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  1. 'As we are yet to complete a banner under which to march, it would be challenging for us to send out envoys to other guilds. It would be confusing to others where we to introduce ourselves under a multitudinous array of names. As you know, Identity is Realmatically critical, and so our first goal must be to establish an Identity, and then display that one Identity as a group. This being said, I am sure we will reach out to other guilds in the near future, once our Identity has truly formed. I trust you would give us the tour should we visit the Newcargo Court?' Dr Rab Heatherlocke, Political Advisor
  2. I guess the difference here is that anyone can pay to be a Rioter. It's dangerous in that it's votes that villagers scoundrels (sorry in advance if I keep using the wrong terminology) don't get to make, but also potentially useful for someone if they had information. For instance, if there is a scoundrel seeker, it gives them a way to influence the lynch vote without revealing themselves as target. There is probably some information to be gained from the way auction votes are used, I get the feeling that we're going to need everything we get, so there's that. I wouldn't want there to be more than 2-3 votes available to buy though, unless everyone's voting. Even 3 is enough to swing a vote.
  3. I second the motion of phattemer's phrasing being superior for 2). EDIT: Oh, and Yay! I have a (semi)official title!
  4. To be clear, is that you'll kill me by poisoned stethoscope if I shift my vote, or you'll give me a stethoscope to kill people with as a reward for not voting. 'Cos I'm hoping its the latter. If the former, well, I'm dead either way... Regardless, I'll rescind my poke vote on Lord Pifferdoo, and keep it to myself for the time being. Hope that lets you (re)move your vote from me, Emerald. At this stage, that sounds like a good idea to me, though it does still allow the Lawmen some influence over who the villagers target. Some discussion on plans for the smoking gun would be good. A query: What happens if the player with the smoking gun targets the person to be lynched. The Lynch happens before the gun goes off. Does it miss, kill someone random, or kill the owner? I agree with The Only Joe - probably best to not buy votes this round. Another question though - Is 'No Vote' a valid vote option, and if so, can a vote bought at auction be allocated to 'No Vote'? EDIT 1: Bah, I hate to keep agree with the same person already, but he keeps saying things that I've been thinking. Gonna have to post them first next time. Why are you so protective of Pifferdo? This is a question I would like answered Emerald.
  5. Dr Rab Heatherlocke would like to point out that while he is a doctor (he has a badge, so it must be true), he neither carries a stethoscope, nor does he have a white coat. I mean, surely you all can see that, right? The fact I've been wearing this lovely canary yellow jacket the whole time? So, I guess at this point, we just want to get some discussion going, so I'm going to poke Lord Pifferdoo. EDIT: Wyrm, a question if I may. for the lynch votes, will we be getting a tally at the beginning of the next cycle? If so, how do Auctioned votes appear? As in, Mailliw has auctioned of his vote this round (and he can't retract that). Will his name appear in a list of voters should someone purchase his vote and use it on someone? Also, slightly concerned about how the mechanics seem to favour the Lawmen this game. Of course, I'm new, and could be misreading things
  6. If that was an alt win condition, it'd need to be quantified in some way. Oh, and the QF7 is 2/3s doctors.
  7. Oh, we're also going to need a secondary/group win condition/goal for the QG7 or whatever it is.
  8. Were Rab to be a political adviser to whoever steps to the fore of this movement, he would also potentially make a comment to the effect that by making use of gifts from a foreign power, regardless of the intentions behind why they were bequeathed, the indication to others would be that of us aligning with said foreign power. He would additionally comment on how it could potentially influence members of this movement in a way that may bias them towards said foreign power before this movement has had the opportunity to formulate an identity for itself. Dr Heatherlocke would make these comments in a way in which no disrespect to her Ladyship, Queen Elsa Steelheart. Or maybe he'd just say, 'Thank you for your suggestions. We consider each and every suggestion carefully, and will publicly announce the chosen candidate at such a time as one has been chosen. Thank you for your continued interest.'
