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  1. So for reference: Vote Tally Reading(4): Fifth{1}, Illwei{1}, Araris{1}, Devotary{1} Illwei(7): Elandera{1}, Stick{1}, Kas{1}, Mail{1}, Reading{1}, Dannex{1}, Hael{1}, Ash{1} Wyrm(1): Kas{2}
  2. Chances there's spiked among us? Also, sorry Kas
  3. It ain't Tyrian Falls without a Meta distribution.
  4. I'd do 5 with no thug for their team personally. Particularly if they had a mistborn. Meta I thought was a √(player count) person which would be 5 also.
  5. You know how many they have on their team?
  6. Unless they have two, or have found a thug, by that logic they'll have already night killed the power roles they've found right? I'd but expect them to have any more knowledge of roles to direct executions unless y'all have terrible PM opsec...
  7. Eh I guess. Only worth it if village/village and they're close to getting numerical superiority I think.
  8. Rude! Like, if it's two village, they're better of leaving it so we get no knowledge, unless they know roles. And if one is an elim, then it's potentially more sus to do something and move it off than to just leave it be.
  9. Why would elims change the vote manip when it's looking to be a tie?
  10. I mean, sure? Ultimately, it's a gut read that I don't have the time and energy to properly explore. :/
  11. I'm going to put a vote down on Araris I think. Full disclosure, I've not read through the backlog (why are there 47 pages D:) so I'm basing it on what I've seen since I subbed in. The situation seems like we've gone 5 days with no suspicions that have gone anywhere, and as Araris said last cycle: Chances are the elims are those that have felt comfortable with their position/presence in thread. Elims are much less likely to put their neck out on hard on a tunnel too. And so when I think of who might best fit that sorta mood, well, that's Araris' MO, which seems to hold true here. Vote Tally Mail(1): Mail{1}, Illwei{1} TJ(1): Mail{2}, Fifth{1}, Elandera{1} Stick(1): Araris{1} Devotary(3): Stick{1}, Mail{3}, Elandera{2} Araris(3): TJ{1}, Ash{1}, Hael{1} Devotary(3): Stick, Mail, Elandera Araris(3): TJ, Ash, Hael Mail(1): Illwei Stick(1): Araris
  12. Yeah, not too bad. Had some time off work, and got shortlisted for a new job today, so things are pretty good. For my own reference for later. Matrim's Dice Random Bystander - Regular Villager Gears Quintessential - Village Soother Fifth Scholar Shard of Reading Araris Valerian Dannex Elandera Ashbringer TJ Shade Illwei Devotary of Spontaneity Experience Animation - Village Rioter Malliw73 StrikerEZ - Regular Villager The Unknown Order - Village Smoker The Windrunner Supreme Ventyl - Village Smoker Flyingbooks - Regular Villager Burnt Spaghetti STINK Stick Biplet - Village Coinshot Daisy/Hael - Harmony The Young Pyromancer - Regular Villager Young Bard -Village Lurcher Tani
  13. It has been some time since we joined blades. How have the winds of time been treating you?
  14. Par for course then.
  15. Greetings and salutations all! Don't suppose anyone would mind giving me the tl;dr version of the game to date? First person totally isn't evil. Thanks!
