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  1. This is sounding worryingly close to
  2. I found a damaged copy of A Dance of Cloaks by David Dalgish in the book yesterday and managed to convince them to give it to me for half price. Excited to start it!
  3. Thank youuuu ah thank you, me too! haha, now that's all I can see when I look at her.
  4. South Africa - English
  5. Pfft, you're just jealous of how awesome my DOUGHNUT COOKIES are
  6. Ignore these deception-filled gangs of hawkers. I, The Shyspren, offer perfectly safe, home baked DOUGHNUT COOKIES.
  7. Breath 3 Investiture 1 Lerasium 12 Preservation 8
  8. I'm a totally neutral party mostlybecauseimlame here to offer DOUGHNUT COOKIES Seriously, how can you resist that? It's like two of the most awesome things in one. Definitely neither spiked nor spiced.
  9. I got converted to Sanderson and Rothfuss by my sisters ex, who turned out to be a total douche. Damnation. He might be a jerk but he has good book tastes! But other than that, I have only managed to successfully convert two people, my mother and my best friend's brother. Nobody seems very interested in the tomes I offer :/
  10. so there's a new app called FaceQ that's gtten popular recently and I was procrastinating bored so I decided to make some Stormlight-themed ones.... So you have, in this order: Dalinar, Renarin, Szeth, Shallan v1, Shallan v2, Syl v1, Syl v2, Navani, Adolin, Rysn, Kaladin, Jasnah, Wit/Hoid, and The Man Himself Obviously I was a bit limited my the options - Dalinar's beard, for example, is too big, the Shardblades are just normal swords, and I couldn't do Kal's brands, Rysn's eyebrows or Shallan's freckls, among other things, but honestly I'm quite proud of how they turned out!
  11. I was on another forum a few days ago and I came across an interesting thread about magic-less fantasy. There were a lot of interesting conversations and debates going on but the biggest one was: If you remove magic, is it still fantasy? So what do you guys think? Other questions: Have you read any fantasy without magic? Were they any good? Would you WANT to read a magic-less fantasy? What counts as ‘magic’? Is a fantasy with dragons but no other magic a ‘magic-less’ fantasy? Other thoughts on the concept? I haven’t read ASoIaF, but I understand (please correct me if I’m wrong) that there’s very little actual magic in the story, just “magical” things like dragons and demons. And it seems to be working for George RR Martin. The first Dagger and Coin book by Daniel Abraham (the only one of the series that I’ve read, unfortunately) contained very little magic and I seriously enjoyed that book. The Narnia books had a few magical items, some ‘magical’ beings- and obviously Aslan and The White Witch can do magic - but otherwise is quite empty of magic. Personally, I think it’s perfectly possible. I love magic – especially if it’s done with the finesse of Brandon Sanderson or Brent Weeks – but I’d be filly willing to read a magic-less story if it was done well. Provided the characters are interesting, anything can work!
  12. Fatebreaker, also known as "Spike-me-Own-Child-Dibbler"
  13. Awesome review, Peter! Really just added t my impatient appetite. Maybe I should rob a bank....
  14. Maybe we could try some 17th-shard related question that new users have to answer when registering? Like, This forum is dedicated to who? or, Brandon Sanderson wrote which book: The Final Empire or The Blade Itself? Or something more specific, like, "What is Jasnah's last name?" and "What is the name of the magic system in the Mistborn books?" and then we have a question per book/series so that the new user can just answer the ones for the books they've read? ...does that make any sense?
  15. Yeah, it sucks... I am considering going the ebook route as they're often as much as half price but an ebook just isn't the same...