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  1. 8 hours ago, Hadhad said:

    How can we get the prose version? His website says "If you are writing to request White Sand or Aether of Night we are no longer distributing those via email. White Sand is being sent via a link in the newsletters we occasionally send out to subscribers." I've been a subscriber for a long time, and while I may have gotten such a thing, I don't recall. It sounds like they don't want me to ask again.

    I think they've only sent it out in one newsletter - the first time they did so was in the April 2017 newsletter, but there doesn't seem to be any links in the later ones. But if you have the April one, go back and have a look, and you should be able to still download it from the link.


  2. I went and had a look at MBI once and fled in fright at the sheer volume of information I'd have to take in to join in favour of smaller RP's.


    Also, you say that you've got an update for this every month... Do you have a rotating cycle of Around the Cosmere, so:


    RP's and Social Groups

    Theories and Coppermind

    SE, MBI, Strategy RP's

    ??? (Creator's Corner & Fan Fiction?)

    The MBI isn't so bad. There's a lot of character, yes, but character's don't know everything about everyone else, which means you don't have to have read everything to participate. Usually, when you create a character, you have a look through the characters of the more active players (or just talk to the other players) and find characters who yours might interact with. That limits the amount to read through considerably.


    What I'd recommend the MBI for in particular is for practicing to writing well formed characters - a character application is usually something like 1000-3000 words (people usually write about 1000 words for their first one, but write more when they've been around for a bit), and this encompasses their history, personality, and an RP sample. We like to make sure characters make sense, that their backstory is plausible, and that character traits that'd depend on their history are properly justified. 

    It's certainly helped me, anyway.


    But like Coma said, post on the forum, use the chatbox, or PM some of us, and we'd be happy to help you settle in, if you give MBI  another chance!


  3. In addition to Shadows of Self, then shortly after followed up with purchases of Bands of Mourning and Calamity, right?


    I too will need this game! I can't wait to see what sort of Kickstarter exclusives are included when we can finally back this project! Maybe something along the lines of a collector's edition?

    Along with rumors of a leatherbound anniversary Elantris edition...


  4. The terms say, "If an entrant selected in the drawing is a resident of Canada, to be declared a winner he/she must correctly answer, without assistance of any kind, a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question to be administered by telephone or email." ... Mathmatical skill-testing question? What? :blink:

    Come on now... your kidding. Right? *Goes checks the terms again* Wait... for reals? Um... you Canadians out there. Any reason why they feel the need to check whether or not you can math? Is that normal?


  5. This is almost always for legal reasons, so don't think they are snubbing you. It's rarely for shipping reasons (though I think that is part of it).

    Oh I understand that - I come across it frequently enough. I mean, I actually went looking for it in the terms, because the blog didn't mention regions but I expected it to be region locked.


  6. I'm presuming you entered it in plain text mode (as in lightswitch off)?
    It seems to work for me, so I'm not sure.


    Otherwise, you should just be able to copy the image url out, and create the link/image yourself.