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  1. This quote, to me, must refer to the Shards. Honor's focus is on the sky when he says them. This is then accentuated by the fact he says that 'he' (Odium) is coming for him (Honor). So the first they is the Shards. I would assume then that the lights disappearing are Shards being shattered by Odium, before coming for Honor. However, we've only seen one shardworld where Shards have been shattered (Sel). I'd say one light would be from Sel. Though there were two shards shattered on Sel, I would have thought that the lights would be of shard worlds. Thoughts? Are there any WoB on this?
  2. Not sure if this has cropped up, but what are people's opinions regarding the Pareshendi having possession of the honorblades? Two quotes: and from Eshonai's reading: Two sentences is not much, but the same feature is described. And the environment appears to be similar. The prelude's description sounds like it not necessarily much different at that point in time to the environment now.
  3. Thanks for the link to that thread. Quite interesting. Yoda seems to know a lot about the Thrill. 'som out on hiolleething'? I don't speak Dawnchant, sorry. The Starfalls quote (pg 299 in Chp 19) I still think is interesting. It doesn't match up with the others. I think it is the Drive (the good thrill) because here, he's fighting for an honorable cause. He's defending those who cannot defend themselves (the wife and daughter of the body he 'inhabits' for the vision). He's not fighting for the sake of fighting. He's fighting to save others. From your quotes, all the 'bad' Thrill quotes involve emotions such as glee, joy, excitement. None of these are mentioned here. Just an enhanced focus, and total control of his body. Also, the sentence 'This change is apparently why Dalinar's Thrill previously has him. Did you miss a word?
  4. Well, I'd sorta say that the quote I cited mentions that the Thrill enrages (just not Dalinar). Of course, seeing as Dalinar likely has never talked to others about it directly, the rage could be as a result of the heightened focus, and then the Alethi culture, leading to a berserker mentality, particularly when combined with shards. EDIT: Got mixed up with Shardlet's replies to this and http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/4631-theory-thrillspren-spoilers/page-2#entry80820 thread.
  5. There is that, but to me, I feel that his discussion changes topic after the ground has fallen away. As in, the destruction of everything was the potential future. After showing it, he talks about whether or not anyone will see this, but then remarks: "This isn't just about you either." Dalinar was shown his home city, and by extension, his country, destroyed. He was shown that there were dire consequences for him and his people, if Odium was not opposed. The comment about it not just being about him is warning that there are others in grave danger. Also, he points out the two disappearing lights before essentially saying, 'and now its my turn,' with the comment "I should have known he'd come for me." At the end of the vision, he is either dead, dying, or resigned to the fact that he will soon die. In that context then, I see the disappearing lights as events happening pre-Honor's death, rather than a possible future. Thanks for your opinion though
  6. A potentially interesting quote regarding the thrill is in one of Dalinar's visions: This was in his poker battle alongside the Radiants. Could this 'old' Thrill be taken to mean that he's experiened two different types of the 'Thrill'? I'm quite sure this quote is before he feels nauseated from the Thrill in the gemheart battle they do. Could this 'old Thrill' be the Drive? Also, it's worth noting that the 'Thrill' enrages. That to me hints at Odium influence. Rage is an attribute that Odium could use. To quote Yoda: 'Fear leads to Anger, Anger(Rage) leads to Hate(Odium), Hate, to the Darkside (Voidbringers).' This is in contrast to Dalinar's heightened awareness, which allows him to think straight, and be conscious of what he is fighting for, and what he is doing.
  7. Good point. I suppose my comment would be that the surgebinders need to be found. All indications is that that isn't an easy thing to do, with people hiding their skills if at all possible. Also, the KR can't really exist unless they're gathered/united together. KR needs to be found/remade/trained, then led. I wouldn't really describe the KR as needing uniting. I guess we'll just need to read and find out.
  8. Check my post here: http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/4751-unite-them/?p=80656 That contains more thoughts on this. He says lead, unite, protect them. KR are quite capable, even untrained. Kaladin took down a shardbearer with a spear, before he even was conscious of the fact he was a surgebinder. I can't see them needing protecting. Also, from the context, I'd suggest he's referring to something else. You'll find that in the spoiler tags in the post linked.
  9. It'd be potentially amusing if Szeth returned on one of Mr T.'s bad days. He'd possibly not even know what to do with him, maybe giving Szeth his oath stone. I mean, Mr T.'s attendents are hardly going to be able to stop Szeth from interacting with him, even though interactions with Szeth would be definitely be ones they'd want Mr. T. to avoid on a bad day.
