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  1. I've returned! (And no, not on Nalthis, unfortunately.) @Meta I'm still interested in being a GM although I haven't made many changes to my rules, but it doesn't look like you've looked over the changes I made yet. Right now I come to the point where, until the end of August, I may periodically drop off the face of the planet depending on what my summer job requires me to do.
  2. I thought about it, and I didn't think I was giving any information. It just seemed logical. Edit: Those annoying colour tags.
  3. They should have know better, but no one had come in to do anything about the body. There had been a few who noticed it, but they had run away, hoping to be unassociated with any sort of death. On the floor of the forge, Vard's body twitched. If it had been anyone else, Vard would have welded the coffin shut as soon as it was occupied, but since Vard happened to be the only smith in the area, it had remained undone. Vard's body twitched some more, got up, and left the forge to wander around the town. "Yarrrgggdslkfan Braiiinnnnsssss" Zombie Vard thought. It was a new experience for it, and it took a while. It seemed to remember something about poetry, and started talking. Brains so tasty, brains so sweet, Brains are such delicious meat. Bake them, cook them, fry them too, Maybe even in a stew. Zombie Vard didn't know what most of the words meant, but it had brains in it, and it sounded good. @Joe: I didn't start that PM, and even if any roles had been said I wouldn't have passed them along, because I couldn't be sure that I wasn't talking to a Pahn Kahl.
  4. He did mention it about half a day ago, although that was morning for most of North America. Doesn't it suck when you try to write RP for this character, and all you get is stuff that's good for the next one?
  5. My current guess is that 1/5 of us are Pahn Kahl, and two of each agent. This may be pessimistic, but that would mean that a full third of us aren't who we say we are. Edit: Pahn Kahl, not spiked.
  6. Vard had gotten sidetracked by his latest project, and was surprised to see that a good chunk of the day had passed by already. As he was flipping a coin to choose between the Red Salmon and the Green Potato, he noticed a bit of a commotion. Shoving his way through the crowd, he came across the body. "It's a shame, isn't it. We meet in a Hallendren town, and Idrian envoy dies, conveniently ending the peace talks." Vard sits and thinks for a while. "On second thought, it's not all that much of a shame, because he was from the government, after all, and since when have they done anything but tax my work? On that note, I wish to present the latest addition to my product line, an all steel casket. For a reasonable price you can be guaranteed protection from any casual grave robbers." With that, he left to go back to his shop after grabbing one of the fried chicken feet. He had a nagging feeling that they would be going through a large number of caskets soon, and he wanted to be sure that he had enough ready for sale.
  7. I've been seeing it all over the place, but the only one I think I remember is in the box when you start a new PM. I'm seeing them on IE 11, IE 10 on Windows Phone, and Chrome. Edit: And occasionally when editing. I also often need to refresh before the post updates, but I was never sure if that was just due to a lousy connection.
  8. *cackles gleefully* I am going to wake up to awesomeness. (Translation: My role PM and the start of a new game.) Edit: Did you add Idrian monk? Because that seems to be my reputation level right now.
  9. I get a real internet connection. Until then I just have my phone and data plan. I also work at a summer camp, so there might be weeks in July and August where I'll drop off the face of the planet for a week if I'm suddenly in a cabin with kids. I'm hoping for climbing wall activity leader, though.
  10. Yeah, roles can be a little difficult. Not only do you need to make sure they're balanced, you also need to fit them into the world in a reasonable way. I can't wait to show you the game I'm developing. Most of it will be secret until then, but I will tell you that it is set on Roshar. Unfortunately, (and Meta knows this,) I can't run it until September, so if it's my turn before then Alvron will need to go. Edit: 100th post! I finally hit the triple digits!
  11. 47.5 This looks like it's going to be an epic game.
  12. Now that you've worked with them, you should have all the more reason to not trust them. As for me, my logic failed me with Joe last game, so unless I'm a seeker type thing I'll trust no one.
  13. Unless something has changed, Rithmatist 2 is after Firefight (and Legion 2) and Shadows of Self is after Stormlight 3. I don't know about the rest of the stuff after that, but if that's the case, Stormlight 4 will be in before the Warbreaker sequel as well.
  14. So I am now an Idrian monk. What happens if I'm Hallendren? Better yet, what happens if I'm a Hallendren agent? Would I be like a double agent?
  15. Maw, I got this out of the fourth message: See the hero of ancient birth On his arms he holds the earth His thought is just not unkind Harmony holds us all within his mind If it has the jabberwocky poem hidden in it as well, I would be very impressed.
  16. Vard gets up, and groans in frustration. "I knew there was something I had to tell Elo." He takes two packages with him as he walk out in search of Elo. After a thorough search of the town, he managed to find him, in the process of improvising a melody to some odd rambling of Swimim's. "Hey Elo! First of all, you forgot your set of tuning forks, all made of the best material, and are the best quality available. Also, an odd man calling himself Selvar stopped by, arriving out of nowhere with a whooshing noise. He said he had something for you, something about an apology for a recent regeneration." Vard hands Elo a box of what looks like fried chicken's feet and turns to go home.
  17. I would take you up on that, except that I live in Manitoba, (even if only 15 minutes north of North Dakota,) and he isn't coming anywhere near where I am.
  18. It kind of helped that Asp posted a list with all of you on it, even though Joe messed with our minds by voting for Erendi. @Peng Since we all know what's going to happen this day, could we get an early writeup?
  19. I was the creator of the three piece dwarven runes poem. I had originally written it before Clan died, and was going to send a piece to both Tineyes, but he died, and I had to get creative. I do not regret getting Wark to "find" one piece, because I absolutely loved the RP he wrote about it. Written below is the original version with all the correct punctuation and spellings. Three spiked are down, their fate was due, There's one, (we think,) or maybe two, Left in this game, whose limbs we'll hew. The first we hung, on vague surmise, Defend yourself, to all we cried. But he delayed, and so he died. The next burned lead, he thought it wise. Until one day, to his surprise, He ran from us, and then he died. The third was sudden, shot at night, Misstep he did, to our delight, His blade he lost, and then his life. Our luck thus far has been sustained, This night we hope will be their bane, The heap of dead one more to gain.
  20. Hey Gamut, how about we use that ship I brought and keelhaul him before he's dead. I wouldn't want it to go to waste, after all.
  21. @Joe I can't speak for Maw, but I put my role in my signature because it was end game, and the spiked Seeker was dead. Your soothing wouldn't have made a difference because we had too many people on our side. It's too late now, but why didn't you take out the Tineye? You could easily have made our plotting more difficult.
  22. What we believe was the last spiked just confessed, so lets move to Nalthis!
  23. Joe, good game. Your vote for Erendi on day one had convinced me that you were good. Asp's list never lied!
  24. Just letting the remaining spiked know that we have the means to get rid of you within a cycle. Good game, but you're done for. We haven't acted because we'd all prefer it if you begged for death.
  25. Let's put it this way. We're fairly certain that the game is going to end today or tonight. We're just waiting on the results from our Seeker.