  16. Just wanted to give my perspective on the events as they unfolded. If I'm reading things right, this was Elephant's initial post about the threat from Dingo on Day 5. Lion responded immediately about not antagonising the neutrals, based on the Night 4 discussion about trust groups. Later on in the cycle, Elephant votes on Dingo, and makes one more comment about it here. Not being privy to any communications in PM or docs about anything going on, it seemed like Dingo had made the threat, but Lion and Elephant had said it was a bad idea, and it looked like that was that - Elephant's follow up comments seemed more jokingly referencing a single event rather than an ongoing thing. On top of that, in my mind, Dingo didn't have a credible threat. Yes, they were Ruin, but while Ruin could destroy planets in a way to help Autonomy, choosing to destroy planets Autonomy had already visited isn't stopping Autonomy from winnign. Of course, Ruin's investee has a kill, but to use that against Autonomy would require finding someone with out a shard (non-trivial), that you can trust (harder), and that you could convince to attack Autonomy (to my mind, practially impossible). Trying things is fine, but I'd hope that once you get a little push back from people, you'd back off and leave it at that. So as of Day 5, given the available info, I didn't see the need to act further. Day 6 then, Dingo suggests the idea of threatening the neutrals for info again. Axolotl and Lion again are quick to say they're not okay with that (although they don't specifically address blackmail). But no votes are placed on Elephant, or any of the other neutrals. So again, to my mind, there's no credible threat to the neutrals, and again players have said no to the idea, and no one has supported Dingo's idea. To me, based on what's been in thread, we have a villager tunnelling on an idea they've had that no one else is interested in persuing, and they've said as much. From a spectator's point of view, it doesn't seem so different from when you've a player who's had a bad gut read on you the whole game, repeats it a bunch, but nothing happens about it because the rest of the thread doesn't really agree. So when we get Gorilla's message about the blackmail, this is the first we're hearing about any threat to Gorilla, and it's the first indication to appear in thread that there's a credible threat associated with it. This, combined with the neutrals seeking support via PMs, is what communicated that something actually dangerous was happening. I assumed that based on this response, that Dingo must have made on going threats in PMs or docs, or had made their threat credible by claiming a kill item or some such thing. And from there we have the large response from everyone in thread to the issue. Now, having now read the Nalthis C5 doc, the comments came on very strong, and I can very much see why Elephant felt like the threat was credible. Best I can tell from Taldain C5 is that there were in fact threats happening in PMs too as I can't see where Gorilla is threatened in thread or in doc. I guess my point with all this is I don't think that what was observed in thread prior to Gorilla's post C6 warranted any stronger a reaction than "Hey, threatening people for intel is not okay". And sure, no one said that specifically, but some players did discourage Dingo from going after neutrals further. Without access to the docs or PMs, there wasn't reason for anything else to be done - if intervention was needed, that to me is a place where the GMs should highlight what is going on to the IM, and have the IM message Dingo that what they're doing isn't okay. When hints of the seriousness of the blackmail came to thread, I still think (as I expressed in thread) that it was an over the top response to have lynched Dingo - we should be able to have a discussion in thread, and explain why blackmail is bad for the game, and for SE culture in general. As Axolotl pointed out, our lynching of Dingo had our actions being in the same ballpark as what Dingo was - immediately excluding someone from playing for a mistep before they could explain themselves and potentially apologise. And as seen in the dead doc - had Dingo been able to get on and respond, they would have apologised, and we could have moved on with the game without needing to lynch Dingo for what they'd done.
  17. Hah, Roshar 5-6 just got kept as a separate doc!
  18. Think I might post some of my reads and go from there as far as putting a vote down: Kas - Leaning Korathi, as I'm seeing exactly what I'd expect from a village!Kas who's just having a bit of fun writing excellent RP. Devotary - A lot of their posts seem to be either clarifying details about other conversations or discussing how each faction might play. This all feels fairly normal Devotary. They didn't vote last cycle, and voted for Mint last minute during the first cycle. Not sure how I feel about that vote, given it was last minute, and unnecessary (Mint was already ahead by a vote). Feeling reserved, would prefer to see another vote from them this cycle, but not as last minute. TJ - My gut has been leaning Korathi on TJ. His tone seems good, and I agree with the bulk of his reads. Silber - Very few posts. Last cycles seemed to be giving up on the game, though this cycles at least hints at a chance of some analysis from them. Neutral because they're nothing to read. Bard Matrim Mist - Would like to seem more posts from them. Striker - Basically inactive Pyro - I'm not sure that their explanations necessarily help, but I'm feeling more like they're a Korathi who's a little lost at this point. Ultimately neutral read. Drake - Wants to kill me but I think that's mostly from a misreading of the situation last cycle. I wouldn't mind seeing their more detailed analysis. Probably leaning towards Korathi on them. Vapor - They've barely posted here, so nothing to really go by, although I'll note that they've been fairly active elsewhere on the shard. Maybe they are following the game, but more from a doc? Hmm. Also throwing another vote on Kas just now. They mention that they and Devotary seem to be under the most suspicion but I'm not sure where that comes from - not sure if either of them has recieved a vote this game? Sart - Not entirely sure about them still, but I don't want to add another name to the lynch candidates this cycle, so maybe next cycle - as pointed out, could still be worth seeing if the Jeskeri take them out as a potential cultist, so we may at least learn something by waiting. To review next cycle. Illwei - They seem pretty new and unsure of themselves. Elk Vote Tally: Illwei(0): Matrim{1} Kas(3): Sart{1}, Matrim{2}, Vapor{1} Hael(1): Drake{1} Drake(0): Kas{1} Pyro(1): Kas{2} Matrim(1): TJ{1} Vapor(1): Hael{1} Kas(3): Sart, Matrim, Vapor Hael(1): Drake Pyro(1): Kas Matrim(1): TJ Vapor(1): Hael It's getting late again, so seeing as I've actually reach a point where I'm suspicious of someone, I think I'm going to put a vote down on Vapor. Don't care for Kas lynch at all, and I'm not sure why they think they and Devotary are being seen as the most suspicious when neither of them have ended a cycle with a vote on them yet. I could see a practitioner who's mainly keeping up with the game in a doc and reading discussion about people's suspicion list getting that impression though. I'll put up a read of Bard, Matrim, and Elk tomorrow - I don't have enough of a formed impression of them to put a read on them without properly rereading their posts.
