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  1. Rock’s reunion with fam’ly here hence ‘Pon plains e’nly shattered past tense All loved were well met Con’squences beget Welcome with all acceptance Enthused by the limericks I post Face-Palmy they are at the most Double posting, no shame I am Limerickally lame Though by typing them all I shall boast.
  2. Hmm... That actually makes a lot of sense.. I shall arbitrarily disagree with you and sing NANANANANANA with my hands over my ears. Rlain as the Cultivation/Nightwatcher Bondsmith does make more sense too, doesn’t he?
  3. I dig it. Navani really is the strongest candidate. I just have a deep love of being blindsided by unlikely turns in stories. House Kholin is also already heavily represented. Observation, not complaint. But Navani would just be another Kholin. I am hoping for the 2nd and 3rd Bondsmith’s to be outside of that House.
  4. I actually think that might be a better place. That said, I can’t decide who I want more for Nightwatcher in the front half. Navani stands more than strong enough on her own...... OOHHH!! Hessina... (sp?) Kaladin’s Mother, failing that, Lirin.
  5. I like Rlain as the Sibling Bondsmith. But I REALLY like Lift for the Cultivation/Nightwatcher Bondsmith. Can’t really say why... Except pancakes. I know she is already an Edgedancer, but there is WoB that says it is possible.
  6. Rock was named for a beautiful thing to speak it aloud, the poem you must sing You’ll be on the spot, you dare falter not for a Horneater duel twill bring A thing I shall freely admit My mem’ry is often amiss As I scroll through this thread Upvotes I will spread To those the first time through I had missed
  7. I still get chills.
  8. So, I am going back through WoT, just for some light reading... And it occurred to me that I can’t recall any hardcore Red Herrings in any of the BS books that I’ve read (The Big Herring in WoT doesn’t count here). And for those not familiar with that story, I won’t spoilerify it here. So I really started thinking about SA and who would make a truly AWESOME Red Herring. I’m talking thousands of pages of build up, antagonist or protagonist, whose story promises an epic confrontation or resolution... And just... ends with a period at the end of a sentence. For instance: Hoid: has appeared in (nearly?) every Cosmere work so far. He seems to be the driving force behind all of the behind the scenes stuff going on in the Cosmere. What if his ending is just “Well, damnation... this is truly inconvenient.”? Odium/Rayse: After all of his build up and how he has manipulated the emotions of people, Listeners and Human alike, to set events in motion for the current conflict. To just be finished in some inauspicious, unheralded way. Or...’shudder’... The Lopen. He is the lighter side of the backbone to Bridge Four and no matter what he says, has probably literally been through the ringer. I mean in completely unsatisfactual fashion. Good, Bad or heavily Gray Characters. Who would you be most unhappy to find out was a Red Herring?
  9. Rock On! I was tested for dyslexia twice when I was young, neither test showed me as dyslexic. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Terry Goodkind is dyslexic, his books are perfectly readable and mostly enjoyable, if you are interested.
  10. There are times I consider myself at least Reasonably intelligent... and then there are these times. I wish I had enough math to even begin following your math.
  11. Rock on. could a Mod please correct my mistake?
  12. So, I have run out of salient thing to discuss in the Cosmere... Let’s talk hobbies, things that we do to pass the time while awaiting the next installment of our 7 or 14 Epic Sagas... I am a quilter.
  13. No... I immediately sang a bar or 2 of the Inspector Gadget theme song.
  14. *Facepalm* Seriously, though... Beard Spren are NOT the same as hair spren.
  15. Discussions like this always come back to the same question in my head. Can We (21st Century, reasonably educated Earthlings) really project our sense of morality on a Medieval or Feudal society? Especially in The Cosmere and on Roshar specifically. Alethkar has been a Warmongering society for thousands of years, They fight endless wars amongst themselves with little or no provocation. To them, burning an entire city and all of its inhabitants is a distasteful thing to do, but it is War. From our moral perspective, it should be completely reprehensible... But, their sense of morality doesn’t necessarily align with ours. I don’t think the question should be asked with regard to Our moral perspective but from the perspective of Alethi society. Other societies on Roshar consider the things that Dalinar has done to to be beyond redemption, but I still try to look at the context of the Alethi culture and gauge his actions against that context. Storms, even across the earth, Morality can vary wildly from place to place and culture to culture. Trying to apply one cultures sense of morality like a blanket to another culture has been the cause of many, many wars and countless deaths throughout history.