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  1. Saw your reply in a thread about Alethi script and it had translations for the oaths (as of 2017). Can you do a translation for the third oath of the Bondsmith, as spoken by Dalinar? "I will take responsibility for what I have done. If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man." Thanks!

  2. @dnavenom, I suggest rereading chapter 1 of WoK, it's a goldmine for examples like these . There may well be others that I missed while skimming through as well. Hope this helps.
  3. Out of curiosity, did you have the same feelings regarding Vasher (I'm assuming that you've read Warbreaker)? His name is, after all, also based off of someone in the real world. And what about Sarene (again, assuming that you've read Elantris)? Parts of her character were borrowed from a real person as well.
  4. I actually doubt this interpretation, mainly because of this WoB: This doesn't completely invalidate the idea, of course, Brandon could always swap a pair of flashback characters with respect to the books focusing on their Orders, e.g. make Renarin the flashback character for the Elsecaller book and make Jasnah the flashback character for the Truthwatcher book. But either he's doing a weird switch like that or Ash isn't going to be swapping Orders (or he's changed his plans since that WoB, but since that came from the end of 2014 when he had already decided on the current set of flashback characters, I think that's unlikely). Firstly, Jasnah is most definitely not unable to feel. There are a number of passages that make this clear, here's one from WoR: Secondly, I do really like the idea that Jasnah's flashbacks might be threaded through the first arc. It would be quite a twist if this reading Brandon did in 2014 was actually a reading from Stormlight 10 (or whichever book ends up being Jasnah's).
  5. I don't know I'd go that far. But, that WoB was really tricky to find since it doesn't use the word prologue at all, and isn't tagged. Fortunately, I remembered it well enough that I was able to search for "You will get five", and then it was the only result.
  6. As others have said, welcome to the Shard! I do like your reasoning, but there's a couple of things that you're missing. Firstly we have this WoB: This obviously doesn't preclude any of the other Five Scholars from having been to Scadrial, nor from Vasher having been to the Expanse of the Vapours, but it does go somewhat against your idea. Secondly, Iyatil isn't actually Scadrian: Again, this only rules out Vasher, but it seems very unlikely that any of them are (and corroborates what @Crazy1993 said).
  7. Welcome to the Shard. It's great to have another theorist here. The jar which Shallan finds is most likely sand from Taldain, however, in Warbreaker, Hoid is not using Sand Mastery on the sand there, per WoB: We know from WoB that this is possible: Actually, I don't think that we can say that for sure right now. It's certainly implied in White Sand: But characters in-world have been wrong about these things before, and in Elantris' Ars Arcanum, Khriss (our most authoritative source) seems to think otherwise: In other words, Khriss thinks that Taldain's method of Initiation is different from Scadrial's which is genetic. As such, I don't think that we can say anything for definite about how a person gains sand mastery
  8. I love that you're basically showing us Eshonai both in and out of armour. I really like this Shardplate design, it feels a lot more realistic than the Plate that you did for Dalinar, while also still looking really terrifying. And I particularly love how you've depicted the Shardblade mid-summon, it looks fantastic like that. You've somehow managed to give us two images in one and they're both wonderful.
  9. Yes, that was me. When Brandon next comes back, we'll have to see if we can't work out a better system for us Sharders to meet up. My description of myself was woefully inadequate, clearly (not least because I described myself as being tall and the person I ended up sitting next to ended up being far taller than me). I was actually the very last person in the signing line, but I didn't overhear you. The signing room was very good at keeping the sound in, unfortunately. A shame about the RAFO (though on the bright side, we don't need to worry about it being paraphrased). Let's hope he comes back to do a tour for The Lost Metal, and answers all of our questions then.
  10. I presume you're referring to the "By Purity's Eye" reference in the "Alethi Glyphs Page 1" diagram. Remember that this is written by Nazh who is from Threnody, so it's actually far more likely to be a reference to the planet Purity in the Threnodite system. The only Purity that has ever been referenced on Roshar itself is the Devotary of Purity, and I don't see how that could be what's being referenced here.
  11. This is wonderful, I'm in love all over again! And there was I thinking that we would have to wait months before we got your next piece. Allow me to echo @CaptainRyan's comment on your Shallan piece: if you ever decide to start selling prints of these, please let me know, I would also gladly pay you money for them. In any event, please keep making more art, I'm eager to see more, and you've truly cemented yourself as my favourite Cosmere related artist now.
  12. He's absolutely Selish. In addition to what you've pointed out, his name is clearly based around Aon Rii which means Wealth or Affluence. Also remember, Shin do not have epicanthic folds on their eyes, which most people on Roshar do. The Aonic people do not have epicanthic folds which is probably why Kaladin assumed him to be Shin (and by the same reasoning, why Dalinar thought Odium looked Shin when Rayse would have been from Yolen).
  13. So, I've now made it into town and am just having a coffee before heading to the venue. Hopefully I will manage to get my act together for the event, because things I've been making a mess of things so far (presumably due to nerves). First I managed to miss my bus, so I arrived here half an hour later than I intended. Not a disaster really, since I planned to get here 2 and a half hours early, in case something like that happened, but it did mean standing for half an hour at the bus stop in the freezing cold, carrying 7kg worth of books, which wasn't pleasant. Then when I was on the bus I realised that I'd forgotten my Lightweaver pin, despite having put it out last night so that I wouldn't forget it. Still, at least I haven't forgotten anything really important (I hope). I've remembered my ticket, my questions list, my books to be signed, my audio recorder, and my backup audio recorder (aka my phone). Now I'm starting to get really excited. Update: The talk/reading/Q&A portion is now completed, and I'm waiting at the back of the signing line. I think I got the audio okay, and I was able to leave my recorder on the signing table, so that's should be recording as I type this. There wasn't anything of particularly major significance that I noticed in the Q&A, save for one thing: Brandon recognised me! Something that I found interesting though, Brandon mentioned that he's already written the Rithmatist 2... but it was bad and so he threw it away, came up with a new outline, and will write it again at some point. It looks like the queue still has a long way to go yet (as expected), so I'll report back some point after it's finished. Update 2: I'm now on the bus back after the event. Some bad news I'm afraid, at some point during the signing my recorder died, and as I couldn't be monitoring it I wasn't on hand to switch to my backup recorder. I have no idea how much audio I was able to get. I don't know how it happened, the batteries should have had more than enough charge, I fear that I might have to replace the device. @Bort, @Joe ST, and anyone else who was there, you can't rely on the audio, please post your questions as soon as possible while they're still fresh in your minds. Anyway, as a result I can only give you paraphrases of my questions (I'm sorry). Also he initially only allowed me 3 questions, though he ultimately allowed me a 4th. Finally, for my personalisation in Oathbringer, I asked him to draw Nazh's tattoo. This confused him since he hadn't realised that Isaac had put that annotation in there, and he had to ask me what the tattoo was (to which I could only reply that it was embarrassing and give him the page number of the diagram so that he could see what it said for himself). He finally drew the following image, but warned that it's not necessarily canon. Update 3: It looks like I managed to get the first 40 minuets of the signing line recorded. My recorder picks up everything, so it's not the best quality (though the audio for the actual talk is very good). I've got them uploading to the Arcanum now.
  14. You basically remember correctly, however, I believe that it is only ever very strongly implied that copper only protects the one burning it. It is also implied to be that way in the Ars Arcana for The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages, Shadows of Self, and The Bands of Mourning. This would be good enough evidence for me, but for the fact that The Alloy of Law's Ars Arcanum entry for Allomantic Copper reads thus: This apparent contradiction has been irking me for a while, hence why I included the question.