  19. Eh, disagree that my vote wasn't impactful at the time I placed it: When I voted, I put the second vote on Sart when Illwei was the only other player with two votes on them. Matrim and Ash only had one vote at the time, and didn't get those additional votes until after I'd gone to sleep. Not much I can do when most people vote after 3am my time.
  20. I feel like I've only vaguely followed Kas' post, but don't have the brain power to translate it all and properly respond to it... D: To answer one of Kas' questions though, there didn't feel like there was much conversation at all at the point I put my vote down - I'm pretty sure there were only single votes on half a dozen different players at the time. I might have voted differently if the discussion to happen after had happened while I was awake. I think if I had to put down a vote on anyone right now, I'd opt for Sart. Suggesting a no lynch isn't something that is helpful to the Korathi (it's the Korathi tool for killing practioners), doesn't help the Practitioners (they need the lynch to hit the Korathi Cultist that probably exists). It primarily benefits the Cultists, giving them more time to use their kill to thin the numbers. But I feel like Sart's too experienced a player to do that in this game. At least, if they were a cultist I think they'd only do it if they were a Jeskeri cultist, and it was an idea discussed in the practioner doc that people were happy with, or at least if he thought he had the support of the Jeskeri anyway. It's useful for a Jeskeri to be thought of by the Korathi as a cultist as they become less likely to be lynched that way. So I'd say at the very least that I think they're Jeskeri. But I guess it does come down to are they practioner or cultist... Some have suggested cultist. If the jeskeri believe that, then I suppose Sart in this scenario would find themselves getting lynched by the Jeskeri. But if the Jeskeri don't believe that then we need to lynch them. I'd assume there are more Practioners that Cultists, so if Sart is a Jeskeri, if nothing else the odds are in our favour that they're a practitioner. Not entirely convinced if the above makes sense. I think the point is I'd view Sart's play that seems more like a cultist play is something that a practioner or cultist would do to ge tKorathi support by seeming to be cultist in thread while being believed practioner by the Jeskeri (a Korathi would likely end up getting targetted by the Jeskeri anyway), and ultimately I think that Sart as a practioner makes more sense and I'd rather not wait around to see if the Jeskeri lynch Sart internally, given it's way too late for me at this point, and I'm not feelling any of the other lynch suggestions.
  21. It already sorta came up but I can confirm that X was Gears. After a vague cultist claim from Pyro, I got a PM from Gears asking to confirm that Pyro had claimed Cultist to me. Mostly I was confused about what Pyro was attempting to do, and given a lack of time and a better option, Pyro seemed as good a choice as any, given the evidence of them lying in their opening interatctions with me. That Lotus supported the Pyro lynch makes me inclined to take off the tinfoil hat and read Pyro as Korathi for the moment I think. The vote tally as I count it so far: Ash(1): Sart{1} Devotary(0): Ash{1} TJ(1): Ash{2} Illwei(2): Matrim{1}, Gears{1} Hael(0): Kas{1} Sart(1): TJ{1} Drake(1): Kas{2} I need to reread some posts I think, and decipher Kas' recent post before putting down any votes though.