crem Filled Storms, with a typical forge and bellows, are they able to to weld dissimilar metals?!?! HOW?!?
  11. Bonding Odium to all of the Shards may be a bit ambitious. Seems awfully like reforging Adonalsium... HOWEVER. Bondsmith. Unite them. Hmmm... Perhaps as a Bondsmith unfettered, reforging Honor and in the process binding Odium to Honor and Cultivation. Definitely different than Harmony, and good way to position things for Cosmere Endgame.
  12. immortal words

    @Pathfinder What I mean by Gavinor being something of an unknown is that he is old enough to remember at least some of the emotional trauma he has been through. Some people come through that relatively even, some people excel and become amazing people... and then some, not so much. I just mean to say that we have no idea what kind of person he will grow into after what appeared to be fairly serious neglect from his Mother, being tortured by the malicious Spren, and then knowing how both of his parents died. I would like to think he becomes a strong, well adjusted teenager and then adult, but it could easily go the other direction.
  13. I was on board with Lesser Spren for a long time as well, but reasons... similar to @RShara. I feel like it has to be something else. Condensed Investiture. It is mentioned several times that ‘Only the Voidbringers’ were able to hold Stormlight perfectly. If Shardplate were condensed Investiture, that would make sense. Anyone sufficiently progressed to create Plate would simply feed their plate with whatever Stormlight escaped through their body and breathing.
  14. immortal words

    And even considering the arbitrarily specific gender roles, I have no trouble seeing Jasnah being accepted as Monarch. She simply has to give ‘The Look’ to anyone who questions her fitness and the discussion is over. The Jasnah/Kaladin ship wouldn’t necessarily be for her benefit. I think it would benefit Dalinar much more. Having the the Heads of two Orders of Knights Radiant holding the Alethkar Monarchy would bring some serious legitimacy to the KR, et al. Historically, Alethela was the nation most closely bound to Urithiru and the seat of the KR power. Without understanding why, Alethkar has continued practicing the Art of War. OB ended with Thaylenah and a decisive victory, but if the Ardents (read as Kadash) are any indication, Dalinar still has a ton of work to do politically. Gavinor is still an unknown variable, Jasnah will probably end up being the Queen in fact and not simply Regency. TL;DR... Jasnah is obviously the best choice for the job. Adding Kaladin will be for Dalinar’s benefit, not Jasnah’s.
  15. immortal words

    Ah, yes. The case for Political Marriage. I can dig it, with one caveat. Please don’t try and force feed some romantic shtick along with it. Please let it be perfectly political, and if there must be romance, let it be gradual.