  9. Potentially Healing Doctors.
  10. Heh. No, no it didn't. I thought it was amusing though. How about 'Doctors Of Cosmere Theory Or Real Science?' It has a nice acronym? The Society that Execessively Uses a Specific Honorific?
  11. That's precisely why I wrote that rule - a non doctor is going to have no idea how to actually doctor. So don't ask for a second opinion, cos then people will know you're not a doctor of the medical kind.
  12. Rule 1) is good! How about: 2. Don't ask for a second opinion - it tells people you don't know what you're talking about
  13. Dr Rab Heatherlocke will stand with this movement on one condition. He want's a badge, and a proper one at that. His current doctorly badge is a bit 'drab'. Also, he's got a Lawman Badge he'd rather be wearing, so the team badge better be fancy. @Lord Pifferdoo: Rab wouldn't mind some fancy white gloves and a Victorian plague mask. Particularly a mask, because masks are cool. Regarding a name: Now we're hardly malevolent, yet anyway (we shall see what the outcome of the witch hunt is). Rather, we're the Gentlepeople of Variety Doctoring? I will time more time to consider possible names. Things to keep in mind while considering a name would be that we do not yet know of the alignment of our doctors, nor if we do actually have any doctors that do actually know how to do their job, as well as the fact that not all of us have claimed to be a doctor in a medical field. One last matter I would like to raise is the subject of Mr. John Smith as described by Emerald101. It is well known that 'Mr. John Smith' is an alias for 'That Doctor', and his description is similar to that of his 10 iteration. This may be a case for further consideration.
  14. Rab Heatherlocke could no longer wear his lawmanbadge for the time being, and nor could he look at it. He decided he needed something else. He would fabricate something new and wonderful. He found some tools (masking tape and a permanent marker) and got to work. Hours later (spent finding a dictionary, and then trying to read the stupid thing), it was done! A new BADGE. It read 'DrRab'. "I AM A DOCTOR!" He proclaimed at the top of his voice, to the empty room. He carefully affixed his shiny (matte) new badge (tape with writing on it) to his doctors coat (a canary yellow jacket he'd found once), and put on his coat. "Now let it be know that I am the Dr Rab Heatherlocke!" Requesting change of name to Dr Rab Heatherlocke. You can choose whether or not there is a space between 'Dr' and 'Rab'. Edit: For the record, it's more 'Maybe Not His Own'. He could actually be a lawman you see, or might once have been a lawman. Though it is true that his current position on the ownership of the badge would be 'Mine in that I posses it, but not Mine in that it was not given to me'.
  15. Rab Heatherlocke, reporting for duty. He is in possession of a Lawman's badge. He won't tell you whose. Say's it makes for a great disguise. 'Cept of course for when the Captain is wanting dead Lawmen. It's currently hidden. No, not under that rock. No, don't touch the rock. I said no, DON'T TOUCH. Didn't you read the sign? It says "DON'T TOUCH. NO LAWMEN BADGES HERE". EDIT: List of People: (at time of last edit) Doctor Cloud' Wintre (Winter Cloud) - Stabby happy. Dr Nowko Lestibournes (Wonko the Sane) - Ph.D. in Allomantic Theory, almost descended from Lord Mistborn. Arnad Ladrian (Araris Valerian) - Over the top (of his peers). Ralon (Alvron) - Whisperman. Doc Piffington (Lord Pifferdoo) - Not that Doctor. Dr Rab Heatherlocke (Haelbarde) - Has a badge. Not a lawman. The Honorable Sir Maestro Dr. Brightlord Seixa, Ph.D., M.D., LL.B., J.D., D.Phil., O.D., Psy.D., D.D.S., D.C., D.P.M., D.V.M., Pharm.D., N.D., S.J.D., Esq. (phattemer) - Pompous and flashy. Jain (has Phd) (Lightsworn Panda) - Has Phd in Biomedicine. Suspicious Man (The Only Joe) - Might be a doctor. Only has a name. Karlin (Surgebound Rainspren) - Stabby happy mercenary. The Doctor (ostrichofevil) - Actually that Doctor. Doctor McNinja (Clanky) - Radical. Dowc Holliday (dowanx) Nifergo (Feligon) - Seriously underestimated. Marl (Mailliw73) - Doctor of undoctorly things. Mr. John Smith (Emerald101) - Excessively ordinary. Doctor Walin (spencer12347) So, currently have 17 players, with 11 doctors and 2 potentials. Gives us a percentage of 64.7-76.5% doctors in the current list. Or alternatively its 2:1 or 3:1 Doctors:Not Doctors.
