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  1. Oh, the annotations just make it better! Well done sir. Well done.
  2. As far as the Nokia would be concerned, would that still have the ability to cut through stones like water?? But on a more serious note, I don't think that Kaladin would be able to lash Syl. She's too heavily invested- the same reason you can't lash someone in Shardplate.
  3. I'm always bad at finding them, but I'm certain we have WoB somewhere that says a Spren can only grow to about the size of a man- Which explains why Shardblades are only about 6 feet long. So this would limit the whole "Scythe on an army" idea. Love the MysSyl, love the handle, love the topic title. *Fist Bump*
  4. *Upvotes* Nice work.
  5. Oh, have a little faith in the man. ;)He's only 38 years old, he's got some time. No, the thing that's frustrating to me is that "Stones Unhallowed" will be released approximately in 2015. That's fine, but I was hoping he'd publish it the next year. (Normally, I wouldn't want this, but I was just called to serve an LDS mission in Toronto, Canada, and I don't want my older brother mailing me Stormlight Spoilers while I'm out. )
  6. Yay!!! I really felt like progression was slow in the old system, so thanks, Chaos, for going through all the trouble!! Of, course being moved from "Shardbearer" to "Ardent" kinda sucks. Long live Kabsal!!!
  7. Maybe... It kinda feels like a reach to me. But it's certainly possible! I think... I don't know. Does anyone have WoB about a shard coming back from Splintering??
  8. I was reading TWoK today, and one of the death rattles stuck out to me: 52: A Highway to the Sun "I'm standing over the body of a brother. I'm weeping. Is that his blood or mine? What have we done?" - Dated Vevanev, 1173, 107 seconds pre-death. Subject: an out-of-work Veden sailor. I'm thinking this may be a prophecy related to the potential "Adolin-Renarin Falling-out" that was mentioned earlier... EDIT: Also, @Seloun, Hoid has Lightweaving abilities, so he's changing his image, not wearing a wig.
  9. Actually, I think Adolin DOES have a Spren. As has been brought up in other topics, during his duel, he distinctly hears someone or something say: "DUCK!" The prevalent theory I've been seeing (Which I agree with with 87% certainty) Is that Adolin is reviving his Shardblade. I like that idea.
  10. I think the biggest thing we have to look at have to look it is intent. When Adolin killed Sadeas, it was in a move of pure hatred and anger. It concerns me that he could end up being Odium's Champion- he is a duelist after all. That being said, I think it is most likely that Adolin will become a Dustbringer. My friends and I were theorizing exactly that this morning. So @drakesparda, it's good to hear of that half nod.
  11. Bathroom break. He'll be back for the climax of book 10. Oh, and he left Oathbringer behind with Wit. Wit is pretending to be a flowerpot so that Grump, Blunt, and Thinker won't find him.
  12. Let me inject my personal opinion here: I LOVE Adolin Kholin! He quickly became my favorite character, and while I would love to see him go all "Darth Vader" on us, I honestly don't think that's what going to happen. Lest we forget, Shallan murdered HER OWN FATHER, and she turned out alright. I think he'll either end up a Dustbringer, a Willshaper, or dead. I do think that while I'd get a sick feeling in my gut from it, him turning evil would definitely be great for story progression. We haven't really seen any 'bad guys'- the conflict is pretty morally gray. I mean, other than Odium, who is ACTUALLY evil? The Ghostbloods? Maybe. Mr. T and co? Maybe. The Alethi Highprinces? In some ways. Even Sadeas himself... Ok. Sadeas was just a swine. I'm glad Adolin killed him. XD
  13. H O W T H E 7 E 4 9 15 E T T H 14 T 2 15 H 7 H 2 T H E 17 13 4 4 8 3 H T 7 15 14 W 4 14 3 4 T 9 16 14 9 14 9 3 4 E E W 4 T T E 5 E 7 T 15 19 T H E 3 4 E 5 5 H 5 W E 15 7 5 5 H E 3 4 T H E 9 15 E T 6 15 3 4 Is the best I could come up with tonight. It's probably dead-wrong, but who knows? Someone could see something useful there.
  14. Ummm... The title of the book is actually "Stones Unhallowed", last I checked... and yes. the confirmed order is Szeth, Eshonai, and Dalinar. The working title for book 5 is "Highprince of War". I'm sorry if this is off topic, but this should clear it up quite nicely. Here's the source.
  15. Yay!!! Thank you!