  10. EDIT: I just realised there were more than just the one at the end of the book. Fortunately, on my current reread, I'd just got up to Dalinar's poker battle. Chapter 19 - STARFALLS In this instance, "Unite them" most definitely refers to the Knights Radiant and the Alethi. Chapter 75 - IN THE TOP ROOM There's two parts of his (Honor's) discussion: "Lead/Unite/Protect them", and "Men must face them together. You cannot squabble as in times past." 1) "Men must face them together. You cannot squabble as in times past." This most definitely applies to the Alethi. Whether or not if solely refers to them, or if its Roshar wide. I think it likely refers to both, with Alethkar first, then the world, based on info from Chapter 19. From Dalinar's discussion in his vision in Chapter 19, it appear Alethkar has fulfilled one of the reasons for the Knights Radiant's existence: to continually refine, and practice, the art of war. For the Radiants, this was so that the rest didn't have to, and its purpose was so that the knowledge was there for the next desolation. Regardless of why, the Alethkar nations have done just that, kept alive the knowledge of war. Uniting Alethkar will result in a nation properly equipped with the knowledge to fight, as the Radiants themselves did. Additionally, from what we've seen, we've got the startings of a number of the Radiant orders coming from the Alethi. However, the Radiants didn't fight by themselves in desolations, rather, they recruited and trained and organised the other nations. Thus, uniting them would also refer to uniting the nations of Roshar. EDIT 2: Continuing my reread, I came across this quotation, which nicely backs up my point This is from Chapter 28 (pg 513 in my paperback version). I might as well throw in the quotes I referred to above now: 2)"Lead/Unite/Protect them I think is more of a Cosmere thing. Que spoiler brackets.
  11. In Chapter 19, there is this quote: Could 'old' refer to the fact that the Thrill used to feel like something, but then changed? (This is in one of the visions, when he fights with the iron poker) Also, he notes that the Thrill doesn't enrage him. Enraging is something I'd imagine would be linked to Odium. He just gets the heightened awareness. Was the Thrill influenced by Odium? Or is Odium the source of the Thrill, but this Thrill of Dalinar's is Honor/Cultivation influenced?
  12. Digging up an old thread, but I have a quote to add. supernal suːˈpəːn(ə)l,sjuː-/ adjectiveliterary 1. relating to the sky or the heavens; celestial. While this could just relate to the fact that it was from the Gods, it is interesting that supernal would describe dawn.
  13. I don't know if this has been suggested or disproved yet, but I thought I'd put this out there. Ym describes his religion (the Iriali religion) to the boy he's fitting with shoes. He says talks about One, which was once One, but is now Many. The reason for being many was to gain experiences that could only be experienced by the Many being in different circumstances, some better, some worse. I was wondering if this has any link with Adonalsium. We know that Adonalsium split into 12 16 shards (Thanks Gamma), each which embodies a particular Intent, which were then went throughout the Cosmere, settling on planets, and investing themselves, sometimes even creating life/consciousness. They then (or as a result of the previous) influenced the world with their Intents, rewarding actions that resulted in particular ways. I believe it has been wondered what the point of Adonalsium would be before it split. Each shard has an intent, but add them all together and what do you get? Adding two opposing Intents (or their interpretations by their wielders) resulted in Harmony in the case of Sel(?) Scandrial. Is this not likely to also be the result of all intents being One? If I've missed something, or if this sounds like rubbish, or WOB has already ruled this out, please tell me! Thanks
  14. Just a quote scabbed from http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/4619-new-york-signing-report/, which adds a bit of context to the theory: So Adonalsium shattered in a particular way, which could fit in with my idea.
  15. I'm not as sure, though it depends on when Honor was splintered. Honor's splintering would have to predate the Iri.
  16. I must admit, I've not really had a good look into what is known of Yolen, or really thought through the implications there. We don't really know why Adonalsium shattered. The assumption is that it was not voluntarily, but is that just inferred with the word 'shattered'? Most things don't spontaneously shatter, but if Adonalsium had some form of sentience? I suppose probably something more like 'split' would have been used if it consciously divided itself. I would ask the question however, why when it shattered did it form 16 shards of equal power, which, through their individual intent, sorta have a purpose? Or even just, why equal power? Do we know what happened to Yolen after Adonalsium shattered, and the shards left? Do we know if any shards remained? I'm curious, cos I'd like to know why the shards left to go throughout the cosmere, opposed to remaining on Yolen. On a side note, all this would put a different slant on what Hoid is doing, why he's opposing Odium, because Odium would be working to prevent Adonalsium reformed.