  16. Computers have a lot of plastic, silicon, copper, and whatever's in solder. Some of the smaller components could potentially have iron/steel, but the main culprit for those metals would be the pc case, which can vary drastically in what they're made with. I read the story, I'll try get to giving some feedback in the next few days.
  17. Wouldn't it be Robinski submitting? Mandamon is the higher rank...
  18. Well I quite enjoyed it. Though I needed to read it twice to work out what was going on (I missed the most of hints about his ability until the shop girl turns up), that was more the fault of me speed reading the first time through. At least in the short dose of Chapter 1, I don't mind the style. Sure it might be a bit flowery, but its chapter 1. It's allowed to be. I'd imagine whether it'd get annoying at all would really depend how subsequent chapters go. The one thing I was slightly confused about was the year in which this is set. Is it October/November 1920? Are the events of November 1920 the two meetings (of Judith, and of Tom and Harry), and the consequences of them? Upon reflection, that seems to be what's indicated, but if so, I feel you could really do with some form of visual break after that paragraph. I found I just strung the two paragraphs together when I read them, but that last paragraph feels like it needs to be considered for a few moments before going on. Then on next paragraph, starting with 'From the perspective...', we are both on a different day and a different location to where we last read of Blacklake, though the absolute last thing was more exposition. Additionally, with having some sort of section or chapter break at that point, the first part still contains some really interesting tidbits you just throw in there, which I find intriguing. In the 2nd to last paragraph of what would be that first section (starting 'Despite his appearance of desperation...'), we find out about his ability 2/3 of the way through, though its hinted at earlier. You also introduce 'her', and her legacy, along with 'those creatures', on top of the 'events of November 1920'. Provided I'd actually read those last two paragraphs properly, and so have the opportunity to consider those thoughts, I think that'd quite nicely intrigue the reader. Then, turn the page, and your introduced to how his ability will effect the story telling, and your introduced to the new scene nice and neatly, now wondering what happens in November 1920, and wondering when you'll let us know about 'her' and 'those creatures'. Now just thoughts as they come on the rest of it. Hmm... Sabine... 'her'? or just 'those creatures'. Are the creatures monsters? Figurative or literal? Hmm, is he one of these creatures, or is he just a normal person with an ability. Does he consider himself and those like him monsters, or are they truly something different. I enjoyed the conversation with Blacklake, Tom and Harry. Made me think of Sherlock, though it's obviously different. Hmm... creators.... again with the, is he a monster, or does he view himself as such due to his ability, and how he gained it. Are Sabine and Tarquin his creators? What about 'her'? Torments? Oh and continuity error? 'He turned his thoughts instead to Friday.' Wasn't it Saturday from further up? My final thought would be that the paragraph beginning 'Blacklake regretted his parting shot' could maybe work better as a final paragraph for the section. Though I guess the questions posed are not ones to be soon answered, and that rather those posed in the next paragraph, returning his thoughts to that of Judith, will likely better segue into the next chapter. I guess then, that from 'His own work for the day...' feels slightly more incidental rather than being super important at the present moment. I would wonder if it would work better making reference to that when he meets her again, presumably with the topic of his painting of that day coming up again. Anyway, that's all from me. First time posting here, so hopefully this is constructive. I guess feedback on my feedback would be nice (Am I doing it right?). I look forward to what comes next! Regards, Haelbarde EDIT: Also intrigued by the title. Mathematics is an area of interest for me, but I don't yet have any inkling of it's relevance to the story. So curious to find out about that.
  19. Australia - specifically Adelaide. o/ fellow Aussies